How do we answer to the people about what happened in situation like in Paris (the Paris attack) without sounding apologetic?


Question: How do we answer to the people about what happened in situations like in Paris  (the Paris attack) without sounding apologetic?

Lokman Effendi (2)

Auzubillahi minash sheytanir rajim. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur. Medet. Asking support from our Sheykh SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, from beyond, behind the mountain of Qaf, to guide us, to give us somethings to live by, to hold on to in this very dark, very confusing time. Not only to maintain our faith, but to make a progress. So our brother is asking a question how do we answer to people about what happened in situation like in Paris, meaning the Paris attack, without sounding apologetic. Well, there’s  nothing for us to apologies for. Why we are apologizing? This is exactly the kind of thing that the Ottomans put a stop to. This is exactly the kind of thing that Hazreti Ali put a stop to. People are taking the religion and using it for their egoistic ideas. That’s why the Daulatil Evliya, the highest daulat, the Ottomans, they are holding on to the traditions of the Prophet and Hazreti Ali.

Everyone is talking, ‘Shahi Mardan, Shahi Mardan, Shahi Mardan,’ but you don’t even know how to stand up for a truth and to speak for truth. There was a group of people during his time and they were opportunist, they saw the conflict between him and Hz Muawiyah (ra), that they are looking at the confusion that is happening and both of them trying to resolve it according to their own ways, coming together and to say,’if you are not solving it, I’m going to solve it.’ No matter how strong Hz Muawiyah was, Hz Ali defeated him. But when they were having that conflict, there was another group, opportunist, people who just use religion, no spirit, this is what Tarikat is, to teach you spirit, you can go up and down, you can say ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ so many billions of time but if you don’t have the spirit, spirit of what? Yeah, Ruhullah, that’s what Hz Isa was coming to bring, Tarikat to those people who were carrying religion properly, his own nation carrying religion properly, doing everything properly, super properly, but he says, ‘you don’t have the spirit, I’m coming to give you the spirit.’ What did they do to him? They came together to crucify him. And Allah, through His power picked him up by the Angels, save him to the first Paradises, to the Paradises until the ahir zaman when he is going to come, when the confusion that happened in his time will be happening in the ahir zaman in a huge scale. At that time it happened in a small place. Small place. Now it’s happening everywhere. What is that? That everyone is saying, they are so religious, they are so good ones, they are doing everything properly but there is no spirit.

So Ruhullah, the spirit, the spirit of Allah, the spirit of Haqq, the spirit of Rahman, the spirit of Rahim. So Tarikat, we come to bring you that. and what is the empire that brought you Tarikat? What is the empire that the empire is standing on Tarikat, that from the porter to the Sultan they have Sheykh and they give the highest priority to the AwliyaAllah, to the Ahle Bayt, to the Sahaba e-Kiram, to the Prophet (asws), which Empire is that? That is the Ottoman Empire, and they are looking to see the Sahaba e-Kiram what they did during that time, what kind of confusion and they say, ‘we must take example from that, we must do it.’ So during Hz Ali’s time, Hz Muawiyah’s time, when there was a conflict, there was a group that they were praying, they are saying, La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah, also. They were praying five times a day, they were giving zakat, they were doing everything properly. But they say, ‘we are not going to obey no one, no man except for Allah. No one can have authority over us. We are responsible only to Allah.’ When Allah swt is saying openly in the ayat e-kerima, ‘Obey Allah, obey His Prophet and obey His rightly guided leaders.’ So  the leader is appointed to you, you have to obey. If you obey him it is like you are obeying the Prophet,  it is like you are obeying Allah.

So now this group came out, they say, ‘we don’t believe in Hz Ali. We don’t believe in Hz Muawiyya. We are independent.’ They stop their conflict with each other, Hz Ali hunted down this group of people that they were very violent. This is not ideological difference, this is not conceptual difference, this is not philosophical difference, this difference cause blood and tears to be shed to the ground. They stop their wars. Hz Ali hunted down this Kharijis, kharij, and he finished them. Some traces here and there survived but they were never, never became a threat to the main body of the muslims, to the ummat, or to the teachings of Islam. Teaching of Islam that went from North and South, East  and West, bringing light and civilization everywhere. The teaching of Islam that finally, when the Ottomans they took the Khilafat, Sultan Selim Khan Jannat Mekan, they took  the Khilafat by the order of the Prophet (asws), now with the support of the Prophet and the AwliyaAllah, with the support of the Ahlul Bayt, to build the empire strong.


Some time later, one person came out. This person knows Islam, religion, let’s not say Islam, religion he knows, back and forth, up and down, he knows everything properly, but his main idea is: ‘all you practicing Islam, you are all wrong. You have been wrong for centuries. I am right. To make it right, now because all of you are wrong, it is halal now for me to slaughter all of you, to finish all of you.’ That person is called Ibn Taymiyyah. So many people are going to be upset with me. So many of this sheytan Wahhabis they are calling ibn Taymiyyah Sheykh-ul Islam. He is not Sheykh-ul Islam, he is Sheykh-ul Sheytan. The one who forbid, and he’s a very big scholar, and he’s saying, ‘no wasila. No intercession. No one between you and Allah,’ meaning Allah is not sending anyone, Allah is not sending any anyone, not sending any compassion, not sending any mercy, to take you to bring closer to Him. That one who says, ‘anyone who goes to the tomb of a Prophet or a Saint, he’s committing a Shirik.’  That one who says, ‘Allah has a form.’ Again this is not ideological difference. This is not concept. This is blood and tears and flesh and blood. He came out, he says, ‘I’m right. All of you are wrong. I’m right. And if I have power, all of you, I’ll finish you because you are not Muslim.’ But he came out with the idea. And when the Sultan heard about it, he punished him. He threw him down a well. He punished him. Burnt all his books. Which is showing what? Always when there is holiness, there’s going to be confusion in there. This is the nature  of the world. When there is holiness, sheytan is running then towards that holiness to try to bring it down. And it is the responsibility of those people who are holy to be awake and to know this is coming. Sheytan is not attracted to evil. He is evil. He is attracted to holiness to make the holy to become evil. You understand? So the Sultan finished him, burnt his books, couple survived here and there.

So the Muslim and the Muslim leaders, they are khalifas, they have always protected the ummat and the whole world from this kind of dajjaliyat, from this kind of sheytanic behavior. They have always stop it. Fast forward, some years, some centuries, during the time of the Ottomans, one person from a family, from a lineage of scholars, father was a scholar, relatives are all scholars, brothers are scholars, big scholars, grandfather was a scholar, they are all very big scholars, meaning they know Islam back and forth, front and back, and his ego, meaning the evil side of him, he’s not trained. His father warned people about him, his own brother warned people about him, ‘he has knowledge but this person it’s not too good.’ This one start to have certain ideas about how Islam should be, about how the Muslim should be, discovered some books that survived from the time of Ibn Taymiyyah; that one who says that Allah has a form, Allah is sitting on the Arsh, Allah is standing, Allah is coming down, reading his books, then he got support from people. He got support from outsiders, from foreigners, boosting him to spread his teachings. He came from an area called Najd, that the Prophet says, ‘in Najd, two horns of Sheytan will come out.’ Horns, in Islam means authority.

This person came from Najd. His name is Abdul Wahab. He come out with a new idea, taken from some centuries before from Ibn Taimiyyah, to say: ‘so many muslims, all the muslims, they have fallen back into mushrik, into paganism. No one is practicing Islam properly. They have become grave worshipers. We must finish them all and bring Islam back to year zero.’ His ideas attracted these group of people, the family is called Ibn Saud. Attracted them. The Ottoman empire that time they were fighting maybe fifty fronts, enemies coming from every fronts.  And these two coming out, spreading these ideas and now with horn that is religious authority and the other horn which is political power, when these two they got together they became strong, then they started terrorizing the area there. Killing and murdering. Saying, ‘these are not Muslims. These are Kafirs. They are worse than that.’ That’s why wahabbis they hate the Sufis. They say kafirs at least they have a chance to say shahadat, but these Sufis, they say shahadat but they are worse than these kafirs. No hope for them. So what did they do? There were a lot of blood that were shed, a lot of properties destroyed, a lot of oppression, a lot of cruelty, a lot of terrorism.

The Ottoman empire that time they stopped doing their work and they sent their troops there to finish them off. What did they do? What did they do, those Najdis? What did they do? They did terrible things. What happened everywhere in the world right now is terrible. What is happening is Syria, it is terrible. What is happening in Kashmir it is terrible, what is happening in Afghanistan is terrible, everywhere else what is happening in the west it is terrible, but imagine this, how you want to say? if you are Christians, imagine the Vatican okay, if you are Buddhist, imagine your holy place, if you are Hindu, you are Sikh, imagine your Holy place, imagine now, in the Holiest place, for example the Vatican, you have a group of Christians that say you follow wrong teachings, we are coming here to bring the right teachings, and they slaughter the Priests and the nuns and the people who come to St Peter square and they slaughter all of them and they are supported by the enemies, that is worse than terrible. That happens with the Muslims. That happens in the history of Islam. They slaughtered the people who came to the Hajj, they disrupted the Hajj, people who came to the Hajj, they slaughtered them. Blood was running everywhere in the Haram e-Sharif. They went to the rauza e-sharif, to the grave of the Prophet (asws), they started attacking, they were killing and hacking the arms of the people there, the soldiers, the Ottoman soldiers that retreated but would not leave the presence of the Prophet asws.

In the city of Taif, there’s a huge library there, huge learning centre especially devoted to the love of the Prophet (asws) , they collected all the books, they tore them. They took especially the Holy books that is written about the Prophet (asws), they tore open that leather covers, and the covers of the Holy books that in Islam we don’t even put on the floor, that’s why this sheytan wahabbis, you see in the masjids they are reading Quran, they are leaving it on the floor, they are reading the Quran on the floor, below their belly button, they are sitting down feet pointing to the Qiblat and they are reading the Quran like it’s a magazine. You understand? They tore those leather covers and they made them into shoes. They did all of that! forget, we don’t’ expect non muslims to understand this or to remember this. Because Muslims themselves they don’t know their history. Muslims themselves they don’t speak about this, they don’t understand this.

So now you are talking about the tail end of the dragon that is hitting a couple of things. Breh, wake up. That is the tail end. And don’t worry, more is going to come out from that. Where was the head? Where did it come? Who was hitting the head everytime it come out and who was letting the head to survive, to thrive, to feed it, to grow? Who supported wahabbism? Who supported the wahabbis in the beginning against to the Ottoman empire? The Arabs they did!

You are crying now? supporting Sharif Husayn that the British and the French say, ‘why you have to follow this Turks? They are not even Arabs. Go fight against them. Rebel against the Khalifah,’ which is forbidden in Islam, ‘rebel against the Khalifah, we will make you to be the Khalifah.’ And the believed. They believed. They rallied all the Arabs together against to the Ottomans, supported by the British and the French. You know Lawrence of Arabia? They make nice movies about him, huh? So those wahabbis at that time, the kharijis from before, that the Ottomans and the earlier Muslims, they keep chopping of their head, and it goes back  into the Hole. The hole, it comes out again, and they keep chopping of their head, it goes back to the hole. This time the monster came out, and other ones who were enemies of the muslims, you cannot be a friend of the muslims if you are doing this, feeding it until it grows fat and big and it started first to attack the muslims. They destroyed all of the Hijaz. Don’t you see? Over one thousand years of history they completely destroy it. And they put cheap malls that you can find anywhere in this world and they put it there. And they put that ugly sheytanic clock tower that everyone knows it’s a symbol of dajjal to look down to the Ka’aba and they build these hotels  that the people say, ‘oh masya’Allah we are nice, staying in this nice hotels. this rich muslims that are foolish, going to the Hajj or to the Umrah like it is a vacation, not wanting to leave their hotel room and saying, ‘you see, the Ka’aba is just over there. Very small. Very tiny.’ It’s surrounded by this modern idols and they say, ‘oh look it’s the Ka’aba. We pray and Ka’aba is at our feet.’ Who was supporting? Who has been supporting? Who is still supporting these wahabbis? Because they know, as long as the wahabbis they are there, the muslims will never unite. And it is the purpose, openly they are saying, ‘ we must never make the sons of Islam to come together to unite again. Not on any basis.’ And they have succeeded.

Sheykh Lokman (5)

So what did they do? They destroyed. They murdered. They kill. And that ideology not only stayed in the Hijaz, in Saudi Arabia, it spreads everywhere else in the world. Tearing up families and communities and nations. Destroying tombs. Destroying masjids. Destroying areas of zikr. Destroying even the idea of zikr, that now we have travelled all the way from the east to the west of this continent, how many mesjids is open to us to make a zikr? If there is no remembrance of Allah, Allah is saying what? There is tyranny! If there is no remembrance of Allah in the masjid, there is going to be tyranny and there is tyranny because terrorism, it is just a tool of tyranny.

Allah swt is saying, ‘who is more cruel, who is more tyrant than that one who forbids the zikr of Allah in the mesjids?’ Tell me, is there zikr of Allah in the house of Allah? Is there zikr of Allah in the hosue of Allah, in the Baitullah? It is forbidden. So what do you expect? So what do we have to apologies for? Why we are being apologetic for? We say, you did this to us. Hundred years ago. You did this to yourself. You want to change? Stop feeding the monster. Stop supporting it. Do they want to do that? Of course they don’t. We don’t expect them to. They are going to keep on feeding because the monster is just there preparing the ground for dajjal to come. That’s all. These are all soldiers of dajjal. No matter how many candles they light, no matter how many songs they sing, the whole world can join hands together, they will never be united because the power is still in those hands who are evil. The power is not in the hands of the people. But they forget Allah. They forget Allah. And Allah is saying, ‘I’m giving you this century for tyranny, to become powerful. After that, wait for My justice.’’ And we are here, we are preparing ourselves for that. and that justice is going to come, not from people singing songs, holding hands, not even the whole of the governments getting together asking for justice, Haha! Really? Well, let’s say they do, that’s not even going to work. Because this is the age of dajjaliyat. And the dajjal is behind everything.

So there is a split now. People are waking up. Now it’s time to see what is black and what is white. Now people are starting to see that black is white and white is black. What they present as white, it is black. What they present  as black, it is white. Now, for you and for me, it is up to us now to make a decision. Where are you? You cannot sit on the fence anymore. No one is going to sit on the fence. You are going to say, ‘who am I supporting?’ Make your decision. Be sincere. Live by it. Our intention is to keep ourselves clean. Our intention is to pull ourselves away from all these confusions. Our intention is never to support tyranny in any form, from any group, from any regime, from anyone who is saying that they belong to any religion. Pull ourselves out from all of that. and wait for the Sahibul Zaman to come, the Master of the Time. You are not going to be able to welcome, to support, to be on the side of the Master of the Time if you don’t know what is black and white, inside and outside. If you are not going to understand the tyranny that you have inside and your sheytanic behavior, our dajjalic behavior, if you don’t understand that and get rid of it, that time it’s going to be confuse for you to. Most likely you are going to be in the side of dajjal. If you are concentrating on that, understanding it and looking  around and understanding that we are preparing, insya’Allah ar-Rahman with the support of our Sheykh and our Grandsheykh, we will be in the Siratul Mustaqim.

Have no fear. This life it is nothing for us. It is nothing. We are still here because we have some job to do. If we have a choice, we would not be here. Because our Sheykh is gone, physically here, we want to follow him, we want to be where he is. But he is saying, ‘stay back. Pull back and prepare.’ That’s what we are doing. Our heart is not here. Don’t make your heart to be here. Don’t make your heart to circle around to your own little worlds, to your own little families, to your own little dunyas. Understand there is something that is big that is already happening. We are in it! But so many murids they are getting so lost. We are pulling you away from the confusion to be up here to train and to live properly and more you are falling into your own foolishness. We have to wake up. When the flood comes, it’s not going to care who you are. ‘Oh, I’m son of an Awliya…Oh I’m son of a Prophet… Oh I’m wife of a Prophet…Oh I’m children of a Awliya…’ It doesn’t care. It did not save that title of son of a Prophet. It did not save the son of Nuh (as) from the flood. The title of the wife of the Prophet did not save the wife of Lut (as) from the curse. The title of children or the title,…any title is not going to save you. What is going to save you? What is going to save you and me? It is taqwa. It is sincerity. It is obedience.

May Allah grant us more obedience, insya’Allah to our Sheykh. As you like. You can take this word anyway that you want. You believe in it, you believe. You don’t believe, who cares. My duty is just to say. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Safar 1437
November 19, 2015

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