How do we get rid of the tyranny inside of us?


Question: How do we get rid of the tyranny inside of us?

get rid of tyranny

So you know you have tyranny. You know you have tyranny and you want to get rid of it – find yourself a Shaykh. Submit yourself. Get yourself knocked from wall to wall. Then Insha’Allah one day your tyranny will be gone. It’s going to use others, it’s going to use things, so many things are just going to be rubbing you like this ( Sheykh rubbing palms of both hands). It’s going to make you to understand and it’s going to make you to feel,what is that you are doing. That time, you will stop, you will understand. You don’t have a guide, it is impossible. Impossible. Because, everyone makes excuses. Everyone makes excuses. And we just say for an example, I said to someone (smiling), I am just making a joke here, but it’s a real thing. I said “do you believe you are a tyrant?” And that one say “What? Me? No! I am not tyrant.” I said “Really? You don’t believe you are a tyrant”.

“No… I am not tyrant.”

Then I say “have you ever felt so upset at not the people that you hate, upset with the people you love, that you feel that you want to smack them or you want to kill them?”


I say “That’s a tyrant”. And we open up a little bit more. We open up a little bit more. Then you are going to understand. Every act of disobedience to our Lord Allah swt is an act of tyranny. Because what is a tyrant? What is a tyrant? the one who, who is cruel to someone, the one who has some power and he use the power to be extra extra extra cruel. Let me just put in a very simple terms. So many of us when we are in need of something from our Lord, oh! we asking, asking, asking, begging, begging, begging, but once we get it, we ignore Allah or at the very least you don’t have the same kind of relationship anymore. Once that power is given to us, we ignore our Lord who has created us.

Put it over there (saying to a murid who came in to serve tea to the jemaah). Now it’s not the time for that. Millions of time I am speaking, saying to you, millions of times, now you are going to cut off the Sohbet. The whole idea now, never mind. I will speak about how important it is to maintain which kind of edep. Edep is not just following something blindly like a robot. Edep is looking at a situation, and adapting yourself to the situation. The Edep of a person when he sees a Sheykh, when he moves away from the Sheykh, it is to move backwards, you don’t show your back. But the Edep when the Sheykh says “Now you run and you go there and you save that one” because he is about to jump off the building. You don’t walk slowly backwards and put your hand on your heart. You run. That is using intelligence. How are you going to learn intelligence if you are not here at the Dergah to understand to get washed up? But people are saying we are extreme militaristic unit, our group is a extreme militaristic. It’s not that we are extreme militaristic, it’s because you are extremely weak, that’s why we look like we are extreme militaristic. If you are strong we are going to look not extreme, just militaristic.  Yeah. We have our Shaykh, Alhamdulillah. Yeah He went through military. What did you go through? Understanding?

So now, don’t get stuck. I just screamed. People without intelligence they are going to say, ‘you see that is a tyrant.’  Isn’t it?  ‘That’s a behaviour of a tyrant.’ But if you look at it just to pull back. You know, Sheykh Efendi calls me a Hoja. Doesn’t matter what you call me. Sometime some people call me a Sheykh. Doesn’t matter. To me, what title you put on me even if it is a donkey because I know my work and I am trying to do my work. But, I make it little bit easier. Sheykh Efendi always tells me, ‘Make them to understand. Break it down for them’. I am not just going to put it there. I am going to break it down to understand, for now, may be later on I am not going to. So people are going to say, ‘he is screaming, He is a tyrant because the behaviour of a non tyrant, he is is smiling, so soft spoken, and doesn’t say anything,’ like they say that you are so cool the butter is not going to melt in your mouth, because you are so cool. But look in that situation now. If you just think, the situation now is what? You know how delicate the Sohbet is? The Prophet asws he would react, being patient because when He is about to give Sohbet, a munafiq will get up and to break the connection now and He has to wait until the munafiq sits down. Then to begin again, then another munafiq slowly gets up and walk slowly to interrupt. That action if you are going to judge with your eyes, “what did the man do? He didn’t do anything. Such a nice guy, he is just standing up and walking across the room. This is such a nice guy, he made tea for us, and he just giving it”. But you are not looking at that whole situation now. I mean he is a nice guy I am just using him as an example. But you must look at the whole situation now. Who is being a tyrant? Now they are going to say, ‘Prophet didn’t yell, you did.’

I say, yes, good. I am not a Prophet. This is my permission to do. I am following my Sheykh. Are we understanding? And the whole point, yelling or not yelling, smiling or barking, it doesn’t matter, that is just a method. The important thing is, do you get it or you don’t get it? You don’t get it through a smile, you are going to get it through the barking. Important thing is, you get it. In these days any means is necessary, they are saying, for them to understand. That much is enough. Now give the tea. Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sohbet by Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
29 Rabi al-Awwal 1437
January 9, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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