Breaking the heart of a believer is worse than destroying Ka’aba. What does this mean?


Question: Breaking the heart of a believer is worse than destroying Ka’aba. What does this mean?


BismillahirRamnairRahim. Destur Medet. You will know, if you have broken the Ka’aba you know if you break it. How can you not know if you’ve hurt someone’s heart, it’s impossible to not know. Especially if you are in Tarikat and you are looking at yourself very carefully, and you are looking at what you are saying or doing very carefully, that time even if a person is hiding it you will know. Don’t worry if the person is not showing, others are going to let it to show, to open. I don’t mean other people in the Dergah, I mean those Holy ones are going to wake you up to let you know.

What it mean now when Shah Naqshbandi is saying, in our way it is better to destroy, to burn the Ka’aba, to break the Ka’aba, than to break the heart of the believer? First we have to know what is a believer, what is the heart of a believer, what is the heart for? The heart it is the throne of Allah (swt) . The heart it is the place where Allah (swt) said to His angels who wanted to see Him, Allah replied, ‘you cannot see Me. You cannot even bare to even see a little bit of My Divine lights  It will throw you into non existence. But if you want to see Me go down to the earth, find the believers, those who love Me. Look into their hearts and there you will find Me.’ The whole reason of us making a Zikr is to clean our heart, to polish our heart, for what? Nobody really talks about that. Why you want to polish you heart for what? Just for the sake of polishing your heart, that becomes another useless activity. The heart is the throne of Allah (swt). When we say La ilaha illallah, when we are saying remove, La ilaha illallah it is to put the illallah, except for Allah into our hearts,  in the Naqshbandi order what it means, Naqshband to put the Naqsh, to put the Naqsh, the embroidery, the seal of who? Of Allah into our hearts.

So if a believer has Allah in his heart and a person doesn’t know,  no you cannot say he doesn’t know, when a person breaks that believer’s heart, then he is done a very big wrong. Because the Ka’aba is just made of stone, the Ka’aba has been destroyed so many times, and it has been built, and now those ones they have destroyed even the foundations of the Ka’aba and they have put new ones. The Ka’aba is what? It is a direction, it is a Qibla. It doesn’t mean Allah is there in the Ka’aba. Allah never say, ‘I’m in the Ka’aba,’ did He? Allah is saying, ‘the heart is My throne.’ Allah (swt) is beyond space, is beyond time, beyond place. Allah (swt) now in a different meaning He is saying, ‘ I’m in the heart of those ones who love Me and those ones who believe in Me.’ Now if a person decides to break the Ka’aba, you can rebuild it very easy, because Allah is not there. But be very careful now because if you break the heart of a believer, now you are breaking the throne of Allah (swt). That time you are in very big danger. Because the danger that you can get from breaking a Ka’aba maybe you can rebuild it, but if you break someone’s heart, how are you going to rebuild it? How you going to rebuild it?

So this is teaching us that everyone here it is special and everyone it is beloved by Allah (swt). Because you can never know who is beloved to Allah now. You cannot judge it from the outside, you cannot judge that this one is white or black or rich or poor or young or old or educated, non educated therefore it is the beloved of Allah, because you have not split open his heart to see what is inside. You have not. If you are really awake then really in reality only the EvliyaAllah they are awake, then you can recognize that Wali very easily, because everything he is doing now is just for the pleasure of of his Lord. Because just as the heart it is controlling the blood and it’s pumping through every part of his body and giving a life, so now if you have Allah in your heart, now everything that you are going to do is going to be for the sake of Allah and everything that you do is nothing but bringing light and it is bringing mercy and it is bringing blessings.

So now you don’t know who is next to you. This is to teach us to treat everyone with respect to treat everyone with love. The Ottoman Turks they have a saying,  they say what? Treat every night like it is Laylat ul-Qadr and treat everyone you see like it is Khizir (as). In reality everyone is beloved by Allah (swt). Allah is still sending those blessings. So say you broke someone’s heart and you don’t know, now you know, what are you going to do? Run to fix it. What else are you going to do? You run to fix it. It is also dangerous now because Allah (swt) is looking to that one’s heart and whatever that one is going to ask now Allah will give. So Allah, He is looking there. Whatever that one is asking Allah will give because he has put Allah his heart. So we have to be careful. What if you have done something that has broken that ones heart? Run to fix it, find a way to enter back into that ones heart, because that one who has Allah in his heart he is also not going to be someone who’s going to keep a grudge anyway.

Allah is saying take one step to Me, I’ll take ten steps to you. Allah is looking for any excuse and every excuse to send His mercy and His forgiveness. Those ones who are His servants you think they are going to be like that so stingy and stubborn and not forgiving? No. Now it is according to the sincerity that you are going to have. How you’re going to run to fix that matter.

Although I’ve said all this, one thing we have to know in the Osmanli Dergah no one has that right now, in this Osmanli Dergah it is old original teachings no mureed has that right to say “oh someone broke my heart”, “someone took away my rights”, “someone broke my heart”. It is not, no one has that right now. Sheykh Effendi has taken it away. He’s saying everyones’ rights is in my hand no one has the right to say, ‘that one has taken my rights I’m going to demand my rights, cause he has taken my rights on the Day of Judgment.’ Because every one now is thinking that they are all so so beloved by Allah that they become tyrant. Instead of saying someone has broken my heart but I forgive him because in reality not because I’m so good and I forgive him, don’t think just because you forgive, people forgive sometimes because they think they are Saints. It is not that. It is because I know that I have broken so many other peoples hearts before and I’m asking Allah for forgiveness and I have no right now to ask for my rights because I’ve taken so many other peoples rights before. That time there is going to be balance and there is going to be forgiveness, because the one says I have nothing to be upset about, I have nothing to forgive because I’ve done bigger wrongs things. Straight away he is going to look at himself. Because people become artist also huh, they become very spoiled and they say that one broke my heart. Who are you? What did you do before? Did you remember what you did before? What have you done now to think that suddenly you become such a beloved one? In the Osmanli Dergah, don’t be so quick to say someone has taken my rights from me. You are going to be busy with, how I have taken someone else rights. If you really sit down and you think and you say, ‘well I really didn’t take anyone’s rights today, yesterday or this year since I’ve taken Ba’yat,’ then remember how you have taken away other peoples rights before Ba’yat. Who’s going to clean that up?

So insya’Allah ar-Rahman If we are sincere we will understand insya’Allah. When we are sincere it is easy for the Holy ones to reach out their hand and to save us and to keep us clean. Even when we are filled that much with dirtiness and garbage but we are holding on to them tightly. Because in these days also it is the quality of how you hold on tightly that really matters in the end. Don’t think that so much of our prayer or our Ibadat is going to save us. It is how tightly we are holding on to those who are beloved by Allah that we are never betraying them. That is what that is going to matter.

May Allah forgive me and bless you this much is enough. It is a pretty heavy night cause we talk about heavy subjects but this is something for everyone to wake up and we asking Allah to forgive us for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws) for the sake of Sultan Awliya for the sake of Sahibul Saif for the sake of all our Khalifas, Al-Fatiha, Ameen Salaam Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah.   

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
Osmanli Dergahi NY
24 Jamada al-Awwal 1437
March 4, 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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