Real Knowledge that brings out the spirituality from dead hearts


murid (2)

We spoke about murids must show respect to the Holy places, Holy days and Holy nights. That much respect that you have, that much honor is going to be given to you. It is not how much worship that you do, it is how much value you give to that worship. It is not running every few months to go to Mecca, to go to Medina, to make the Umrah, it is how much value you put in it. Those ones who are going when they have nothing better to do, it’s just because of that. They have nothing better to do. They went everywhere, they  circle everywhere, they get sour from this world, and they say, ‘oh, let’s go to Mecca and Medina, and later let’s talk about it and let’s brag to all our friends that we went to Umrah.’ How much blessings are we going to get from that? Not too much.

The blessings  and the rewards come with that much respect that we give to it. The respect comes with edep. The edep, you cannot learn from books. Impossible. The edep, manners, you must learn from the Prophets. And the Prophets, all of them came with books but they did not come with the physical book. The book that came is from their heart to their tongues and they put it in the Sahabis heart. That is a book. That is the original way of teaching. That is the only way of teaching, to bring out the spirituality from dead hearts. Otherwise if the heart is dead and you start reading, it’s not going to open your heart. You are going to get more stubborn, more arrogant that time. Especially in these days, books they are written not to increase the knowledge, but it is to increase the pockets of those ones who are writing it, or the publishers. Say to me otherwise.

So you learn respect from those ones who have respect. You learn respect from the Holy Prophet (asws), who taught respect, who taught edep to his Sahabis. Of course, if we show a little bit about how the Sahaba e-Kiram they showed respect to the Prophet (asws), majority of the world’s Muslims, not non-Muslims, are going to say, ‘these ones are too extreme, they are too radical, it’s too much. They are worshiping to him.’ Isn’t it? They are going to say that. They are going to start judging the sahabis to say, they are worshiping to the Prophet. ‘What  is this? They are running to kiss his hand? What is this? They are running to kiss his feet? What is this, they are running to collect his wudhu water? Everything about him is holy?’ they are saying. ‘This is too extreme. This is too radical. This is crazy!’ Which is why they Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘if they see you,’ talking to his sahaba e-kiram, ‘if they see you with your faith, they are going to say you are crazy. If you see them (people of ahir zaman, us), you are going to call them unbeliever.’ May Allah protect us from that. But this is not something to be laughed at.

You are doing so much zikr, you are doing so much prayer, you are doing so much Hajj, Umrah, whatever that you are doing, you give so much sadaqa, zakat, but you are showing disrespect, you lose your respect, you are showing wrong manners to the ones that Allah swt loves, all may turn to zero. Where is our dalil? Our dalil is sheytan. He worship so much. He worshipped when he was sent to this world to correct his own people. And he had no mercy. He said, ‘finish them all Ya Rabbi. They are not worshipping to You.’ And he did that job good. At that time he was known as Azazil. He was not sheytan yet. Sheykh Effendi is saying, the one who worship so much, there is not a single spot on this face of this earth that sheytan did not put his forehead down to worship to Allah. Azazil. That Shah Bahauddin Naksibendi, our pir is saying, ‘if i find only one handful of dirt, a space in this world, on this earth, that sheytan did not put his forehead on it, I would hide all the children of Adam in that small spot, to save them from him.’ But he couldn’t find. He worshipped forty thousand years in this world. Forty thousand years. You start thinking, you are twenty, forty, fifty, sixty years of age, then calculate from that, say you are sixty years of age. Sixty years of age, you don’t start praying, until you are thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen. Even then, you pray like this or like that, it’s not counted. Say twenty years, it’s finished. Then, out of the forty years, how much time do you sleep? People these days, they sleep and they sleep and they sleep and they don’t dream. Sleeping  ten hours, twelve hours, half of the life. Half of the life is gone now. So you have forty years, twenty years you spent in sleeping. Out of that twenty years, how much time you spent eating? Because new style now, Muslims, they say:

‘What time shall I meet you Ali?’

‘Meet me at lunch time.’

‘What time should I meet you, Mahmud?’

‘Dinner time.’

The day, it is divided according to the food. Like animals. The day is not divided according to the time that Allah is calling to us. In the old days, they say, ‘when are you going to meet?’ Fajar time. Zuhr time. Maghrib time. If days are like that, the weeks are also like that. Looking forward to the day, to the week of what? Where the ego can enjoy, not Jumma. If the weeks are like that, how are the months? Same thing. Looking forward to the celebrations of this years, of the calendar, just according to the ego. No longer looking now according to what Allah swt is putting there.

So yes, today’s Muslims has come to that situation. So now, put everything together and say how much time you spent in sixty years of life, really in prayer. Combine it altogether. Don’t go too far. Just say, ‘today, let me combine all my five daily prayers.’  Like this or like that, fifteen minutes. Then multiply that by how many days in a year, multiply that by how many years that you are living. Then you come to an answer.  Sheytan worshiped for forty thousand years. And he was worshiping so much to Allah that he started raising. He started rising up, he started to levitate. And he was reaching to the Paradises. And every Paradise that he reached, he worshipped more. He was rising higher and higher. And he was increasing in  knowledge too. Because every level that you go, knowledge is going to be opened to you. He was rising and he was knowing certain things that the angels, he was not an angel, he was a jin. The angels, they started asking him, consulting with him. He started giving knowledge to the angels, not the archangels, the other angels. Archangels, differently. And he had all these knowledge. And he had all these worship. But when Allah swt revealed the creation of Adam (as), make no mistake, Adam (as) was not just created there. Mankind was not just created. The spirit of the man was not just created. The spirit of the man was created way before anything else was created. We are a hidden treasure. We are the original treasure. Because everything has been created for the deputy of Allah, which is Bani Adam. But when Allah revealed that creation, and first, Allah revealed the physical form of Adam (as), it is a long story, Allah swt telling the Angel to go down to the earth and to pick some earth to make the form of Adam (as). Everything else in creation, Allah swt says, ‘kun fayakun.’ But with Adam (as), his deputy, Allah took time.

Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘Allah molded him with His own hands.’ Not this hands, of course we are not wahabbi  to say Allah has hands, Allah has face, Allah sits down, Allah stands up, like that sheytan ibn Taymiyyah, coming down the mimbar when somebody ask him, ‘how Allah comes down?”Just like this, boom, boom, boom. Coming down, just like this.’  La Hu Qufuwan Ahad – there is nothing that is compared to Him. So now Allah molded Adam (as), from the earth, but the angel when he went down to the world to take the earth, the earth started screaming. The earth says, ‘don’t take from me!’ Because sheytan knew that Allah swt was going to create a new creature that was going to occupy the highest, the most praised station that Allah swt has ever created: The Maqam al-Mahmud. So now sheytan, all his worships and everything that he has done, was for that Maqam al-Mahmud. It was not for Allah. It was for that maqam. That’s why it was running so hard. But when he saw that and he said, ‘possibility it is not going to be for me.’  Jealousy, anger, disobedience started to enter into him, and he went and he poisoned everything. He poisoned the earth too.

iblis sheytan

So the earth said, ‘no,  I’m not going to give.’ When the angel came, the angel is saying, ‘I’m coming from Allah.’

‘No. I’m not going to give from me.’

And the Angel went back, and Allah is saying, ‘what happened?’ Subhana wa ta’ala knows everything but this is something for us to learn from. Cos if He doesn’t ask , we are not going to know the answer.

The angel says, ‘as you know ya Rabbi, this is what happened.’

Allah sent another angel. Same thing happened. Then Allah swt sent the Angel  Azrail to go down. And when Azrail go down, the earth started screaming and said, ‘don’t do this to me!’

And that Azrail he did not care. He said, ‘this is Allah’s command. I don’t care what you say to me, I’m going to take it.’

So he took, and he took earth not from one place that some foolish ones also say, ‘eh! Black mud. So it must mean that original man is African American. All Prophets are African American.’ This is not in Islam. You may put something later and you may pull your own people, it’s okay. But it is not in Islam. The Angel then took earth from forty different spots, forty different colors of the earth. Combine it, although the earth scream, the Angel did not care and Allah swt says, ‘now, because of the strength that you are showing, when the bani Adam they are going to be in this world, I will give you, because only you can do it, the power and the test to go down to take their life. No matter how much they scream, your heart is not going to soften.’

So Allah molded that, and sheytan saw and he understood that this creature is going to be for that maqam. He had so much knowledge. He knew, but he was blind. What is he blinded by? Jealousy. He was blinded by disobedience. He was blinded by stubbornness.  He was so angry with his Lord. All his worship did not save him. Because he let all those quality to overtake him. He entered then through the mouth of Adam (as). When the angel ask, ‘what is this creature?’ and he circled around everywhere through every vein in the body and he came out through the bottom. Which is why Holy Prophet (asws) also said, sheytan is running through every vein in the man’s body and when you feel angry, you feel everything, your blood pressure goes up. Because sheytan now is circling around. And he came up and he said, ‘it is empty, it’s nothing.’ Shekh Effendi is saying also that he (Azazil) said it is a possibility, this is the new creature that Allah swt is going to create, is going to occupy that maqam. But if Allah command me to bow down in front of him, I will not. He already made up his mind then.

So he had all this knowledge, he had all these worship, but he refused to respect those ones that Allah loves. When Allah swt said, ‘make sujud, make sejdah to Adam (as), to all the angels,’ and in reality all the creation to make sujud to Adam (as).’ Sheytan is saying, ‘I will not.’ Excuse he gives is what? ‘I make sejdah only to You.’ That is an excuse. Because the creature with so much knowledge, he is not going to understand. That Allah swt is saying, ‘you make sujud to Me, you make sejdah to Me, then you have to make sejdah to My words and to My command and to My Laws, that if I ask you to make a sujud to a stone, you are going to do it.’ You think he doesn’t know that? That’s why some people, some group, some nations they are very sheytanic. They think with arguing too much then they can get their own way. It is not the quality of a believer to argue. Which is why, to ask ‘why,’ in Tarikat, it is forbidden.  To argue, in Tarikat it is forbidden. To fight, oh, what can we say to fight, these days, murids, non-stop fighting with each other. Instead of fighting with your ego, you fight with each other.

He said, ‘I make sejdah only to You. Not to this one.’ He lost his respect, and Allah says, ‘get out from My sight. Get out from My sight!’

So those ones who have lose their respect, who lose their manners and their edep to Allah, to Allah’s Prophet (asws), to His Awliya Allah, they are dismiss from Allah’s presence and  they become sheytan. Doesn’t matter if they worship, doesn’t matter if they own Mecca and Medina, they are outside of the Divine presence. They become just like sheytan.

We are speaking these words because we are entering into the Holy Months of RabiulAwwal soon. But don’t think you are entering into that month, it’s just a month to make salawats and naats and qasidas and just to sing and dance and to be happy.  It’s better than not celebrating it, of course. But for us, for the murids of SahibulSaif, we are not children, alhamdulilah. If we remember the Prophet (asws), we must remember what he loves, who he gives respect to, what he loves. Not just loving him, but loving those whom he loves. Yes, shia saying, ‘oh he loves only the ahlil beyat. ‘Wrong. On the Day of Judgment, he is not running for his own family. Hazreti Fatima (ra) ask her  father, Rasulullah (asws), ‘on the Day of Judgement where can I find you, ya Rasulullah?’ and you know what his answer was? ‘I will be in the pond of Kausar, giving water to the ummat.’ Then on the day of Judgement, he is the one who is going to be raised up first, and the angels are going to come with a Buraq for him. Iisrafil, Azrail, they will come. Jibreel (as) they will come to give him a Divine Crown, and a Flag, and he will get up first, and he will see and he says, ‘ Ya Jibreel, where is my nation?’

Jibreel (as) says, ‘did you not see the crown on your head.’

He says, ‘that’s not my question. Where is my nation?’

‘Did you not see the Buraq?’

‘That is not my question, where is my nation?’ and he starts to cry. Then, the nation started coming forward in groups, and alaihisalatu wa salam is going to rush, to look, and he says, ‘this is not my nation.’ He will rush to look  to the nation of Nuh (as), and he says, ‘this is not my nation.’ He will look through all the nations of the Prophets and he is going to say, ‘this is not my nation. Ya Jibreel, Where is my nation? If you love me, answer me.’

Jibreel (as) is saying, ‘your nation is coming. But they are very slow, and they are feeling very heavy.’

And when the Prophet (asws) saw them coming, he starts crying even more. And that is the time where he is going to ask syafaat from Allah swt. The nation, some they are going to rush around to look for a mimbar, for  the Prophet (asws), for him to get up. They found the Prophet getting up, and start to speak in a very loud voice, calling his nations, he says, ‘come, come to me. Come under my protection when there is no protection in these days.’ And as his nation, we are going to run to him crying. And he is going to be in sejdah asking for Allah swt, for syafaat. When hell hears that, hell started to cry too, and say, ‘ya Rabbi, don’t let any of his nation to enter into my fire.’ Prophet (asws) will be there on the Sirat, to help us to cross. Those who are following, he will pick up. But the syafaat is for who? For those who believe in the syafaat. Those who don’t believe in the syafaat, how you are going to stand in the presence of Allah swt? Because on that day, Allah swt gave an order, when the Prophet (asws) saw his nation, Allah sent a message to  Jibreel (as), saying, ‘now bring his entire nation and show them to Me. And that is when Holy Prophet (asws) starts crying eve more, and say, ‘syafaat ya Rabbi, for my nation.’

How you are going to get syafaat? These days, no single masjid that I’ve been to, we even make the dua after the azan where there is open hadiths, where the Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘when you hear the azan, make this dua, and ask for my syafaat.’ I’ve been to gathering, Muslim gatherings, we are calling the azan and they don’t even make the dua. I say, ‘why are you not making the dua?’ They say, ‘oh well, there is a dalil. You can say that quiet or you can say that loud.’ I say, we are not in the presence of wahabbi, what are you hiding from? Your Prophet? Because they are so use to now being very apologetic, being very sorry that they are loving that Prophet (asws) and they are standing up for him. So we are entering into that month, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. Begin now. Don’t begin when the month enters. Because we are talking about manners. We are talking about respect. Everything is coming together now. But as I said, yes, that month is not just to have mega mawlids and to give salawats and everything. Yes you love that Prophet (asws), you may show that love, it is good, but what is that Prophet (asws ) loving? He is loving his nation. Now we are part of the nation. Are we  concern about this nation? Are we looking, are we understanding where our hands are reaching? Are we trying to revive the forgotten sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws), or are we going to go now with the new program of dajjal, to say no need of this external things. That question you can answer very clearly, by yourself.

Somebody asked me a question before: if I’m weak if my heart has doubt, what should I  do? And I say, start hanging around, being with those ones who are strong in their faith. Be with them. Because this is Allah’s order, ‘be with the Saliheen.’ We are a very weak nation. We cannot carry anyting. When Allah swt  has sent from this nation, the friends of Allah, that they are like the Prophet of the Bani Israel. Their power now, it is hidden a little bit, but dont worry, it is going to show. It’s going to open. Then anyone who is with light and with the people of light, they are going to collect too for  themselves, that you are going to see. That time when all these dust settles, we are going to see who is the head or whether you are a donkey or a horse.

May Allah forgive me and bless all of you insyaAllah ar-Rahman, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), we are asking, ya Rabbi, quickly bring Mahdi (as). We are asking You Ya Rabbi, have our Grandsheykh and our Sheykh to return. We are asking Ya Rabbi to make us to be prepared for their coming, Ya Rabbi. Forgive us, we are very weak. Protect us. You are the best of the Protector. Keep our faith Ya Rabbi. We are asking You. You are our protector. For the sake of the Prophet (asws), for the sake of SahibulSaif, Sultanul Awliya. Al-Fatiha.


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 Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
22 Safar 1437
December 4, 2015

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