Why is the voice of Haqq ignored and that of batil prevails?



Question: Why is the voice of Haqq ignored and that of batil prevails?


Because we are in Asfala Safileen.  Because we are in the lowest of the low. It’s like asking, ‘why does this man, why is he always weak?’ And we ask, ‘do you know who is around him?’

‘His enemies.’

‘ Do you know who is under him?’

‘His enemies.’

‘Do you know who is above him?’

‘His enemies.’

And you’re asking me what? why is he weak?  This dunya is our enemy. This dunya especially now,especially in this season, is nothing to do with giving. It’s nothing to do with giving. It’s all to do with satisfying your desire. Desire, it is another enemy. Allah swt has given shaitan explicit permission to go and to influence anyone that he wants except certain ones that Allah  has puts special protection to, on those ones who turn away from (this world). In this world shaitan is an enemy. And Allah swt has put the greatest enemy right inside of you. This world is outside of you, correct? The desires, it is for so many things that is outside of you that is not for something that is inside. The shaitan can just whisper to your heart, he cannot enter past, say I don’t want to get too Sufi, so many people getting very Sufi saying how many levels of heart and this and that and that, cannot enter let’s just say, the first level of the heart. But our ego has access to the deepest part of our self and Allah swt has put the ego there never leaving us alone.

So, why does the voice of Haqq now, it seems like the voice of Haqq is not winning and the voice of batil, falsehood is always winning? It’s because it’s surrounded by enemies. It’s supported by that. So is Allah swt leaving us alone to be surrounded by enemies? No. because Allah swt has sent Prophets to us continuously; 124000 Prophets, millions and billions of Saints, His friends EvliyaAllah, has sent 104 books to mankind, has given man intelligence, that our Shaykh says even if Allah swt did not send on any Prophet or any books, just with the intelligence you will have faith, just with the intelligence you will understand what is Haqq.

It’s proving now there is no intelligence more. What is left, ego. People just love to hate, don’t you see, because it is easy. It is very easy. I am seeing one crazy woman, she is so filled with hate, this is the worst kind, righteous hate, because with that kind there is no mercy, self righteous hate not righteous hate. When you have righteous hate you have mercy you are in control that time like Hazrati Ali, when he is about to cut the man with his sword, the man spit at him and he walked away. The man saying, ‘you are not killing me?’ He says, ‘No. Before I was going to strike you for the sake of Allah but when you spit at me I got upset I got angry, and if I strike you it would have been to satisfy my ego.’ That, the principles of Hazrati Ali (KarramAllahu Wajh) taking from the Holy Prophet (asws) is always informed and guided, the muslims and their relationships, yes, even in war. Where, which holy book you are going to find, when there is a holy war that Allah is saying in that holy book: You cannot kill the old people, you cannot kill the religious people, you cannot burn their farms, you cannot harm their animals. Where? It’s only in the Quran and through the words of the Prophet (asws) taking from the Quran e-Kerim.

So this is very layered, it is very sophisticated. You don’t understand it? Everybody understands it. You are a parent you understand it. You are a teacher you understand it. You see someone doing wrong, like your kid, you going to scream at him, you going to be tough, I’m not saying you gonna beat him up. I’m saying you are going be very tough, because that kid doesn’t understand. Other people are going to say you are being very cruel. But sometimes that is needed, as a teacher sometimes that is needed. When a child is about to fall off a cliff you don’t take your time saying sweet things to the child. You scream and you rush and you grab him. The action of screaming and running and grabbing someone roughly is cruel isn’t it? But you are saving that child from certain disaster.

So, this is something that in reality if you take some time to think and to think simply you will understand. But when you don’t want to think, and any spirituality or religion that does not make you to think and to meditate and to understand and to empathize and to sympathize and to look and to compare, that is blind. That is blindly following. It’s only going to fill you with self righteous hate.

So anyway, this video this woman, one hand she is saying “I love Jesus, Jesus loves me, I know”, then saying “you are devil, you gonna go to hell, you gonna go to hell, you  are Muslim terrorist you gonna go to hell” and the people that she is screaming at, they are not even Muslims. Where are they from? Brazil. They are laughing at her and she cannot hear. They are saying “Look we are Brazilians we are not even Muslims”. She cannot, she didn’t even want to hear, because she is so pumped up. That is when shaitan is running through your viens and you cannot think. Nothing is going to get through to you. Huh, at that time Prophets coming to say, they are not going to hear nothing.

Thats why Holy Prophet (asws) he said, ‘if you are angry, when you are angry, if you are standing, sit down and if it is still there lie down, and if still there go and take wudu with cold water and pray two rakats. Well of course people today they know so much, they know more than the Prophet MashaAllah. I have been to a gathering of Sufis where this man said “You know I don’t really like that Hadihts”. And the Shaykh or the Shayka or who ever was there say “Hmm interesting speak, because we are not here to judge anyone, speak your mind”. And he says “Yeah, because it’s very passive”. I was listening. “Yeah it was very passive”.

MashaAllah, so this is advance twenty first century Muslims. Astaghfirullahil Azeem wa Atubu-ilaih. People love to hate. They have forgotten how to love. Because real love it is not the love of the self, real love it is a love of something bigger than yourself, whether it’s a person or something else, that’s when you are willing to sacrifice. But in these days that’s what they are teaching from kids “First thing, love yourself”. Of course so many other things happen to say “You see, if you don’t love yourself this is what is gonna happen, this is what is gonna happen, this is what is gonna happen”. May Allah forgive us. Selam Aleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
15 Rabi al-Awwal 1437
December 24, 2015

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