Divine qualities versus Evil inclinations


Sheykh Lokman Effendi

Do you think it’s easy to sit on that throne? I was just thinking today, they destroy so many concepts and understandings even they put, I was thinking especially about Kings. They make everyone to watch that cartoon, that musical, what is that? That jungle, ‘Lion King’ and they have one song, they say what? There’s that little kid, ‘it’s good to be King.’ Right? It’s good to be king. That’s not the idea first of kingship. No one understands it properly because this world does not support that kind of thinking and understanding. They say king means he is corrupt, he tortures people, he is evil , he is a tyrant he just collects everything. So you cannot have even a normal conversation about that, a regular conversation about that, balance objective conversation about this concept.

Suleyman (as) oh, the test that he had to go through. Read, especially dealing with women, read. You’ll find out, we’ll talk about it, how difficult it was for him. The test that he had to go through it’s not that easy, very difficult. Some Prophets also, the test that they had to go through, because they are so near to their Lord, now it may seem small to us but to them it is a big thing. Like Yunus (as), the Prophet Jonah, he was sent to speak to his nation, just like this, to say run away from this world, run away from your evil characteristics, run to goodness run to the Creator of goodness, leave all this evil corruption, leave the evil. They didn’t like him. They tortured him. They beat him up year after year. He got so tired from it that he decided to run away. He ran away. For us it’s understandable if you run away, but for a Prophet to run away from that kind of responsibility he ended up in the ship, he ended up pulling the straw although they know that he’s a holy one, he ended up being swallowed by the whale and he ended up being in seclusion in the whale’s belly for forty days. His zikr was what ? “La ilaha illa anta, subhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin – There is no Lord but You, glory be to You and I’m one of those who oppressed my own self.”

So in reality too He’s not punishing us, we are punishing ourselves. We are punishing ourselves. We have that ability to turn this world into a paradise, we have the ability to feed every single person in this life, to provide, we have the ability to provide the best care and love to be given everywhere to everyone, we have that ability, but we chose our evil inclination. That time with all the resources in this world that we can even feed not seven billions, seventy billion people in this world we can feed, we can provide, but when everyone wants to live like kings, when everyone wants to waste, when everybody wants just to take and not to give, then this world seven billion is too many people. With that kind of ego even seven people is too many. Because you are going to say, ‘must be only me!’ Do you understand? Because the Prophet says what is enough for one is enough for two, what is enough for two is enough for three, meaning sharing. Now once you get into the spirit of sharing, now because again sharing, to be generous, that is again a Divine quality. You understand now how those qualities are given to mankind? Divine qualities are given to mankind to share. Once you start sharing, once you become generous, now the feeling that comes to you now nothing else can replace that feeling. But that has to be taught. In reality it’s in everyone, kids share all the time, but once they learn, they pick up because they’re like sponges, dry sponges you know if they pick up the wrong things that’s what they are going to learn. You’re not teaching the kids to share. So now they’re going to grow up saying ‘I am daddy’s little princess. Me, not you…. but my daddy called me..no, me!’

So it starts from there too but once you teach them to share then it doesn’t matter what you call yourself, your title, but you are sharing and you have a very good feeling from it and you don’t feel like you are pulled you feel more free, that time you can turn this world into a paradise yes. But that Divine quality is there inside of us, that evil inclination is also there inside of us, and that freewill again which is a Divine quality, freewill, Iradat, freewill, we must use now to choose the Divine quality instead of the evil inclinations. In Sufiq terms meaning to choose submission to the will of Allah instead of submitting to our nafs, you understand? It is a knowledge that you have to learn but that knowledge that you have to learn it is not in books, it is not through study outside, it is through study here (Sheykh points to his heart). It is to open this book, to understand yourself, to look at your actions, your intentions, by day, by month by year, to understand, to think you, to meditate in you to say, ‘today I did this like this, why I did this? What was the reason?’

This is self reflection. This is something that the Quran is saying over and over and over again, ‘Think, why don’t you think?’ This is for man of thinking, ‘Think, you must think.’ Over and over again Allah is ordering us to think because just by using our intelligence and our reflection we will be able to find Him. You don’t need Holy Books to come, you will find Him. You don’t need Holy people to come, you will find Him because He has put that spark in each and everyone of us, but He’s so generous, He says, I’m sending you Books, I’m sending you Prophets, I’m sending you Holy people, I’m sending you signs. Now if you don’t wake up, what am I supposed to do? because the blind man if he closes, the man who closes his eyes and makes himself to be blind you think that time when you tell him that there is a sun he is going to believe you? He’s never going to believe you. You say, ‘open,’ he says ‘no,’ He says, ‘you’re blind, I’m not blind,’ he’s saying. So until the man wakes up we cannot do anything, But he’s going to wake up. In reality it’s not like Allah is leaving him alone too. Every single moment He is speaking, He is screaming, the angels are speaking, the angels are screaming at us and there are so many signs now but if you cannot read, it doesn’t matter. You cannot then say why you didn’t warn me? The warning is there but you just don’t want to see it.

hojathink (2)

So what makes us to come to this level of not being able to read? It is when we are concentrating on our ego. We don’t observe, we don’t think. We are just following our nafs, hawa, dunya and shaytan. So in this way it is important to sit down and to think. Once you do that then yes that is meditation that is taffakur. Then you’ll walk you will walk and you will meditate too, when you eat, you eat and you meditate too you pray, you pray and you meditate too you watch something its also everything you do now is a meditation it’s thinking, it’s putting things together, it’s understanding. You’re not doing things what we call in ghaflat, in heedlessness, doing things mindlessly. You’re going to put your mind there. Then that’s the time, what is your job? your job is to collect firewood, you are going to find now Divine secrets in the forest, what is your job? your job is a doctor you will find Divine secrets in the human body, everywhere you turn now its undeniable you’ll find there secrets. Wa Min ALLAH Tawfiq Al Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26  Rabiul Akhir 1437
February 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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