A Haqqani who does not speak Haqq is a munafiq



There is a proof for a believer and there is a proof for an unbeliever. You are saying that there is Allah in your heart there must be a proof. That is why, in our Tarikat, we’re not concentrating on putting Allah in our heart. Don’t make no mistake; we’re not concentrating on putting Allah in our heart. We are concentrating on taking out the ilahs from our heart. Do you understand?

Naksibendiyyah always the opposite direction; others concentrating, ‘put Allah there.’ No. Take everything out. Leave Allah there. Allah will be there. You don’t take out the veil that is closest to you, you remove the veil that is closest to Allah. Then that time, it is very secure. In these days, everything that you do, it steals your faith from you, very easily. Believe me. How many of you, when you’re standing up, giving Salawat and looking at the Sakal e- Serif, your mind starts to wander here and there. Yes or no? If you say yes, you are telling the truth, if you say, ‘no. I’m in the presence of the Prophet.’ I say, you are lying.  How many of you in illusion and delusion? Some. Some, after a while, they start thinking what to eat, where to go, correct or not? If you are honest and you are seeing this, and you are fighting, you become beloved to Allah. If you are being arrogant and stubborn and saying, ‘no, no, no, I was concentrating, I was in full khusyuk,’ then we say you are lying. (Sheykh takes a deep breath) we have to smell that from you. We have to smell that from you. We have to see that from you. We have to hear that from you. It is not a situation where you can just make a claim like that. But you are standing there, your back is complaining, your feet are complaining, and you are fighting, you become beloved to Allah. You understand?

This is what our Jama’at is concentrating on; to be sincere, to be honest. Not to pretend. We are trying to take out kufr from ourselves, hypocrisy from ourselves. We are not putting Iman. Don’t try to make so much zikr and prayer to have more Iman. It is not through prayer and zikr and reading and doing all this that you’re going to get more faith. You’re going to get more faith when you take out the kufr from us, from our hearts. You’re going to get more faith when you take out the hypocrisy. Then you’re going to be left with faith. Because it is the sprit that is keeping our body alive, it’s not the body that is keeping the spirit alive. And the spirit has faith. Give it some room to breathe. Give it some time to move around. Don’t weigh it to be heavy, don’t put heavy things on it by putting more Dunya. We are saying shukr to Allah. What we want? So many people are saying, ‘ilm, ilm, ilm.’  Yes, this is what we are learning today. We are learning how to have more knowledge. Today, what is the knowledge you have learned from the Sohbet? What is the knowledge you have learned today in this Mawlid? Not just to go to Mawlids and Milads, drunken, heedless station, and to come back heedless, and to continue with your heedless lives, that the Mawlid, that naat, that qasidas, that Illahis is not changing you at all, you are just going to feel a high, then after that you feel a low.

What did you learn today? I teach very simple things, to myself first and to others. We are claiming something, what is our action showing? And the actions first, before ilm, it must show manners, Edep before ilm. If there is ilm before Edep, you become sheytan. If you have manners before ilm, you can go to the station, yes, to the station of what? Ummi. You understand? Ummi. You are unlettered. No one is writing anything in your heart. Allah is writing in your heart. That time, Insha’Allah, we become Naksibendi. You look for ilm before manners, you become sheytan in these, especially in these days. That’s why all those who are running to have ilm first, they become sheytan. They sit with sheytan, they are friends with sheytan. Don’t have any tolerance in your heart for sheytan, for wrong things. Don’t have any tolerance. Don’t think, I am saying this openly, especially to American-type Muslims, you think that, ‘oh, I am western Muslim, I have more humanity and intelligence and tolerance and objectivity and, whatever you want to put there, than all these immigrants.’ No, we accept everyone.

You accept only Haqq. Don’t accept Batil. That is one of the tricks of the Dajjal in the last days. He is going to say, ‘Haqq is batil and batil is Haqq.’ Isn’t it? Isn’t that what so many sheytanic-type Alims they are doing now? They say, ‘there is no Haqq and there is no batil. Everything is Haqq! Everything is Halal.’ It gets worse and worse. First, they say, ‘it’s okay, Merry Christmas!’ Later they say, ‘it’s not only okay, Merry Christmas, you have to celebrate Merry Christmas.’ Before, they are saying, ‘you know, we are Sufis. We celebrate Milad ul-Nabi. That means we have to celebrate every Milad of every Nabi, and Isa (as) is a Nabi. So, Christians celebrate it, why not we? We must celebrate it too.’ And those ones claiming they are Sheykh ul-Islam, you know, Sheykh ul-Islam, they’re not representing Islam, they are representing something else. The signs were there too.  Sheykh Effendi showed me one time in a picture of that one claiming to be Sheykh ul-Islam, he asked, ‘what do you see?’ I say, ‘Allah Allah, I see sheytan there.’ ‘What else?’ ‘I see Dajjal.’ ‘Ahh,’ Sheykh Effendi says, ‘yes. You are seeing it.’ But with these eyes, you see this man with millions of people in front of him, pointing to the sky, and the sky is writing, ‘Muhammad’ (asws). And everyone, ‘aahhh, he is an Awliya!’ But you cannot fool the eyes of a Believer. When I look and I say, ‘that is sheytan, Seyhim,’ and he says, ‘yeah, what is sheytan? Who is?’ ‘Sheytan is holding a chain.’ ‘who is that?’ ‘That is another creature, Seyhim. That is Dajjal.’ And it’s fooling. Same one saying now, ‘you must celebrate Christmas. It is Milad.’ Who knows, later they are going to say, ‘we are going to celebrate Milad ul-Buddha. Why not? There are some people who say that Buddha is a Nabi, right? Milad ul-Buddha.’ Eh, dance. Later, who else? Who else? Gumba Bumba  they have. Why not? Then the Africans say, ‘why not Gumba Bumba? These are our people.’ Chinese going to say this, everyone is going to say. So everything now gets mixed up.

‘Brother, don’t speak like that, you are inciting hatred and division.’ It is not hatred and division. It is enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. ‘How do you know?’ Very simple. ‘Don’t judge brother.’ I’m not judging. I’m repeating what Allah and His Prophet had said. You don’t have to be an Alim to know this. 1400 years of Islam, which Sahabi, which Tabi’een, which Tabi’i Tabi’een, which Awliya, which Saliheen celebrate Christmas? Which one? Which one? Which country? Which Imam? Which Sheykh? Never, only now, in Ahir Zaman. So you must be better than everyone, that’s what you think you are. So, you’re no different from a Wahabbi. No different.

If we’re not knowing what is wrong in these days, then we’re going to say everything is right. That’s what they’re teaching our kids in school, isn’t it? ‘Don’t say anything is wrong. Everything is right.’ They are pushing so many different kinds of wrong agendas to our little kids, isn’t it, in school? Don’t say, what, those gay stuff? No. Don’t judge. It is okay. Slowly, so many other things is okay. What is not okay? Haqq is not okay. And instead of finding this opportunity in the Mawlid where people are gathering, tens of thousands of people, give me the microphone, for tens of thousands, to speak. I speak like this, what do you think is going to happen? Either Sheykh Effendi is going to put me somewhere for safety, or they are going to put me somewhere to save other people from the truth, isn’t it? But, what is a Haqqani who does not speak Haqq? What is a Haqqani who doesn’t speak Haqq? A Haqqani who does not speak Haqq is a munafiq. May Allah protect us from that. Are we saying hate people? Are we saying go kill people? Are we saying we are better than other people? No. We are understanding what is wrong action and what is right action.

Astarghfirullah. So those ones, instead of finding this opportunity for everyone to say, ‘Ya Rabbi, bring Mahdi (as).’ Can you imagine, one thousand people, crying out to Allah sincerely, ‘bring Mahdi,’ how much power He’s going to give? That time the Tajalli of Mahdi (as) will be on those people. They are gathering tens of thousands, for what? ‘Ahhhh,’ (Sheykh waving) ‘All give Bai’ah! All give Bai’ah!’ You can gather tens of thousands of people, you can shake the nation. You can shake it. If everyone is a Haqqani, you can shake the nation. You’re not shaking the nation. What are they shaking? Allah knows. They’re not looking too much to us anyway. You’re saying, ‘those people around him, couple of idiots, couple of sloppy people, couple of people with no nothing,’ they say, ‘let him to speak.’ But Sheykh Effendi has designed this way also. It’s not going to be a way that it is going to welcome tens of thousands of people, because tens of thousands of people cannot stay in this way. With this kind of heavy bombardment, people in their right Dunya mind will not stay in this way, isn’t it? ‘Why I have to come and get screamed at by this guy? I came here for zikr, man! Came for Salawats, to feel nice and he’s coming and screaming at me? Saying I’m going to go to Hell? Allah.’ So, it is designed, majority, it is filtered. You understand? But, believe me, you have a very big part to play, every one of you. You have a very big part to play.

sleeping legend

Wake up your sleeping legend. Understand that the ummat is there. Sahibulsaif’s mission is to save the ummat. If you’re following in his way, have that intention. Because that intention is the intention of the Prophet (asws). That intention is the intention of the Sahabi e-Kiram, and the Tabi’een, and the Tabi’ee Tabi’een, continuing, isn’t it? The Sahabi e-Kiram, they were there just to get personal salvation and to go and get married and live their lives? Or did Holy Prophet (asws) prepare each and every one of them to change the ummat, until Judgement Day? So where are we? Don’t sleep! Where are we? You are sleeping, don’t stay here, you don’t have to, I don’t want anyone to be here if it’s under torture, or if you are forced. I can see it; I say it’s better, leave. That’s Sheykh Effendi showing me, ‘don’t speak so much. Don’t say to them so much about this, because some of them, they are not ready, and they are spraying everything. Don’t open too much.’ Astarghfirullah. Mawlid Mubarak. Fatiha.

Before I forget, let me put one last thing. Before I forget, Sheykh Effendi, for so many years, he has said, ‘I’m going to make the murids, divide them into different class. First class murids, second class murids, third class murid, tourist murid.’ Did he say this? He said this. It is Haqq. Okay, we may come a time where I’m going to divide you into first class, second class, third class. Those who don’t want to come; you come once a month, once every few months, you are tourists. You come, you eat, you smile, and you go. Those ones who are hungry, not for the food, or to hang out, but they are hungry to listen to sohbet, you’re going to be first class murid. Because you listen to what was said before, you listen to what is said now, and then with that kind of anticipation I can give very good sohbet, don’t worry, because you are listening. Those who are not, I’m just going to give awam sohbet. I can do that too. Believe me, it is very easy for me to do that, and it is easier for me just to repeat what Sheykh Effendi has said in so many sohbets, just to say that. I don’t have to think, like what I said to the women, I don’t have to think about each and every one of you, that I look at you and how this sohbet is going to fit into each and every one of you; what is going on in your situation, what is it that I have to say that I have to put that is for you. I don’t have to look at what is happening in this world, what is going to happen in the future, to put everything inside and to say. I can just repeat. For those who are looking, we will give. That’s okay. Insha’Allah, we should wake up. This is a different association. You must understand a little bit. As you like too. There’s anything that you want to say, say. I will listen. There’s any question, ask. Say something that is going to benefit you and others or else keep silent. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
11 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 22, 2015.
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