What is the difference between Mawlid and Urs?


Question: What is the difference between Mawlid and Urs?

We may speak very generally about this. The Mawlid is the birthday, and Mawlid is a birthday the day that Prophet or that Saint is brought into this world physically. The Urs it is, Urs has a different meaning. Urs some Scholars they also saying Urs means wedding because it is when the lover is reunited with its beloved. And the Urs is, we may say, the death anniversary to commemorate, we don’t like to say the word death but the veiling of Holy people.

So it is also we’re doing that mostly for the friends of Allah. So now when we celebrate the Urs of a friend of Allah, it is not just sitting and making some Zikr, singing some Ilahis, making some Qasidas, to wear something, to eat something. It is to think about that Saint. Now this is the Urs of our Sheykh Effendi. To sit and to think what he lived for, what did, he pass for, what did he leave behind and how I fit into this mission that he has sent, that when he returns what can I say what can I give and be sincere. Don’t say nothing or don’t say everything. Be sincere. What is it that we can say we have improved, and what are the things that we are saying we are in need of improving? What is it that we are doing now on the Urs that for a believer, for a Mureed it’s going to be any different from any other day? How is this different now? To think and to understand and to offer it as a communication, some words some relationship some connection to our Sheykh? How different is it if everyday you are suppose to be doing this and you are doing. Then that time, yes on the day of the Urs it is going to be very easy. But if we are not understanding and bringing into attention all these things, and looking to see where is our behavior today and what is it that Sheykh Effendi had left that he wants us to be improving on his teachings, if we don’t look then everyone turns into a Firaun, everyone turns into a Namrud. Any little authority you have, you start to now turn into a zalim, into a Tyrant, because we are not really putting that fear of our Sheykh into our hearts. Put so much love, love, love, love, missing, missing, love,love,love, but you are not putting a fear. We must put the fear. If you don’t have the love, you don’t have the fear, it’s even worse now.

Since I’ve known Sheykh Effendi, every time when he would travel and when he comes back, so many people would be excited. I was always very nervous, anxious and very scared because he’s going to know exactly what happened, how much time we’ve wasted and what work that we did not do when we are supposed to. Then at least keeps us in check, because if you don’t put the fear into our daily actions, the fear of Allah, the fear of the Prophet, and the fear of our Sheykh, you don’t put the fear, you become a Tyrant and you think everything is ok. ‘So what?, I’m ok I’m doing something.’ So you’re not weighing it, very dangerous. If you put the fear, when you put the fear, you are going to be very careful about your movements. You’re going to be very careful about what you speak, how you say things, and you are going to know before you speak, or when you are speaking, or right after you speak very clearly, whether it is good or it is not so good. You are not going to be confused, and these days are very fearful times. If we are not going to put the fear of our Sheykh into our hearts, everything else about this life is going to fear us, it is going to frighten us, it is going to put stress on us. People around us are going to put so much stress on us, our children are going to put stress, our work is going to put stress on us, because we are not fearing from Allah, and that time we are going to fear and you are going to be anxious and you are going to be negative around even your own shadow.

May Allah forgive us and make us to wake up. This is for me and for you.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
18 Rabiul Akhir 1437
January 28, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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