When we get close to a friend of Allah, an Awliyaullah are we going to face even more difficulties?


Question: There are many examples in history of Islam that shows betrayal to Holy Ones from very close people, even family.  When we got close to a friend of Allah, an Awliyaullah are we going to face even more difficulties?

Hoja faith

Yes definitely, but you’re not going to face the challenges if you are not ready for it. People are always ready, when Allah swt gives certain challenges to them they are ready, they can do it, you understand? What is going to make them to betray? It is not because they cannot carry it, because Allah swt is saying what? ‘We don’t burden a soul more than he can carry.’ What makes a person to betray is nothing but his nafs, the way that sheytan betrayed Allah’s trust, you understand? Our nafs will do that.

So yes when you come close to Awliyuallah that’s the time you got to be a little bit extra careful, but that’s why we are in Tarikat, to be careful isn’t it? We’re not in Tarikat to be careless, to do whatever we want, however we want, free, free, free. No, more you’re going to be careful. Who is saying this? Awliyuallah they say this when you are with an eşkıya watch your tongue be careful from your tongue, when you are with the Awliya be careful what is in your heart. How we came from we have to be very careful to everything to Tarikat you can do whatever that your nafs want and claim it’s coming from something holy? Something is wrong. Some connection is broken there. So yes you are going to be careful little bit. No one is out there to trap you, but you have to be awake and you have to know and you have to see. If there is a situation, there is always an answer. First whatever usually happens in Tarikat, if some something happens to you, first thing you always pull yourself away. You don’t want association, you don’t want sohbet, you don’t want to talk to no one, you say, ‘I want to take a time out, I want to think by myself, clear my head, da da da…’ No, no, no, you’re not clearing your head. When you pull away from the Jamaat, when you pull away from the Sheykh you are pulling away from Haqq and you are pulling yourself to your nafs. You are pulling away from the sohbet of the Salihin and you are pulling yourself into the sohbet of your nafs of sheytan because you are sitting there alone and you are saying, ‘I don’t know why this is happening.’ And shaytan is going to say, whispering whispering whispering. Nafs is going to whisper whisper whisper and whole day you’re going to be in that association now going back and forth, going round and round and round. All you have to do now is to open your mouth and speak to someone. But the nafs say, ‘don’t open your mouth to speak to someone because in reality it’s a very simple problem and that problem can just be resolved just like that, don’t, make it more complicated, make more drama. So keep yourself to yourself until everything gets so heavy, ask Allah  don’t ask anyone. Ask Prophet don’t ask anyone,’ and now new style they going to say, ‘ask Sheykh Effendi don’t ask anyone.’

Always the problem is, people are not accepting that one who is physically standing there in front of them, just like shaytan, ‘I’m going to worship only You, not worshipping to this one, not making sejda to this one.’ So yeah it is not just enough to say, ‘oh may we not betray our Shaykh. May we not….’ Of course we all say Ameen to all of that. And to those ones who have betrayed, they have left us and it is, I’m not saying it’s good that they left, but it is good that they are not amongst us because if you’re not happy with us , you should not be with us. You are free to stay you are free to betray, you are free to go. We don’t want to hold anyone against to their wishes.

Now you are considering now that there is some things, some issues, some problems and it is very easy now for you to just sit down, put your ego aside and to say this is my situation because you know what, whatever that you’re going through you are not the only person since the beginning of time who has gone through that problem. Thousands and millions of people have gone through that problem, and they have their ways and they have certain answers, certain solutions easily they can speak. But the ego is always going to say no don’t do that. So you have to be awake now.

Yes those ones they have left they were once upon a time saying too, ‘oh may we not betray, may we not betray.’ How do you think betrayal is going to come? Betrayal is going to come with what? Someone is going to knock on the door, you open the door and he says, ‘hi my name is betrayal, I’m here to be your friend you have to take me in?’ No, he comes through a very subtle, very refined, very slow ways here and there putting some doubts, putting some question, putting some negativity always putting in and if you open it and you keep letting it in, then one day you say, ‘get out,’ it can’t get out because it’s everywhere inside already.

So we have to be careful now. We have questions, ask. If something you want to say, say. But let me tell you, every single person who has left, who have betrayed they never once come up in front of me to open their mouth like a man, but they left like a thief, like a coward. They never with you know what they say, with heart, they never sit down and say, “why is this like this?, why is this like this? I don’t agree to this.” Never. They just, poof! they left like that. It’s good. Those kinds of people should not be around us. May we not be like those people insyaAllah. Ameen. You understand? But we have to think about betrayal. You have to say, ‘yes I am a betrayer.’  You have to say, ‘I am a betrayer,’ for you to fight that. You cannot say,’no, no I’m not going to betray. I’ll never betray, no.’ Say, ‘I’m a betrayer. How did I betray my Effendi today? How did I betray my lord? How did I betray my Prophet today?’ Then once you understand, once you make that what? That taffakur you are not going to get fooled very easily and someone is selling you something, you say, ‘I already have it and I’ve tested it and it’s no good.’  May Allah keep us in a straight way insha’Allah. Ameen. SelamAleykum Wa Ratmatullah.

                  stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
12 Rabiul Thani 1437
January 22, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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