When we lose hope while looking at the situation of this world, what should we do?


Question: When we lose hope while looking at the situation of this world, what should we do?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. You are supposed to lose hope. You are supposed to be depressed. You are supposed to think, this is it, this is the end, about this world. If you are a believer, you are not supposed to have hope in this world. If you are a believer, you are supposed to understand and experience that this world it is a torture, it is an exile, it is a separation, it is a prison that you cannot wait to leave.

Only in this Ahir Zaman, in this end of time, the reality of this world is coming out. You understand? The reality of this world is coming out because, rahmat is lifted, compassion is lifted, barakat is lifted, honor us lifted, intelligence is lifted. Tyranny, zulm, is everywhere in this ahir Zaman. You see all the disobedience of the Bani Adam. You understand?  All the disobedience of all the followers of all the Prophets, from Adam (as) to Nuh (as), all the way to the Prophets of the Bani Israel, Prophets that we know and Prophets that we don’t know, 124000 Prophets, how their nations became disobedience to them, it is present now. It is happening right now. so how not to lose hope in this world? When all you see around you is a complete disobedience to Allah. And because where  Islam is not ruling anymore, not even the muslims now or the believers can go somewhere to feel comfortable where there is a system that is protecting them. Correct? Because now, this is the era of dajjal. This is the era of complete fitnah. This is the era that anyone can do anything that they want and get away with it. Especially if you have money, if you have power, if you have position. These days you don’t even have to have all of that. you are protected by law that you can do anything that you want.

So all the disobedience, because with every disobedience that the followers of the nations of the Prophets that they do to their own prophets, it is pulling the anger of Allah. And it is lifting the barakat and the rahmat. So all these laknat of, say, from Adam (as) to this time, seven thousand years, seven days. Allah gave this world only seven days. And one day in the presence of Allah, is one thousand years. In these seven days, all the laknat, all the seven thousand years of laknat, it is collected in just these few years also. We are not talking about in the last one thousand years, we are not talking about the last five hundred years, the last hundred years something, since the fall of the Khilafat. Because that Khilafat is the representative of Rahmatan lil ‘alamin, the Khalifatul Rasul, the one who represent the Prophet. And the Prophet is Rahmatan lilalamin. The mercy to all the nations. When the mercy is lifted, what falls? The anger falls. But the anger falls not because there is nothing, that the anger is pulled because people become more disobedient, become more openly disobedient.

How many more hadiths e-Sharif do we need to say, to say that this is the end of times? How many more the world has to see? Maybe twenty years ago, everyone was not talking about it. Sheykh Effendi, Sheykh Maulana are the only people talking about it, correct? But now, it is open. Now, we even have YouTube videos about the ahir Zaman. But still no one is waking up. No one is waking up. We don’t see things getting better. Because when you wake up, things must get better. But it’s getting worse. And it’s getting worse, and it’s getting worse, and it’s getting worse. Because when the disobedience happens, the Nur, the light is going to disappear. Because when things are unclean, things are dirty, the pure ones they run away too. It’s the dirty ones that come. And this is the reality of this world. This is the reality of this dunya. And for a believer to know, now the dunya is showing its real face. The dunya is showing its real face. So how does a believer keep his iman? The believer’s faith does not depend on the condition of this world. The believer’s faith does not depend on its own physical condition. The believer’s faith depends on his spiritual health. His faith depends on his connection to Allah swt. That time, if this whole world is nice and peaceful, everyone has everything that they want and they need, and everyone is getting more and more wealthy, but for a believer, if he says, if in that situation when things are good and there is no connection to my Allah, that is a hell. That is a hell.

Has such things happened before in Islamic history?  So many times. Everytime Islamic civilization goes up and up and up and up, and we became the pioneers of the worldly knowledge, correct? We became  pioneers of everything that makes this life to become more comfortable, and better, whether it is through ilm or through economy or through knowledge, or through philosophy, or through architecture or through health and health, you see it rising up and up and up, that was the time that especially, not so much the scholars too, too much – but in those days when I speak about scholars in those days, every scholars belong to a Tarikat,  so the rightly guided scholars, that is the time when they pull out from that society,  and the Sheykhs they pull out from that society, and they warn people in that society. They say, ‘don’t run after this world. This world is a trap.’ When everything was nice and peaceful, they were warning people about this world being your enemy and it takes away faith. What you think those scholars and those Sheykhs are going to say now, looking at the conditions of the world? They are going to say, what else do you want? What more proof do you want? The world is showing its true face. But for the believer, he’s going to get up every morning to check his faith.

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life in this world


You know everything in life has a gauge. You have a car, your car has so many gauges. From gauging tyre pressure, gauging your oil gauge, gauging whether  they have enough gas or not, everything it has an indication. That is for one machine, one car. What about this machine (the human body)? There is no gauge? How are you going to gauge? There is no gauge about your iman? And the believer, when he wakes up, he’s going to gauge himself, his faith, where am I today? And Allah swt, in reality, He has given us that gauge very easily, free.  1400 years ago, five times a day, He has given us that gauge. Everytime, in a very specific time, where the sun enters into a different, I don’t want to use fancy word, into a different area let’s say, in the sky , and certain things are happening in the Heavens, certain things happening in the world, Allah is saying, ‘now run to Me.’ Five times a day he says, ‘now gauge yourself.’ The wealth is a gauge. The poverty is a gauge. Health is a gauge. Sickness is a gauge. For the man who is thinking, the gauge is everywhere too. The signs are everywhere to indicate his own relationship to his Lord, and where he is in that relationship, in the worldly matters. But when religion becomes no thinking just doing, when religion becomes no tafakkur, no reflection, and it becomes a robotic ritual action, just going up and down, it’s just actions and nothing else, that’s the time, all your gauges are broken but you are still riding the car a hundred miles an hour, it’s going to crash, it’s going to combust, it’s going to explode!

The believer gauges himself when he wakes up. He gauges his iman when he goes to sleep. That time, for a believer, he understands the wisdom and the hikmat of what is happening around him. He understands that. Because he understands his relationship to his Lord. If he understands his relationship to his Lord, you think he is not going to understand now what his Lord’s will is, in the situation that is around him, in this world? AwliyaAllah, of course they are not happy. Believers, we are not happy with what is happening in this world. Don’t misunderstand, people may twist and say that, ‘look at this man, he is saying that all these suffering in the world, and he say it’s good.’ That is not what I’m saying. I’m saying that whatever that is happening in this world right now, for a believer, he’s going to see not only what is happening in front of him, he’s going to see what is happening behind what he sees. And he’s going to understand now where it is that Allah swt is letting things to happen, and where is it that He is putting his will and where is it that things are happening because of men’s disobedience going against Allah’s will and His pleasure. That if he just follow Allah’s will, this world will be a Paradise. And so, for the believer, he will understand the wisdom of what is happening. Because why? The believer is looking at himself, and looking, “I am going through this, I understand what is the wisdom, I understand why this happens. I cannot say, ‘well, this is Allah is testing me.'” So many times, people were very lazy, thinking, ‘Allah is testing me.’ Allah did not test you yet. You enter into this big problem because of your own heedlessness, your own disobedience, your own laziness. You enter into that area, because of that. You cannot say, ‘Allah is testing me.’

Man is living a very unhealthy lifestyle, smoking for example, forty year, he gets some cancer, may Allah not test us and that’s why smoking is forbidden in Islam, later he says, ‘Allah is testing me with the lung cancer.’ Allah didn’t test you nothing. In fact, Allah is being merciful to you by not only providing you with the intelligence, but everyone around you to tell you that this is a wrong action, stop. Or new style, especially we are saying amongst Pakistanis,  anything bad that happens to them, instead of sitting down and say, ‘where is this that is my fault? Where is this that is the fault of my nafs? because Allah is saying, ‘Whatever good that happens to you, know that it’s coming from Allah. Whatever bad that is coming to you, know that it’s coming from your ego. This is ayatul karima. But so many, when bad things happen to them, when good things happen to them, they say, ‘I deserve it. Alhamdulillah, but you know I deserve it.’ Not to say, ‘I don’t deserve it but Allah’s rahmat is reaching to me.’ But when something bad happens, they say this is black magic. Black magic. I cannot find a job. Black magic. I cannot marry. Black magic. I feel so tired. Black magic. Allah is saying in the Ayatul Karima, everything good is coming from Allah. Everything bad that is coming to you is black magic? Where you are going to find where is your fault? You are just running away from that. You are just running away. What? You think black magic is so easy it’s going to touch you if you are calling yourself a believer? You call yourself a believer. You are praying, you are worshipping, you are being a good one, you think it is so easy that is going to touch you? Come on now. But it’s a big business, this. Big sufi business. Correct? Yeah.

So now, for a believer, when he looks about what is happening in this world, the believer, when he looks that everything is good, that the world is saying everything is good, he is going to shake his head. When everything is bad, he is going to shake his head. Do you understand? More than this, this is something that Sheykh Maulana and Sheykh Effendi has been concentrating all their lives, yes, on that level, as a believer, this world is an enemy. You must try to find the wisdom, you must look to your own relationship with Allah, you must be engaging your Iman to be strong, build your relationship, whatever happens it should not be affecting you so much. Because you know where is it that you are interfering, where is it that you should not be interfering. But on the other hand, what is the hope that we are looking for?

Well that’s the thing. Because, for the majority of Muslims, the hope that they are looking for is to have a life that the west is having. That is the hope. The happiness is the life that the wrong system that they are supporting. But the wrong things that is happening here, and in Muslims lands too, is because of unbelief, is because of evil people, that they are interfering into something, and they are making things worse because they say, ‘this is bad. Now let’s make it better.’ And people saying, ‘yeah, yeah, it’s better. Those are backward people. We are going to bring the real civilization. We are going to pull one zalim.’  And now, they knocked down one tyrant, now we have the whole nations become tyrants. How are you going to knock them down now? Then they say, ‘Oh, this is too much of a mess. We just pull out.’ And they pull out. And now, things there are boiling and burning for generations. Sounds familiar? Maybe it’s not in their best interest now to stabilize the region. ‘If we destabilize it, then everyone can be interfering. If we stabilize it now no one can interfere.’

For 1400 years, the Middle East was stabilized. Because there was no direct interference, because Islam was ruling and there was a Khalifah. Correct? So, what is the hope that people are looking for? Wrong hope, if you are looking for, what? this world is going to provide. Sheykh Effendi and Sheykh Maulana has been concentrating to give that hope, hope according to Allah and  His Prophet. Not hope according to your own ego. Not hope according to what magazines are promising you what hope is. Not hope according to what commercials are saying what hope is. Not hope and happiness what the movies and the songs, and… No. It is what Allah and His Prophet, what your Creator and your Prophet tell you what hope is. And they gave that hope 1400 years ago, saying ‘this world is going to be plunged into this kind of a fitna. Sit and wait,’ hope meaning, ‘prepare yourself and hope and wait and pray for my grandson to appear, Hz Mahdi (as).’

We are full of hope. It is what is keeping us alive. And it is Prophetic hope. It is not hope according to our own little desires, little world, little ego. And it is something that we are holding on to. Because the Prophet (asws), whatever he says, comes true. So, we are looking at everything that is happening in this world, we are very sad. But we are saying, everything in this world that is happening right now, it is not pleasing to Allah swt, it is not pleasing to the Prophet, it is not pleasing to the AwliyaAllah. And to get rid of these problems that is made by evil and is made by dajjal, only the one who is going to be sent from Heavens to defeat that dajjal can solve this problem. No one can. That is the promise that is given. And that fills us up with hope. And that is a real hope.

May Allah make us to hold on to our faith, for our faith to increase, to hold on tightly to our Sheykh, not to lose our faith these days, to give us more obedience and more loyalty. Wa minaAllahu taufiq Al-fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26  Rabiul Akhir 1437
February 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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