With all the backlash directed at the Muslims especially in America, how should we conduct ourselves in public?


Question: With all the backlash directed at the Muslims especially in America, how should we conduct ourselves in public?

lokman effendi

BismillahirRahmanirRahim.  Conduct yourself with more faith and more trust in Allah, and more fear in Allah. If you don’t fear Allah, if you don’t fear death then Allah is going to put fear in your hearts and the Muslims are going to be afraid from their own shadow. This is Hadiths. Because we don’t fear Allah anymore. The Hojas they are teaching “Oh, Allah is Rahman and Rahim”. There is no fear of Allah in the Muslims. There is no fear of death. Fear of death? There is fear of death. Muslims are all afraid of death. They love the life and they love the world, they fall in love with the world and they hate death, ‘Hubud dunya’ And because of this Hubud dunya Allah is going to put the fear in the Muslims hearts, of everything that is around him.

So, what? What are you going to do in these times? Have more fear from Allah. Have more understanding. Yes, have more fear from the Prophet (asws). This is the time everyone is talking about love, love, love, love, love. What, you think the Prophet (asws) is your friend? He is your father? He is your brother? People are stuck in that mode. Just crying. Then, you are still at a level of a kid in relationship to your Prophet (asws). You are not at the station of those ones who are representing him. You are not at the station of the Sahab e-Kiram. You are not at the station of the Khulafa e-Rashideen, or following in their way. They were not stuck everyday and every night just crying because they were so in love with the Prophet (asws). They were running, to serve him and to fulfil his mission. Those ones who are crying nonstop, what are they doing? Are they running to serve the mission? Are they running to wake up the Ummat to say that there is tyranny; the Prophet is not liking it.

You want to cry? Yes cry. Cry because we have failed the Prophet (asws). So, have fear from Allah, have fear from His Prophet (asws). You are not going to hear this, in so many places, ‘what? Fear the Prophet? What a strange concept that is.’ The Prophet is not lower than our father, our mother, our bank, the IRS, that everyone is more afraid from their father, their mother, the IRS, taxes than they are to the Prophet (asws). The fear is coming from what? Yes, that fear is coming from love that you don’t want to do anything, anything to get the displeasure of the Prophet (asws). You are going to treat that one very delicately.

If you have faith you are going to be protected. If you have faith and you are following someone, more you going to be protected. Not just by his duas  and this or that, you must follow the Sohbet. Prophet has forbidden this, people from running around in the streets. EvliyaAllah has forbidden it for people running around in the streets. Especially in these days of Ahir zaman, don’t run around, stay home. Because there is evil everywhere and this is before 911. This was 1400 years ago. This is before Bernardino, this is before Paris, this is before anything else. Stay home in these days. There is laknat everywhere especially night times stay home. Women, especially must stay home. Awww, but now all the women are now going to be my enemies now, saying, “He hates women. Telling us we should stay home. This is backward Islam”. We understand if you have to do things that are necessary and important because of circumstance. What we are talking about now? We are talking about unnecessarily just going out and just hanging out and socializing, going to coffee shops, having coffee with your girlfriends the way that the kafirs they are doing. You wearing the hijab for what? For modesty. Modesty means what? You don’t push yourself into the world, for the whole world to put that bad eyes on you. Now if you are going to wear burqa and you are going to be in starbucks cafe, sipping coffee, what is the use of that? And I am saying this first to Muslim countries. Wearing full burqa but going out to shopping centers, whole family is going. So people are still just understanding from the outside. Tesetur, what is that? It’s modesty.

So now, what are you going to expect now? You wearing something, you are looking Muslims, so many Muslim women now AllahuAlam. But sometimes Allah makes other people to know also. Now may be so many they take off their hijab because of this, correct? And what they are going to say first “Oh, you know, this is a life threatening situation”. MashaAllah, which wife of Sahabi did that? which Sahabi did that? ‘Oh, you don’t understand’.  Yeah, of course we don’t understand. We are only going out in public with our turbans and jubbas. That’s why we don’t understand.

You going out like that, to do the things that this world is saying, ‘this is the lifestyle of the world. Don’t let your hijab to stop you from the lifestyle of the world. You want to play basketball ? Go ahead. Play basketball. You want do what? You want to do swimming, synchronized swimming? Synchronized swimming, don’t let it stop you, just wear the hijab. Don’t let the hijab stop you.’ The hijab is suppose to stop you. That is the duty of the hijab. It is supposed to stop you. When we are wearing this, it is supposed to stop us from entering into different areas that is going to be filled with nothing but the love of this world. We are going to understand. We are doing that representing Islam now. Not even necessarily going to go out, even to buy things like this. It’s not necessary, correct? Then you going out there, then people look at you with such hatred and they say things to you, what do you expect?

If you fear Allah then you are going to know Allah is saying, this is no good. Prophet is saying this is no good. You are going to pull back. There will be protection there. Of course I am saying doing things that are unnecessary. There are things that you are doing that is necessary, mens and womens in these days. When it’s necessary go out of their house, put the sadaqa there, very important. Give sadaqa everyday. Who believes in this? Oh you know so much Ilm, but you don’t do nothing. Are you teaching your Mureeds to put the Sadaqa before they leave. Are you teaching them to recite at least one Ayat e-Kursi. In our way we have to recite 21 Ayat e-Kursi when we leave the house. Are you doing all of these things? Yeah, No. Then you are not going to get any protection. That’s why you are going to fear from everything, understand? Other than that, don’t worry Allah is with you, Prophet is with you. The EvliyaAllah if you are holding on to them they are with you.

Be intelligent be awake. You understand? Then your heart is going to tell you go there don’t go there, look over there don’t look over there. But Allah is with you. Doesn’t matter. This world, this whole world for a believer it is a prison. We can’t wait to get out of this prison. But now, this whole world for a believer has become a play ground, we don’t want to leave this world, isn’t it? What is our relationship to this world?  A prison or a playground? Shaykh Efendi is making us to feel this. Nowhere else is making us to feel this. You’re staying, staying, staying at the Dergah, first time you go out, just to go Walmart you feel such heaviness. Isn’t it? Such dirtiness, and you want to come back. You don’t want to go out. Even if you go out, you don’t want to look around so much. Because now the Nur is coming out from your eyes. Where are you going to find these kinds of teachings? AstagfirAllah ul Azeem wa atubu ilaih. Yeah, we are weak. We go sometimes here and there. But don’t take it for granted, and don’t go and do these things without protection being on you. This much is enough WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. Amin. Selam Aleykum wa RahmathuAllahi wa Barkthahu.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 18, 2015.
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