Could you tell us how Sultan Mehmet Fatih at a very early age could accomplish conquest of Istanbul


Question: Could you tell us how Sultan Mehmet Fatih at a very early age could accomplish conquest of Istanbul

Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan Hz, that’s a very big subject. I cannot get into it too much. But he was trained. Not only was he trained from very young to get that, his father was trained. Not only that, his grandfather was trained. Because what the Sultan in the old days they did, they were not looking to conquer lands to become richer, to have more power, they were aiming what Allah is promising them, do you understand? They were aiming what Prophet (asws) was looking for. They aim to that. And Prophet (asws) said,’the one who conquers Constantiniye, Constantinople, Istanbul, the general is the best of the general,’ best means from beginning of Adam (as) right to Yaumul Qiyamat, the best, ‘and the army, it is the best of the army.’ There’s no condition there.

So from the time of Hz Osman, he was already sending people there, sending armies there, to enter into Constantiniye. That’s why Ayyub Sultan, the Sahabi, he was there. It is important now, it’s another long story that where he passed he is buried there. He is buried there and then that area there become Holy. You gain access to it already. Spiritually, we’ve already claimed it. Later when other emperors, the Greek Kings, when other ones they came and they threatened to dig up the grave of Hz Ayyub Asari, Ayyub Sultan, I believe at that time, who was there, Hz Muawiyah? One Khalifah. He is saying, ‘if you do that, I will make sure that not a single church is going to be standing in the whole area that we are controlling. In Arabia all the way to Egypt.’ And every church is still standing from that time until now. Every synagogue is still standing from that time until now. There are temples in India that has been ruled by the Muslims for one thousand years, they are still standing from that time until now. So that King now stop, he didn’t dare touch it.

So what are we trying to say now? That there was an aim. It wasn’t Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan. He was the one yes who did it, but what he did was the effort and the prayers of so many that is before him. That his father wanted to do it, but it wasn’t given to his father. He became a governor, then they pulled him and they made him to become the Khalifah, to become the Sultan. He ruled for a while, but he was a man who also knew himself. He said, ‘I cannot. I don’t want to do this. I cannot.’ Now he has to step down and his father has to come and take over. He was known as the eagle. He said, ‘you cannot even imagine what I’m trying to reach, what I’m going to reach.’ So, what was he running after? He was running after the praise of the Prophet (asws).If you are running after the praise of the Prophet (asws), then that time you are going to get yourself ready. Because you are not running for your own ego. You are not running to gain yourself something for yourself.

So what are we here for? If it’s something for yourself, you will get it. If you want wife, if you want job, if you want this or that,  you are going to get it. But this is just trash of the world. This is just toys, candies. If you want jewels, there is something that they can give to you too. Those ones in the old days, they were aiming for jewels. That’s why they became a Sultan. And they became the Sultan of dunya and Ahirat.

He was only 21 and he understood the mission. He understood the mission, he understood his legend. He was already a living legend and this is something that Sheykh Effendi wants to put inside the ummat, that is in the ummat. He wants to put inside this association that we are all sleeping and tired and lazy from our own ego and from our own dunya, that you have a sleeping legend inside of you. That he is trying to wake it up, for us to aim higher than this dunya  that we are being busy with. And  we will be involve in that war that is going to be the greatest war.  Are we understanding? It is the Greatest War.  Al-Malhama al-Kubra, it is the Greatest War. Where are we going to be in the greatest war? Are we keeping it alive? Are we preparing ourselves for it? If you are, your spirit is going to be different when you step into the Dergah. Your heart is going to be different. But we are seeing your heart and your mind is beating different for dunya. It starts beating for the dunya. When it comes to ahirat, everyone is dead.

This is what Sheykh Effendi is putting in us. This is what he is preparing beyond the mountain of Qaf right now, with the AwliyaAllah, that they have all gathered, leaving this world. That’s why you see more, everywhere is burning. AwliyaAllah they no longer are putting their hands to protect it. In the lands of the Afdals in Shams e-sharif, it doesn’t have any sharif anymore. Why is that? If the Awliya they are supposed to protect, what it means when they are not protecting? Do you understand? And they are looking. They are busy, and they are looking. Never forget, they are looking. So many of you, you forget. They are looking and seeing what are we doing to prepare ourselves? Are we fighting? Are we fighting with our sheytan and our nafs? You cannot fight against the army of dajjal if you are not fighting against your sheytan and your nafs. Majority don’t even know about the nafs. Majority don’t even understand it, don’t want to believe in it. How are you going to fight against dajjal that time? It’s impossible. It is impossible.

‘Oh, but if I recite surahtul Qaf, it’s going to be.’ Don’t you think what you know, they also know? What you know, they also know. So how effective is that going to be? ‘Oh, I’m doing this…I’m doing this…I’m doing this…I’m doing this.’ Then you are still not getting it. It is not the physical action that is there. It’s where the heart is getting connected to. How are you going to test yourself where your heart is connected to? Very easy. See what is occupying you, what is making you to be passionate. See what is making you to feel happy. See what is making you to be busy. And if it is not good things, adjust it. If it’s dunya adjust it. Make it to go to ahirat. Because those ones they live and they die for the sake of Allah swt. And they are even very rough and tough with that singular vision. They don’t let anyone, it doesn’t matter to them now whether people like them or they didn’t like them. Because they are looking to please Allah, to get that, to fulfill their destiny.

Maybe there are some people that do not like Sultan Mehmet Fatih Khan because he is so tough. He is a Sultan, of course he has to be tough. When the advisors said to him, ‘we cannot cross because there is water.’ He said, ‘why don’t you take the water out?’

He said, ‘why don’t you take the water out now.’

They said, ‘we cannot. Because there are mountains there and we have ship. Ships go on the water.’

‘Why can’t the ships go on top of the mountains?’

How a man can think like that? When he says, ‘nothing is going to stop.’  And he’s not just coming out with ideas just like that, crazy ideas. He knows when he gives an idea, he already know there are not one answer, there are many answers there. But the people around him, if they are not on the same page, they are just going to be nothing but blocking him, that’s all. And imagine if there are people they are not blocking and they just take that and they just run with it, and they say, ‘okay, it can be done. We are going to find something.’ Instead of saying, ‘No.’ And did he bring the ships across the mountains?  He did. He shook the hearts of the Greeks. And they are saying, ‘what kind of a magician is this?’ And when he entered Constantinople, did he destroy any Church? No. Did he massacre everyone, like so many people are saying? No.

He left everything intact except for one, Hagia Sofia, and in reality Hagia Sofia is already a masjid. Holy Prophet (asws) put his saliva into the soil when the advisor of the Byzantine came to him and saying, ‘we are going to put the largest free standing dome on the face of this earth, but it’s not resting. It’s not staying.’ It’s a huge engineering miracle at that time. It’s a biggest church in Christianity. Prophet (asws) puts his Holy Saliva, mix it with the earth, gave it four and said, ‘put on each corner and it will stand.’ And it stood. The Greeks never put any statues inside the Church. No statues. They put some mosaic around. No statues. The Prophet (asws) prayed because one day it’s going to be the House of Allah. And it did.

Of course, some munafiq alims, saying they are Muslims, but they are saying, they want to turn that Masjid back into a Church. He is saying, ‘I want to give it back to the Russian.’ It’s an unusual times we are living in. ‘why not? They are also alims,’ he is saying, ‘we should celebrate Milad e Nabi Isa on 25th,,’ where you celebrate the Pagan holiday of the early pagan deities, it’s not even the exact date. They say, ‘it doesn’t matter.’ So what matters, what matters to you? ‘Oh it doesn’t matter that is a fake day. It doesn’t matter that they are celebrating the son of God.’ Hasha ataghfirullah. ‘It doesn’t matter. Just say ‘Merry Christmas.’ So nothing matters to you, huh? That is bida’at. They are saying, ‘no, you must be tolerant. You must love and you must do this.’ Breh, in 1400 years, the Muslims have lived alongside Jews and Christians all these times. We did good. You don’t have to compromise the rules of Allah and His Prophet now (asws).

Show me a place in Christianity or in Judaism where Muslims have lived, in the Capital, and Muslims are employed to be in that government and to rule also for one thousand four hundred years. They don’t even allow it today right now in this country. So we are falling back into jahilliyah. We are not moving forward to enlightenment. Enlightenment is only with Allah and with Islam, nothing else. You think, that time you light one candle, you are so proud? ‘Whoosh’ (Sheykh blow) finish.  What are you doing now? because you think you are the one lighting it.

So we have to have a mission. We are not here to fight or to challenge anyone. We are here, hoping for the light of that Prophet (asws) to bring justice and tolerance, yes, and love, yes, to all people. So they were running for that. What are we running for in these days that the Khilafat was removed? That the majority of the muslims don’t care for this. They don’t care. Both ahle Sunnat or ahle Tasawwuf, nobody seems to care except for exceptions here and there. The biggest catastrophe, the biggest catastrophe ever, that the Khilafat was removed and the Khilafat office was veiled. Nobody cares. We should care. Our hands are tied. We should say astaghfirullah, and we should ask Allah, at least sincerely. And we are asking Allah to forgive us for the wrong things that we have done to our Khalifahs, for the wrong things that we have done to Sultan Abdul Aziz, Sultan Abdul Hamid Khan and we are asking them to forgive us. And insyaAllah, if they forgive us, Allah will forgive us. We are here not to live for our ego and for our dunya.

We are here to live for Allah and His Prophet (asws), to continue the mission that they started. May we live for this, may we die for this. May all good, sincere, people come. May all the hypocrites from inside of us and outside be away from us. Insya’Allah. May Allah send us more power to do this work. May Allah protect us from all evil and bad nazar in this world. May Allah bring all the sincere ones together, insya’Allah. May we always be dust under the feet of our Sheykh. For the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), Sultanul Awliya and SahibulSaif. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
25 Jamada al-Awwal 1437
March 5, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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