The death of the Khilafat, the rebirth of the Jahiliyah state


the Exiled Ottoman Sultan

We are asking support from Allah swt and His beloved one, the Holy Prophet (asws), with the support of our Sheykh and Grandsheykh, to send us something that is necessary for us to take for tonight, for this time. How quickly the whole of Muslim world has forgotten. How quickly man can forget. He can be doing something right all his life but the minute he lets his ego to overtake him, he will forget everything.

Mankind can be practicing Haqq, truth for one thousand years, but the moment when he lets batil to enter, one thousand years is gone, it’s finish, like it never happened. For more than one thousand years, Islam had a Khalifah, and Khilafat was so important that the Sahaba e-Kiram they delayed the burial of the Prophet (asws) to elect the Khalifah. What is the reason for that? Because whenever there is an empty seat there, there is definitely going to be batil and fitna who will want to sit there and to divide and to destroy Haqq no matter how long that Haqq has been sitting on that chair. So the most important thing after the veiling of the Prophet (asws) was to make sure that the ummat, although like this or like that, you see the whole of Arabia accepting the risalat of the Prophet (asws), they accepted, correct? But right after the Prophet (asws) was veiled, majority of the Hijaz,  they betrayed and they went back to their jahilliyah ways. They rejected. Not only that, they came to destroy Haqq, both inside and outside. What was that? The rejection of the Khilafat of Hz Abu Bakr Siddiq (ra).

So to have the Khalifah there, the Khalifatullah, the Amirul Mukminin, the Khlaifatu Rasul, it was the most important thing in Islam that it is known in the Shariat, the most important  thing to establish the Shariat, to establish the ruling of Islam, it is to have the Khilafat. For one thousand three hundred years, there was always someone sitting there, the one who represents the one who represents the one who represents the Prophet (asws).  Because in reality, Hz Abu Bakr al-Siddiq he is saying, ‘I am representing the Prophet (asws). Because the Prophet (asws) is representing who? Allah swt. And Hz Umar is saying, ‘I’m representing Hz Abu Bakr as-Siddiq.’ Hz Osman is saying, ‘I am representing Hz Umar.’ And Hz Ali is saying, ‘I am representing Hz Osman.’ So, they shorten everything and they just say, ‘khalifah.’ because you cannot say the Khalifah of the Khalifah of the Khalifah. But that is what that is called Ahli Sunnah. That is a Sunah, that is the wasilah, that is the chain.

So over one thousand three hundred years, the Muslims were holding on altogether to the chain, the rope of Allah and they were not separated. When did the Muslim become separated? When they let go of that rope of Allah, they became separated. They became one thousand pieces. People are very proud and happy, Muslims number one billion, two billion. Yes, now we are shattered into two billion pieces. Because we are not holding on to that rope of Allah. That rope of Allah is it is bringin us to who? To the rope, that people are saying, ‘don’t hold on to your Sheykh, don’t hold on to the Prophet. Only hold on to Allah swt.’ But Allah swt is saying, ‘Hold on tightly to the rope of Allah and do not separate.’ He is not saying, ‘hold on tightly to Me and do not separate.’ So the problem now is, saying you are ahli sunnah but you have forgotten your sunni ways. You are saying, ‘I hold on only to Allah swt.’ So there is no rope. So you are not holding on together. Because, 92 years ago, what has been established for over one thousand three hundred years, over one hundred, actually the last Khalifah, which was who? Do you know? You don’t know? Find out. This is showing that the Muslims, we don’t know your own history of over one thousand years. The last ruling Khalifah, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan (Jannat Mekat),. After him was Sultan Wahid ad-Din, after him was who? Sultan Abdulmecid II, he was the last, correct?

Hundred and first. One hundred and one Khalifah. When the order was given by the parliament of Turkey, because at that time, they are not declaring themselves to be Ottomans anymore, when they entered into his room, in the Dolmabahçe Palace, and his room was the only room that was lit by one light, all the other rooms they are completely dark. The Khalifah of Islam, the last Khalifah of Islam was reading the Quran e-Kerim. And he came, that one, to deliver. He even hesitated. Then he read out the proclamation. The last Khalifah refused to go. But the palace was already surrounded by soldiers. They were ready at any moment to gun down anyone. And there are women there, there are children there. In the middle of the night, through gunpoint, they took him out from the Palace to the train station, at Fajr time, to put him into the train and to bring him to Europe. And after that, no more Khilafat ruling the Muslims. No more shariat in the world. From that time until now, the whole world has been in chaos. There’s no Rahmat, there’s no Barakat.

Yes, he was there at the train station and it was raining.  There was a train station master there. The station master said, ‘please, O Khalifah. Come to shelter.’ Because those ‘animals’ they left him there with all his children and everything, and they came only with one suitcase, they gave him two thousand pounds, like they did to Sultan Wahid ad-Din also the same, he died from starvation. Like what they did to Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan also, putting him in the train that was meant for animals, unclean animals, for pigs. And that station master said to the last Khalifah, ‘Your Highness, please come into my office, come out from the rain.’ He offered him some tea. The Khalifah said, ‘thank you.’ The station master started to cry. He said, ‘you are thanking me? I am thanking you, because for all these years, you have sheltered us and you have protected us.’ Who was this station master? Do you know? He was Jewish. ‘Ottomans have always protected us,’ he said, ‘at least now I have one chance to serve the Khalifah.’ They have faith that time. Ahle Kitab. Where is the faith of the Muslims today? Everyone sits together to recite and to sing songs about the birth of your nation, National day, of every Muslim country. Understand that you are celebrating the birth of your nation because we have collectively betrayed and sent our Khalifah to exile. The death of the Khilafat is the birth of the modern Islamic nations and the rebirth of the jahiliyah state for this whole world.

Never before in the History of Islam that there was no Khalifah. We may speak about exception maybe during the Ottoman times, during the time of Sultan Bayezid, but there was always someone there of others there that was ruling, and the system was intact. But how quickly we have forgotten. For 1300 years this was in front of us. And now less than 100 years, it’s wiped out from our consciousness forever. Whatever little memory there is, whatever little revival of the Khilafat there is, so quickly we see so many other people coming together supporting deviants of Islam, and you have this deviant of Islam calling itself, declaring Khilafat. So whatever little revival, it’s already very conveniently black listed. So now, we spoke earlier at the Dergah about this matter. This is a very serious matter. We must understand the seriousness of this. Because the Prophet (asws) says, ‘if there is no Khalifah for three days, there is no Islam.’

92 years have passed. Are we seeing any day becoming better? For muslims and for the rest of the world? Everyday it’s becoming worse and worse and worse. But muslims are not waking up. We are drugged.  We are brain washed from inside and outside. Don’t say, our enemies did it to us. No. Our own scholars are doing it to us. Those  saying their Sheykhs they are doing it to us. When you don’t remember the one who is representing the Prophet (asws), how you can remember the Prophet? How you can stand up and give Darood e-sharif and salawat and naats, when you don’t remember the Khilafat. How can you? Do you understand? It’s like the ones who betrayed Hz Abu Bakr, but they were singing Darood e-Sharif, salawats to the Prophet. Do you understand. You say you are Ashiqui Rasool but we have betrayed the one that Rasulullah (asws) has ashq for: His representative.

It is the most important thing in the History of Islam, the Khilafat, that the Sahaba e-Kiram they came together. They came together to select Hz Abu Bakr al-Siddiq as the Khalifah, to delay the burial of the Prophet (asws). It was so important. Whatever are we going to say about the Khalifah you may say. There is duhan now. There’s not only dust, everywhere. There is duhan. There is what? There is smoke everywhere, covering everything. So people may say, the muslims are number one saying, but we are asking Allah swt, we are asking the forgiveness from our Sultans, from our Khalifah that although we were not physically there when everything happened, still we are the generations who came from that generation who did not or could not do anything. And we are asking Allah swt to forgive us by us asking their forgiveness.

May the Khilafat return. May the Ottomans come back. May all the righteous ones rise, insya’Allah to bring down this tyranny, to wake up this ummat. To make us to welcome a new age of the Justice, and peace. To welcome the age of Hz Mahdi (as) to bring down every system that is supporting evil. May Allah bring all the good people from everywhere, from every beliefs, from every country, to come together. This is not going to be the time when labels are going to matter so much. What you call yourself, muslims, Christians, it is what is inside. It is your sincerity. May Allah make us to be sincere ones, insya’Allah. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws) and SahibulSaif.  Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
23 Jamada al-Awwal 1437
March 3 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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