Where do the dirty manners come from? And how to prevent them from entering?


 Question: Where do the dirty manners come from? And how to prevent them from entering?


Masha’Allah, that’s a very good question. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Sheytan he passed his limits, he lost his manners in  front of his Lord. He lost his manners. Anyone who has bad manners, you are inheriting that from sheytan. He lost his manners in front of his Lord when his Lord says, ‘this one is My Khalifah. He is not just Adam (as), but he is My Khalifah.’ Meaning what? This one is going to represent Me. All these thousands and hundreds of thousands of years you are worshiping to Me, directly, so you think, and I let you think that, but now there is a Khalifah, My representative. Now everything has to go through that one, My Khalifah.

The secret of Adam (as) is what? The Prophet (asws). And it’s because of the name of Muhammad (asws) that Adam (as) he found forgiveness from Allah swt. It is the light. First the light was here (Sheykh points to his forehead) in his forehead, and the angels were rushing,  everywhere Adam (as) was, thousands of angels will come just to look at that light until he couldn’t go anywhere. So he asked Allah. Then the light moved to his back. Angels kept following him, thousands, wherever he went. Then he asked Allah swt to make it easy. Then Allah swt made the light to come to the Shahadat finger. Your Shahadat finger, the Oneness of Allah and the declaration that the Prophet (asws) was His messenger.

Of course, now we don’t need science to prove anything. We don’t need science to prove anything. Don’t get so excited when they said scientific proof, proving that Quran is da…da..da..da..da.. Scientific proof proving that Prophet…don’t get too excited. We don’t need science to proof that we are on the way of Haqq. The science, which science? The science that just discovered how this world is working, this science that for thousands of years they are saying that the earth is the centre and everything else is around it, we said, ‘no, no. that is religion.’ Yeah, that is your religious science. The science that up till today they are saying what? We are coming from monkeys? No, we don’t need it. But now, they discover what? That when you activate this finger, your forefinger in the right hand, there is a direct meridian, how we say it, direct line from here (the fore finger) all the way to our heart, that when you point, it is pulling your heart. That when Isa (as) was born, he was not born in a barn, in a manger, how many muslims are going to believe? Now all that story, nativity and everything. He was not born in a manger, in a barn. He was born in the middle of a desert. Only his mother was there. His mother, and how old was she? Another thing, she was very, very, very young. Find out how young she was. Very, very ,very early teens. Mariam Anna.

When she gave birth to him, she was all alone in the desert and there was only one dead date tree. This is real. She gave birth to him by herself. She’s made of flesh and blood. The pain, she went through. The fear, she went through. Alone she was and the Quran is saying, what did she say? Quran is saying this, what she is saying, Allah swt praise her in the Holy Quran, she is the foremost amongst all women. She has the highest maqam of all women, including the Prophet’s (asws) mother or his wife or his daughter. And this foremost of all women, what was her prayer? Was her prayer, ‘I want to be President’? Was her prayer, ‘I want to be in front and to lead people and to tell them what to do.’? What was her prayer? ‘If only I were a thing, forgotten.’

‘If only I were a thing forgotten.’ She gave birth. Nothing to help her. Nothing. Asking Allah swt. He is saying, ‘shake that date tree.’ It’s old and dead. He said, ‘shake it.’ Have you ever seen a date tree? You’ve seen a date tree right? (Sheykh ask a murid) You use to  work in date trees right?  How easy is it to shake a date tree? It is so strong, so rooted, even if it is dead, it is not so easy. It’s easier to shake a coconut tree and you know coconut tree is not so easy to shake. And she has to shake a date tree. Allah said, ‘shake it.’ She has just given birth. It’s a dead tree and  she shook it. And it came down, dates. She ate it. That’s one forgotten sunnat also. Woman who just gave birth, have to give her fresh dates. So nativity scene very different. Everything is different.

So, where were we that we came to this? How we just came into talking about? Because of the Shahadat. Because you know why? When she came back to the city, she had to go back. Allah didn’t tell her she had to go and escape. He said, ‘go back to your people that they are accusing you of zina. That they are ready to kill you. Go back.’ And she went back, she’s just holding, ‘but don’t speak.’ Allah’s command is  ‘don’t speak.’ And when they accuse her, what did she do? Quran is saying, she pointed to her son. She pointed. She pointed and her son started speaking. But what did she do? She pointed, she’s declaring Shahadat and that is the time when that Shahadat for that time, for his nation is complete. Which is what? ‘Ashaduala ilaha ilalllah. Isa Rasulullah.’ Isn’t that what Isa (as) said? ‘I am Rasul and my mother is innocent.’  He spoke when he was just born. There were only a few, a handful that when they were born they spoke. Isa (as) is one of them. The Prophet (asws) is one of them. One of them was defended, not defended the mother, soothe the mother. It was I think during the time of Firaun and Namrud, they were punishing the believer,  preparing a big pot, putting fire underneath, putting oil and the oil is boiling, saying, ‘jump into the burning oil now, one by one.’ The  mother was last with a child, with a baby, and the baby is saying, ‘don’t fear mother, Allah is with us.’ A few, handful.

Hoja hidden treasure

So now, sheytan he lost his manners to his Lord, once. What is the other creature that has dirty manners? And if you look at the reality of it, this creature is worse than sheytan. Everyone thinks sheytan is the worst creature. No, there is another creature worse than sheytan. Is he an angel? No. Is he an animal? No. Is he any other creature that we don’t know? It’s not. Who is that creature, the most dirty creature that ever Allah swt has created that has the worse manners? That creature lives inside of us. That creature is the nafs, it is the ego. That creature that everything it does is in disobedience and losing his manners in front of his Lord. Everything. Until you make this creature from a nafsu amara to a nafsu mutmain, until you control the creature, until you control it, it is the dirtiest creature. And this is the ego. And this is the ego that in front of Allah swt, is challenging Allah’s tauhid. Challenging Allah’s tauhid. Sheytan never challenge Allah’s tauhid. Sheytan believes in Allah. Sheytan ever denies Allah? But out ego denies Allah, challenges His tauhid. When Allah is saying, ‘who am I and who are you?’ The ego is saying, ‘You are You, and I am me.’ Meaning, you exist, I exist. You are Allah, I’m also an Allah.’  Which is why this thing, this characteristic of saying, ‘I am the only one that matters, I am a Lord, everything else should obey me,’ it is not in any angel, it is not in any animal, it is only in mankind, the humans. Challenging Allah swt.

So yes, the ego has that. but the ego needs a guide. The ego by itself cannot do too much. The ego needs a guide. The ego by itself cannot do too much. Everyone has an ego. But if there is no guide to pull that ego out, ego is just going to be nice and easy and in control, correct? Everyone has a dirty characteristics but until you open the door for that dirty characteristic to come out and to support it, that dirty characteristic will always remain hidden. 21st century, they say, ‘open every door.You must. This is how we live. You must open every door, you must satisfy every desire. This is what life and freedom is.

So how you prevent the dirty manners from inside and outside? Outside sheytan can only whisper to you. Inside, your ego is riding you. So which one is more dangerous? It is the ego. Now how are you going to prevent dirty manners from coming out? We are celebrating the Holy month of the Prophet (asws). And Allah swt has said what? ‘Verily, you are of a tremendous nature.’ What is that? ‘Verily, you are of a tremendous nature.’ And Allah swt has said that and the Prophet (asws) said, ‘my Lord has taught me the best of manners.’ So if you want to prevent  your ego from coming out, dirty manners from coming out, you have to look to that one who has the tremendous manner and the best of manner and that best of nature, you have to reach to him through those ones that are in front of you, that are representing him. Otherwise you cannot. You cannot open a book on good manners, we said this yesterday, to learn manners. We cannot.  You have to be taught and guided by someone who knows. You have to surround yourself by those who have good manners. You have to live day by day with those good manners.

Manners is not something that you just learn. You cannot learn it. You have to put it. You have to practice it. What we said yesterday? When all knowledge finishes, manners it begins. Without manners, you cannot enter into the Divine presence. You will be kicked out from the Divine presence the way that sheytan was kicked out of the Divine presence. He had  knowledge. He had knowledge. He had the highest knowledge that he was teaching the angels. He has knowledge that when you look at his reasoning, those ones who are too smart they say, ‘well, it kind of make sense.’ That’s why those who are too smart start worshipping sheytan too, saying that, “sheytan is the only one with true tauhid. Because he says, ‘I only make sejdah to Allah.’ All the angels, their tauhid is not so good. That his tauhid is so strong, he even sacrificed himself to be thrown off the Divine presence because of his tauhid.” There are people, there are Tarikats that practice this, that they are worshiping to sheytan. Allah is openly saying, ‘don’t worship sheytan. He’s an open enemy.’ And in that ayat, it is implied, you have a hidden enemy as well. And that hidden enemy is more dangerous than sheytan.

So, with the manners, then you will return to your Lord. But don’t make any mistake. People are so foolish, people are so fake, and they are so easily fooled, that they think that someone who is just smiling all the time, someone who has just very nice, soft, voice, someone who never look angry or upset, that one has good manners. They don’t like, sometime, Sheykh Effendi’s style or my style, my style is not my style, it’s Sheykh Effendi’s style, where there is some energy, there’s some passion, there’s some jalal, and they say, ‘no, no. Prophet (asws) he was soft spoken.’ Which side of Prophet are you looking at? He is soft spoken? There were times when he was giving a khutba that the Sahabi were shaking. They couldn’t even look at his face. And he was so jalal. So oh, you like all those things there, to take only the soft, passive part, because you want your men to be soft and passive, you want this religion o be soft and passive. If it comes to the sunnat, especially concerning the husband, they are saying, ‘you know, Prophet (asws) he sew his own clothes. So you must sew your own clothes. Why are you telling me to cook? He cooks too. He cleans.’ We will enter into that some other day. It’s a very huge topic. But people are just using, in these days. When there is no Khalifah, that’s what happens anyway. There’s no Khalifah, there’s no Islam. That’s what Prophet (asws) said, ‘three days, there is no khalifah, there is no Islam.’ You have the religion, but Islam is not ruling and everyone has their own personal religion, everyone makes their personal ijtihad. ‘You know, I don’t agree with that ayat…You know that hadiths about dogs, I don’t agree with it. Dogs and sheytan, and entering your house because it’s not in the spirit of the Prophet. He’s a prophet of generosity, why would he hate the dogs?’ So you make up your own ijtihad.

That is exactly what is happening today: ‘You know, we celebrate maulid of Prophet, why not celebrate maulid of Prophet Isa? It makes sense.’ Because everyone is following their own ijtihad. They are not following the ijtihad of the Mujtahid, of the Imams, of the Sahabis, of the Tabi’in, of the Prophet (asws). They are putting themselves in front. Do you understand? So their reasoning, they can come up with good reasons too. Just like sheytan saying, ‘I worship only Allah.’ First one to use reason. You think the angels don’t know that? Do you think Jibril, Mikhail, Israfil, Azrail, they don’t know that? but when it comes to the ego, it’s always like that. ‘Everyone don’t know. Only I know,’ ego is always saying that, isn’t it? ‘Everyone is wrong. Only I’m correct.’ Sheytan did that one time. But out ego is continuously doing it. So unless you are understanding what the ego is and how  to make that nafsu amara into a nafsu mutmain, you will always fall into the same trap, over and over again. You will never get out. So the dirty manners is going to enter.

What is the most dirty manners? The most dirty manners is saying, ‘everyone else is wrong, I’m the only one who is right. Correct? When Prophet (asws) came, you may say he was the only one who is right. Everyone else is wrong. But did he come to say, everyone is going to go to Hell, if you don’t follow me, and, if you don’t follow me I can kill you and you will go to hell.  But this is what the wahabbi sheytan is saying. This is what they did and this is what they are still doing. They say bida’at and shirk to celebrate birthday of the Prophet, but they can celebrate the birthday of their own country. And tribalism, it is haram. But they can celebrate it. They put pictures of their King everywhere. I’ve seen one in the airport somewhere, I don’t know where it is, they have a life size picture of their king and their prince, I don’t know, and they have cut a small hole in the picture where the hand is going to be and they have one man behind the picture putting his hand there, and people are coming and shaking his hand. You’ve never seen it? They shake his hand. Three of them. Shake, shake, shake. Every people are passing. At first when I saw, then I saw another one, they have a big  picture of their king and people on stage like this (Sheykh Stretch his hand) on their knees like this, singing to him. And I said, ‘oh, this is shi’a.’ Because the shi’a they do that, not all of course, some of them. They make big face of, like half the size of this masjid, and they say that is the face of, I don’t know, which Imam, Hazreti Ali, Hazreti Hasan and Husin…Hazreti Husin, they don’t like Hazreti Hasan too much. Harzreti Husin and people are going crazy and they make a red color water to come out from the eyes and everything, people were going crazy, wiping it with their turbans and their towels and say this is tabaruk and all of that. ‘ I thought they were shias,’ but I say , oh no these are Wahhabi. Allah, Allah. Very unusual. Very dark days. So run away from all of this confusion. Run up to the top of a mountain and have one sheep, live life easy and comfortable. That time you are not going to get confused, insyaAllah.  Selam Aleykum wa Rahmathullah. Wa Minallahu taufiq Al-Fatiha. Amin. Selam waleykum.

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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Rajab 1436H
May 2, 2016

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