Are we making that practice of sacrificing now?


we hear and we obey

That price of saying, ‘we here and we obey. May our lives be sacrificed for you, may our children be sacrificed for you, may our parents be sacrificed for you,’ that is not done through the lips. So, their obedience, their hearing and obeying, it is not blind because if they are doing it blindly, they cannot be guides to mankind, the whole of mankind, until Judgement Day. It’s impossible. If they are only imitating and they are not doing it real, if they are fake, then they will not be praised by the Prophet as, ‘stars that if you take anyone of them, they will lead you to me’, Prophet (asws) is saying.

So we asked before, if you listen to the Jumma khutba, what is the khutba saying?  Talking about Canakkale. To remember. What are we remembering?  Remembering their sacrifice. What has it got to do with us, with you? I ask one murid, that murid said, ‘for me, I want to sacrifice in the same way for the way of our Sheykh.’ How are you going to sacrifice then? What are we going to sacrifice?

In reality, all sacrificing it is nothing but the sacrifice of the ego. We give up from food and drink in the month of Ramazan, you are sacrificing. It is nothing but the ego. You are saying you are sacrificing part of your wages, what you earn from the dunya in the halal way, it is just teaching you that whatever you earn it is coming from Allah, it is a trust that is given to you. Don’t try to claim ownership. Sacrifice that.  And the Hajj, you are finished. The Hajj, you wear white, the ihram, it is to say, ‘Labaikallah,’ when you say to your Lord, ‘Here I am, O my Lord’, you think you are going to your Lord and you are coming back? How you can go to the presence of your Lord to say, ‘Here I am,’ and you come away from His presence? You are wearing white,  that is your ihram. Ihram, coming from the word ‘haram.’ What is it that is forbidden to you now? The dunya, your desires, your ego, sheytan, all these things are now made haram to you. You are understanding because you are not part of this world no more. When you go to the Ka’aba, you are not part of this world anymore. When you return, you must leave your reality there. Whatever that is returning is just maybe one ray that is just continuing day to day, but you want to go back there. That is nothing but a sacrifice.

So what are we sacrificing now?  You are saying, ‘we are sacrificing our ego.’  If you are not going to be able to sacrifice your ego, you are not  going to understand the martyrs of Canakkale.  Because they sacrificed everything. How are you going to sacrifice your ego? Yes, you say, by what? Sameena wa’atana, we hear and we obey. How do you sacrifice by hearing and obeying? That’s not a sacrifice. Because so many are saying, ‘we hear and we obey,’ but to whom are you hearing, to whom are you obeying?  Some say, ‘to you,’ but they are doing opposite. Some say, ‘only to you,’ but their hearts they are being very stubborn and very disobedient. It is inside of us. So learning how to hear, and learning how to obey, this is why we are here. Because it is so easy to say, ‘we hear and we obey.’ What are you hearing?

So many of us, what we are hearing when we close our eyes?  What we are hearing when we are making a zikr, when we are saying ‘Allah’? What we are hearing when something is being done to you that you don’t like, what are you hearing? What are you hearing when you see something that you like? We hear and we obey. Who? The one who has been appointed to us. We hear and we obey our Sheykh. Now tell me that you are going to hear and you are going to obey your Sheykh, and you are going to be in ghaflat and arrogant and stubborn at the same time. How can you? The more you are saying that you are hearing, the more you are reading, the more you are listening to the sohbets of GrandSheykh or Sheykh Effendi, but if it is not making you, your heart, to become soft, and for you, then that time it’s going to be a burden to you.

We are concentrating on the sunnat. We are not concentrating on the ayats. We are concentrating now, not only the Sunnat of the Holy Prophet (asws), but the sunnat of the Prophet (asws) according to our Sheykh, not according to a book, not according to some scholars, not according to imams, we are taking from that. Maybe what he is giving us is only a little bit, this is not true, he is giving us the whole world with the sunnat, but maybe the scholars are going to say he is only explaining very small things, low things. But that is what is going to bring us to safety and to the proper stations that we are looking for. Anything more than that it will crush us. It will be a burden to us, we will become disobedient.  Which is why Sheykh Effendi has said: Allah is saying, ‘We give the Quran to the mountains and the mountains they refused. But to man, heedless  and headless man, they accept.’ Those mountains, they are not these mountains, physical mountains that we see with our eyes. And in  another ayat, Allah swt is talking about the mountains that hold the earth, the world existence together. These are the Evliyallah. These are the Qutubs. And the friends of Allah, they are not rushing to take the words of Allah swt. Because it comes with a very heavy burden. But people now, they are rushing to go straight to the source. You go straight to the source, it will burn your fuse. Whatever little fuse you have, it will burn your fuse. And instead of you becoming clearer and understanding more and having more clarity and peace in your heart, you are going to become even more confused, more stubborn, and pulling yourself out more.

So now the martyrs of Canakkale, they gave everything, they sacrifice. And understand, it is not only them, it is their mothers, it is their fathers, it is their brothers, it is their love ones who also sacrificed. There were families with one, two, three, four, five, six, seven  sons and they sent all their sons to the war, knowing certainly that they are going to be sacrificed in that war. We cannot even put our ego down. We cannot even put our ego down, when the ego is rising, whether it is anger or stubbornness, or  arrogance, just to put it down and say EyAllah, how are we going to sacrifice? This is not option, especially for us, it is not an option. Without that kind of faith, Sheykh Effendi is saying what in the khutba? Anyone listening? Without that kind of faith, you cannot even cross the Sirat. What is a Sirat? It is a bridge. It is sharper than a sword and thinner than a hair. And if you cannot cross it, you will fall down and the Hellfire is waiting for you below. You are not crossing the Sirat now, you are not going to cross the sirat then. If you are not putting yourself to that test, by crossing it now, you are not going to have any practice, how are you going to cross it then?

It’s easy for us to say, ‘we are going to sacrifice.’ But what have we sacrificed? Have we sacrificed?  They don’t need us. We need them. They don’t need our sacrifices. We need our sacrifices, to clean ourselves. Because with that heaviness and with that dirtiness, we are going to fail in this dunya, we are going to fail in the grave, we are going to fail in the Hereafter.

love is sacrifice

How you live is how you die. How you die is how you are going to be buried. How you are buried is how you are going to be raised. Now if we are still not understanding all these wrong characteristics that we have, to get rid of them, these sheytanic characteristics, when we are buried, now everyone is hiding it inside, that time it’s going to come outside. You are going to have the shape. It depends, if you are stubborn like a donkey, you may look like a very nice person, very stubborn, you are going to be buried and the donkey shape is going to transform you. You are going to become a donkey. And you are going to be raised a donkey.

So many times, Sheykh Effendi has said, there will be so many people now raised on the Judgment Day, and they look around they see there are so many animals amongst us, because in the Judgment day, there is no chaos. In the Judgement day, there is no disorganization. In the Judgment day, it is not free for all. Everyone is going to be lining up in ranks.  Everyone is going to be behind a flag, they are going to  stand behind their imams. Which imam are we following? Really, which imam? You can say, ‘my imam is my Sheykh,’ but  continuously we are becoming disobedient and arrogant,  we are not following  the Sheykh now. We are following our ego. The ego is our Imam. That time, Sheykh Effendi said you are going to see so many people, they are in the shape of animals. Animals and men they are not going to be together that time, but they are going to be together. So many are going to wake up, raised on Judgment day and see, ‘I’ve turned into an animal. Why? I go to the Hajj. I give zakats. I fast. I do so many things.’ Yes you can do so many things but if you didn’t let go and get rid of your animal characteristics that’s what you are going to be raised with. It is a very big shame. Because we have been created in ahsani taqweem.

We have been created in the most perfect form. And the Prophet (asws)’s duty is to wake up his ummat and to make us to return to Allah swt clean and pure as He has created us. And the Sheykh of this nation were called to help and to change and to clean us, so that we will return to Allah swt as He had created us. If you think you are pure, you are already in the state of ahsani taqweem now, then you don’t have to be here. Then you don’t have to listen to nothing. But I don’t think so. So the sacrifice, what we must be busy now, because it is impossible now for those Mehmetciks to be able to sacrifice everything if they were not living a life that was preparing them for that sacrifice. It’s impossible. It’s not so easy.

Now we have to be careful. We say we want to sacrifice our lives for our Sheykh, are we making that practice now of sacrificing, or not? If you say, ‘I sacrificed because I move up here.’ Oh, subhanaAllah. So many of us, our lives got better dunya here. ‘I sacrifice because I cannot hang out with my friends anymore.’ You realize what your friends are? It is not a sacrifice, this is a blessing to you. ‘I sacrifice because I cannot watch TV, I don’t watch TV.’ That’s not a sacrifice. Sacrifice is when you give up something good. The television is a sheytan box, it’s a sewer. And our lives here, in reality it is not a sacrifice. But are we swallowing our anger and learning how to digest it and passing it out? That, they are looking for. Are we being busy searching for the arrogance? Are we being busy looking for the stubbornness? Or are we being busy looking to other people, ‘This one is wrong. This one has a past. This one is like this. This one is like that…’ Busy with other people but they are not busy with themselves. Uff, that time, you are taking their burden, you are taking their sins and you are putting it on top of your head.

Be busy with ourselves. InsyaAllah. If you are not given any position of authority, be busy with yourself. Those who are given positions of authority, they have to be more careful. And you all have been witness to how when Sheykh Effendi was here. He didn’t give me a minim, not an inch, he didn’t give me a minim, and our Sheykh is malamat. We should try to walk in their footsteps. What is malamat? The self blaming one. That others all around the whole world will blame you too. But he is walking his way straight. He is not looking left and right. Not hearing anything. He is not listening to the world, he is not listening to his friend, he is not listening to his family, to his wife, to his children, to us. He is walking his way straight. We should too. With that, insyaAllah, at least we are going to hold on tightly to our Sheykh. That when he cross the sirat, we can keep up with him. If we don’t have that connection,  even if you have the Prophet in front of you, you will fall. WaminAllahu Taufiq.

May Allah forgive me and  bless you. May Allah raise the station of the martyrs of Islam, especially the martyrs of Canakkale. May they always be looking down on us and praying for us and giving their medet and their himmet to us. May Allah not test us but may we be strong ones to be able to sacrifice ourselves dunya and ahiret. For the way of Haqq, for our Sheykh. InsyaAllah. waminAllahu Taufiq Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)  Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
9 Jamada al-Ahir 1437
March 18 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)





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