“Invite (all) to the Way of thy Lord with wisdom and goodly exhortation”


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Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla, Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk. Hasbinallah wa ni’mal wakeel. La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil azim.  

Everyone is looking for unity these days eh? Masha’Allah, so much unity the world has. Never before we’ve seen everybody is calling for unity. Tarikats calling for unity. Muslims calling for unity. All religion is calling for unity. All people is calling for unity. So much unity. Never before we have seen in, say if this world is seven thousand years, never before we have seen in seven thousand years, so much unity or the call for unity. Must be, everyone is united. Must be, everyone is together. Must be, everyone is working towards a common goal. We are working towards a common goal. The common goal is walking in the way of dajjal and going to the Hellfire. This is the common goal. This is what the whole world has united for the past hundred years. Everyone from top to bottom, even now that they have agreed on.

So the world is already united. Why are we calling for more unity? The world is already filled with betrayers. All the betrayers they are united. So what are you calling for unity for? World is coming together to teach the young and to make sure that the old become complete tyrants and egoistic selfish ones, caring only for themselves, their families or their own people, or their own ideologies, or their own religions, only for themselves. Everyone is united on that. What more unity we want? Oh, maybe they want to unite Haqqand batil. That is new. You should try. I commend you for trying what the Prophets did not try. You must be a very special one, very high maqam, to unite truth and falsehood. Hmm, you want to unite the ahle Jannat with the ahle Nar. To unite. You want to unite those who are sincere to those who are munafiq, hypocrite, you want to unite. Very good. You should unite. This is exactly what the dajjal is doing. One world order, new world order, everything is united now.

So you are calling for unity. That’s very good. You should call for more unity. Because with more unity we see everyone is getting more united right?  We see unity everywhere. From the lowest levels, to the groups, to the nations, to the league of nations. Everyone is united. ‘Oh, it’s not united.’ SubhanaAllah. ‘It’s not united.’ Why is it not united? Everyone is working for the same boss. Everyone now is working for dunya. They are working for sheytan, working for your ego, working for your desire. This world is already united. We don’t need unity. We need separation. We need to separate the Haqq from the Batilbecause this is what dajjal is doing, to unite Haqq and batil, to make white to be black and black to be white. Or these days, no white, no black. You are just one color on the spectrum. Everything is spectrum. Masha’Allah. Very good. Signs of the last days. Signs of the end. Signs that Mahdi (as) is coming, very close, very near.

Where is your heart now? The one who is ahle nar is going to be the same with the one who is ahle Jannat? Allah swt is saying, truth it is the same as falsehood? Allah swt is saying you must encourage good and encourage falsehood? New styles. New reading of Islam. That everyone is doing, that they put their seeds in there, years ago. First, you start to attack people from other religion. Is it in Islam? Is it sunnat to attack people of other religions, of their faith and to argue with them, and to say, ‘your book is wrong’, your prophets they are wrong. You are wrong. Everything is wrong’? Which prophet did that? Which Sahabi did that, to argue about religion? Or did the Holy Prophet (asws) say, ‘do not argue about religion because it extinguishes the light of faith.’ Once you start arguing, once you say to the person, ‘you are wrong and I am right,’ the ego is just standing right there. When the ego is there, no truth can come. No logic can come in, no intelligence can come in, it’s just your ego that is standing there.

That is not the way. But Allah has shown how are you going to invite people. Inviting people, to say, ‘come to my house. I have some food. Come and share this food with me.’ It is different from going to someone’s house and saying, ‘your house sucks. Your food sucks. You must build this like I build my house.’ This is very foolish. This is very square head. But this was put, because they start attacking other religion first and Muslims feel so happy. Because they say, yes. Now we have one Muslim guy, standing there and attacking all these other religions base on their own words, and establishing the truth. If the truth, your idea of truth, if it is not base on the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws), it will lead you to Jahannam. Because it is what? It’s a bid’at. It is an innovation. To argue now about religion, it is an innovation.

Allah is saying, ‘invite them with the best of words.’ Allah swt is even saying to Musa (as) Kalimullah, to go to who? To Firaun. And he say to Musa (as), did He say to Musa (as), ‘go there and curse him. Go there and make fun of him. Go there and destroy him.’? What did He say? ‘Speak gently to him.’ Allah is saying to Musa (as), ‘speak gently to him. Speak gently to the Firaun.’

Everyone becomes a Firaun now. So they put that. They say, ‘Oh, is this in your Bible? Whatever that you are doing is it in your Bible?’ They are saying that. They are saying. Number one, it is not sunnat to do that. How do you like it if somebody comes up and they start to give us a lecture about our own religion. ‘Is it in the Quran? You are praying five times a day, is it in the Quran? Is Quran saying five times a day? Is it in the Quran? The Quran is saying pray five times a day?’ It is not. ‘You are saying Amantu billahi wa malaikatihi wa….., is it in the Quran? Quran is saying this? Like that?’ It is not. ‘what is the Quran saying?’ It is not. So everyone now they learn from that. Years ago they establish it, make fun of their religion. Take their books and look to their books. Don’t look to see how they are believing, why they are believing? Just be looking at their books like Wahhabis, then we see one, ten years, twenty years, the same thing they are doing now to our Islam. ‘Is it in the Quran? It’s not in the Quran. Is it it in the Quran, to follow a Sheykh? Is it in the quran now to have a maulid? Is it in the Quran now to respect the ahle beyat?’ Of course it is. Everything is there. But for the blind man, he does not even see the sun now. But the Prophet is saying, ‘don’t argue about religion.’ Finish.

There are other ways to invite people to Islam. There are other ways to do it kindly. Because they are still the ummat. But to make the division like this, it is wrong. What are they doing? They are coming to you to attack you? Are they coming to attack us? They are coming to attack us and to say, ‘da..da..da..da, all these things you follow the Quran,’ if they do that, we don’t have the right to do the same thing that they did. But they are not coming. So now it is just pumping up the Muslims to have their ego to be swollen like this, huh! How many are you bringing to Islam? You cannot bring people to Islam by argumentation. Because you think you argue they come to Islam? It is already wrong. You cannot bring people to Islam by argumentation. Because you think you argue they come to Islam? It is already wrong. It is Allah swt with His Hidayat.

invite to Islam

Is this the way that the Islam was brought to the early Mushriks that Prophet (asws) sit down and argue to them about their religion? Was this how Islam was spread to Egypt? To Iraq? To all these Muslim countries now that they were not Muslim before? Was this how Islam was brought to India, to China, to southeast Asia? That the Alims and the Ulamas and the Sheykhs and the Evliyaullah they come and they start attacking? So this is new style. And it’s just ego. This is wrong. The end is wrong. It will be wrong. So how are you going to find unity now? You cannot find unity. What we see now is complete division and fitna that is what it is. Everything is fitna.

So we take advice from the Prophet (asws), what he has asked us to do in these last days, how to conduct our faith. He says, ‘take whatever little faith that you have, practice it. Be sincere. Be simple. Don’t run around trying to learn so much. More you are trying to learn, more division is going to be, more fitna it is going to be. Take your faith, run to the mountain.’ Live simple. This is the meaning of that hadiths. This is what we are trying to do. We are saying this to warn. Those who listen, they listen. Those who don’t want to listen, don’t listen. It’s okay. But we are here and we are happy. Because we are here following our Sheykh. And we are seeing the fruits of his words.

Just because I prove that you are wrong, it doesn’t mean that I’m proving that I am right. How do I prove that something is right? By living the right lifestyle. But the one who is doing all these things, his aqidah is wrong anyway. If you reject the four mazhabs, youraqidah is a question mark. If you deny the tawassul of the Rasulullah (asws), big question mark. But Muslims they are blind. They say, ‘it’s okay. That’s his private matter.’ Private matter?  ‘Let him to speak about these things because it boost our ego. Because we like it. This is private matter. His personal beliefs.’ We say, mashaAllah. If your faith is wrong, the words that you are going to speak, do you think it’s not going to be tainted? Not going to be poisoned? What good is going to come out from that?

As you like. Everyone, we are responsible for ourselves. We are saying, for those who wants to listen. If you don’t want to listen, you are free. Say, he is speaking only to himself. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Rajab 1437
April  15 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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