Essentially what are manners?


 Question: Essentially what are manners?


Manners, edep, anything that we are about to think about, to say something about, if it is not coming from Allah and His Prophet (asws) and the AwliyaAllah, it is malayani. It is complete imagination, illusion and delusion. We are taking our knowledge from those ones who are ahlil Haqq, people of truth. Holy Prophet (asws) said, ‘Allah has sent me to perfect the good characters, to perfect the good manners.’ Islam came to perfect the good manners of mankind. With the manners, the shepherd or the road sweeper will know how to be in the presence of the King. With the manners, the humble person can be in the Divine Presence.

The manners prepare us for Divine Presence, for our return back to Allah. Don’t think our ilm is going to prepare us. How we can show our ilm to Allah? Don’t think our amal, our ibadat, is going to mean anything. What? Our amal and our ibadat that is so corrupted and mixed up and dirty, it is something to be said and something to show to Allah swt to be presented to Him? Manners, now that time, with the manners, Allah swt will allow us to be in His Divine Presence.  So what is this manners? What is this manners? Everyone is speaking about it. The manners that we should look and we should follow,  must be coming from the Holy Prophet (asws). And he has shown us manners that it doesn’t leave any room there for emptiness or for expansion or for improvement. He has shown us manners, the most perfect manners for eating. He has shown us the most perfect manners for praying. He has shown us the most perfect manners for being with each other, for being with those who are in authority, he has shown us the most perfect manners how to be with our Lord. That time when you are following the complete manners of the Holy Prophet (asws), you will understand and you will walk his way.

Where is bad manners coming from? If good manners is coming from Allah and His Prophet (asws), where is bad manners coming from?  Bad manners is coming from sheytan. That sheytan, before he became sheytan, he was Azazil. He had so much ilm, knowledge that he was teaching the angels. Why was he able then to be in the presence of the angels? Because he is not an angel, he’s made form fire, the angels are made from light, he’s made from fire, meaning his creation is lower than the angels, how was he able to reach high? Because of his ibadat. Yes, he was doing hizmet too. He was worshiping so much that he was able to rise into the Paradises and enter and he was teaching some of the angels. Not the highest angels, some of the other angels. And this sheytan, he lost his manners. Because once he started rising, he forgot himself. He thinks he can rise forever. He’s thinking, ‘I’m worshiping, so I’m rising. I’m learning, so I’m rising.’ He’s not understanding what is our ilm, what is our worship compared to the Mercy of Allah, compared to the blessings of Allah. If you are concentrating on that, then you are like sheytan who thinks we can go anywhere, if only we do more. That time you are putting Allah aside. Because you think now, just like sheytan is thinking, ‘if I can rise from this world, if I can enter into the Paradises, and if I can reach to the Angels, then that Maqam al-Mahmud that Allah swt has created, I can also reach, why not? I just have to do more. Because I’m looking the angels they are not going up and down,’ – exception we are not going to talk about that but Allah allows to teach us that angels they don’t even question, ‘but me,’ sheytan is saying, ‘if I just work hard, I can get it.’ In reality he is pushing Allah aside. When he saw the Maqam al-Mahmud, he is understanding that that Maqam al-Mahmud it cannot fit to the angels. And when Allah swt created Adam (as), the physical form of Adam (as), and he is looking at it, when he entered through the mouth, circling around, coming out, he discovered that the body is empty, because Allah swt hasn’t put his secret inside yet. Do you think sheytan doesn’t know that Allah is going to fill it up? He knows. But he is denying it and telling to the angel, ‘see, it is empty. It is made from dirty mud! Clay! Lower. I’m made from the fire.’ But he’s never thinking, ‘what about the angels, the angels are made higher than me, why they are not thinking and aiming? Why are they in submission?’

Don’t think that when Adam (as), when the One Breath, the Holy Divine Breath was given to him, and he became alive, and he sneezed, and later he said, ‘Alhamdulillah,’ first word, he’s praising Allah, that so many Muslims have forgotten this sunnat. Not only when sneezing, but waking up from the death, a small death, sleeping, just to say, ‘Alhamdulillah, that Allah has given me life again.’ Because when you sneeze, the scientist have discovered that when you sneeze, your heart stops for a split second. And the life stops there and it starts again, which is why we say, ‘Alhamdulillah.’ And Adam (as), without knowing anything, without learning anything, understand that Adam (as) he did not learn, he says, ‘Alhamdulilah.’ He’s able to praise his Lord, Allah swt. Then later Allah swt is asking him, ‘What do you say? What is that name? What is that name?….’ name is not a name, meaning Allah swt then gave him the secrets, and he is able to know. Sheytan got very jealous because of that, saying, ‘how can this new creature that is made from this clay and mud know so much? He has never done any single thing to prove his faith to his Lord, while I have done hundreds and thousands of years of service to Allah. and Allah is favouring him?’  And he knew  that there was a secret there. And he knew this one, Adam (as) and the light of the Prophet Adam (as) is the Holy Prophet (asws), that one was for the Maqam al-Mahmud. And he said, ‘I lost again.’

So when Allah swt gave an order to all the angels to make a sujud to Adam (as), and sheytan is saying, ‘no, I’m made from the fire. You made a mistake.’ He is saying, ‘if anyone should bow down, they should bow down to me.’ Now he is hiding it and he’s saying, ‘I bow down only to you, Ya Rabbi.’ But he is not being sincere with that too because if you make a submission to Allah, you have to submit to His orders and His words. And if He says, ‘bow down to a rock, to a stone.’ You have to bow down to a stone. So many people is going to misunderstand this, of course. They say, ‘where is the proof? Don’t we bow down to the Ka’aba? Isn’t it not a stone? ‘Oh, but that’s just a direction.’ Huh, oh so you understand. Because sheytan did not understand. He’s just looking at the outside form and he got jealous with what is inside and he says, ‘I’m not going to bow down to this worse than a stone. This is a clay. I bow down only to Allah.’ So he misunderstood. Did he misunderstand?  No, he wants to understand wrongly. Because he is not understanding the intention. So what is this? Manners is losing yourself, not knowing your limits, manners is not knowing yourself. Because if you don’t know yourself, you think whoever that is in front of you is just like yourself or lower than yourself, a person, so he’s going to treat the person who is in front of him just like himself or someone who is lower than him. But the person who has manners, who understands himself and understands his Lord, that time he understands all of Allah’s creation. He understands. He understands the animals, he understands the fish, he understands the birds, he understands the man, he understands the Angels, he understands.  He understands because he understands his Lord and he knows how to behave. Because he knows how to behave in the Court of his Lord, you think he doesn’t know how to behave to people, to animals, to the other ones? And he is going to treat it according to that station now. He’s not going to go up, he’s not going to go down. According to that station. Because he understands himself. He understands his Lord.

So the whole key now is understanding yourself. It is not to understand your roh, your spirit. It is to understand your ego. It is to understand the veils that is separating you and Allah, and if you are busy just removing that, you are coming closer. How are we going to learn this? Manners you cannot learn from a book. So many people are reading Quran e-Kerim 24hrs, but they have the worse manners. Some people, reading the Quran e-Kerim with a bad manners. They are lying down in the masjid with their feet pointing to the Qibla and reading the Quran. You think that time whatever blessings is going to come to you, it’s going to be good? The blessings will turn to something very bad. Or they are sitting and they are putting the Quran e-kerim on the floor, or on their lap. So there is no manners. Because you don’t understand now the relationship to that Book. If a man who understands, who  has manners, he understands what is that Book of Allah, what is the Quran e-Kerim, that is the word of Allah. That time he’s going to treat it with proper respect. This is not with ilm. There’s nothing to do with ilm, with knowledge, book knowledge, zahir knowledge. It has to do with your own understanding of yourself.


Man, simple man, he says, ‘I know I don’t know anything,’ and he’s seeing the Quran e-Kerim on the floor and he says, ‘this is the book of Allah, how can anyone do this?’ he is going to pick it up and kiss it and put it away. And now, so many Muslims, with so much knowledge, they enter into a masjid,  you see it everywhere. It’s printed like a newspaper. It is treated like that. We are upset because non muslims are disrespecting the Quran e-kerim? Why we are upset? Are we respecting it?

You learn manners from the people who have manners. You cannot learn manners from the book. Find those ones who have manners. Find those ones who are between hope and fear of their Lord. Find those ones. Then that time you are going to understand how to be filled with manners in every situation. It will come to you. It will make you to wake up. You will understand. Wa minaAllahu Taufiq. Al Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26  Rabiul Akhir 1437
February 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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