Allah swt is the Provider, why then are millions of people dying of hunger?


Question from a murid at the Osmanli Dergah: Allah swt is the Provider. Nobody was supposed to die from hunger, but we see now, especially in one part of Syria, they are under siege and the kids are dying of hunger everyday….

Sheykh Lokman Effendi Hz

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Sheykh Effendi has said that the Holy Prophet (asws) says, whatever that is enough for one person, it is enough for two, and whatever that is enough for two people, it is enough for three people. This world that we are living in does not belong to anyone. And it belongs to everyone. It belongs to people, it belongs to people in the past. Now it’s no longer. It looks like it’s belonging to us but pretty soon we are not going to be here any longer and it’s going to belong to the people in the future, if Allah gives life. But it’s not going to belong to them too. So in reality this world doesn’t belong to no one. If it belongs, you can control it. You can say, ‘I’m not going to let it go.’ The whole fighting in this world is because everyone is trying to control this dunya instead of trying to control their ahirat. They are controlling this dunya, wanting to turn this dunya into a Jannat but by doing that they are turning it to become a Jahannam for others.

No one is supposed to die from hunger. Allah swt is Razzaq. He is the Provider. He provides for even that little ant there. It is enough for Him. He provides even for the birds that in the winter time is going around and it’s picking things where everything else is white. Allah swt is the most subtle. He is the most caring. So now what happens when there are about thousands and millions of people dying, starving? Yes, in certain parts of Syria it is very bad. In certain parts of other country it is very bad too. In certain parts of this America it is very bad. Look at America’s neighbors, you think a very big rich man he is so rich, he has everything, you are going to look at the quality of that person by judging his neighbor, correct? how his neighbor is. If you see this man is very very rich and powerful but his neighbor is just living in a very bad condition, then you question this man, what is he doing now? Wealth is what? And power is what? Just to collect and take it for yourself? Of course there are people who thinks that way. Or is wealth and power is to make this world into a better place for you and your children and your grandchildren?

Now look, in Islam your neighbor is forty houses to your East, forty houses to your west, forty houses to your North, forty houses to your south. Everyone is a neighbor. And the Prophet (asws) said, ‘Jibril (as) kept reminding me of the rights of my neighbor so much that I thought that my neighbors are going to be more important than my own family.’ This is the importance. What will happen now? It builds a what? Community, ya Jami. It brings people together. Allah brings people together. In Islam, it is no good if you cook nice food and to let the smell to come out and your neighbor is poor or he’s starving or he’s hungry and for you not even to share your food. Because Allah swt loves the poor, He loves the orphan, He loves those ones who are oppressed and He listens to them. And He loves those ones who loves the poor and the oppressed and the orphans. And the Prophet (asws), if the west they don’t like so many things about him, they say one thing they say, ‘he came because he wants to change the social order of his day by making sure that all these poor people, all these people who are being put aside by society, they have no power, they are being oppressed, that the wealth that is coming to the Arabs at that time is shared among everyone. They get some social justice.’

Islam, the spirituality must work in so many different ways, it’s not just from the inside. It must work from the inside, outside, it must work forward, backwards, it must work in the future, it must work now, it must work for the whole world. Otherwise you are just one broken bird with broken wing and you are just circling around and around and you are not going anywhere.

best riziq

The hunger issues of this world now, Allah swt is Razzaq. Is He not sending food? You think Allah swt who said, ‘don’t worry about how many children you are going to have.’ Prophet (asws) is saying, through the mouth of his Prophet, from the mouth of the Prophet (asws), from Allah swt saying, ‘don’t worry about how many children you are going to have, don’t worry if your children are going to make you poor, because every child comes with his own razzaq, rizq. It is not you who is making the rizq. It is Allah that is sending.’ The food that is being produced now in this world, who can say the food that is being produced in this world, who can say that there is not enough food for everyone in this world? There is enough food, not to feed seven billions, there is enough food to feed seventy billions. But what do they do with all these food that is being produced? Because of capitalism, because  of the market, in countries where their own people are dying from starvation and hunger, in their own country, to maintain the prices and the profit and the economy and the market, they produce the wheat, they produce the rice, they produce the corn…what do they do to keep the prices high? They just dump it into the ocean or they burn it, or they are going to store it, thousands of tons of food, and for it just to go to waste, to rot. In every area of the economy, they say, ‘it’s producing too much. It’s going to bring prices down. We cannot lose that. Then we have to destroy.’ This is forbidden in Islam.

But wasting, don’t look to America, yes America is number one wasting. because they did the study, Sheykh Effendi mention some years ago,to sustain one life of an American, it is equal to the lifestyle of how many people from the world? Put that aside, because some people they don’t like when I say Americans all the time. We are living here. We take lesson. The muslims are number one. Wasting. You think all those states, the Muslim states that have so much money pouring out from everywhere, and the money that they earn from the oil, which is the right of every Muslim person living in this world, because two things the Holy Prophet (asws) says that belongs to everyone, what is it? Water and the fire. These are the national resources that belongs to everyone. You do anything to it, it must be shared. A person cannot just claim it to say, ‘this is mine.’ It must be shared. And the oil,it is part of that fire. Sheykh Effendi did calculation one time, saying that the profit that is earned in this so called Muslim Arab states, very very rich ones, if they were to share to every Muslims living on the planet today, no one would be poor. Just from the profits of what is our rights, every family, every child, every person will get one thousand dollar every month. Starvation? We will be living in luxury. But this happen because people fall in love with the dunya. They are not falling in love with the ahirat. Because of hubud dunya. Let’s talk about wasting. Hajj, huh! Hajj, in the final pillar of Islam, the final action that you can do to fulfill your obligation as a Muslim, to remind you of ahirat, to remind you of death, to remind that this world does not matter to you, that is a rehearsal of the Judgment Day, the Hajj now has become just another tourist destination for you to spend a lot of money, for you to go on a vacation, for you to show off how much you have, for you to waste.

Millions of animals are sacrificed during the Hajj. Everybody ever ask, those millions of animals that are sacrificed, where they go to? Are they all now send to poor countries to be given to poor people? Why? Why spend money on trucks and electricity and power, to have freezer and to transport all these, what are we going to get? So everything what happens? Dump it into the ocean. Waste it. That rehearsal of the Judgment Day, the rehearsal of the field of Mahsyar, when you are there in Arafat, now it used to be, in the past only very high class people can go to high class tents to have air condition and to have buffet. Now everyone is having it. This is a pilgrimage? So it is hubud dunya now.

So Allah send. But evil ones they take and they keep it to themselves. Evil ones, evil regimes, evil groups of people they take then food from the poor people, they eat some, they keep some, the rest they throw. It has come to this situation right now. Because whatever Allah swt has sent, it is enough for everyone. But if everyone is having the desire and the love of this dunya, to live like a selfish, spoiled, completely wasteful individual, which everyone wants, because they are watching that television and they say, ‘oh, people in America living like this. People in Europe living like this. We want to live like this. This is our dream to live that kind of a lifestyle,’ that time, this world is not enough for seven billion. Of course. This world will not be enough for seven million with that kind of mentality, this world is not enough for seven, because ‘I must control everything.’

It used to be there was one firaun and he had power. Now everyone has turned into a firaun, wanting that lifestyle. So we have come to that situation now. And this whole system now is locked into that. Especially if the whole system is locked into interest, capitalism is based on that, isn’t it? The meltdown that happened not too long ago, is because of that, isn’t it? The meltdown that is going to happen soon, is it because of buying and selling the way that Allah and His prophet (asws) they have blessed and approve? Or is it according to how the ego wants? We have come into a very dangerous situation now, when people become heartless. When they say, ‘what is mine, is mine. What is yours is also mine.’ When you have that mentality, you only give value to yourself. Value to your own thinking, value to your own intelligence, value to your own people, value to your own children. Only value to your own country. You split up to become tribes again. That one is a human. ‘I don’t care if he is a human. He doesn’t belong to my tribe. If I have the opportunity, I’m going to take what he has and to put it to my tribe.’ Islam it is completely opposed to tribalism. It is ummat. Prophet came to destroy that. And this is second jahiliyah. It has become that again. So when you have that tribalism, whatever that tribe, whatever that people, that they love, others must serve that too. So now, yes, what do we have? People who will get very very passionate about animal rights, their hearts are not even moving when they see starving children. In fact, they don’t even want to look. They say, ‘it doesn’t concern us.’ Their hearts are more pulled towards animals.

Prophet (asws) gives animal rights 1400 years ago when they were busy from that time until so many years, or just until recently they stop, busy killing cats, crucifying them, saying they are witching (Sheykh laughs). Prophet said it is forbidden. It is forbidden in Islam even to burn the ants. Just to burn the ants, it is forbidden. The Ottomans they took the teachings and in weather conditions like this when it is snowing, for hundreds of years, they even feed the wild wolves in the mountains. Talking about animal’s rights, that’s why if you have been in certain Muslims countries, the animals there is of different character. Even the wild animals they have a different character.

When you finish your problem, then you are going to solve other problems. You didn’t finish your problems you can never solve other problems. Now this is coming from Hubud dunya. And the situation now, it is very bad. Because with all these technology too, you are getting the same information bombarding you so many times, people’s heart now they become harden. Their hearts are not move when they see things that are happening, but they get moved when they see things that are happening that is going to help their ego, that is going to please their ego. So many things happening. And then what happens? When you start doing things like that to this world, to this earth, producing food that is not natural, producing large numbers, large amount of food that is not natural, then playing with the production, dumping it into the ocean, wasting it, that is not natural, using all these resources that is not natural, just for what? To feed people’s egos, forget about the empire striking back, this world is going to strike back. Don’t worry. Nature is going to strike back. You are going to see.

drown in dunya

We have lost connection with nature. Nature never waste. There is no such thing as wasting in nature. A Lion hunts, he eats. He doesn’t eat until he gets so fat. Have you ever seen a fat lion? He doesn’t eat and eat then he throws up just so that he can eat again. But man is doing that. they eat, later they throw up, then they continue eating. It didn’t happen thousand years ago. It’s still happening now. The lion eats. He eats what is enough for him.  And he leaves. He doesn’t take that food and he puts it in a bank, for tomorrow, for the next day. He puts it there. Then, say, the wolf they come and eat. They eat what is necessary. They leave. The next group comes, the next group comes, until even the little birds they are fed from one animal that the lion hunts to eat. What is food enough for one, they are sharing it with so many. People are not even taking any lesson from nature, from animals. They want to take only the bad characteristics from the animals, not the good characteristics. They are studying nature, Sheykh Maulana is saying that the west is studying nature until the stomach of the ants they want to know what is inside, but what is in front of him that is going to help his own humanity, what the animals that they are doing, he’s not taking it for himself.

There is no wasting in nature. Everything has a purpose. Everything has a time. And in Islam, everything has to move with nature. We don’t just make up our own time. You pray according to the time of nature, not according to the time that man puts, one o’clock, two o’clock. Today is one o’clock, tomorrow they say, we move it one hour back, next day we move one hour forward. We are moving with the calendar of nature, not the calendar of man. Today, we are calling it this month, tomorrow we are calling it another month. We are moving according to the time of the nature. The body now, when it moves according to the time of the nature, it gets more stronger, because this body is from nature. You are praying at different times of the day, you are praying at very precise time of the day, according to the sun, now. So many things are happening to this earth at those different times of the day. Now you are moving according that rhythm and you get more power and you get more peace then that time. You are not stuck now, like there are some muslims they say ‘Ramazan should only be in December, so that we can celebrate Christmas and other things, the same way, the same time. Change it.’ But they also like that because fasting in the month of December is very short. But Allah swt now is making the Ramazan according to now, the calendar, although we are following the sun, we are also following the moon. Now according to the Lunar calendar, now the months are going to move. So in your lifetime you are going to experience Ramazan in every seasons. You will fast when it is winter and before you turn left and right, you already break your fast. And you are also going to fast in the summer time, that the day is just going to stretch, yes, and our body can take it. So when you start doing things like that, following according to nature, how are you not going to respect the nature?

So now, the modern man  has now to kill that part of himself, kill that natural part of himself, he has to kill his heart, to do all these things. Because it is heartless, how can a man do this? How can a man sit and watch his neighbor die from starvation? He’s not a man anymore. His heart is gone. The throne of Allah is gone. He has established sheytan there. So, that’s why they can care so much for animals but they are not even caring for their own neighbors.

May Allah put more heart and put more care in us. If you have heart and if you have care, then you start giving salams to each other. Start knowing, who is my neighbor. You start being in their lives. You start forming a Jamaat, a community. Once you start removing yourself, after a while you are going to say, ‘everyone is idiot. I’m the only one who has intelligence.’ And after a while you are going to say, ‘everyone else is garbage. I’m the only one who is the number one.’ And that time you lose your humanity. Because the only one who is number one is Allah. And Allah is Rauf and Rahim. May Allah forgive me and bless you. For the sake of our Sheykh. Insya’Allah. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Rabi al-Awwal 1437
January 7, 2015stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)






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  1. Mohammad Ayub says:

    Masha Allāh I like the way you highlighted the affects may Allāh SWT bless you

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