How can I find courage?


Question: How can I find courage?

Hoja courage

The courage to stand up for Haqq must come, not from you. Don’t think that courage is coming from you. That is a mistake.  How do I find the courage? You don’t find that courage, the courage must be given. You understand?

People thinking it’s coming from them, it’s not coming from you. It’s coming from the Creator of courage and that the Creator of the courage has put the biggest courage to the heart of the Prophet (asws) and His inheritors. As much as you are following, loving and submitting to that one, you are going to get it. When the time is right you are going to see, as much as you are loving and submitting. If you are not submitting and if your heart is shaky, if you are having waswasa, if you are having doubt, if you are having confusion, if you are not working to obey and to submit, then there is something wrong with the signal and you are not going to get it. They may send, but you are not going to get it because you are in a wrong place, you understand. So the whole point now, it is not to get more courage, because what does it mean to get more courage anyway? What does it mean? We’re coming here, we fill up more courage? We just hear stories and we get pumped up? It’s not that. You are going to get more courage as much as you are holding on tightly. Then there’s going to be a strong signal there. You are not going to get courage if you think it is just coming from you or you don’t have a strong connection. Because when the time comes, it’s what it is, it is a signal, it’s wireless, it’s not physical, it’s not physical. Something else has to take over you.

But this courage, before you stand up to others, first you have to stand up for yourself. This is what it means when you are getting more submission and more love and more obedience to your Sheykh, because you are standing up to yourself. Your ego is screaming “Why you have to follow a man?” You say “No, you sit over there”. Your ego is screaming “Yeah but he is glorifying other cultures, it is not your culture.” New style now. Some murids saying “Don’t glorify other’s culture, first glorify your own culture.” We are not here to  glorify to any culture, we are here to glorify Allah and His Prophet (asws) and those who Allah and Prophet (asws) has shown favor to. “Ihidinas siraatal mustaqeem. Siratal lazina an amta alaihim. Ghairil maghdubi alihim walad daleen” – the path, the sira’at that Allah has shown favor to. Allah has shown favor to the Holy Ottomans that they were holding and they were glorifying Allah and His Prophet, and they represent that group that the Prophet himself is praising. So if you think that your own culture is better than that, you have fallen back into tribalism, because there is a time and a place. I am not saying  no other person’s culture Islamic civilization is good, only the Ottomans. That’s not what I am saying. If you think that’s what I am saying, then I cannot tell you anything, then I cannot explain anything. You are not going to hear anything.

It’s like one time I went to a place, Sufi place and I hear this conversation, this person is going to Sufi zikr, masha’Allah very good, he is coming from yahudi background, yeah very good, he is making zikr saying ‘Allah’ and everything. He is talking to a couple of people, and he is saying “you know, I like all these, very good, but you know what the Muslims should  be doing? Why they are not honoring the Sabbath?’ Of course those Sufis, they have no manners, if they have manners they have knowledge, then something even if you don’t know anything the heart will activate and you know how to answer. They say, ‘yeah, you know you have certain laws similar to our laws, some even much better than our laws, but why you are not honoring the Sabbath? Why do you throw that out?’  And those Sufis are saying, ‘yeah you are right, why didn’t I think of that before? For 1400 years I wasn’t thinking, Allah Allah. Now I am thinking. We should celebrate the Sabbath. May be there will be certain Muslim groups: if we are celebrating Natal day, then maybe we are going to celebrate others too why not? Why not? Why not?’ So it’s not necessary all these things.

If we are holding on to that one who is teaching us faith and strength, they are taking and giving it to us. They never keep for themselves. They are giving it to us, and if we take from what they give we will be in safety. Yes, the poor and the downtrodden, the weak and the oppressed, they will rise like lions, just like the Sahab e-kiram. People, the whole world will look and laugh at them, they come to war with rocks and sticks and stones while they (the enemies) they have the best of the weapons, yet they are like lions. ‘You are the one who throws but it is Allah who is going to take.’

So don’t worry. Now, stand up and face your ego. Stand up and face the sheytan, stand up and face the dunya and your desires. That’s courage. It takes real courage to understand that, it takes real courage to defeat your ego, it takes the real courage now to live in a Dergah situation and with all the difficulties that is coming to still hold on strong. That’s why certain western people they will never get it. They say, ‘don’t surround yourself with negativity. This is all negative, somebody telling you you are nothing. Very negative, very depressing. Someone telling you that your your station is worse than a toilet. Very negative. Someone telling you you are no good for nothing, negative.’ Everything, basically everything we’ve been saying is very negative. Every Sohbet is negative, every Holy night is negative, every Holy day is negative, because that’s all we are concentrating on. They say “be positive. Surround yourself with positive people”. What do we say to that? What we say to, it’s very easy: Allah has created you in Ahsani-Taqweem but we are in the Asfala-Safileen. Allah has created you in the most perfect form but we are in the lowest of the low. And our aim is to go back to that most perfect form to return to Allah. The Prophet coming, Evliyah Allah coming now to clean us, to make us to enter into that most perfect form and to return to Allah clean, especially this nation.

So you if want to surround yourself with the positivity that this dunya is telling you, you are making yourself to become more dirty. How that lump of metal, that lump of metal if it surrounds itself with positivity, things that supports its existence and its identity, it will stay to be a lump of metal. But that lump of metal, when you put it through the fire that melts it and you stick it into the water that immediately freezes it up and when you take that heavy hammer and you keep hammering it, burn it, give it water, hammering over and over and over again, that worthless lump of metal becomes a sword that even the emperors and the Sultans they are going to wear it.

sword (5)

So you want to be lump of metal, worthless? be my guest we cannot do anything. This is just one example. The Evliyas have given so many examples why this is necessary. Huh! I was a mineral, I was born a mineral and I became a vegetable. I was born a vegetable and I became an animal. I was born an animal and I became a man. I was born a man and became an angel. I was born a mineral and I died and I became a vegetable. I was born a vegetable and I died and I became an animal. I became an animal. I was born as an animal and I died and I became a man. And Maulana Rumi continues saying, so what do I need to fear, dying? Because it is endless now. More you die more you get born into something higher. Because that death now is an entry way for you to enter into a higher existence. You want to remain to low existence? Don’t die, don’t change. Because death is the most negative thing,  believe me, and everyone can agree to that, believer unbeliever, death. In fact in some religion they don’t even mention death. If we say, one day I am going to die, everyone will say “Huhh! God forbid”. Why Allah is going to forbid you going to die? Tauba Astaghfirullah. So, wake up a little bit, try to understand, don’t let sheytan and the ego and the sheytanic people to confuse you. This much is enough. Selam Aleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
15 Rabi al-Awwal 1437
December 24, 2015

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