By worshiping in my home, will the eye of my heart open?


Question: By worshipping a lot in my home, will the eye of my heart open?


BismilahirRahmanirRahim. First question I am going to ask you, why you want your heart, the eye of your heart to be opened? Why? For what reason? What do you want to see? What do you want to see? Your heart is going to be opened to see what?  And if you say, ‘I want to see something,’ that is all your worship is now, to see something. And every worship that we are doing it has to come with an intention, correct? Without that intention it is a big question mark.

I am not going to be like a scholar to say, da..da..da..da…, but let me just say if you are making a prayer there’s no intention, it’s not too acceptable. Of course the word intention is also you can say whatever the intention, the niyat is, the niyat is also from a will, from an understanding that is also a niyat. But now, what is your intention now? What is your intention? If your intention to worship is for your heart eye to see something then I am asking you, what you want to see? If you say, ‘I want to see Allah.’ Then I am going to say, who is teaching you this? Who is teaching you that your heart’s eye has to open to see Allah? Did Prophet (asws) say? Then I am going to ask you again, if it opens and you see Allah then what? Then what? What’s next?

Our intention in worshiping it is to please Allah. Our intention in worshiping it is to fulfill the reason of our creation. Whether Allah is going to open or close, the believer, he doesn’t mind. He submits. He says “my job is to do. Whether He accepts or He doesn’t accept, He’s going to reward or He doesn’t reward is up to Him. His job is to decide, my job is to do. My job is not to decide for Him”.

So, by worshiping Allah, can certain unusual things happen to you? Yes definitely. Is that the eye of your heart? It is not, but certain unusual things may open to you that may be you think it is the eye of your heart, but it is not. You think that you are seeing something from Paradises, may be its just something from the next world that they just lift the veil and there are thousands of worlds millions of worlds. That they just lift the veil but you may think that it is from Paradises. Not everything that is wet it is a water for you to drink to save your life. So where is the gauge now?

Allah swt is just. Whatever that you are doing and you are doing good, you are doing that thing well, He grants you success. Even if the thing that you are doing is a wrong thing, say, you are a thief, you are burglar, but you are a very good burglar. He grants you success. Your worship, and your intention is to see something, He may grant it to you. There are so many from different religions too they worship a lot and they see something, correct? But like I said not everything that is wet it is water that is clean and good for you to drink.

Sheytan worshiped a lot. 70,000 years on this earth, he worshiped a lot. He worship on this earth and he worship in the paradises. No one, no one can say I worship more than sheytan, at that time he was Azazil and he worship. And because of his worship, worshiping, when he was on earth he was able to be raised his station that he was able to come up to the paradises, to the skies, to the paradises at that level too. More he worship, more higher he was rising. But his intention everybody knows. If his intention is to please Allah, if Allah says, ‘make sejdah to that stone,’ he will be the first one to make sejdah to that stone. But if his intention of all that worship is not to please Allah and to obey Allah and to submit to Allah then you going to see him become disobedient which is exactly what he did. Now his intention is not for Allah, it is for himself. He wants something from that worship and that is the Maqam ul Mahmood, that the Maqam ul Mahmood that the Holy Prophet asws is occupying. Prophet (asws), everything that he occupies, everything that he has, he is not saying “what about my family?”, he is saying “what about my ummat?”. And because of that sheytan hates us. Because of that sheytan is envious and is jealous and he hates us and is nonstop plotting 24 hours to destroy us. And sheytanic people believing and worshiping to sheytan, they’ve turned this world into a hell.

So, we worship to please Allah, to fulfil the reason of our creation. So that Allah is pleased, because our maksud, our goal, our aim is for Allah to be pleased with us. That Allah swt will say to us, insya’Allah ar-Rahman, what? in the hearts of the Quran in the Surat ul Yasin named after the Holy Prophet (asws), Allah swt is saying “Selamun qawlum mirRabbirRahim”. What is greater than that to receive a Selams from our Lord, the most Rahim. That Allah swt, we spoke about earlier, He is giving one part of Rahman, from the Rahman, is divided everything in this world and the next. 99 parts of the Rahman, He is saving for judgement day to give to this ummat. We cannot imagine now. But he is saying “Rahim”, Holy Prophet asws saying, Rahim is completely unknown but Allah is meaning to give it to us. And Allah is saying “Selamun qawlum mirRabbir Rahim”. He is going to show that sifat that day.  Al-Fatiha.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 17, 2015.
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