Delicate manners that bring you into the Divine Court



The edep, it is before the knowledge. People who don’t have edep, their knowledge is not going to save them. But people who have edep and they don’t have knowledge, always they are going to be saved. You understand? They have edep but they don’t have knowledge, they are going to be saved. So, that’s why Tarikats, they have been concentrating on edep, because what we said about earlier, edep? It will take you inside the Divine Court. Knowledge, it may reach to only to the door, to the gates, but it is with manners that you may actually enter.  In fact, what we said about earlier? If you have knowledge, it is forbidden for you to enter, until you empty out your knowledge. Today, everyone is running in the name of Tarikat to get more Ilm, since when? Yeah, you can only tell people to get more ilm, because like what Sheykh Mevlana is saying, you’re not giving guidance. There’s no irshad, so you have to concentrate on fiqh.

But, how many more riwayats of Awliya Allah we are going to hear that they were the biggest scholars and they have to toss out, throw out, leave and forget all that ilm? From Aziz Mahmud Hudayi (qs) to Maulana Rumi (qs) to so many. Even our Prophet (asws), he was not a scholar. He was not an Alim. Up till today, the unbelievers are saying that, they say, ‘he steal from Taurat and Injil and Zabur.’ In fact, he didn’t even know how to read and to write. He was an ummi. But, his manners were so perfect that they call him Al-Amin. The mursyriks were calling him Al-Amin. His manners were so delicate that he didn’t break anyone’s heart. His manners were so delicate that he could teach people how to live in peace when the flood happened and the Ka’aba collapsed and the Hajar ul-Aswad has to be put back when they rebuilt the Ka’aba and every tribe, they were ready to go to war with each other, to kill each other, maybe for centuries, because that’s what the Arabs, they do. They have a grudge, they have a feud, they fight, for centuries. But those who fight, they don’t know what they are fighting, those who die, they don’t know why they’re dying, those who kill, they don’t know why they’re killing. Oh, exactly what is happening today is it? Yeah. And the Prophet (asws) solved that matter. Very delicately he solved that matter.

But where are you going to learn edep? You cannot learn edep from books. Even if there is a book called, ‘The Book of Edep,’ there are so many, right? You cannot learn. Nowadays, people don’t read books, they go to website. ‘Welcome to the website of the Sufi Edep. If you want to make donation, please, put your name here.’ (Sheykh laughs). You cannot learn edep that way. Knowledge, sheytan has the biggest knowledge. But he lost his manners, because, how are you going to get your manners? You cannot get your manners, you cannot learn manners, until and unless you understand that part of you that does not have manners, and you control it.

Which part is that? That’s your ego, that’s the sheytan, that’s your desires and that’s the dunya. If you don’t understand these four, you will never get edep. Now the Sheykh is going to make you to understand what is the meaning of your ego; so many they say, ‘I have ego? I don’t have ego! I’m a nice guy. I’m a nice person, I pray five times a day.’ That’ because you’ve never been tested, or you’re just so blind, you think you are perfect. There are some who are saying, ‘what, me, sheytan? Astargfirullah, I’m not sheytan. I pray five times a day.’ But Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘sheytan is running through your veins, inside you it’s running.’ Dunya? Oh, there’s so many reformers in Islam, they say, ‘one of the things that you should destroy to make this religion to go forward, because it’s backwards,’ these Islamic reformers they are saying, ‘it’s too much concentration on the Ahiret.’ You must concentrate on it.

The first thing that they say, ‘we have to destroy, in order for this religion to be enlightened and western, is to bring down the station of the Prophet (asws).’ They say, ‘he is just a man. Don’t put him to a semi-divine station,’ they are saying. Sheytan is very busy in these days, and pretty successful. He’s recruiting millions in the day. Muslims he’s recruiting. That’s why very strange ideas and practices suddenly coming out and scholars are supporting it because there’s so much ilm, and they make so much reasoning and understanding, saying, ‘this is logic,’ because sheytan was the first one to use the reason in the logic. In the presence of the Creator of reason and logic, he’s saying, ‘I make sejdah only to You, not to this one.’ Reason and logic it is part of ilm. When you want to enter, you have to throw that out. You want to enter, you enter into the circle, you have to throw that out. Now, the ilm and the logic and the reason, whatever that you are using, your small brains, you cannot use that to guide them.

People are saying, ‘what are you saying? This is wrong, this is not Tassawuf, this is this…’ You can say as much as you want. But let me give you one simple example, from dunya, not from Ahiret. When you are going to school, you are going to grade school, then after that, you go where? middle school, then you go to high school, right? Then you go to college. Whatever that you learned, it’s going to take you to a higher knowledge. And whatever that you learned, are you going to bring it with you, everything, there? Or you already achieved that station, now you are going to go to another one? You are climbing the stairs, you take one step then you take another step, do you bring the step that you have taken up with you? And we all know this, the Night of Miraj, the Holy Prophet (asws), when he was being accompanied by Jibril (as),  Jibril (as) is representing what? Intelligence. They reached all the way to Sidrat ul-Muntaha. We’re not putting down knowledge, but in these days, if you want to put down knowledge, it’s okay, because most of the knowledge is toxic anyway. Religious and otherwise is toxic. Now it’s the time to go and find someone who can clean your heart. Don’t eat more to get better now. You’re going to eat less. You’re going to start fasting, and you’re only going to eat those things that are little and very nutritious that you’re going to fix yourself physically. Jibril (as) representing intelligence, and it is forbidden for intelligence to take even one single step beyond Sidrat ul-Muntaha. What happens? What happens when that intelligence takes one step? The Divine lights will burn it. It’ll be thrown into non-existence.

knowledge without aql

Where are you going? (Sheykh speaks to a murid) Okay, I’ll deal with you later. Want to be center of attention always, huh? We are touching a very delicate point. You see how sheytan always interferes? He comes at a very delicate point where you need all your attention to understand, definitely that’s the time sheytan is going to attack, not before. Maybe I’m going to put – anyway, doesn’t matter. More I’m going to put, more people is going to say it’s extreme militaristic. Later they’re going to say we are paramilitary. Eh, that’s right, we are gathering ammunition against to sheytan and against to our ego.

So all sorts of weird things we are hearing in these days, scholars number one putting them up and saying it’s okay. If you see one group of people that it’s their holy day, and say for example, they say that is the day that the son of God was born, Hasha Astaghfilrullah, now you are saying, Sheykh ul-Islam  is saying that you can celebrate with them, just don’t make the intention this is the birthday of the son of God. But, who are you imitating? Which nation? Definitely you are not imitating the Prophet. Prophet (asws) he ever did that? Oh, maybe it slipped his mind, Hasha Astaghfilrullah. How about the Sahabis, 124 000 of them? Name me one who did that. Which Awliya Allah? It’s so close, the urs of Hz Rumi just passed, you know? Every year, 17th of December around that time, they could easily  make, the Mevlavi Tarikat, that today everyone is saying, ‘love, love, love, love, love,’ to make that closer to that date and say, ‘oh altogether. Same. It’s okay.’ But they didn’t.

You want to show love and togetherness, there are other ways of showing it. You want to show solidarity and love and brotherhood, there are other ways of doing it. How? Look to the Prophet (asws). Don’t make up just your own law. This whole religion is based on obedience and following. The believers say, ‘Sameena wa ata’ana.’ But now the popular thing, is not to say we hear and we obey, it’s following the Greek saying: “I think, therefore I am.” So whatever is coming, I have to think. I have to think. Who are you that you are thinking? If you say you are thinking and you are taking directly from Allah that  you are thinking, then you must be a Prophet. You must be a Prophet. But if you say you are a Muslims and you are following, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu,’ then you have to follow what the Prophet (asws) has said. You don’t want to follow what the Prophet says, then you must follow what Allah says, and Allah is saying what? “Obey Allah, Obey the Prophet and obey your rightly guided leaders.’ And Allah will not love you until you love and you obey the Prophet. This is His condition.

So how can a man, with all that proof in front of him, proof now and proof for one thousand four hundred years, how can he just close his eyes and turn a blind eye to that? I’m not even talking about the Wahhabis here. That’s a whole other animal. I’m here talking about people who are claiming they are ahle sunnat. People who are claiming they are ahle Tarikat. People who are claiming they are sheykh-ul Islam and millions who are following them, ‘we have to celebrate the Milad of Nabi Isa.’ So you are making your own. Breh, we are ahle sunnat, saying, ‘bida’at,’ it’s okay if it is bida’atul hasanah, but please, what kind of a bida’at is this?

You want to show love to the ahlil kitab, togetherness? You may show another ways. Find out what has been done. Find out how the Muslims have been living in peace and togetherness and closeness with the people of the ahle kitab. Find out what they did. You don’t have to be celebrating the birth of the son of God, Hasha astaghfirullah, to find togetherness. You don’t have to do that. The Ottomans, they had every color, very stripe of Christians living in their land, and they all, yes, found peace under the Ottomans. The Jews? The jews found more peace. They said, it is better for us to be ruled, to be under the Turban of the Turks, meaning the Ottomans, than to be ruled under the mitre, you know that hat the pope wearing, from the front it’s like this, but from the side you see this two horns, than from the mitre of the Vatican. They found more peace. There was respect. When there was respect, there is safety. Because when there is respect, it’s very easy for the syafa’at to enter.

When there is respect, very easy for Prophet and for Saints now to step in and to say to Allah swt, although this one is not such a good one, have wrong beliefs, but he has never disrespected me ya Rabbi, as You know. Because the one who respect the Prophet or the Prophetic tradition, they respect Allah. But the one who disrespect the Prophet or disrespect the Sahaba e-Kiram, for example there are certain Muslim groups that are cursing none stop to the Sahaba e-Kiram, they have split. They are calling themselves a party of Ali. But Hazreti Ali never curse. And they are cursing.  Prophet (asws) is saying openly, ‘do not curse at my Sahabi. If you curse at them, that means that you are cursing at me. If you are cursing at me that means you are cursing to Allah. If you curse to Allah, Allah and His angels, they curse at you. But don’t think cursing at Allah, the way the man is doing, it’s the same as Allah cursing at you. It’s not the same.

So manners, it is important. You want to learn Ilm? You can go anywhere. You want to learn knowledge, even fiqh,  you can learn fiqh even from an unbeliever. You want to learn tajwid, you can learn tajwid from an unbeliever, or a munafiq, or someone who does not have belief. But you cannot learn manners from hypocrite. You cannot. You cannot learn manners from someone who has no real belief. Because the manners, in the heart of that one who has manners, there is extreme fear and there is extreme hope. That’s why he has  manners. Hope and the fear, the believer’s heart must have. If you have manners, you can pick it up very quickly. Because  the one who has manners will never think that he is something. He is always awake and aware. Correct? If you have manners, you are never asleep. You are awake and aware. A person who has manners is never heedless. He is awake and he is aware because he knows the game can change any moment. You are watching. One who doesn’t have manners is the one who is in ghaflat. May Allah swt keep us close to our Sheykh. For us to learn manners from him. It’s important in these days. May Allah forgive me and bless all of you. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum.


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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 24, 2015.
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