Precious Jewels of SahibulSaif


precious gem of our sheykh

Alhamdulillah. We are thanking our Lord Allah swt for making us to go through another Jummah with our iman, faith, intact as Muslims. That one week has passed and like this or like that, alhamdulillah, with the support of our Sheykh, we did not make ourselves to be fooled by this  dunya or this ego, or by sheytan. Keeping our lives simple, to worship and to understand what it is that our Sheykh has left for us. Whatever that he has left for us, it is enough for us until Judgement Day. But what is it that he has left for us?

So many of you, you have met Sheykh Effendi, you were with him and there are some who has never met Sheykh Effendi. So what is it that Sheyh Effendi has left that is enough for the whole world mankind until Judgement Day? What are his jewels that he has left for us, for the whole of mankind, especially for the 21st century, shall we say mankind? No, 21st century barbarism. Mankind who has completely lost their direction; man and woman, young and old, Jewish Christians and Muslims, they have left the traditions of their Holy ones  and they are making everything up new these days, thinking with this new things, everything is going to become fresh and everything is going to become better, but we are seeing, everyday it is getting worse and worse and worse. What is it that Sheykh  Effendi has left to us? What did he teach us?

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been thinking about this, and I’ve been answering me that question very often, and for me, this is my answer, because for you maybe you have different answers. Maybe for some, Sheyh Effendi has left them a family, a job,  an opening. But what Sheykh Effendi,  Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz has left for me is he has made me to save  myself from myself. And he saved me from the hands of my ego. He saved me from sheytan. He saved me from this dunya. And he saved me from the Hawa. I’m not claiming that I’m free from all these, but what I’m saying is that our Sheykh has made this very clear to me how to pull myself out from being drowned in this world and how to reach to Maula. This he has made very clear to me. Whether it is my own individual characteristic that I need to get rid of, or characteristics that I need to take or the characteristics of the society and the people around, or this world, he has made things clear. He did not do this in one day or two days. He did this over his lifetime that he has spent with us. And he is saying the same message over and over again, every single day: Know the reason of your creation. You must know the reason of your creation.

Every single day, in reality we have been created again. They are saying that sleep is a little death, we come back from that almost dead like state, which in these days most people when they are sleeping, they are dead. They are not sleeping to become alive, to start seeing with the eyes of the heart, the Creation of Allah and what is there that is for you. They are not alive to that spiritual world that we enter when we are sleeping. Whatever that you are being busy with in this world, in the day when you are awake, that is what you are going to bring to your sleep and to your dreams.

So  Sheykh Effendi he is reminding us over and over again: We have been created, the reasons of our creation is to know Allah and to worship Allah. Every single day it is a new chance for us to know Allah again. It is a new chance for us to come back to ourselves. Maybe, not maybe, definitely from the ghaflat that we had yesterday, that with the mercy of Allah, with the sleep, He has taken away all the heaviness and all the sins from us. In reality, Allah swt , the Holy Prophet (asws), the Sheykh comes and he cleans you up every single night, like a little baby when he is sleeping, its diaper needs to be changed,  the mother comes and changes it. If not we cannot wake up, if not we cannot get up from bed, from all the heaviness of all the disobedience and all the wrong things and wrong actions and intentions that we have. It will crush us. So we have been given life again. Another day. For what? To run into this world? To earn from this world like a crazy person? A person has to be crazy to run after this world instead of running after the Creator of this world. To run after our desires? So many when they are waking up, the first thing that they are thinking is what am I going to eat for breakfast.  Hawa, correct? But Allah swt, He has declared in the Day of Promises, in the Day of Alastu Birabbikum, when He is saying, ‘Am I not your Lord?’ and in that Day of Promises, we have made a promise to our Lord, we have promise to Him, Allah swt. We were there.  We witness it. We were there with those ones that now if you are looking to find Allah, to find others also looking for Allah and they happen to be in your journey too, those are the ones who have been with you since that Day of Promises.

Allah is saying, ‘am I not your Lord?’ and through the Mercy of the Prophet (asws) and his Tawassul, and through the Evliyaullah, we say and we reply, ‘Qalu Bala – yes indeed, You are.’ Allah swt is asking us that question continuously. Continuously, asking us everyday. But at least for us, claiming that we are believers, claiming that we are following Tasawwuf,  to wake up in the morning and to answer to that question again, that Allah swt has asked us again. Given life back to us as we wake up, as believers we wake up to pray Fajr. We wake up to worship Allah. We wake up to answer to that question that was ask in the time before time when Allah is saying, ‘am I not your Lord?’ and we say ‘Qalu Bala – yes You are. You are the only One that we worship, only One that we love. Only One that we are asking for help.’  To understand this and to answer it sincerely. Not as a robot, not to get up without heart, without understanding, through force to take the wudhu and to pray quickly and to go back to sleep. This is not the action of a believer. The believer wakes up knowing that now, Allah swt has given life to him. Which is why the Turks they are saying, ‘when you go to sleep, know that death is under your pillow. And when you wake up, know that death is right in front of you.’

What is that, to know that death is right in front of you? One of the ways to understand this, when you wake up is to know, to  understand, to believe I was from death. I was dead to this world. I was so close to that real death, that there is not guarantee if we go to sleep we are going to wake up, there is no guarantee that whatever intention or plans we have the next day, when we go to bed, we will get up. There are so many thousands of people tonight, they are going to sleep and they are not going to get up.  They made plans too. They have ideas too. They have intentions, they have plans. But if you make your plan to be opposite to the plan of Allah, we have our plans, Allah has plans. But Allah is the best of the planner. Now just to get up and to say ‘Ya Rabbi, thank you for giving me life again. And forgive me because I should have gotten up earlier to worship. When You are blowing into the whole of creation Your Holy name, the Holy breath of Hai, to give life to the creation, to wake us up, I was still sleeping. Forgive me. Give me the power now to wake up at least to have You in my heart.’ Do that, sincerely.

What is the khutba saying? Allah swt looking for what? Qalbun Salim – the pure heart. The Pure heart. It is not so many actions that you are going to do to make a show but what is inside really that only you know. What is inside, is it sincere or not? You know. You wake up and you become sincere with that, watch your whole day is going to open, all your difficulties will become light. You will see wisdom everywhere. You will have more faith and you will have more lightness and strength to live that faith. Billions of people in this world now, but only a handful, very very small handful that they are looking to know themselves , very small handful looking to know Allah and to worship Him. We may be counted as those nominees. But don’t let our days and our nights to pass in emptiness. If we are not aiming to know ourselves everyday, how much today did I lose? How much today did I win? Not the dunya, but ahirat. What did I send to my grave? What did I not send to my grave? You make this strong and active, and that time, you are knowing yourself a little bit more, a little bit more, little bit more, and Allah swt will be pleased with you, will be speaking to His angels, boasting to His angels about you,’the small creature, weak creature that is being created in so much weakness in the ahir Zaman, for the whole world and all the sheytans and all the desires, they are pulling him but he is pushing himself away from them and he is searching for Allah, and he is connecting to the Prophet  (asws), and he is holding on to the words of those ones, our Sheykhs, with their mercy, to make it easy for us to understand. Easy for us to hold. This is the difference between Sheykhs and Scholars.

The Sheykh they are making it easy for us. The scholars, it is difficult. May Allah forgive me, insya’Allah. May Allah make us to grow our faith everyday, to ask Allah for forgiveness and to make us to become clean ones dunya and ahiret, to forgive us all our sins and we are asking Allah to end this age of tyranny soon. We are asking Allah to send Mahdi (as) soon, to send our Sheykh soon, that with their one Takbir this evil will fall. WaminaAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
16 Jamada al-Ahir 1437
March 25 2016.stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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