I hurt someone unintentionally with my words, I cannot reach to them. What should I do?


Question: I hurt someone unintentionally with my words, I cannot reach to them. What should I do?


You can find them in Facebook. You can use different account, be friends with them, win their hearts back. Eh, It’s okay. You can viber them, you can skype them, you can whatsapp them. What else you can do? Snap chat….eh, everything you can do (Sheykh smiles).

You are in trouble there if you cannot reach to them. So you must try to find them. Pray. Ask Allah that you may find them to sincerely ask for their forgiveness. Let me tell you something that our Sheykh has told us to do. It’s a very simple thing. But it is very very valuable, very precious, very huge. He is saying, every night before you go to sleep, make one sejdah. One sejdah syukur. Because today’s people they are so busy and they are so weak, they cannot do nothing. But everyone can sincerely make one sejdah. The sejdah syukur, the sejdah of thankfulness, thanking Allah swt. Thanking for what? That time you are going to see what is in your heart. Because you are going to thank what is in your heart. If you are going to say thank you for a wonderful day, that day is in your heart. If you say thank you for a nice time, for dinner, dinner is in your heart. But if you are going to say, Thank You Ya Rabbi for giving me one day, one more day to worship You, thank You Ya Rabbi for keeping my faith for one more day. Thank You Ya Rabbi for making me a Muslim again today. Then in that sejdah syukur to ask Allah swt for forgiveness, sincerely. For everything that you have done, everything that you have not done. Everything open, everything secret. To ask Allah swt for forgiveness. Then to sincerely forgive everyone who has done anything to you. To forgive anyone who has done anything wrong to you, sincerely and to say you are not going to ask for your rights on the Day of Judgment. To ask Allah swt sincerely for everything wrong that you’ve done to everyone out there that Allah is the what? Is the Turner of hearts.

Allah is the One who turns the heart.  To ask Allah to turn their heart to forgive you. Do it for forty days and tell me if you don’t find sakina, peace to enter into your heart. If you do it sincerely, you don’t need forty days. May it be easy insya’Allah ar-Rahman. You may take it. You may use it. Awliya Allah, they don’t make it difficult for you to reach to your Lord. Awliya Allah, they do not give you things that you have to do so much, to reach to your Lord. Awliya Allah, all that they are asking is for you to be sincere. To understand your ego, and to understand yourself. Scholars will give you books, duas to memorise, things to do, but the doctors of the heart, the tabibul qulub, the Awliya Allah, just like the real doctor, he’s just going to give you a very easy medicine. He’ll say, ‘take this. You trust me right? If you trust me, take this, you’ll be okay.’ The scholars they are the ones who is saying, ‘this is your medicine, now you have to go and find it. There is no pharmacy. You have to go scraping the bark, taking from the soil, everything to make your own medicine. You don’t even know that’s poison or not. By the time you are done with it and you take it.  Astaghfirullah.

May we always be under the feet of the Awliya Allah. May Allah forgive us. May this month make us to wake up, make us to become more sincere insya’Allah, to have more protection for us, and our families, and those ones who are waking up, those ones who are sincere. We are asking for mercy to reach to those ones who are suffering. We are asking for more mercy for them Ya Rabbi. Forgive us Ya Rabbi, that our hands may not reach to them, our hands are tied, but don’t make us to forget, don’t make us to become ungrateful, don’t make us to become greedy ones Ya Rabbi. Do not let our hearts to become like stones. Protect us. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and Sahibulsaif. Al-Fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 17, 2015
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