Will the leader of the community be responsible on the judgment day for not standing up for Haqq?


Question: Will the leader of the community be responsible on the judgment day for not standing up for haqq?


Yes, first the leaders are going to be responsible. Leaders of that community are going to be responsible. Then those ones who are calling themselves Muslims and standing up for truth they are going to be responsible. Someway somehow everyone is also responsible for that.  Depending on what kind of percentage of guilt that we are also responsible for that we are carrying.

So whatever that happened there, it happened. And so many unusual things are happening all around the world. People are either going to wake up more or they are going to go to sleep more. Either people are going to wake up more and say that “this is it’s all there” and you see the truth is out there. It’s not like there’s no truth. The truth is out there but there is more falsehood out there than truth. Check your facebook. Why are you checking facebook? “Oh I am looking at Hadiths, I am looking at Ayat”. For every one Ayat there’s 10 nonsense posts there, correct? For every Ayat and Hadiths that is making us to wake up and to think, to enter into Tafakur, there are 10 things there that pulls us out of Tafakur, out of faith, back into the dunya now. So it is very easy now for things to be controlled. They don’t even have to control it because it is there. You want to speak the truth, speak the truth. It’s okay. But no one is going to listen to you. Because they rather listen to, I don’t know what dancing with the moon, they rather look at the cat videos, they rather look at nonsense and I am saying all the clean stuff. The clean stuff is only one percent may be of the whole internet thing. Ninety-nine percent,  AllahuAlam.

When the heart is dirty like that, how are you going to, even if truth comes to your face you only going to see that dirtiness because you’ve seen that dirtiness ninety-nine times. So it doesn’t matter if truth is going to speak, it’s drowned out. People are just going to be distracted. People are distracted because there is no thinking. Holy days and Holy nights is suppose to make to people think. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christian, Jews or Muslim Holy day, it’s suppose to make people to think, not to just fall more into the duniya and ghaflat, eating and drinking like animals! Yeah Allah swt, is also testing the whole world, the Christian world. You believe how many times now they are going to hear Christmas songs, how many times they going to hear so many Sermons so many stories about what? “No more room at the inn. No more room at the inn”. Correct? “No more room at the inn”. What is that? The story according to them that Hazreti Maryam and Hazreati Yousuf they were travelling, she was nine months pregnant, isn’t it. Travelling, very cold looking for a place just to spend the night, then everyone is turning them away. Hm? This is the time of the year that you are going to see so many nativity place. Why you are going to see everyone to dress up like a Muslim, wearing turbans, wearing hijabs, wearing long flowing clothes but it’s all Christian. Allah is testing the Christian world now. The world at that time said “No” to these refugees from the Middle East. And in your holy season, that you are celebrating those refugees, Isa (as) and Mariyam ana. You are looking at the refugees coming from the Middle East and it doesn’t matter if it’s Middle Easts or native Americans or anyone who is in a situation where they are oppressed, you are not putting the two together to say that “this is happening right in front of our eyes we must follow the sunnat of our Savior”. They fail too, big time.

Whole world has lost their direction, they lost the compass. They are not following their religion. They are not following their Prophets. If they are, they are not going to see this kind of mess because Musa (as) never taught wrong things, because Isa (as) never taught wrong things, Prophet (asws), he never taught wrong things. But all their followers are just following their ego and saying these are the teachings of our Prophets but they are perverting it to follow the ego and becomes poison. So they are responsible.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
7 Rabi al-Awwal  1437
December 18, 2015.
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