Look within, reflect on our own humanity


Hoja and murid

Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim. BismillahirRahmanirRahim. We are asking protection from our Lord from the evil that is inside of us and the evil that is outside. And we are starting in mentioning His name, saying it in His name of Compassionate and the most  Merciful. Because in this name of Rahman and Rahim, it is contains all of His other names. You love something, you give it so many names, ‘how are you my honey, my darling, my sweetheart, my baby,’ everyday different name. Correct? We love our Lord. And our Lord has revealed Himself in so many names, and the most beautiful characteristics, the most beautiful name belongs to Him. But He is a generous Lord. One, Our Creator, your Creator, my Creator. The white, the black, Jews, Muslims, Christians, believers and unbelievers, One Creator. We can call Him in different names. When you decide to own something, and say, ‘this is only  mine,’  that is when the problem comes. Because nothing in reality belongs to you. Your life belongs to you? You gave yourself life? ‘I’m free.’ Then be free not to breathe. ‘I’m free.’ Be free not to die.

We are prisoner between two breath. If I tell you this (Sheykh shows a tasbih) did not have a creator, this just became like this by chance, by mistake. Billions of years passing, so many things happening, suddenly it just became this. Or this (Sheykh shows a mobile phone) Everyone carry this correct? There is no one who made this. If I say it to you, no one, just by coincidence it happens. You  are going to say, ‘you are a crazy person,’ or ‘you are a very foolish one.’ What about the One who makes this, man, that in his physical properties, although he is weak compared to the animal world, the miracle and the beauty and the blessings and the sophistication of one eye, one eye not two, we can never replicate the design from the Greatest Designer. The One who is saying, ‘I am the most Generous, and what I have in reality it is for you. Everything is for you. This world I have created it for you. But this is not your home. Because you belong to Me.’ And this is our journey.  You are going to move from place to place. Place to place, place to place. This is our reality. Whether physically or spiritually, we have to move, we have to change, but the journey does not end. It never ends.

We had a beginning before this life. We had a life before this life and we had a life before that life too. Saying, ‘life begins in the mother’s womb,’ we had a life before that, and we have a life after. And it is that life, that real life, that this life is nothing but a shadow from that life, that is where we came from and where we are returning. Because the journey, it is not straight line. It is cyclical. It’s not cyclical, it’s like a  vortex. It’s going up. Right? Everyone getting very excited now. They are  saying, the universe is expanding in how many thousand miles? Sixty thousand miles per minute? Doesn’t matter, whatever numbers that you put in, that is expanding. This universe, how  many billions of universes? But everything is moving top speed. Where?  We are also moving, where are we moving to? Do you think everything that has been created in  perfection is just becoming like that? So we are moving. And the journey, it’s a very long journey. And the journey is going to continue. And the journey is never going to end. Because our Lord has no beginning and no ending. And it’s like a child who is holding a candle and there was a fire to the candle and this man is saying, ‘where is the fire coming from?’ The child looks at him. In reality, that one is a Saint. He smiles. He blows out the candle. He said, ‘where is it going to?’

Where are we going to in this huge journey? It is a journey that our Lord has sent 124 000 Prophets, that He is saying to every group, every nations in this world, nations that we know and nations that we don’t know, nations that we are still yet to know, He has sent a messenger. And every messenger is bringing the same one message. Not two. One message: You have a creator who created you.  And we are here to go back to Him, to go back to our home. 124 000 Prophets they came, they left their successors, some following the straight way, some taking a detour, some making a deviation, but look to see, every different traditions we may say, everything different, faith, tradition you will see that there are some very strong values and fundamental truth that you cannot deny. Because when we look a the spirit, you cannot deny it. The spirit is not according to dogma. It cannot be. You have to believe. You have to accept. No one is there to force you. Like Allah swt is saying, ‘There is no compulsion in religion.’ To your understanding. But what will make a man to understand? It is not something from outside. If he himself does not have that answer, how he can agree to something that is given to him?

In our way, there is no original sins. There is original innocence. Everyone is innocent in their originality. And that originality, whether it’s that child or that originality that comes from a man who is old, that originality is still there in him. And because of that, he will find affinity and love to others who may be completely different from him in every way. Because now, his understanding, not the humanity, his understanding the spirituality, something there that is not from this physical world, something there that binds. Because every Prophets, the Prophets did not come to bring religions, they come to make us to understand that we are humans, that we are not animals, in the most terrible way. Because there are so many characteristics of the animals that if you take them, you will become holy people. I think Sufism is the only religion that says, ‘if you have the twelve characteristics of the dog, you are having the same characteristics of the Prophet and the Saints.’ That the Prophets and the Saints they have to have these characteristics of the dog. Not from that, because the animals are also Divinely inspired. You think that they are acting from their selfishness? From their ego? They are Divinely inspired. And they are not without any law. No animals is without any law. Especially not animals in the wild. Everything is very clearly demarcated. They know. This is where the wolves they rule. This is where the monkey they rule. They don’t come together. When they do, there’s going to be trouble.


When we recognize this, when we look inside, when we try to think and reflect more on our own humanity, not our dogma, our own original innocence that we share with others, that time we have the title of being human. It is very far away from the title of being great or holy or good. Just being human. Person is saying, ‘well, I’m a good human being. I don’t lie, I don’t cheat, I don’t do all these.’ That earns us the right to live on this planet. Only. It doesn’t make us great. Now look, this planet that we have, we have done, because of the not humanity, the barbarism in this century of selfishness and the ego, we have done more damage to this planet, in this, say one hundred years, more than all these thousands of years that civilization have existed on this planet. Why is that? When man thinks, ‘I am the center of everything.’ When we are being taught, ‘it’s me.’  When we are being taught, ‘satisfy your ego, because any desires that you have, any wants that you want from this world, anything that your self says, it must be fulfilled,’ and when everything around you is promoting that, and you don’t have the voices of the Prophet and the Saints and those ones  saying, ‘pull back and look to see at your intention.’ We started of speaking about that.  Listen. Listen to yourself.  Don’t speak. Listen. Consider. Think.  Are you sure? Why?

Like they say in Tasawwuf, in spirituality, it is forbidden for us to ask ‘why,’ ‘ why is that.’ Why is it forbidden for us? Because that is easy way out. Lazy way. So many, they don’t want to know the reason. They are asking why, so that they can argue with you. Why is that? and why is that? and why is that? In our tradition, you can ask why only to yourself. So sit and think. Then that time, you will become something like a human. We will learn to live. Not only to take care of ourselves and our nations and our religion, but to take care of everything that we see, that we touch, that we feel. We start becoming that, which Allah has created us for, to be His representative, to say, ‘everything is a trust to me. And I have to take care of it.’ He is not going to put himself forward so much, or his family, or his tribe, or his nation. No. He is going to say, they are the same. Are these not humans? Are these not living creatures? The Prophet (asws) is forbidding us, he says, ‘don’t even burn the ants.’ It is forbidden for us to use fire as a weapon. Forbidden.

So now, we need to ask ourselves, in this Holy Month of Rajab, which is the month of Allah. Half a month has passed. If this is the month of planting the seeds of faith, what we are planting in this month, what kind of seeds and what kind of harvest do we want to get in the month of Ramazan? If you ask me, I’m asking for more forgiveness, and I’m asking to have more understanding of myself, what is it that I’m doing, and we have a whole list of things that we are doing that needs to be better, for our faith to increase, for us to be able to carry that title of man, mankind, human, insan, Hazreti Insan.

In this month insya’Allah, pull yourself back a little bit and think and understand. Listen a little bit. Listen to yourself. Listen to others. Don’t judge others. Judge yourself. See something you don’t like, look at that action. This is wrong. Don’t look at the person. Because that one could be you. And in reality, if you look, you have that quality. That is why Allah is making you to open yourself up to be able to witness that, because you have that quality. And the one who is deeply thinking this way, doesn’t matter then that time what he calls himself, he is on the right way. May Allah keep us on the right way, insya’Allah. This much is enough. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Rajab 1437
April  21, 2016. stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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