What is the significance of Qasidah Burdah?


Question: What is the significance of Qasidah Burdah?

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The Burda Shareef, it is very important. We have given a few sohbets about this, about the Qasidah Al- Burdah. It is written by a person who use to write poetry to flatter the Kings, to flatter the Viziers, to flatter the rich people. Then he had a dream and Prophet stopped him from that. ‘Not writing to me about me?’ Prophet(asws) said. So he stopped from that and he started writing about the Prophet (asws).  Burda means the Mantle. Because at that time he was sick too, wasn’t he? He’s paralyzed and he cannot walk anymore. So Prophet (asws) came and put the Burda, the mantle, the khirqa, you say the jubba, on his legs. In a dream he woke up he could walk. So then he knew all praise belongs to Allah. But what about those who praise whom Allah Himself is praising, do you understand? You can praise Allah, but you are praising who Allah He is praising that is something else. No one can do what Allah is doing, no one can do what Allah is doing except for one thing, that is praising the Prophet. Praising the Prophet, we can then imitate what Allah is doing. So it was written and the Burda Shareef it is a very powerful Qasidah that there is another story now it fits:

Once there was a Sheykh who was traveling with his mureeds, and they passed through some land, and night time came they prayed and they found somewhere and they rested for the night. Now morning time came and the mureeds of course they woke up before the Sheykh does, not like today’s mureeds they are sleeping. So they got up and they went to the river to take their wudu. When they went to the river and they touched the river, the water there was boiling hot. Now they cannot take their wudu. It is very unusual. What are they going to do? So they sent the youngest one to go and to ask their Sheykh. He says, ‘we have a situation here. We have to take the wudu but the water from the river is boiling.’ So the Sheykh made Rabita a little bit and he understood. He says, ‘we have to walk,there is something there that is going to be the answer to what are looking for.’ So they started walking, walking, walking. After a while they saw there was one man, one Dervish he was sitting in the water. He was putting his feet inside the water and he was reciting the Qasidah Al- Burda and his heart was filled with so much love for the Prophet (asws) when he was reciting it that his heart was boiling and from that love, his feet that was in the water made the whole river to be boiling. So the Sheykh now looked at him and understood that this one now is in a different station. Saying very nicely, the Sheykh said to him,’you need to calm down little bit. My mureeds need to take their wudu.’

Burda e-Shareef is a very well known poem praising the Prophet (asws). It is used as a medicine, as a cure for so many things. Things that we are using in the Dergah too when we are singing the Qasidahs, singing some of the Naats, Naats or nuts? Nuts for Naats, singing some of the Illahis these are all cure for different things. we don’t talk about it too much, no need, whatever sickness you come with, you listen to it slowly its going to be taken away from you. So the Burda e-Shareef it is very important and the Burda e-Shareef, of course this is completely banned in Saudi Arabia. If you’re caught with it you’re going to be punished heavily. Either they are going to steal that from you. Definitely they say you cannot enter with that book cause there’s so much love and praising of the Prophet (asws) that they are saying this is a shirk, hmm? Alhamdulillah we are continuing that tradition. This much we can say this much is necessary.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26  Rabiul Akhir 1437
February 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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