Mevlid: The claim of love must reflect on your lifestyle


Prophet sws (2)

Selam Aleykum wa-Rahmath-u-Allah. Alhamdulillah. We are thanking our Lord, Allah (swt) for making us to pass through this very difficult month and Insha’Allah Rahman to approach to the month of Rahmat, the month of mercy, the month of the mercy to all universes. So we are thanking our Lord Allah (swt) for it. That we are in this situation today where there is no longer any mercy left in this world. No more mercy, mercy is finished, is dried up. Mercy has been overtaken by cruelty. Mercy, although the month of mercy it is entering, just as the holy months they are entering, that  in the old days even the unbelievers, the mushriks, they know that they are some holy months, forbidden months that they don’t do war, they don’t fight with each other, they just stay calm. They are fighting with each other for centuries hundreds of years continuing. Person against person, group against group, tribe against tribe, the arabs. Sometimes, their blood feud continuing, they are just enemies to one another but they don’t know why. They are just enemies, they don’t know what happened, “what was your original cause”? “I don’t know”. But they still continue to fight with each other. The Prophet asws came to stop all of that.

Look now, how this is the Ahir  Zaman and people are fighting and killing just like in the first jahiliya. They are killing they don’t know why they kill. They don’t know why they kill. If you ask the majority of those ones who are killing, they say “We don’t know why, because it is an order that is given to us.” But why do you kill? And those who are being killed they don’t know why they are being killed. This is fulfilling the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (asws), saying what is going to happen in the Ahir Zaman. We pass the month of Safar. 700,000 curses descended. Where it’s going to go? You don’t have to be a Scholar or a Saint to know. However that you are behaving, whatever that you are pulling, from individuals to governments to nations, what you are running for, that is what you are going to pull.

So in the old days there are Haram months, Haram meaning forbidden, Holy months that they will stop from every kind of cruelty, every kind of tyranny. But now in the Ahir Zaman, in the second jahiliya which is worse than the first jahiliya, no more. Every month is halal for bloodshed, for muslims and non muslims. Every month it is halal. Those who are being killed, they don’t know why they being killed, they don’t know why. One day they are standing up, they are taking care of the families, they’re going to the farm, minutes later the bomb is falling on them and is finishing them. They don’t why they are being killed. And those who are killing they don’t know. Majority they are killing because they’ve been brainwashed, either by ideologies or they are brainwashed because they have been taking so much drugs, it is forced for them, because you cannot be a normal human being, the human mind and the, I don’t want to use big words but I have to, the human psychology, it cannot handle, normal I am speaking about, it cannot handle going up to a person and killing that one and being cruel to that one and torturing that one. That one cannot be comfortable. It will sit on his psyche, it will sit on his mind and in his heart and it will drive him crazy. In order for a man to do that over and over again he has to be completely poisoned either through wrong ideologies or he has been poisoned through chemicals. And these days both they are doing. You know the Hashashins? You know the Hashashins in history? Same thing is happening, same thing. In a very big scale that it is happening.

sheykh lokman hoja effendi

We are in these times, yes we are happy that the month of maulid it is approaching. But we have to be awake, we are not going to put our head in the sand like so many they are going to do, so called Sunnis, the lovers, Ashiq e-Rasool, the Sufis even, especially. They have put their heads in the sand and everywhere else is raining blood, but they are sitting there, they are not watching anything, they are not caring, their hearts are not moving and they keep on giving the salawat alaihi salatu wa salam. But to love the Prophet is to love whom the Prophet loves. To love the Prophet (asws ) it is to love whom the Prophet loves and the Prophet asws loves his ummat more than anything else except for Allah. You never hear him putting his family first, it is always the ummat, and the family has always been there for fourteen hundred years to sacrifice for the ummat. But the ummat has forgotten the Prophet. The ummat has forgotten whom the Prophet loves. The ummat is now putting cruelty to each other, putting cruelty inside of houses, inside minds of individuals. Everywhere there is cruelty and tyranny, in every angle there is cruelty and tyranny in the shaitan televisions, there is cruelty and tyranny teaching that in education systems, there is cruelty and tyranny in the economic systems, in the political systems, there is cruelty and tyranny in what we drink and what we eat. Do you think cruelty and tyranny, it is just to humans?

If you are cruel to another human you think you can be kind to nature? to this world that Allah swt has sent for us as an amanat? Impossible. But these days it has become so upside down. There are groups of people they are looking at humans beings killed they don’t care, but they see a little dog that is getting thirsty and tortured, they run to save. There is something wrong. There is a break down there in the minds, in the hearts. Because now, when you are surrounded by cruelty and you are participating in that cruelty and you are not understanding, because to you not to participate in that cruelty is just to pray, it is just to give a salawat, it is just to talk about it, but you are not actively trying to do something, not with yourself. It is not through watching videos, YouTube videos that you understand that is dajjalic systems or non dajjalic systems. Prophet (asws) and his inheritors have been talking about it for 1400 years. There is a way to approach these days. Don’t think just because you watch some series from the YouTube you are going to understand that there is a dajjal and there is a Mehdi. What they are offering anyway? What they’re offering? What they are saying for you to do other than “be good people, be kind, don’t judge each other”. Is that what the Prophet (asws) said? Is that  what his inheritors are saying how to pull out from these systems, how to prepare yourself, how to pull all the believers together? Because now, to fight against the batil, against the cruelty, against the tyranny, against the terrorism, that is in everyone and every regime and in every government that is present, and people who are calling themselves following their Lord and following their books.

There is a way to approach it, everyone is claiming all of this but now they are not holding on to those ones who has blueprints of what it is that you have to do. So what is the blueprint? If you have been listening to our Sohbets, you understand this is what we are doing. We must understand what is happening to know. This is the confusion of the ahir zaman at every level. We sit, we pray, we ask, we try to pull ourselves out from the system. How are you supporting this system? It’s easy. Shaykh Maulana is saying, qadsirAllah u-sir, may Allah raise his station higher and higher, may his return be soon insha’Allah, is saying “If you smoke one cigarette you are supporting the kingdom of shaitan”. How do you like that? “If you are drinking the liquor, you are supporting the kingdom of shaitan”.

So it is very easy now because for a wise man he knows that anything that is forbidden we are doing, not only forbidden but it is against the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws) you are now supporting the kingdom of shaitan and the kingdom of dajjal. So our work now is to pull out from this to live a simple life to surround ourselves by who? What the khutba is saying? What the khutba is saying? for that Sahabi who was very sad and he said “I may not see you Ya Rasulullah, even if I enter into paradise I may not see you”. He is being sincere, he is being honest. How many of us we are thinking where our Shaykh is? Now we are seeing him if we are going to. You are going to be with the ones that you love. You put that one in your heart you are going to be with him. Putting in your heart is not just by saying like so many, they love the Prophet (asws), but they just saying. Their lifestyle is not that, their lifestyle is chasing after the ego after that nafs, after the pleasures of this world. They are being cruel to their families, they are being cruel to their children, they are being disobedient, they are being stubborn, they being angry but 24 hours they giving salawat. If they want, they want to live, if they can they want to jump into the tomb of the Prophet (asws) to live with him. But the love has to have a proof, and the proof is that your manners have to be according to the manners of that Prophet.

love of awliya Allah

More you’re giving salawats more light is going to come to you, more light from the Prophet because every salawat that you give the Prophet is sending 10 times more to you. You are giving salawats nonstop day and night but I am seeing more darkness falling on to you because you are becoming very stubborn very arrogant not understanding, very disobedient there is no light then you have to question “is the salawats reaching? and is the salawat reaching to you back”. Because every salawat that you give there is one angel that brings it to the presence of the Holy Prophet (asws) saying “Ya Rasulullah, this one who is the son of this one who is the son of this one,’ tracing your lineage all the way back to Hazrat e Adam (as), ‘he is sending greetings to you” and the Prophet (asws) says “send my greetings to him”.

So the greetings of the salawats and the love, now, Islam it is a lifestyle, it is a whole system. If you are looking at the condition of this world and you say that is nothing to do with Islam, my Islam, like in these days because people are taking the wrong ideas about Islam and they are twisting it into a very ugly politics now like they say in English, I don’t know English too much, but they say in English “You throw the baby out with the bath water”, Now they say “No No No… In Islam there is no politics in Islam, there is no mixing of government and religion in Islam”. SubhanAllah, you don’t know your Prophet? He brought down a whole system. He brought down Empires. He brought the Shariyat. He brought the Shariyat that made people who are different from each other, who are enemies to each other, who are enemies to their Lord to come to be able to live quietly and peacefully. And that Shariyat continued all the way down to the Holy Ottoman Empire that they took not only the Shariyat but they took the Tariqat of the Prophet (asws) and they put it into their politics which is why so many unbelievers they found more safety living under the Ottomans and the Muslims, in history, check.

Check Damascus what happened during the time of the Ummawis. Check what happened in Baghdad how the Christians and the Jews they found more peace to not only live and practise their religion but they are able to now work on their civilization to bring it high. Check Andalusia where the golden age of the Jews it came out. They never said that during the time of Hazrati Sulaiman or Hazrati Dawood, they never said that is a golden age, they said that the golden age it is in Andalusía, in Spanish Islam land. Check the Ottomans. How did that reach, how did that happen because now Islam, it brings individuals groups governments everything down under the umbrella and the protection of Allah swt and adalat, Adil, justice is the first thing that is being done, it is the most important. And that justice has to come through the Khalifa, once that Khalifa, that is not representing the nafs, not representing, people don’t vote him, he is appointed, when that Khalifa is brought down then there is no justice because everyone is running after ‘not to satisfy Allah and His Prophet’ but to satisfy their own ego, to satisfy their own nationalism, to satisfy their own tribalism, to satisfy their own people and their own countries. Now one country is against another country fighting although they are muslims, forget about non muslims, although they are muslims they are fighting to each other. Now you have come back to that first jahiliya where tribe against tribe they are fighting, without knowing why, they are enemies without knowing why.

Hind, Islam was in Hind, in India for one thousand years. The Khilafat fell, the fitna entered now Hind divide into three . You have muslim Pakistan and muslim Bangalistan, Bangladesh. First thing they do what? is to come and crush each other. Same thing with every muslim country you look, crushing each other. You don’t want the laws of Allah, then you take the laws of the Kafir. The laws of the Kafir is going to teach you how to first only look to your own self, anyone who is your enemy you must go and you must crush them.

We have come to those days, these are the days of Mawlid, this is the situation of the ummat.  This is the situation where there is no Rahmat. Because the Rahmat it is not just coming because you keep saying it, Rahmat has to come when you are doing it. What are you doing when you are following the lifestyle of the Prophet (asws). Now no individuals, groups, to governments they are following. We used to have an Empire of hundreds of nations, of hundreds of kingdoms that was following the lifestyle of the Holy Prophet (asws) that every Thursday night everything is shut down from eastern Europe all the way to western China from southern Russia all the way to South Africa to South East Asia shuts down every Thursday night to make a zikr. Mawlid, forget about the Mawlid, the whole Empire now the whole world is celebrating that.

Now, especially the Wahhabi shaitans they celebrate the Mawlid of their king. They celebrate it. It’s even worse. If you watch it you think this is even more weird than the Shia that they doing. They are putting one big picture of their king and everyone is on stage singing to their king. You ever seen that before? Correct? They are like this, singing to the picture of their king. And when we are loving the Prophet (asws) who is Hazir and Nazir, they say that is a bida’at. Eh, what can you expect? People who are no mind, anything you say they are going to believe. They even have picture of their king greeting them at the airport, full size body and one person goes behind the poster put his hand out and people passing and shaking their hands. You see those things too. It happens. Tawba, La haula wala Quwata Illah billah, and these are the role models of Islam that the whole muslim world is saying, ‘look to the hijaz, Saudi Arabia, these are our role models,’ and the west is saying, ‘Yeah those are your role models.’ Look, look, look, what kind of Islam it is. It is the worst kind.

It is not Islam, it is the worst kind of Muslims following Islam that is according to their nafs. So yes this is the world, the world you can take something clean and pure and you can turn it to become a poison. Who turns it to become a poison, not Allah, never blame Allah, never blame the Prophet, never blame the good ones, blame yourself. So this holy month that is coming are we going to turn it to become a poison or are we going to have the Rahmat in our lives, the mercy that is in our lives? The month of safar is going to teach you that mercy. Those ones who are keeping a low profile fearing from the anger of Allah fearing from the laknat of Allah on the month of Safar they are going to enter into the month of RabiulAwwal very good, because they understand the danger now and they are going to be very thankful for the mercy, and they are going to show the mercy. But those ones, like I said now the month of RabiulAwwal is going to come, prepare, everyone is rolling up their hands wanting to fight. New style. “What are you, Salafi? You don’t believe?” Pow!(punch)…. “You believe? You make Mawlid,” Pow! (punch)…” eh, whole day, whole time, just fighting. New, new style. Leave them. Everyone is free to go to paradise. Everyone is free to go to any hell that they want to. Don’t fight, pull back. With whatever that you are believing in and practice it sincerely.

May Allah forgive me, May Allah send the Holy Ones to come soon to fix this world. May we have more faith to fix ourselves for their coming Insha’Allah. May Allah forgive me and bless all of you for the sake of Sahib ul zaman, for the sake of Sahibul Saif. Al Fatiha. Ameen. Selam Aleykum.

prayer from Hoja Effendi

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
29 Safar  1437
December 11, 2015
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