Dunya Is Three Days



In the whole world there is no name that is mentioned more than Muhammad (asws). Nonstop, the Prophet’s name is mentioned. 24 hours a day. Now you are one of the Nation of Muhammad. And in the world, it’s nothing. The reward is in the ahirat. Because all the Prophets, when Allah swt created them, He asked them in the spirit world, saying, “I have given you Prophethood. Are you pleased with that?” And they said, “No Ya Rabbi. Take this Prophethood away from us and make us to become one of the Nation of Muhammad.” Just like you. One individual. They didn’t want to be a Prophet. They wanted to give up from that and to be from the Nation of Muhammad.

That is a very high station that Allah swt has granted to us. We didn’t work for it. We didn’t run for it. Some are saying, ‘Oh this is prophet, this is rich, this is president, this is king.’ Look at the kingdom that Allah has given to you. The Eternal Kingdom. The Kingdom of Muhammad (asws) is going to be the highest. Are you just dropping that away? And you are turning for this dunya that is only three days. Don’t think that dunya has four days. It’s only three days. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. That’s how you have to live. But yesterday is passed and it is gone. If you filled your book with good deeds be happy. If you didn’t, be sad for yesterday. Because you lost one more day. You didn’t send anything for your grave. You’re worried that you worked today and you lost the money that you didn’t have. Some they have stores. Saying, we didn’t make enough profit. They’re worrying. Are you worrying that you didn’t send enough to the grave. That you need it for the grave and beyond. That’s the first worry that you have to have.

So if you didn’t do good yesterday, run double today to do good for Allah’s sake. Because you have only today now. You are living today, you don’t know if you are going to reach for tomorrow. Dunya is three days. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Yesterday is gone. Today you are living in it. Look what you are earning. But you are not knowing if you are reaching to tomorrow. If you are reaching to tomorrow, dunya is three days again. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

If you keep this pattern and you think on it, you’re going to be the winner in the end of your life. If you don’t, so many are just wasting their lives. And this is given to your hand. No one can complain about this one or that one. This one did this to me, that one did that to me. What did you do? When they were doing those things to you, had you been patient, saying, Thank you Ya Rabbi, I know that you are using this donkey to attack me, but I am being patient. It’s ok. So please help this one also, that he’s attacking me and making me to get reward as well because I’m being patient. So in reality he’s helping me. Please help that one too and bring him out from that mess. Then you will be rewarded double always. If you think that way, you will not have too much worries. If you do not think that way, 24 hours is not enough for your worries. You have to put another 24 hours in that 24 hours to keep yourself busy that way. Worry that way, make your life miserable that way, because the worms of the grave are waiting for you. The miserable ones are going to be cleaned by the worms in the grave. You’re sending them there with your dirty attitude. With your dirty manners. With the manners that Allah and His Prophet are not liking.

So this life is given to us to live correctly. And to go out from this life correctly. Every one of us is responsible from our own actions. And the actions will come for calculation according to your intention. What is your intention in that action? If you have good intention, maybe the action is wrong but who knows, maybe you find safety. But the action is good but the intention is wrong, you cannot escape from that. So make your intention right, run to do the right actions, and you will find safety in dunya and you will find safety in ahirat. If you’re running for this dunya, the treasures of this dunya, that door has finished. That door has closed. No one is going to reach to the treasures of this dunya anymore. From the individuals to the governments. They all failed and they all became bankrupt. And every single day they are going to go more down. As of, starting this Muharrem, so many incidents are coming every single day.

But mankind is blind and not knowing what is happening to them, and they are finding their name in that book. From this Muharrem to next Muharrem, check your name. Are you going to reach to next year? Is your name written in that book that you are going to finish this year. Are you going to die or are you going to live? If you think that way, you will be able to put things together. If not, you have endless desires of this world and you never think that one day the Angel of Death is going to appear to me. Unexpectedly. Be prepared for the Angel of Death. The only way to be prepared is to understand the value of this dunya. Not to run after this dunya so much, not to make the dunya priority. Priority is Allah.

SE world-is-not-paradise

Every day that is passing, I’m watching. Most of you I have seen last Mevlid. And only I have seen this Mevlid again. One year passed. Check your book. From that Mevlid to this Mevlid, what did you do. ‘Oh sheykh, I am a good man. I am a good person. I run to earn for my family.’ You are not Razaq, Allah is. You lost it. Make intention for today to start becoming better because you don’t know if your name is in that book that you are going to reach following Mevlid. You are a believer, that’s why you’re here. Impossible otherwise for you to be sitting here. So what is your aim, dunya and ahirat? Our aim is ahirat. The Eternal Life. It doesn’t matter who says what. You are not in this dunya to have luxury life. From where did Muslims learn this luxury lifestyle? Who taught them? Our Prophet taught us? Is that how our Prophet was living. Is that how the Khulafa Rashidin was living? Is that how the rightly guided people were living? No. From where are we learning this? From unbelievers who only believe in dunya. They  don’t believe in ahirat.

So wake up to yourself. Of course if Allah is giving you treasure and Allah is giving you health and Allah is giving you all this, you can use it. But if He didn’t don’t kill yourself. You have is something to earn better than that. Don’t run after for that, giving up so many things. People give up so many things. And they give up ahirat life. Don’t give up ahirat life for anything or for anybody. This is what I can say to you and to myself. This is advice to you and to me. If you keep it, in the end, you will be the winner. If not, the end you will see and I will see. Which, I do not want to see you in the opposite side. Or myself. So InshAllah ar Rahman as Allah gathered us here together, He will gather us together in the same place, in the same area, around and under the banner of Holy Prophet (asws), under the banner of the Holy Ones. Wa min Allahu Tawfiq Bi Hurmatil Habib Bi Hurmatil Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sahibul Saif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani
Khalifah of Grandsheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim adil al-Hakkani (qs),
12 Rabiulawwal 1433H
February 14, 2012stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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