Miserliness is far from Allah, far from Paradise, near to the Hellfire



Allah is giving us reminder saying, ‘if you are asking for their behalf, but they are not sharing with other people, then I’m going to put you to go through test with those ones.’ And He is giving us the story of what happened with Musa (as):

One day Musa (as) was walking through, going to the mountain of Tur to speak with Allah swt and while he was going, there was a man sitting on top of a rock. He had only one piece of cloth covering his private part. That man asked, ‘Ya Musa, where are you going to?’

‘I’m going up the mountain.’

He said, ‘ask Allah to give me some wealth. Even though I know I’m praying, but I don’t have anything. So can you ask Him to just give me a little.’

And Musa looked at him and said (to himself) that he is a good servant. So he went up and he asked. Allah said to him, ‘Ya Musa leave that one to Me.’

He said, ‘Ya Rabbi, he asked from me, so I’m asking, please give him something.’

Allah said, ‘ya Musa, you are speaking on behalf of that person? You are intercessor of that one?’

‘Yes Ya Rabbi.’

‘Ok. for you, because of you, I’ll give to that one. When you are going back, tell him, the rock that he is sitting on, dig a little bit. He’ll find something underneath that rock.’ So Musa went to that man and said, ‘Allah is sending selam to  you. The rock that you are sitting on, dig a little bit and you are going to find gold.’ And he left.

Slowly that man started digging, and he find gold. What is he going to do with the gold? He went to the market to change it. He took the money to buy some lamb. Soon, the lamb started to multiply and slowly he started buying the city, the whole city. Every time he went to the rock, the gold is there. He took the gold, started buying, going back and forth in that way. One day, the ruler of that town died and they say, ‘who can we put to replace him?’

‘This one (the man who sat on the rock) he owns a lot of money anyway.’

So they took him to become the king. And he built a beautiful Palace for himself. So Musa (as) knowing him, and he knows Musa  (as), and one day, Musa (as) was passing the Palace and he said, ‘let me just go to visit him.’ And he walked towards the direction of the Palace. Through the walkways, that one (the rich man) was watching from above. He saw Musa (as) coming and immediately he called his guard. He said, ‘you see that man, go quickly and tell him not to enter here. And if he is asking for me, tell him that I’m still there sitting on top of the rock.’ Not just he became so wealthy, he didn’t even want to see Musa (as). Majority of people is like that too,  worse than that. So,  the guards went to Musa and said, ‘You cannot enter.’

‘Why?  that one is my friend. He used to be.’

‘No, he doesn’t want to see you. He said that your friend is not that one (the king). Your friend is that one who is sitting on the top of the rock.’

‘Hmm…he has this wealth and he is doing this?’ Musa (as) asked.


‘Let it be that way then. But I’ll be putting that seal. He wants to be sitting back on the rock eh? You think that I interceded for you  and you are reaching up and now you don’t want to serve me a glass of water when I’m coming to your doorstep? And you are playing with me saying that you are sitting on the rock. Let it be that way.’

So, Musa turned back. Before time, everything started crushing down. That man lost everything. Then, one day, he went back to the rock and started searching for gold all night long but there was none to be found. And he started sitting over there again. So, Musa (as) was passing by one day, looked at him,  and he said, ‘Allah knows what He’s doing. I interfered in His business and I interceded for you. This is what you should do (sitting and praying on this rock). Not that King.’

So many  people are like that today. When you interceded for their behalf, people, they are not giving zakat, they are not giving sadaqah,  they are not giving anything, they want prayer. More and more. For who? For who is this? For you. Nobody else. For your ego. So, you have to learn how to share the wealth. This is exactly what ibn Salamah did. Ibn Salamah was a Sahabi and he was sitting inside the Prophet’s masjid, just like Bilal, all the time. Cleaning and doing so many things and preparing the masjids. They are not under the payroll, those guys over there . But no guys are coming here to think, to say, ‘these guys are working here. They are preparing, they are feeding us, they are giving us everything, they are working voluntary.’ Nobody thinks to go to them and say, ‘let me give ten dollars for this guy. Maybe he will be happy. Let me give twenty dollars for this guy.’ Understand? Because they are doing service to you. Nobody is under any obligation to do service to you. Think on it. You go to a restaurant, they give you one stinking poison coffee, you pay two dollars and you pay two dollars tips because of the girl coming to serve the drink to you. That’s the reality.

Now, the people they are not thinking on it. They completely lost this. And what we say, well, if you lose it completely, slowly you may become Ibn Salamah. Cos ibn Salamah was just like that. He’s praying and all the time fixing the masjid, doing everything, and almost twenty four hours, he was in the masjid. One day, he came to the Holy Prophet saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, pray for me that I will become wealthy.’ And Holy Prophet looked at him and said, ‘It’s not for you Ya ibn Salamah. Allah is happy with you in this service. Keep this service.’

Next day, he came again. That’s why you say one time to the Sheykh. Don’t go ten times. He knows. He’s delaying certain things for a reason. Not for you all the time to say, ‘do this and do that.’ And I’m reminding, you say one time to the Sheykh, he knows. If he is delaying it, there must be a reason. So, Holy Prophet is saying to him, ‘this is just for you, Ya ibn Salamah. Keep this way.’ Next day he goes again, saying, ‘Ya Rasulullah, pray for me.’

‘Ya ibn Salamah. For you, this is better.’

Then he said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, I want to become wealthy not for myself.’

‘for whom?’

‘for the Sahabi so that I can help them.’

Holy Prophet said, ‘Ya ibn Salamah. You are not richer than Allah. Allah wants them this way.  So, don’t interfere. Be happy with what you have.’

Again and again he came to ask from Holy Prophet. And one day, Holy Prophet said, ‘since you ask so much, I’ll pray for you.’ All Prophet (asws) had to do, he had to open his hand. That’s what Holy Prophet had to do; open his hand. What do we do? We open our hand, asking Holy Prophet. We say, ‘Ya Rasulullah, this is your servant, he is trying to do this, he’s trying to do that.’ Sometimes, no answer. Sometimes, strong answer saying, ‘don’t ask for that one’s behalf. You don’t  know.’ Then we shut our mouth. We don’t ask.

So, ibn Salamah, soon as Holy Prophet prayed for that one, some other Sahabi came and give two sheep to him saying, ‘I cannot handle this anymore. Maybe you can handle them.’ So he gave ibn Salamah his two sheep. The sheep start to multiply, multiply and multiply. Before you know, ibn Salamah who used to spend time in the Masjid, cleaning and doing every service, sitting in the Holy Prophet’s table, eating together, now he comes only during prayer time. Because he was busy with  the sheep. Slowly, one time a day, dropping it, he gets up in the morning, pray, go, and he comes night time. Slowly, he started to come only one time a day, and slowly, once a week, only  for Jummah. Holy Prophet is not saying anything. He was just watching. He’s not seeing? Of course he’s seeing. But he’s not saying nothing. Slowly, ibn Salamah stop coming.

One day, Holy Prophet is saying to the sahabi who were sitting around him, ‘Where is ibn Salamah?’ All Sahabi, they put their head down. ‘Where is ibn Salamah?’ They said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, it is known to you, he has so much wealth, he has so much animals. He cannot live in Medina. So he has to go out of Medina and it is pretty hard for him to go back and forth.  So he’s not coming.’

‘Hmm, so he became very wealthy?’

‘Yes, ya Rasulullah.’

‘So, who does he help with that wealth?’

All the Sahabi sitting over there, ‘not to us ya Rasulullah.’

‘Okay.’ Short time later, the ayat came for zakat, for wealthy people that they have to pay zakat. Holy Prophet (asws) sending messages to the wealthy people, saying, ‘these are the ayats and this is what you have to give. One from every fouth.’  And he sent two Sahabis to ibn Salamah too. Saying that he is wealthy enough, that he can give zakat. So they went to ibn Salamah and said, ‘this is what Holy Prophet is saying. This is a new ayat coming, and this is the condition and you have to give zakat.’

Zakat (2)

Ibn Salamah said, ‘hmm, you mean, from all the wealth that I work for, I have to give somebody else? I work for it.’ The Sahabi were shocked and said to him, ‘you know, this is ayat. It is coming from Allah.’

And he said, ‘are you going to some other place?’

‘Yes we are going to another sahabi who is living behind there.’

He said to them, ‘go to that one first. Finish with that one. And on your return, when you are passing from here again, I’m going to decide that time what I’m going to do.’

And they came back to him.

Ibn Salamah, he said, ‘what happened to Muhammad? He’s asking for bribery now?’

Hasha Astaghfirullah. Sahabi, they were shocked. They went back to the Holy Prophet. Holy Prophet is knowing, saying, ‘what happen?’

They said, ‘Ya Rasulullah, we are feeling shame to say this, but this is what he said.’

Holy Prophet said, ‘Oh, ibn Salama, You have lost. You have lost. and you have lost.’

Sometime later, Holy Prophet passed away. Now he (ibn Salamah) is under that burden, under that heaviness. So he’s running, coming to Abu Bakr Siddq, saying, ‘I want to pay all my zakat that I didn’t pay up till now.’ Abu Bakr said to him, ‘the one who didn’t give zakat to Holy Prophet, I’m not taking his zakat. Go away!’

Abu Bakar as-Siddiq (ra) live over two years, he passed away. Umar became the khalifah. In so many ways, to some people, he is necessary. Abu Bakr Siddiq, he’s just saying, ‘no, I don’t take it if you didn’t give it to the Prophet. I cannot take it.’ So ibn Salamah is trying to send messenger to Umar (ra) saying that he’s trying to give zakat. Umar sending message back to him saying, ‘say to him, the one that who didn’t give zakat to the the Prophet, and his zakat is not taken by Abu Bakr Siddiq, don’t he dare ask to give zakat to me, I will cut his neck off!’

‘O Ibn Salamah, you have lost. You have lost. You have lost.’

So many Ibn Salamah today inside Islam. They have lost. They are going to lose it. They are going to lose dunya and they are going to lose ahirat.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs)


June 19 2008
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