When people you love start to attack you for what you believe in


Question: Just because we are on this way, we are following the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad (asws), some people bother us, they don’t like it, but they love us, whatever they say, they hurt us, but we are in Dergah, we learn edep, we are trying to learn good manners, of course we have bad things too but we are trying to fix ourselves. When you are doing this, these people are giving hard times just like that, you know like hurting us. But we don’t want to hurt them because we learn good edep and good manners, we are not saying we learn, we are trying. But it hurts. What do we need to do that time? Just because of edep, we sit down and listen to them?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. You don’t have to sit. You don’t have to fight. But you can walk away. This is like the time of the Prophet (asws). You should make the hijra. Everyone should walk away from the areas of confusion. Everyone should walk away from the areas that there’s going to be violence. Everyone should walk away from the areas that there’s going to be problem. Walk and find somewhere where you can live peacefully to worship to Allah. Don’t have the intention you are going to walk away to live your life peacefully for your ego. That way, fitna and confusion and violence will still follow you. But if you say, I’m going to pull myself away to worship to Allah swt, then that time there’s going to be protection coming from every side.

So people who love you, people whom you love, but they don’t like the way that you are living, they don’t like the way that you are following in this way, like I said, don’t fight with them. For thirteen years, Holy Prophet (asws), he did not fight with anyone. No Sahabi fought with anyone. Thirteen years, no Sahabi lift up their hands or lift up a sword or to lift up anything to fight back. Nothing. They were killed, they were tortured, they were oppressed, there was a boycott, they watched their parents die from starvation, they watched their little kids being tortured and killed and they are looking to the Prophet (asws), and Prophet says, ‘don’t fight back.’ That was first jahiliya. This is a second jahiliya. Pull back.

So in this situation that you are talking about, when people start to attack you for what you believe in, you love them, yes, and they say they love you. Well, they may think they love you, but they don’t understand. If all this time you are trying to make them to understand and they still don’t understand, then walk away and say, ‘I love you but this is the point now. I’m not attacking you, the way that you are living your life. I’m not saying you live a life of haram, I’m not saying you live a life of guna, I’m not judging you on anything. But here you are, you are judging me. And you know by yourself since I’m following Sheykh Effendi, since I’m in Tarikat, how my life and my behavior, and my manners, and everything has changed as much as I can, for the better. But you still have a problem. If we can agree not to talk about it, we can be friends. But if you are insisting on attacking me, you know that this is very close to my heart, and you are attacking my heart, this is not fair, this is zulm. This is tyranny. Then it is not fair because I’m not attacking you. If you can stop attacking, we can still be friends. But if you keep on attacking, then you are attacking my heart, you are attacking those things that are in my heart, it is not a good thing for you and it is not fair. If you can stop that, we can continue. Otherwise, then we have to walk away.’ Do you understand?

You are not going to fight with them. You are not going to scream and shout. You are going to make them to understand that what they are doing is a very foolish thing. But what can we do? People these days, they love. Everybody loves. Everything in this world is talking about love. From books to magazine, to television, to movies, to songs, everything is talking about love, but it is love of what? Love of what? Tell me now, this whole world from Hollywood to Bollywood, tell me they are talking about love of Allah and His Prophet? It’s not. It is what? Love of what? Hubud dunya. The love of this world. And if you love this world, what are you going to be filled with? Can you show anyone who is in love with this world and they are loving everyone? If you have hubud dunya in your heart, you will have hate. That’s why, everybody now loves to hate. Because they love this world. They are saying, ‘this world belongs to me. It does not belong to you. This world, only I have a right, not you. You are not agreeing to the things that I am doing, you have no right to be with us, with me. Do you understand?’

From Christians to Jews, to Muslims. From individuals to nations to regimes.  You still cannot live together. Why is this? Because they are looking at everyone low and they are looking at themselves high. You are not understanding that everyone that Allah swt has created has a different secret. Who thinks this way? Do you think capitalism thinks that every individual has a different secret that the Allah has given? Yeah, the secret is money, and I have to take it from you. This is what capitalism is based on. Everything now, it is replaceable. Everyone is replaceable. And who is it benefiting? This whole world. This hubud dunya, this capitalism, this love of the ego, love of the self, is it benefiting the whole world? No it’s not. We can see the result of it today. Whether in so called first world country or third world countries, how is it benefiting? What, you think the benefit is just to have money and technology? That is the benefit? Which is why in these days we have all the money and the technology, but everyone sink lower and lower and lower into barbarism.  Because it’s not teaching civilization. The benefit has to be that the person becomes good one, the person becomes a good servant to their Lord. And that one becomes best friend to each other, to everyone.

A believer is what? Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, the believer is that person that everyone feels safe from him. A believer is that one where a person is going to talk to, the person is going to sit next to, the person is going to think about, the person feels very safe. This is what a believer is. Yes, Muhammadil Amin, Prophet (asws) he was known as. Before he openly declared ‘La ilaha ilallah Muhammadur Rasulullah,’ the whole of Mecca, they loved him. All the mushriks they love him. He was the one that they went to to solve a problem. He was the one that they went to, they went to him knowing that he can be trusted with anything. He is called the trustworthy one. But once he say ‘La ilaha illallah MuhammadurRasulullah,’ everyone now turned against him. He didn’t change. He was still the trustworthy one. But others change. Why they change? Why did they change? Because their ego says, as long as you keep it to yourself whatever that you are practicing and it is not going to affect me, it’s okay. But once you are saying that I have to become like you then the ego goes crazy. Not accepting.

a true love

So the world is now filled with hate. Where is the love? The Christians, they worship love. They say God is love. Yeah, we are feeling the love. The Yahudis, the Jews, they love justice, they have all the laws and everything, correct? We are feeling it. The muslims, saying they love Allah and His Prophet, but the Prophet (asws) has said, ‘I fear for my nation in ahir zaman,’ what did he fear about his nation? For his nation? They say what? They are going to what? Love this world and they are going to hate death. So that is the Muslim. Loving this world, and hating death. What does it mean, loving this world? That means I love, I want to collect as much as I can from this world, I want to put my idea, not you, you don’t agree to my idea I’m going to kill you. This is not the way of the Prophet (asws). This is not the way of the Sahaba e-Kiram. This is not the way of the Holy Ottoman Empire. This is the way of a group of individuals that they are taking the pure teachings of Islam and they are being fed by the enemies of Islam to go to an extreme, supplying them with everything and they went to an extreme. Where are they taking it from? They are taking it from Islam. But they took something pure and they turned it to become something which is completely poisonous.

The Muslims, the Holy Prophet (asws), they take poison and they turn it to become a medicine. This is the dunya. It happens. So Muslims loving this world now and hating the death. Hating what? Hating that there is going to be a time where we are going to be called to account for everything that we are doing. That there is going to be a Judgment. That this world is an enemy. This world is going to end. This world is fake. Because since a hundred years, every Mihrab, every Mimbar, even up till now, especially in so called third world, second world countries, they are saying, ‘you must have more education. You must have more knowledge. You must have more of this world. Isn’t it? Show the unbelievers that we are successful too, like them. Get their respect. When you push something to an extreme, then it becomes perverted. Then you are going to have people who are only going to be chasing after this world, and you are going to have people who are against to this idea, they go to another extreme and they are going to say, ‘we don’t like this way, we have to kill everyone.’

So, we pull ourselves back from this confusion. This is what Sheykh Maulana (qs) has said so many times, Sheykh Effendi has said so many times, we are now entering. What are we entering into? We are entering into the days of sorrow. This is dark, darkness. In the dark no one can see. Who can see? We  have entered into the days of sorrow. This is just the beginning. This is just the beginning. When protection is lifted, certain areas, you know that the Awliya Allah they are no longer putting their protection there. The Awliya Allah, they are turning their heads, the Awliya Allah, they were given an order to move. Now, the situation, leave it. No one is speaking. I’m trying to hear some things, maybe from this very great Sheykh, I’m not hearing anything. In the land of the afdals, in the land of the Saints, it’s raining azab. They have moved. If an Awliya passes through a village, a town, just passing through, forty days rahmat falls. It is a fact. Forty days rahmat is going to fall to that. In the land of the afdals, where curse is falling twenty-four hours, and the whole world is looking to put more there, what it means now? no one is speaking. They are gone. They are collecting too. They are coming together behind that mountain, waiting to see, waiting to act, waiting to see how deep, how more dark this is going to be. They are not really looking at everywhere to see if it is dark. They are going to look to the places where there’s supposed to be light and if this light it’s going to be lit or not, you understand? They are going to see whether there is power coming from the power stations or not. You are not going to look at other places to see whether there is power or not, here and there. They are going to see where the power is supposed to be, is there still power? Is there still water? Is there still light? No. then forget about it.

Now we are looking, it’s drying up everywhere. Drying up. Except for SahibulSaif way. It’s continuing. Just like when he went to Damascus, and the water comes again. There is a cave there and that cave has a handprint of Jibreel (as). Why? Because it was so upset with Qabil because Qabil, listen to this, the first blood, first blood and it’s Holy blood that was spilled in this world, when Qabil killed Habil, for what? For the dunya, and the cave, the rock was so upset with Qabil he wanted to swallow him, it’s going to close on him, Jibreel (as) came and stopped him. There’s a handprint there. And from that time onwards, water is dripping because that rock, that cave is crying non-stop since that time. But that water stopped running. That’s one of the signs of the last days. That, that cave is no longer crying, but something is going to happen and it will cry again. It’s one of the signs of the last days, of the appearances of Mahdi (as), that he’s going to arrive soon.

Sheykh Effendi SahibulSaif al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani went there. He saw the handprint, he stood up and, ‘Bismillah Destur,’ he put his hands there, it fits, of course. He takes his hands out, he felt some moisture there, tick…tick…tick…it started falling. There were people that were guarding that place, they were very shocked and surprised. They say, ‘it had stopped running for a long time. It was dry.  Now you are putting it, again and again it is crying. The water is dripping.’ Mans’ heart has become worse than stone. Man is no longer crying. But the stone is crying. More information, more news we get, more hard our hearts are. More we are not caring, more barbaric we become.  Now is the time for hijra. Move away. Now is not the time for that war. Our hearts are bleeding with what is happening everywhere. Our hands are tied. What do you think? The awliya Allah they are not crying? They have more mercy than us. You think Prophet (asws) is not crying? Is Allah not watching?

We see how patient Allah is. Still everyday that comes, it is giving a chance for mankind to wake up. Every week, every month that passes, still giving a chance for mankind to wake up from this evil, because this world is evil. But it looks like deeper they are sinking into. Deeper.  When Mahdi (as) takes the takbir, we will wake up. But make sure we don’t wake up from the wrong side of the bed. What we are doing now is preparing for that takbir.  You understand.

So don’t worry. Those who don’t like what you are doing, EyAllah. Allah knows. Prophet (asws), our Sheykh, is our friend. You understand? We have so many friends here. We don’t need friends. You understand? We are running away from this world, to the friendship with Allah, to the friendship with the friends of Allah. We didn’t come to this way to be friends with this whole dunya. That’s why we left the dunya. Those that really love you, they were going to understand, they will understand and they say, ‘your beliefs are different, my beliefs are different, let’s find a common ground because you are more important to me than what you believe in, or what your life is. You are more important to me and I accept you.’ If they cannot agree to that, they are not looking for your best interest again they are just falling for their ego. You understand? So that’s okay.

May Allah make it easy insya’Allah. May Allah forgive us. These are very heavy days coming, the last week of safar, keep tight a little bit. Keep easy. Don’t go out too much. Some people they are traveling here and there. What can I say? May Allah forgive me and bless you. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

prayer from Hoja Effendi

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Jummah Khutba by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Safar 1437
December 4, 2015

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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