Why are there alims who deny the appearance of Mahdi (as)?


This is the most Holy day of the week, that’s coming with it different secrets and different blessings that is raining down to this world, to everyone. If you are there to catch it, you will get it. If you are there and you don’t catch it, you are not going to get nothing. So we are thanking our Lord Allah swt that He has allowed us and blessed us to be gathering and to be making a zikr to remember Him and to give the highest praises to His Prophet (asws). And to put the words and the sohbets and the spirit of our Sheykh alive in our heart. To live everyday according to that, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. Weak creatures that we are, we are trying.

So, we have a question? (Sheykh ask a murid at the Osmanli Dergahi) You say (Sheykh speaks to a murid).

Murid: Recently I saw this show, it’s a talk series and it’s called the, ‘alims discussing Mahdi (as).’ There were some imams from some jemaat and there’s someone from the government and there are some researchers also. They were all discussing and they were telling all the hadits. Some were saying it’s not in the Quran so there’s no Mahdi, and some saying that there is Mahdi, that is in the hadiths, but in the end, the idea that they were trying to give is that there is no Mahdi and you don’t have to believe in Mahdi to be a Muslim. I was wondering why they are giving this idea. I’ve seen other shows too where they say you don’t have to believe in Mahdi or  there’s some saying there’s no Mahdi. I was wondering why they are saying this.

imam-mahdi si

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Destur. Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi, medet. We are asking permission, the izin and the destur from our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, from the mountain of Qaf with those holy ones, to allow us to speak a little bit.Maybe this is going to be useful to, first myself and to others, that we can take and we can put some light into this very dark and very confusing time.

BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Those who say that Mahdi (as) is not going to come, they are only denying the hadiths of the Prophet (asws), denying his words, and denying one thousand four hundred years of traditions, and denying the reality that is in this world right now. Because the reality in this world right now is that all the prophecies, all the signs of the Ahir Zaman, all the signs of the appearances of dajjal, all the signs of the appearance of Mahdi (as) and of Judgment day, they are all open. This is not up to interpretation. When the Prophet (asws), for example, he says in so many hadiths that he said 1400 years ago, ‘when you see mountains being leveled in Mecca and tunnel being built through it, to know that the time is very close.’ This is just one. This is not up to interpretation, ‘oh mountain means this, tunnel means this.’ They already finish the mountains in Saudi Arabia, correct? Did they build tunnels across? They did.

So all the signs are showing, and Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Maulana (qs), may Allah bless them and raise their stations higher and higher, they spent their whole lives awakening the ummat that has been drugged and sent to sleep for several generations, to be awake to the reality of this time that we are living in this ahir Zaman, and the appearances of dajjal, and the appearances of Mahdi. They spent their lives, and people are waking up. So of course when they are veiled, there’s going to be more confusion. And  those who should speak, should speak.  Insya’Allah, they speak. But we are seeing, not too much.

Why do you think they are concentrating to bring down the belief of Mahdi (as)? Why do you think that they are saying, ‘you don’t have to believe in Mahdi (as) to be a Muslim.’ That is a very stupid logic anyway. It’s a very stupid logic, because same way a person can say, ‘you don’t have to believe in Abu Bakr Hz to be a Muslim, or Hz Osman, Hz Omar and Hz Ali, to be a Muslim,’ which technically, technically, if being Muslim is just to say the shahadat, it is not wrong technically, but the shahadat comes with condition also. The shahadat is not just saying Allah and the Prophet, I believe. You have to believe everything that came from the Prophet (asws) and who he had given it to. That if you deny them, you are denying the Prophet. If you curse at that them, you curse at the Prophet. If you say they are not important, you are saying the Prophet (asws) is not important.  Then you are saying Allah is not important. So where does that leave your kalimah? Where does that leave your shahadat? With nothing.

Put that aside. They say, Mahdi is not mention in the Quran e-Kerim. Quran e-Kerim is the mother of all books. Quran e-Kerim is saying, ‘it is contain in this book, everything that is dry and every thing that is wet. Everything that is alive and everything that is dead.’ The Quran e-Kerim, according to our aqidah, is from Allah, correct? Now if the Quran e-Kerim does not contain that openly, which it does, about Mahdi (as), but those who are blind, they are not going to see, they are not going to accept and they are not going to say, that this is what it means, what can we do? They are blind. Don’t you know, the blind man will deny even the sun. We put that aside too. Then there are those who say, ‘we believe in Mahdi (as), but he’s not going to come until five thousand years later.’ Then they are completely out of touch with what is happening here and what the Prophet (asws) had spoken about 1400 years ago. And the signs of this ahir Zaman that only it has come out. Like for example, Prophet (asws) said, and it is happening in our generation. It didn’t happen one hundred years ago. It is happening right now. He says, ‘when you see the barefoot and the naked Bedouins from the desert, race with one another to build tall buildings, know that the time is near.’  This is happening in our generation. All those tall buildings that you see in all these emirates, that is a complete desert, that whatever cities that they build, that is completely unnatural. Completely unnatural. That so many people they are so proud to belong to that culture, to belong to that prosperity that came only after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. Only after their betrayal of the Ottomans.

There are so many that they are not believing. That’s okay. Put it aside. The signs are there, you cannot deny the signs. But let me tell you something. The reason why, because Muslims now they are waking up to Mahdi (as) and understanding all these signs, and asking Allah for Mahdi (as) to appear, which, to tell you also very sincerely and honestly, it is only a handful. A lot of people are waking up, they are understanding, they are doing research, but these ones again with the power, those ones again who are collecting hundreds and thousands and tens of thousands, I dare them all now in this holy month and the holy month that passed, ten thousand mega maulids for everyone to raise their hands and say, ‘Ya Rabbi, bring down Mahdi (as). Bring Mahdi (as). Bring Mahdi (as). And make all these tyrants to fall.’  I dare them to say that. They have not say it, they don’t dare to say it. They cannot say it, even if they believe.

Well I tell you something. Some people, they are waking up and they are understanding. But there are others, the sheytanic ones, the dajjalic ones, they want to bring down this belief. And do you know what is the reason?  Because Mahdi (as), he’s not just appearing for nothing. Why is he appearing? Because it’s time to appear? Because he has to build a palace? Because he has to find a city? Because he has to rule? Why Mahdi (as) is going to be send to this world? Because if you disbelieve in Mahdi (as), you also have to disbelieve in the reasons why he has to be brought into this world, why he has to be send. And what is the reason why Mahdi (as) has to be send? It’s to bring down the tyrants. It is to fight against dajjal. It is to fight against the sheytanic, dajjalic, system. So, if you make the people to disbelieve in Mahdi (as), that means they will start to disbelieve that this world we are living in it is a system of dajjal, that the Zaman that we are living in is the ahir of the ahir Zaman, that the Zaman, this time that we belong to, it is a time of tyranny and jabbabirah. You understand? That this is just another day. Do you understand now?

Because Mahdi (as) is not just going to appear. Those who are talking so much about Mahdi (as), they are not really understanding why he is going to be brought. So many they are talking about him, but he’s going to come to teach them a lesson. Like some, those ones who are dancing, you know? Fat cat, black cat, brown cat. That one. Is it a cat or rabbit? Cat Eh?  Mahdi (as) is going to be the first to hit them. Because you cannot speak about Mahdi (as) without speaking about dajjal. The same way you cannot speak about Musa (as) without who? Firaun. You cannot speak about Ibrahim (as) without speaking about Namrud. You cannot speak about Prophet (asws) without talking about Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab, and all those other tyrants. Now we are living in the time of complete tyranny. So, they have to say it’s not part of the religion. It’s not in the Quran. Hadiths, maybe, maybe not. Anyway it’s not important. Because if we believe that it’s not important then we don’t believe that this system that we are living under is a system of complete confusion and it has to be changed. That there is either no hope, or this is normal. But of course, the sheytan is making them to say, because sheytan they know that their time is running out. Sheytan they know that Mahdi (as) is going to appear very soon.

Awliya Allah they are saying, Sheykh Effendi is saying, Awliya Allah when they sleep night time, they don’t sleep but when they sleep they are asking Allah swt to send Mahdi (as) during the Fajr time. And when when Fajr time enters and the Takbir is still not taken, they ask Allah that Mahdi (as) will appear in the time of Zuhr. Time of Zuhr enters, Asr time entering, Mahdi (as) is not appearing, they are asking for the time of Asr. That means everyday they are asking. Everyday they are praying.

Yeah, everyone is talking about Mahdi. I dare this people to talk about dajjal. Talk about dajjal, they cannot. Because they are in  the control (Sheykh pointed to his pocket) you understand? They cannot speak against to their master. Because one thing they cannot say, they cannot say now, ‘you don’t have to believe in dajjal.’ One thing they cannot say: ‘you don’t have to believe, it’s not part of the religion, is he existing? Is he not existing? Is he a person? Is it a energy? Is it a philosophy? Is it a concept?’ They cannot. Because Prophet (asws) openly said, talk about dajjal so much that the Sahaba e-kiram themselves said, ‘we thought dajjal he was right behind us, waiting to jump out.’ Dajjal is jumping up and down around us now and these, shall we say, scholars, these ones, they are pulling the ummat astray to the wrong direction. Okay, you don’t want to agree about Mahdi (as), you cannot agree, you are fighting, then talk about dajjal. Can you talk about dajjal? That one that is jumping and singing everyday, and dancing with his, I don’t know, I want to say male or female, I also don’t know, alive or dead? Talk about dajjal. Oh, you cannot. Because you belong there, part of it. You are running to be it.Nominee.  Because dajjal is going to appear with the charisma of a Prophet. First, he is going to dress up like a prophet. Like some people, you look long time ago, they dress up like a Muslim, wearing the sunnat. Then slowly, you see him, he’s pulling those ones who say, ‘we believe that Isa (as) it is Allah.’ So to pull those ones now, he is saying some other things. To pull others ones, he’s saying some other things. Leave him to be busy.

Alhamdulillah, we are happy just to be busy with our Sheykh’s teachings here and to put it in our life. Those who wants to believe with us, you are welcome. Those who don’t, you are welcome to go anywhere that you want. But to talk about Mahdi (as), whether you are agreeing whether he is going to come or not to come, and not talk about dajjal, that is already exposing, number one, your hypocrisy. Not even ignorance. Because these ones they are not ignorant. They know. They know. But they hide. And it is showing how you are going to lead the ummat to the wrong direction. Because they are desperate. They know that their time is up and Mahdi is going to appear. Don’t you know, Sheykh Effendi says, ‘go call. Last call to everyone.’ If it’s last call, Awliya Allah are making the last call, what do you think the dajjal is going to do, his khalifas? Of course he is going to make the last call too. Of course they are going to pull out all those stops.  Of course they are going to say every year it’s getting better. Better technology, better iPhone, better shoes, better this, better that. Always saying. Twenty-four hours. Images and words saying, ‘it is better. It is better. It is better.’ But we are saying, ‘this world got worse and worse and worse and worse and worse.’ Like Sheykh Effendi is saying, they try to fix one problem, ten problems come up. They fix ten problems, it’s okay , hundreds problems come up. So those who are not talking about these problems, may Allah guide them. And may Allah keep us on the Siratul Mustaqim.


Confusion is going to get worse. Believe me. If you are not strongly rooted that time, the wind is going to shake and you are going to get knocked out. If you stand rooted, wind can knock you wall to wall, it doesn’t matter. It can break a couple of things, it doesn’t matter. Your roots are going to hold you. Everyone to look, what is it that is holding you to this faith, to this way. If you think it is your faith that is holding you to this way, think again. We are murids. Deeper roots that you make to your Sheykh, stronger it is going to be. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Fatiha.

  stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
4 Rabi al-Thany 1437
January 14 , 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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