Without the remembrance of your Lord, there cannot be Syukur


support from our Sheykh

Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billah-il aliyyil azim….Medet Ya SahibulSaif Sheykh AbdulKerim el-Kibrisi el-Rabbani Hz .We are asking permission and we are asking support from our Sheykh, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, to send us something so that we can take and we can put into our lives in these days of extreme confusion. We must begin everything with the Shahadat, because the shahadat now, it cleanse everything up. The power of that Shahadat, it can give life to the one who is dead, that his heart is (dead). Because everything in this world right now, what we do, what we eat, what we see, is bringing us straight away to unbelief, to kufr. Let’s repeat our Shahadat say, ‘Ashadu an-la ilaha il Allah, ve Ashadu anna Muhammadan Abduh ve Rasuluhu. Salallahu Ta’ala Alayhi ve ala Alihi ve Sahbihi ve Sallim.

Now with this Shahadat we can begin on a very strong foundation, insyaAllah ar-Rahman. The ayat that we were saying, we’re hearing in the khutba, Allah swt is saying what? Anybody remember? ‘BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Remember Me and I will remember you. And give thanks to Me, and do not make a kufr.’ Remember Me and I will remember you and give thanks to Me and do not make unbelief, kufr, do not be ungrateful. Because one of the meaning of kufr, a kafir, is the one who forgets, who is ungrateful, who rejects Allah’s mercy. That is the ayat.

You look around, these days those who are claiming they are ahle sunnat is rejecting this ayat. How many masjids you see out there that is holding on to the ayat that says, ‘Remember Me and I will remember you, Faz-kuruni az-kurkum…,’ coming from the word what? Zikr. How many masjids you can make a zikr? Last two years, with the blessings of our Sheykh we went up and down this whole continent, trying to see, trying to put our finger on the pulse of the Muslims on this continent, whether you are born here or you came here from other countries, or you found Islam, trying to see, does this ayat fit into this masjid that we went to. ‘Faz-kuruni az-kurkum, Remember Me and I will remember you.’ Majority of the masjid, oh, they ban the zikr, remembrance of Allah. And we are complaining that Allah is not remembering us? So many, before we went there, they already made a big fitna about us. So we came with some reputation. That’s okay. Some they are just coming to check us out. We have seen unbelievers, Jews and Christians and unbelievers, when we say ‘Allah’ they say ‘Allah.’ But we’ve seen so many Muslims, when we say ‘Allah,’ they are just sitting there looking at us like we are the  strangest people on earth because we say ‘Allah.’ They refuse to say ‘Allah.’ Unbelievers are saying ‘Allah’ with us, to make the zikr, showing the proper manner, and Muslims, with so much knowledge, they don’t want to remember Allah. Hmm.

So, ‘Remember Me and I will remember you, and give thanks to Me.’Look how many we are catching, how many we are seeing, look at the nations, at the Ummat, of these days, how many are thanking their Lord. So many are going to say, ‘thank Allah? For what?’ Ohh, once you say that, you enter already into a kufr. ‘All these things are happening, thank Allah? For what?’  So we are not remembering Allah, and Allah is not remembering us. We are not thanking Allah, we are complaining non-stop. Complaining non-stop. And because of that, our belief is a big question mark. We enter into disbelief, making a kufr. That time it doesn’t matter how much you pray, how much you recite the Quran, how much you are going to go spending so much money going to Umrah and going to the Hajj, the faith is missing. The faith is missing. Because now, you are complaining non-stop. And the ones who complains about Allah swt, in reality he is challenging Allah’s decision.

Complaining. Something happens to a man, he doesn’t like it, majority don’t try to understand it, majority is not looking for the reason or for the wisdom that is happening. Majority are not asking themselves why. They can ask Allah why, they ask everyone else why, but they are not asking themselves why. If they ask themselves why, we will find the answer. If you ask others why and asking Allah why, and Allah swt is saying: to know that everything good that happens to you, it is coming from us. And everything that is bad, that is happening from your ego. So what makes a man to stop asking question about himself? His ego. And the ego is pulling us to unbelief.

Don’t look towards others. Don’t look to the outside. Before you’re blaming the sheytan, before you’re blaming this dunya and your desires, look first to your ego. Which is why the Sheykhs they are saying, ‘your ego it is more powerful than sheytan.’ The ego, it is more powerful than sheytan. Powerful in what? In disobedience. It is the most powerful creature that Allah swt has ever created that is disobedient to Allah swt. And we have that inside of us. And if we are not understanding and controlling that, and pulling it down and stepping on it, then from the outside it looks like we are some kind of creature, but from the inside we are wild beast. From the outside, you can look like you are a Muslim. From the outside you can look like you are a believer. From the outside you look like you are very Holy, very good, but inside it is a very wild animal, a beast inside, that with just the smallest provocation, just the smallest excuse, it’s just going to blow up. And we are living in those days. There is no shukr to Allah. You cannot have shukr to Allah if you don’t remember Him. You cannot have shukr to Allah swt if you don’t remember Allah. Because that ayat is also saying, ‘remember Me and I will remember you. And you must give shukr to Me.’ The shukr, it is coming because you remember Allah. You forget about Allah swt, that’s why you complain. You forget about Allah swt, that’s why you are not making a shukr.


To make a shukr, it’s not just when something good that is happening to you, something bad that is happening to you too. Who is going to believe these days, if something bad that is going to happen to you and  you are going to make a shukr? We are trained to believe, if anything bad happens to us, it is bad, it is not good, then we should not make a shukr. But in another ayat, Allah swt is saying, ‘maybe the good things that you want, it is not good for you. And maybe the things that you don’t like, it is a blessing to you.’ Where is all these coming from? Because the ayat, it is open. This is coming from ignorance, but where is the ignorance and arrogance and heedlessness coming from? Because the man is not remembering his Lord. It all begin with the zikr. Because if a man he’s not remembering his Lord, who is he remembering? Who? Himself. His nafs. Himself. And that is a shirk. So he starts thinking, ‘these things happened to me because I did it. So this things must happen to me if  I do things.’ There is no religion in your life anymore. There is no religion and Allah in our lives anymore. Allah is only something that the Muslims turn to, facing the Qibla, five times a day. Other than that, ‘this is my life, I made this life. There has to be a separation, this is my life and this is the religion, don’t bring religion into everything.’ There is no such thing as religion in Islam. Islam is a Deen. Deen means it is a way of life. It is not a religion. The way they are describing religion it’s like you have a life, and religion is a  part of life, believing in Allah it is just one part of life.

For the Muslims, for the believers, if you don’t believe in Allah, you have no life. And you have no afterlife until you believe in Allah and His Prophet (asws). Because the life that is the belief of only of your nafs, of your ego, that is not a life, that is a torturement. So if there is no zikr of Allah, if there is no remembrance of your Lord, there cannot be syukur. If you don’t have syukur, of course you are going to stop believing. You can go up and down as many times as you want, you will stop believing, you won’t have faith. You can be reading the Quran twenty-four hours, faith is not going to enter into your heart. There’s so many hadiths e-Sharif about this, people who have the religion but they don’t have faith, people who have the practice but they don’t have faith. This is first to me and to you and to others who wants to listen. This is the condition now. Because we are seeing, there is no more remembering Allah. Because when you remember Allah, you have to think. You are remembering Allah, it’s not just taking a tasbih and pulling  and say, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah…’ that’s not remembering Allah. Remembering the Prophet, salawat e-Sharif, is not just to say, ‘Allahuma salli….’ It is not. Like that you can make a robot to say ‘Allah’ twenty-four hours. That is making a zikr too. You can put on MP3 player, playing salawats whole day, that means that MP3 player must be very holy because it’s making a salawat.

We have come to the point now, because the zikr of Allah must make you to think, must make you to understand your Lord. Must make you to understand yourself, must make you to understand your Lord. Hz Ali (kw) is saying, ‘every sickness is from you. And every cure is in you.’ His saying is continuing, and he is saying, ‘the open Book, the manifest Book,’ meaning the Quran e-Kerim, ‘is in you, is within you. You are it. If you only sit and think.’ It is easy to go up and down. It is not easy to sit and to think. Because now, when you are going to think, Allah swt says, ‘No, no, no, no. You are not going to think according to just your ego and your dunya. There is a way to think. You are going to think the way we want you to think.’ And the ego says, ‘No! I want to think the way I want to think. What I think is: You are you and I am me.’ And Allah swt is saying, ‘I am your Lord, and you are My creature.’ And Allah swt is saying, ‘obey Allah, obey the Prophet, and obey your rightly guided leaders.’ There is a protocol to thinking. Which is why there is no philosophy in Islam. There is reality, there is Haqq. And if you have not experience that, you follow the people of Haqq. Because with taqlid, with imitation, you will become. Just by imitating you will become. If you imitate the good ones, you will become. If you imitate the bad ones, Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if you imitate a nation, you will be one of them.’ Who is speaking about such hadiths now? or is the world so filled with love, so filled with peace and tolerance and harmony and understanding, that the so called alims and ulamas and Sheykhs they are not bringing out this hadiths? If we listen to them, it’s as if this whole world is just filled with love. Huh, do you need to be a saint, or a scholar, to understand that this world is filled with evil and hate?

So now, we finished the Holy month of Rabiul Awwal, thousands, millions is celebrating the maulid of the Prophet (asws). But only a handful understand what the maulid is. Only a handful understand, why? You are thanking Allah for that one, but who is that one, alaihi salatu wa salam, you are praising him, praising him, praising him, you can praise, it is good, sahaba e-Kiram they did not spend their whole life just sitting and praising him. They did not. Now, the Prophet (asws), in the ahle sunnah aqidah, what is he? Who is he? Prophet (asws) is hazir and nazir. He is present, present, alive and he is giving warning. Is this an ahle sunnat aqidah belief? Yes. If you don’t believe this you are out. If you’re out, you can be whatever you want to be. You are not within the ahle sunnah. The Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘Islam is going to be divided into seventy-three groups. Only one is safe.’ And they asked him, and he said, ‘those who follow my sunnah and the sunnah of my Sahabi. This is known as the ahle sunnah.’ So Prophet (asws) is hazir and nazir. He is present and he is giving a warning. Who represents the Prophet physically? the ruling of the Prophet, his power, that for 1400 years, we have one that who is representing him. That for the past hundred years,  we have no one representing him. Who is that one? Khalifah.  The one representing him.

So there is no representation of Rahmatan Lil Alamin here in this world, of the mercy to the universes here in this world. There is no one representing rahmat. Rahmat is lifted and you don’t see rahmat in this world anymore.

Muslims today who make zikr and make salawats, they find it very difficult if we tell them Prophet is alive and he is hazir and nazir, he is everywhere. They’ll say, ‘no, it cannot be. He’s just the man.’ You believe sheytan is everywhere, at anytime, and you cannot believe that the Holy Prophet (asws), he is everywhere. They say, ‘only Allah is everywhere.’ Allah, Allah. These days, with your phone, you can be everywhere. Do you think it’s such a big deal? So there is no presence. There is no hazir. There is no one representing the Prophet (asws). Is there a nazir? Is there warning? Where are those ones warning the nations? Where are those ones warning the nations? Where are the alims and the ulamas warning the nation?

They just have a very big conference in Turkey, in the TV, debating: Mahdi exist or he doesn’t exist? Is this something put into Islam or is this something that is inside of Islam? Is this something that is important or it’s not important? Conclusion: ‘Oh you don’t have to believe in Mahdi (as) if you are a Muslim.’ Because if you don’t believe in Mahdi, you will not believe in Dajjal. Because Mahdi (as) is coming to destroy the system of dajjal. So that means that you are not understanding the world that we are living now, this is already this world of dajjal. You want to think that this is the world of love and peace and harmony and unity. MashaAllah, big game that they are playing. So there is no warning. If you don’t believe this is ahir Zaman, how can you warn? You are just going to say, ‘ah, it’s just another, normal year.’ Millions of people are suffering, billions maybe, it’s normal? There is complete tyranny that we are doing to ourselves and to nature, to this is whole planet, it is normal? ‘This is not ahir Zaman. Don’t believe it is ahir Zaman.’ Because by denying Mahdi (as), you have to deny the signs of the ahir Zaman. So there’s no hazir and nazir. Those one representing him they are not present and they are not giving a warning. What are they doing?

The Blessed Beard of Holy Prophet (asws)

Hold on tightly to your Sheyh. Remember Allah. You must give thanks to Allah. We must move away from things that takes away our belief. We must have more belief, insyaAllah. Be around those who have more belief. Don’t try to have belief, looking on google and Yahoo, for it to give you a belief. You are the most foolish one that way. Look to those ones that have more belief. InsyaAllah ar-Rahman. May we be in safety. WaminaAllahu taufiq. Bihurmatil Habib. Bihurmatil Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Rabi al-Ahir 1437
January 15, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)



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