Discovering our Secrets



If I ask you, do you know the secret of Sultan Mehmet Fatih? why he was created? what he was running to do? what he achieved and where that got him? let’s not look at pre-eternity or post eternity, here in this world, we are living in this world, correct?  so you ask me the question. Sheykh Effendi, we spoke about discovering our secrets, and discovering our secrets before we die. Now you are saying, what is that secret? Is that secret, can we reach it when we make our nafsu amara into nafsu mutma’in, meaning a disobedient ego to an obedient ego?and what is that secret? Are we going to know it or not?

You ask for a hint. I say the hints are everywhere. I’m not giving you anything but I’m saying now if I ask you what Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq, why he was created at our level to know, let’s not talk about why he was created from post eternity and what is going to happen in pre-eternity and post-eternity, just in this world, I ask you do you know what he was created for, what he was running to do, and which level, which maqam he achieved?  Yes, this is clear. He was created to be the strongest support to the Holy Prophet (asws), he’s his best friend, the second of the two. The second in reality, the second in creation. You understand? Now he was created, did he run to give everything to the way of the Prophet (asws)? Of course he did. Did he achieve that high station? One of his title is also ‘Amin.’ His title is Siddiqul Akbar, one of his title is also Amin. Was that also achieved? Did he achieve it? Yes he did. And I ask you again, what about Hz Ali? And if I ask you, what about Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan? He discovered his legend, correct?

Now, you see that. Those are all not hints. Those are all proofs of them, at this level, that they discover their secret. And every single one of them, I just named a handful , out of say millions, and every single one of them, what was their secret closely connected to? Serving who? Islam. Serving who? The Prophet (asws), running to please him. Now, if you are asking me what is your secret, what is your work, what is your job? I’m just going to tell you, very easy, and I break it down very simple for people, okay. For you, what is your work? Is it a secret? Is it hidden from you? What you are supposed to do for you, not looking at others, what you are running for? You are send down to serve what in this way? Are you doing that day and night?  Are you being busy with that? Yes. So you are well on your way. This is your journey.

There are so many who have not discovered that yet. They have not. They are coming and going for years, but they have not discovered that yet. They are coming, they make zikr, they make everything, all the worship and everything, they listen to sohbet, but they have not discovered that yet. How they are now going to run in the way of Allah and His Prophet. Not just to sit in the way of Allah and His Prophet, to run, the way that the Sahabi e-Kiram they ran in the way of Allah and His Prophet, the way that the Awliya Allah, the way that the Tabii, Tabi’in, Tabi’in, the way that the Ottomans they were running. Now it is very simple, everyone to just sit down and say, ‘why am I in the Dergah? Who am I serving, really?’ Don’t look for any excuses. Don’t say, ‘well, I want to do this but I cannot…..I want to do this but I cannot…’ Don’t. No, no, no. Don’t give yourself any excuse. Just say, ‘what am I busy with? Am I busy with what this way is going, what it’s building, what it is running to do? or am I busy with just my own personal activities, that I just happened to be in the Dergah. I just happened to be in the Dergah. I just happened to have my own personal activities. That my own personal activities they are not going to change if I go somewhere else. My own personal activities is not going to change if I live at home, or I live with my grandfather, or I live in another country. It is not going to change, now.’ But if you say, ‘yes, if I move somewhere, my own activities is going to change because I need the Dergah, because I’m doing things, I’m working, I’m doing something,’ then that’s the time you are saying, ‘now this is the approach, this is the beginning of the way.’ And this way is endless.

For example, if you say, you understand, and you say, ‘you know what? my work, my secret is just to cook. To cook in the Dergah.’ I don’t have to tell you now that to cook in the Dergah it is one of the highest station, it is the highest station that the murid get. These days we are not giving stations to no one. I don’t have station, you don’t have station. But we have a work. We are not under any illusions or delusions to say that even if we are put in that station, that we are worth to do that. we don’t have the qualification, but those ones is saying, ‘you sit over there.’  So what can we do? We sit. We sit and we say, ‘this is not ours. We are just holding it as a trust until they come back.’ That is very good. That is very safe. But majority thinking they are achieving somewhere. In Tarikat they are achieving somewhere. They are achieving somewhere. Some, they say, ‘this is my station. I’m not going to give to you. No one else can take this station from me.’ Breh, nothing is ours. Not even the station is ours. It was there before we came. It will be there when we go. No title, no nothing.

Some is saying, ‘no. I’m Awliya.’ Tauba astarghfirullah. If you are arguing about that that means it’s a very big sign you are not. One thing, one word from the Prophet (asws), for the wise believer he is going to understand, Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘no one thinks that he is a hypocrite except a believer. Only a believer would think that  he is a hypocrite.’ So how that time if you are a saint you can claim that that the maqam is yours? So now you sit and you say, ‘okay, my work is this. My work is this, in the Dergah. In the Dergah.’

So ask yourself, what is my work in the Dergah? What am I doing? What am I contributing?’ That’s the time that you realize and you are running after, that is very easy for them to reach, for them to push you to reach to certain maqam that has been created for you, through the service you are putting. Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Hz, everything that he did, it was a service. All the Sahaba e-Kiram, whatever  they did, it is a service. Every Saint, whatever they did, it is a service. They did not do it for themselves. You cannot serve yourself. You serve that one who is serving Allah. Now that’s the time, according to that protocol, and that one is going to say, ‘put him to this station.’ And every station comes with heavier responsibility. It’s not coming with more privileges. No, it comes with heavier responsibility. But for a person who is running in the way of Allah, he will never be stuck and if he feels that he is doing the same thing over and over again, he feels stuck, he feels that it’s choking him, and he wants more to do, because it’s not natural. The spirit is always going up. The spirit is never coming down. The ego is coming down. Pulling by gravity. But the ego’s sifat is always to rise, to rise. If there is something that is blocking, even if it has achieved but it is blocking for him to go higher, he is going to feel very uncomfortable and he is going to find a way to go higher than that.


Whatever that we are doing now, yes, it is also preparation for other things that is going to happen. And other things that is going to happen is a preparation for more things that is going to happen. More things that is going to happen is preparation for other things, bigger things that is going to happen. It’s never ending. But it is connected. If you say, ‘I’m not going to prepare now for Mahdi (as), I’m going to wait till he comes then I’m going to prepare,’ not only you are being a hypocrite, but you are going to be completely unprepared for anything and when the time comes, there is no time for training. It’s just like some people, they think we are idiots. Eh, Alhamdulillah, we are. Our nafs is a donkey, it is an idiot. But coming here and saying, seeing everyone doing things, listening to Sheykh Effendi’s sohbets, but listening to what we speak, we speak about the Ottomans, we speak about Dajjal, we speak about Mahdi (as), preparing and they come here and they say, ‘oh, you guys are just chopping wood? You guys are going to the barn? You guys are doing constructions? You are doing all these? These are preparing for Mahdi (as)? How is preparing for Mahdi (as) by going to the barn to shovel the manure? Of course the person who speaks like that, looking down to the job and the work of a Shepherd, you are looking down  to the Prophets in reality. Because every Prophet was a shepherd and every Prophet did the work of what we are doing now. Alhamdulillah. That kind of work is not open to every tarikat person too. Go look. Go to other Dergah and see whether that is going to be open or not? But they forget, those ones, may Allah protect us, but those ones, definitely would not have survived the thirteen years in Mecca. They would not survive the ten years of Medina. Where there was every hardship, where there was every routine, where there was everything that no real worldly hope except for the words of the Prophet (asws). His only words, correct? That is showing faith. That they had faith. These ones they have no vision, they have no wisdom, they have no intelligence, definitely no faith.

Prophet (asws), when he was digging the trench for the war of Uhud, there was a big rock. And he struck the rock three times. And everytime he struck the rock and there was a big spark that happens. Big sparks. First, second, third, time and vision opened to the Prophet (asws), and he said that the first spark I see, I’m paraphrasing, say, ‘our enemies, the Byzantines, they are falling. I see the Persian they are falling. I’m seeing this one…’ all the enemies, meaning what? It’s like if we are working in the barn and there is a big rock and Sheykh Effendi is trying to remove that rock with today’s modern time, so maybe with hands and sometimes with other tools and sometimes with other heavy machinery, then something happened and he says, ‘I’m seeing  we are going to bring down Russia. I see we are going to bring down China. I see we are going to bring down different regimes.’ And we are a handful of people. We have no money, we have no influence. We are not interested in money and influence anyway. That Prophet (asws) at that time was only a small group of people, and he is promising the people, the believers who believe that we are going to bring down the world superpowers at that time, and they believe. They believe. They had faith.

Ohh, that person who questioned that was from Tarikat too. I mean, other tarikat, but still tarikat. He is saying, ‘how is this preparing for Mahdi (as)?’ and we say, ‘for you, nothing. Nothing. For you, even if you do everything, it’s nothing. Because you don’t have faith.’ For the person who has faith, if we say to the person, ‘wash the dishes,’ I mean we all eat, somebody has to wash, we take turn to wash. This is the Dergah. And if we say, ‘wash the dishes.’ According to how good you are washing the dishes, that’s how they are going to select you to be a soldier of Mahdi (as). The one who believes is going to carry his work properly. And I’m not lying. It’s not the work that you are doing. It’s the attitude that you are putting in your work.

Yes, and they are watching everything. So now, whatever that we are doing now is preparing for that time. What we are doing that time insya’Allah ar-Rahman, is preparing for other things that is going to happen. Everything in this world is actually preparing for what? For the Hereafter. So it’s never one story one chapter finish. The chapter continues. It’s never ending. Do you understand? The wisdom is to know which chapter you are in right now, and what is your work right now that you are doing and to be busy with that. We are saying, saying, saying, don’t be too busy with your own dunyas. You did not come out from this world, from the dunya to come to the top of the mountain, to be in the Dergah, to be in another dunya. You are stuck. Things are difficult, pray hard. Ask for help. Things are going to happen. But when you are asking for help, don’t be stubborn and don’t be arrogant. When the help is coming, if you are not consulting, you may reject the help that is coming from Allah. Just like the drowning man who ask Allah to save him. Then Allah sent a ship and he says, ‘no, I’m not going to get help from a ship because I ask only from Allah.’ You understand?

So look to see what our work is. If you don’t have a work, find your work. This is not the place where you can say, ‘you  do this…you do this…you do this…’ because there is no compulsion in religion. There is no forcing. Did I ever tell you what to do? How to work in this Dergah? Did I ever give an order to anyone of you, women or men, to say, ‘this is your work, you must do this.’ No. Your heart must be working and that your heart is pulling and you say, ‘well, let me help this. I like to do this. I’m pretty good at it. There is an opening. Let me do this more and more.’ Then we say, ‘you ‘re comfortable there?’ ‘yes, I’m comfortable there.’ I never told you. Did I ever tell you? No. You just fall to that direction, correct? Everything has to happen naturally in Tarikat. When your heart is working, then it’s going to fall. You are going to find a way. May Allah make it easy for us, insyaAllah. This much  is enough, al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum. This is for men and for women. This is not just for the men, for the women too. Women has more work. We haven’t really started. But not to be busy with just each other. Be cool. Don’t get too emotional about things.


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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Safar 1437
December 4, 2015

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