In Ahir Zaman, Ahl al-Haqq doesn’t conform to the language of masses



BismillahirRahmanirRahim. This is the days of Ahir Zaman. This is the days and the nights and the weeks and the months and the years of the Ahir Zaman, maybe it’s not going to be years, maybe it’s not going to be months, maybe the Qiyamet is going to happen tomorrow or tonight, but definitely we are in the Ahir Zaman. Never forget that. With all your plannings, with all your thinking in life, never forget that we are living in the ahir of the Ahir Zaman.

The  Holy Prophet (asws), he has warned us, his nation, about the signs of the Ahir Zaman, and what to do in the Ahir Zaman. The signs, small and big, they have come but we are seeing majority of the Muslims they are still sleeping. They are still waiting for the spring. We had Arab Spring. They are still waiting for the spring. We are saying, winter is coming, winter went, still they are waiting. What is causing the ummat now to fall into such a deep ghaflat where they are going to go against to the words of their Prophet (asws), they are going to go against the words of his waris, of his inheritors. Of course, it is one of the signs of the Ahir Zaman that the friends of Allah, those ones who are able to guide you through this mess, from here to maula, they have pulled themselves back. And now what appears it is not the reality. What appears are the  wolves in sheep’s clothing. And the real sheep they will come in wolves’ clothing. And didn’t our Grandsheykh says to our Sheykh, ‘you are going to appear time to time,’ wearing what? ‘wolves’ clothing. And you are going to go.’ Maybe Sheykh Effendi did that, maybe he did not do that.

So now people they are looking at us, looking to the ahlil Haqq, they are going to say, ‘who are these people? Why are they not like other people? Other people are just talking about love, talking about unity, talking against to terrorism, talking about everything. Why are these people not saying the same?’

You think we are not talking about love? But we are not using your language. You think we are not talking about unity? but we are not using the language of these wolves in sheep’s clothing. You think we are not standing up against to tyranny in any form? We are. But we are not using the language of the hypocrites. We are using the language of the sheep’s in wolves’ clothing. And for that reason, so many who are not believing in the signs of the Ahir Zaman, they are not understanding that they are going to get attack, they are going to run away. Because they are saying, ‘I want sweet, you know? Why are you giving us sour? Why are you yelling at us? Why are you giving us a bitter? We need sweet more than anything.’ But we are saying, sweet is going to kill you. And if that child is running up to the window and he is going to jump down from the window and you are seeing, you are not going to stay in such a sweet voice, ‘O my son, please walk away.’ You are going to scream.

So EvliyaAllah, they scream and they warn the nation. Those who don’t scream to warn their nation, there’s a big question mark if they are the real inheritors of the Prophets. Because every Prophet scream to their nation. But those who are not screaming to their nation, to say, ‘beware of Sheytan! Beware of your ego! Beware of the Dajjal and the Dajjalic lifestyle!’ they are not screaming, big question mark whether they are inheritors of the Prophet or not. Doesn’t matter how they look, doesn’t matter if they swallow the whole Quran, they are able to recite everything perfectly, it does not matter. Because what matters now it is the inside, it is not your form.

So these are the days of the Ahir Zaman. But we are watching the nations they are not moving in these days as if it is the Ahir Zaman. They are moving as if it is just the beginning. But we are saying, don’t you see? Things are quickly going, wrapping up to the end. Don’t you know, this world is like an old woman, sick old woman. And everywhere we are seeing this world, it is being sick. We are seeing the sky they are angry at the man. The earth they are angry at the man. The water is angry at the man. The animals they are angry at the man. Everything is getting upset with the mankind. But mankind, they are busy being Firaun to each other, busy being Namrud to each other. From the small ones to the big ones, from individuals, yes, to governments. And if the believer is not standing up, if those who say we are the friends of Allah, they are not standing up, if those who say we are the inheritor of the Prophet, they are not standing up to forbid what is evil and to encourage what is good, we should put a question mark there. Because that is farz for a believer.

Our Sheykh has lived all his life. One man, he stood up against individuals, he stood up against corporations, he stood up against regimes. He spoke the truth. One man. He had nothing around him. That was a Sheykh. Following the sunnat of Sultanul Awliya. That was a Sheykh that he warned the leaders, not only of different nations, he warned the leaders of organizations, leaders of the religions, and he warned them to stop supporting the kingdom of sheytan! And he spoke the truth. But these ones, these wolves in sheep’s clothing, they are not warning anyone anymore, as if the danger, it is passed.

Huh! Never forget, this is Ahir Zaman. There is confusion everywhere. Hold on to the ones who bring out from this confusion. We are thankful for our Sheykh. If we did not meet our Sheykh, definitely we will be more confused than anyone else. Even if you say you belong to Tarikat or you are following this Sheykh or you are following this Saint or you are following this Sultan, because confusion is coming up from there. Separation is starting from there. I remember Sheykh Effendi, long time ago he spoke and he saw a sign that time, a clear open sign, and the Prophet (asws) is saying that the big war is coming, the end of time it is coming. And he told me, he says,  ‘before anything is going to happen, before this big war is going to happen, there is going to be a clear separation between Haqq and Batil: those who are supporting Haqq and those who are supporting Batil. It doesn’t matter if they call themselves Muslims, Christians or Jews, believer or unbeliever, wahabbi or sufi, it doesn’t matter what form they come, it doesn’t matter what the form, it is the spirit that matters, there is going to be a separation. And it says it’s going to start inside of Islam. And within Islam it’s going to start inside of the Tarikat, and out of the forty Tarikat  it’s going to start with this Tarikat. There is going to be a separation and we are living those days.

Alhamdulillah, we have separated. We have separated ourselves from the confusion of this Ahir Zaman, to be on top of this mountain, that is correct. We have separated ourselves from the lifestyle of dajjal and running up to follow the lifestyle of the EvliyaAllah, that is correct. We have separated ourselves from all others and just following our Sheykh, taking the direction from Sultanul Awliya, that is correct. We are asking that may we stay in this way, supporting Haqq. That is our wish, to live by that and to die with that, that our work, that our family, that our children, that our thoughts, our actions and our intentions is only for that. It is not to come to the top of the mountain and to fall into another dunya.

May Allah forgive me. May Allah make it easy for us. May Allah raise the station of our Sheykh higher, may his feet always be on our neck. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha. Amin.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
24 DzulHijjah 1436
October 8, 2015

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