Fear that increases the Faith of a Believer


So the khutba today, what is it about? To have the fear of Allah. What is the fear of Allah? This is something we need to ask. What is the fear of Allah? What is the fear? And why we are having it? Why do we need to have the fear of Allah? Like the khutba is saying, for fourteen hundred years, the Imam is there, he is standing in the mimbar, and warning everyone, repeating the ayatul Karima, Have fear from Allah. Now what is this fear of Allah?

don't be heartless

Now if you say the word fear, especially in today’s modern time, modern psychology, modern intelligence to the left side, they are going to say, ‘fear is very bad, fear you should not have, fear is what stops you from doing everything, fear cripples you, don’t have any fear.’ What else they are saying? Crippling you? ‘Don’t have any shame, don’t have shame. Don’t have any embarrassment. Do what you want to do, don’t let anything to stop you. And most important thing when you are doing it, have fun.’ New style. The most important thing is to enjoy yourself, to have fun. We are speaking to believers now. we are not speaking to unbelievers. That is their way, this is our way.

We have not been created, believer or unbeliever now, to be sent to this world to have fun, to enjoy yourself. That is not the reason of our creation. And if we don’t fulfill the reason of our creation, no matter how much fun you are going to have in this world, it’s going to fill you with so much terror, fear.  So much anxiety. You are not going to have satisfaction. So they are teaching, fear is a very bad thing, get rid of your fear.  But what is Allah and His Prophet saying? What is AwliyaAllah that they are saying? What is our Sheykh saying about this matter?

First we have to  understand what is the fear. And fear to who? They even have a saying, they are saying this is from the Bible, maybe it is, they are saying fear is the first step to knowledge, once you understand, it is the doorway to knowledge. But what is this fear? 21st century understanding becomes very very low, very basic. They cannot make it to be sophisticated. They cannot make it to be rich, they cannot make it to be layered. They say fear is bad. Now we are saying, let’s talk about the fear of Allah. What is that understanding, the fear of Allah? You are going to ask now that question according to the level that the person is saying. If you ask a rich man, he’s going to say, the greatest fear is to be what? Poor. If you ask the healthy man, his greatest fear is to be sick. If you ask, not the young man, young, who doesn’t believe that he is going to die, you ask the old man, ‘what is your greatest fear?’ He says, ‘my fear is I’m going to die.’  Huh, people are following these three things so much that they actually make idols from them and they worship. But this is life. The sickness and the health, it is part of life. Old age, young age and death, this is part of life. To be rich and to be poor, this is part of life. And to say you only want to be rich, you only want to be healthy and you want to live forever, this is not life. This is fake. And if you have that, if you are worshipping to that, you will always live in constant fear. If you know that things always have a cycle to it, especially if you are a believer, and you know that everything is controlled by Allah, then you are not going to have any fear. Because your fear is only to Allah. But what is this fear to Allah? Again it depends on who you ask the question to. Like I’ve said before, sometime there is religion, there is spirituality and there is also superstition. So many times people mistake religion for superstition. Those who don’t know religion, or they hate spirituality, they say this is all superstition.

Superstition is not just believing in something unseen. Superstition it is, I know there is something out there, I cannot explain and it is very powerful, so I better be friends with it. I better make myself friends with it, otherwise, it’s going to put a curse on me. It’s nothing to do with right or wrong, good or bad. It has to do with knowing who is powerful and to try to bribe him or her. This is the kind of belief that hundreds of years ago, this is the kind of belief that is in Islam, that Hazreti Rabiatul Adawiya wanted to destroy. This is exactly the kind of belief that the Prophets they came to knock down and to bring spirituality to the people, to say, ‘your worshipping Him,’ like what Hz Rabiatul Adawwiya  is saying when she came out of her house carrying a bucket of water and carrying some wood that is burning and they ask her, ‘where are you going?’

And she’s saying, ‘with this fire, I’m going to burn the jannat, the Paradises. And with this fire I’m going to turn off the fires of Hell so that there’s no Heaven, there’s no Hell. There’s no Jannat, there’s no Jahannam.’

And they ask her, ‘why are you doing that, Ya Hz Rabia?’

Because in Islam, to believe in the Jannat and Jahannam, it is part of our faith. Now for her to say something like that, those who have superstition, they don’t have religion, they don’t have spirituality, they are going to say she’s committing a very big wrong in Islam. If today they are going to say she commit shirk. But those who have spirituality, not just religion, because superstition is just by fear. Fear and bribery. Religion is saying, one step better, ‘I have to be good, so that I can get the good things. I have to be good so that I am not punished.’ Now spirituality is something that is completely beyond this. That’s what Hz Rabiatul Adawwiyah is saying, ‘because I want to burn Hell and the Paradises. Because people are only worshipping Allah,’ and she was speaking at that time in Baghdad, and I believe the Khilafat was there and everyone was a Muslim, and everyone had Tarikat someway somehow too, knowing spirituality. And she says, ‘I have to do this because, we are only worshipping Allah because of our fear that Allah is going to punish us and to put us to Hell. And, majority, they are only worshipping to Allah because of that fear that they are going to Hell, they are only worshipping so that they can go to Paradise.’ She says, ‘very few they are worshipping Allah because He deserves to be worshipped.’ That is spirituality. That fear now, is still there, but that fear is not, ‘oh, if I do something, I’m going to get punished. If I do something, I’m going to get rewarded.’

Superstition, not really with morality, ‘if I have a bigger sacrifice, it’s going to be accepted. If I give bigger charity, it’s going to be…It’s nothing to do with whether I’m good or I’m bad.’ With religion now, one step better, ‘I have to be a good person, if I do this, this, this and this, if I stop from doing this, this, and this and this bad things, I will also be a good person.’ Meaning the Shariat. But now, the spirituality, it is taking from this too and the fear now is not whether we are going to be punished, or whether we are going to be rewarded. The fear now is, how we are going to be separated from our Lord? How we are going to be separated from our Lord? That is the fear. Because the greatest pain that any human being can feel is separation from that one that he loves. There’s a bigger pain to that too, when, because of that separation, that one that you love is not even looking at you. When that one is not looking at you, you don’t exist. You become perished.

We have been created to know Allah, to worship Allah, to love Allah. And if we are not fulfilling the reason of our creation, we have separated ourselves from Him, and we are going to suffer. Because His love for us it is before our love of Him, because He is the creator of that. His remembrance of us it is before our remembrance of Him. He is creating everything for us, we are not doing anything for Him. He is not in need of anything, we cannot give Him anything. What does He want from us? He says, ‘give thanks to Me. Remember Me. Remember Me. Love those ones that I love, and leave those ones that I leave.’ And that’s the time you start making your journey back to Allah. In this world you start to make the journey back to Allah. In this world, yes, we may suffer, those in the spiritual way, they may suffer. In different ways, physically, not physically, just because we’re sitting on the floor and we’re fasting one month in a year, that’s a physical suffering? That’s not suffering. We are going up and down, that’s not suffering. You know how the people they suffered for Allah physically, we cannot even compare. May Allah not test us, because we will definitely fail. But don’t try to see ourselves as on the same rank as those ones. Impossible.

Today it is new style, new arrogance that everyone thinking they know better than the generation before, generation before. Some thinking even they know better than the Sahaba e-Kiram. Some thinking they know better than the Prophet. This is exactly what sheytan is doing, putting a trick and trapping us and we cannot find safety then that time. So now, for those ones who are running to return to Allah, they are going to suffer a little bit here and there, the way that the Prophets they suffered. Following the footsteps of the Prophet (asws) is not just wearing a turban, carrying a tasbih, having a miswak, jubba, this is physical, which people are not even doing these days. Especially the men. They want to hide, they want to disappear with the kufr. They don’t want to show their islam. Coming up with thousands of excuses, of course. But even in this physical sunnat, to go out there, it is already a fight, a struggle. You are struggling against your nafs, your nafs is saying, ‘I just want to disappear like everyone else.’ Everyone is looking at you, thinking so many evelish things. Some may even insult you or do something to you, now this is according to your iman. You are saying, ‘no, this is my jihad. This is my struggle. Just to walk in the sunnat, this is my jihad. I’m not doing anything, I’m not cursing at anyone.’ We love everyone, we respect everyone, but when you come out with the sunnat of the Prophet (asws) just physically, people immediately they are going to put so much anger and hatred to you especially in these days.


Alhamdulillah, our Sheykh walked from one end of the earth to the other end of the earth, not physically walking, he went everywhere with his full sunnat. We are continuing in his sunnat. And Divine protection comes. When you do that, people will go out in your way to welcome you. This happens. But not just that, in the physical. But there is also the sunnat, for example, how the Prophet they suffered. You cannot say the Prophets they led a very happy life. Judge by today’s standard, what happiness is? what is today’s standard of happiness? Get a good job, get a good family, and get a good car, you have credit card, you have no debt, that is very happy you have no debt. You have friends, you have families. None of these things fit into the Prophets life, and those who followed them, and those who followed them too. Because they started to live in this world as a stranger. And they are living in this world the way that spirituality is teaching us, that this world it is an enemy and you can never be comfortable living next to your enemy. This is how they were. But with that living with the enemy, they did not fear the enemy. Because they understood the enemy. Because they understood the tricks and the traps of the enemy.

Once you understand your enemy, there is no reasons to fear. Especially when Allah is above you. They fear from Allah. And what is their fear? Their fear is that, we fear that we will forget You Ya Rabbi. We fear that we will become ungrateful to You, Ya Rabbi. We fear that we are not going to love those ones whom you love, Ya Rabbi. We fear that we are not going to hate those things that you hate, Ya Rabbi.’ That is what they are fearing day and night, twenty-four hours they are thinking ‘how am I going to please my Lord more.’ They are not thinking ‘what do I have to do more so that I can gain more blessings, more rewards. I can go to higher stations. I can go to Paradises. I can go and I can have so much high maqams.’ They are not busy with that. They are busy with how today I’m going to please my Lord more. How today I have not please my Lord and I have separated myself from Him, through my anger, through my ghaflat, through my foolishness, through my drunkenness, through my heedlessness. When they are busy with that, they don’t fear from nothing. They are not anxious about anything. Because they are only looking and facing their Lord. And everybody understands this. This is not high level spirituality. Everyone understands this because everyone has been in love. If you have not been in love with a person, at least you have been in love with a thing. You never want to be separated from it. Your aim is always to try to make things better, to try to please.

So spirituality it is inside of us. It is not something you have to study, study, study, study so hard. No, it is inside of us. But if we have separated yourself from the friends of Allah, from the Prophets of Allah and from Allah swt,  that thing may be hidden, buried deep down. It will take a lot of work now for it to be dug up. Once we have the fear of Allah, once we have the fear from the Prophet (asws). Yes fear from the Prophet, because he is the one who is closest to Allah.

Fear, everyone is speaking Aashiq al-Rasul, ashq, ashq, ashq, ashq. You are thinking that this whole world is planet Ashq. But so much ashq and there is only suffering and corruption and hatred. So something is wrong. Yeah because it is not balanced. What about the fear of the Prophet? And what is this fear then now? This fear is the fear that we are going to forget him, we are going to be ungrateful to him. This fear is a fear that we are going to fail. It is the fear because we love him. If you don’t have that fear, when you have that love, your love is fake, completely. Your love is selfish and it is fake. When we have that proper fear, the world is not going to put any fear into our hearts. It may get ups and downs, worry a little bit here and there, something but it’s not going to stay, it’s not going to enter your heart. It just comes in and out. It’s not going to shake your heart. It’s not going to make you to run. It’s not going to make you to abandon your faith. Because you know everything, Allah swt is controlling and it is as He likes. Our Sheykh has taught us that fear and that love very good, very well. Because he has that. And he is showing us that. and we are asking Allah to increase his station. We are asking Allah that He increases his support to us and to forgive us our shortcoming and to make us to become more sincere ones, stronger ones, to have more fear from the Holy ones, and to put out any fear from this world. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

always fear Allah

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
18 Rabiul Akhir 1437
January 28, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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