What is our body really used for?


Question: What is our body really used for?


We just had a sohbet today, when I was speaking to the women about this. BismillahirRahmanirRahim, Destur,  Medet, Our Bodies is actually created for Paradise. It is not created for this world. We are from this world, our substance is from this world, the earth, but we have not been created for this earth. We have been created for Paradise.

Adam (as) Safiullah, he was the one that Allah swt made and He molded with his own hands, not physical hands of course, the Divine hands. We are his children, we take after his form, we take after his form generation to generation and we are in the Ahir of the Ahir zaman. We are very very far away from the original copy, from the original original of the body. That body too was not made here on earth. It was made in Paradise, correct? It was meant for paradise, which is why this body now it has to go through so many changes because this is , you know if you take an original and you make a photo copy then you take the photo copy, you make another photo copy, you make another photo copy of that photo copy, if you continue that it gets weaker and weaker correct? This is what our bodies are now, weaker and weaker. But our origin is that one. Our origin is that body that is made for Paradise. If we are not looking into our spirit now, if we are not dying before we die, if we are not cleaning ourselves now with our spirit, if we are not stepping on our ego, if we are not cleaning ourselves now, we are going to get clean because our body now it is a photo copy of a photo copy but it has to come to the origin because we are going back to Paradise. But we cannot go back to Paradise with this body , you understand?

How are we going to get to the origin? This is what the Prophets they came to teach us. Live a clean life, obey your Lord, then that time your body will be clean when you are in this world. That time when you get buried, it will be forbidden for the earth to touch you because you are already clean. That time that body is ready for Paradise. If it is not, first cleaning process is going to happen in the grave. You are going to get clean. The worms and everything is going to clean you. After that, new body is going to be given to you in the judgment day, same thing is going to happen. Your body will be transformed. If it is not enough, you are going to go to the hell fire. May Allah protect us from that. We cannot , we cannot even think about that. The heat of the hell fire is something which is real, that not too many Imams, especially in this country, speak about it anymore. Hmm. They say, ‘don’t scare them. If you scare them, they  are not going to come to the Masjid, they are not going to fill up the boxes.’

One drop of fire from hell is put into the ocean of Rahmat seventy times, dipped into that ocean seventy times to cool it down. One drop, and from that cooled substance of the fire is put into this world. The highest flame, the highest heat temperature, it is just seventy times of a drop of the fire coming from hell. Ya, when man doesn’t think, then he looses control. When man thinks, then that time he doesn’t need books to teach him anything. Whatever is in front of him, he’s going to think. He sees fire, he’s not just going to get lost imagining things in the fire, or having seeing nice camp fire he’s going to say ‘Allah, Allah, how this fire is burning the wood, is this fire going to burn my body? How is this going to hurt me? How I’m allowing myself to do that?’ Then everything starts working, you start thinking. So the fire now is going to clean when before you enter into the Paradise you have to go through the river of Kawthar, and that time your body is going to be transformed into a heavenly body. A heavenly body that only with that heavenly body you can enter into a Paradise. Without that heavenly body you can not enter into Paradise. For example this body you cannot even put this body into the water after a certain depth. The pressure from the water is going to just crush you correct? You cannot even, and this is still the world, this is still Dunya, you cannot even put this body higher up to a certain temperature in the skies, the atmosphere is just going to crush you too. After a certain height, they’re saying people don’t believe all those movies they say they jump out from the plane and da.. da.. da.. da.. da, you jump out from the plane when the plane is flying at that altitude if you don’t freeze to death first your throat is just going to be crushed because of the pressure. Okay, and this is still the Dunya, now imagine where we have to travel,this body where it has to travel.

So if you are not getting it ready for that, if you don’t take that one step that Allah He is saying, ‘if you take one step to Me, I am going to take ten steps towards you.’ If you don’t take that one step, at that time we have to walk very  very very long, very far to be able to end up in the home that Allah swt has created for us. He has not created us for the hell, He has created us for the Paradise. For that Paradise, Jannah. And Jahannam it is empty, we bring our own fire to Jahannam. Jannah is empty, we make the palaces in Jannah. We just finish the Zikr, the Angels they came they covered us, Rahmat descended. With every Zikr that we are making the Angels are taking that Nur and they are putting it and they’re making, setting aside, cleaning up our Paradise with the Zikr, with the good intentions, good actions that we are making. They are building palaces and everything that is necessary for us to build a home there. So think, what are we sending to the grave now today? That is important for us. Man who doesn’t think, he can know everything but because he doesn’t think, his knowledge is going to bring him to Jahannam. We must think inshallah Rahman. May Allah make us to think. Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26  Rabiul Akhir 1437
February 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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