As a believer, what are we supposed to ask from Allah?


Question: I heard you said, do not ask, and do not push. As a believer, what are we supposed to ask from Allah?

ask to be nothing

BismillahirRahmanirRahimAs a believer what do you want from Allah? What would you say? (Sheykh ask a murid) As a believer what do you want from Allah, hmm? (Murid answers: Redha) Redha? Redha? You are saying? How do I translate redha,? Acceptance, the pleasure of Allah.  As a believer what do you ask from Allah? (Sheykh ask another murid. And murid answers:Acceptance.) Acceptance? You copy him (Seykh smiles)?

As a believer what do you ask from Allah, what do you want from Him? Speak honestly. Because that word of Redha, that word of acceptance, it is a very, very dangerous and it is a very high price that you have to pay for that. Isn’t it? For Allah to accept you, you have to accept Allah. Now say, did you accept? When was the last time you complain? When was the last time that you didn’t like something, anything? Maybe today. Maybe somebody came to you and say some nasty things to you and you feel upset. But Allah is allowing that to happen, isn’t it? Not even a leaf falls from the trees without Allah’s knowledge, permission to happen. So what does that mean now? What we want from Allah is Allah’s acceptance. Acceptance of what? For Allah to be happy with what? We are asking for Allah to be happy with us, with what? What are we doing? It comes back to us again.

So as a believer what are you going to ask from Allah. Mercy for who? For yourself? You are being selfish. It’s you again. So as a believer what are you going to ask from Allah? What do you say? (Sheykh ask a murid. Murid answers: Strength) Allah is giving you strength every day. Isn’t He? Allah is giving strength to this world. Allah is giving mercy to this world. If there is no mercy in the world we cannot even breathe the air. Don’t you see the sun is shining to the Mu’min and to the kafir to the Awliya and to the one who commit the worst sin. Did Allah tell the sun not to shine on him? So, Allah is sending you strength, Allah is sending strength to this world. Allah is sending rizq to this world. That this kafir unbeliever saying, ‘There is not enough food in this world. Stop producing children. World is getting over populated, there is not enough food in this world.’ Yes, because you are burning all the food to maintain the prices, because you are dumping hundreds of thousands of tons of food into the ocean just so you can make a profit while millions of children they are starving. So, it is not. The strength Allah is sending, rizq Allah is sending, mercy Allah is still sending.

As a believer, what are you going to ask from Allah? (Sheykh ask another murid. Murid answers: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Forgiveness). You don’t have to be a believer to ask forgiveness. Maybe, instead of asking something from Allah, we should ask Allah what He wants from us. Isn’t it? Instead of saying, ‘I want,’ may be should ask Him, ‘what do You want. And what is the reason of our creation? What are we created to be?’ Can that question now, you can debate about it? You can have an opinion about it? We are created to be what? Servants. Allah wants us to be servants. And He wants us to be servants following the way of His Abduhu wa Rasuluhu, Sayyidina Muhammad (asws), not any other way of becoming a servant. So now everything is tight there.

Now that sohbet that I gave and I say “Don’t ask and don’t push”. That is a different context. That is for things that is not for you. It may be not for you today, maybe it’s for you tomorrow. But today you don’t ask and you don’t push for it. For instance some people they want to know, they enter to Tariqat, Masha’Allah, very good. They take the beyat and they say, ‘now tell me what to do? I am going to do everything that you say, I am going to do.’ What you want me to do? To give a booklet? There are other Sheykhs they do that: ‘you come into Tariqat we give you a booklet, the do’s and dont’s of Tariqat.’ What is this? Not even kindergarten they have that. You come with a lot of energy, mashaAllah very good. But you say I want to do this, I want to do this, I want to do this and you doing it for a while, then later because it is very heavy you start to drop it, you start to drop it, you start to drop it, it’s no good for you. It’s not for you. Don’t push for it. Or you want to know certain knowledge. You want, but you don’t know why you want. What is the reason that you want. Knowledge. Yes, but knowledge of what? for what? ‘I want knowledge of Allah’. For what? If you say, ‘I want knowledge of Allah to become an Evliya,’ then we say you are completely, your ego has overtaken you. You say, ‘I want knowledge of Allah to be His friend,’ we say your ego is still sitting on your neck. Because so many they enter to Tariqat to have knowledge of Allah to be his friend, to have Makams, isn’t that?

Why you want to have knowledge of Allah? Some they are chasing to know the knowledge of Allah, that is between Allah and His Prophet. It’s not for you. The Miraj e-Sherif did not happen one time. It happened so many times. And so much is being spoken. You think whatever happened between Allah and His Prophet is contained in a couple of Hadiths, few Riwayats, a few stories? What is spoken between two people, who love each other, is not for the whole world to hear. If you ask that one what did he say “Oh, nothing, we just talk about this and that and this”. But you think everything they talked about is just this and that and this? Allah and His beloved they are together, that is knowledge between them. The Prophet (asws), if say, ‘Now this is certain special knowledge I am going to give only to certain special people that can carry this knowledge and they are going to do something with it.’It may be given to them. Then there is knowledge just for everyone to take, it’s not too heavy. You know the secret words between Allah and His beloved, what are you gonna do about it? Then what? So what? ‘Oh you know this is being spoken.’ And? So? If you have no permission to know, you are interfering? “No but I..” It is, you are interfering. Is Allah speaking to you? speaking to the Prophet. You are interfering.

Who is saying these things these days, that knowledge, all knowledge is for all,for everyone. Now and people say, Ilm, knowledge it is meant, they say, knowledge is for everyone. Don’t you know even a little knowledge is a dangerous thing? The world turned upside down. Anyway. This much is enough. Selam waleykum waRahmathullah.


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Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
20 Rabiulawwal 1436H
Dec 31, 2015

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