Should we use our intelligence to evaluate, then consult or just submit to the will of the Shaykh?


Question: Should we use our intelligence and logical thinking in evaluating the circumstances and then consult with our Sheykh or should we submit to the will of the Sheykh and let things happen as it is going on? It is said that this Tarikat is for the intelligent one but our Sheykh has also said of submission in one sohbet, so how do we balance, especially when we are far away from dergah and contact is limited?


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Let me cut you off there, the rest of it is saying pretty much the same thing but how do we balance and this and that. We have to understand that the will of the Sheykh is not something that comes later. Do you understand what I am saying with that? It’s not something that comes later, when you consult then the Sheykh says, and that is the will of the Sheykh. The will of the Sheykh is also something that has come before. You have a question, you have an issue, you know what the will of your Sheykh is on that. Now you are going to check your connection. If you don’t know, your connection is very loose, tighten that connection. If that connection is tighten even when you are thinking about that problem, you understand what is the will of your Sheykh there. Maybe it is not too too clear but you understand generally what it is. And the will of the Sheykh is even before that.Which means you have to be in sohbet, because the situation that you are in now, the question is linked to another situation and another question that has happened and that is linked to another question and another situation that has happened. Maybe not to you, maybe to others, but it comes. Nothing comes out of just like that, the blue.

So you are asking should we use our intelligence and logical thinking? The answer is more complicated than that because if you understand the will of your Sheykh already, that time when you listen to the sohbet, you are going to put intelligence and logically thinking and your experience and you are going to put your emotions and everything, listening to the sohbet with your heart. It stays in your heart. Situation opens, you know how to behave. Maybe it is not so so clear, but generally you know. And when the Sheykh is there to wash you up, it’s just to tweak a little bit. The main foundation there you know what it is. For the murids of SahibulSaif, tell me when you do something wrong and I say to you this is wrong that you’re doing, tell me how many of you are shocked that you didn’t know it was wrong? Huh? How many of you completely, “oh I didn’t know it was wrong?” How many of you when I say “don’t you understand? didn’t you know, isn’t this wrong?” You just bow down your head and say “ yes I know it’s wrong, I should have known”.

That means you already know, but what is stopping you now from knowing? Sheytan because what is sheytan making you to do? To rush.  To rush, not to have any sabr, just you go ahead, just do it, not to think, not to reflect. Because the consultation with the Sheykh now when you can speak by the tongue of course, but how many of you when you sit in front of Sheykh Effendi, how many of us, myself included want to ask a question, we already know the answer, huh? Because you are really looking, you are really hearing, you are really listening. We already know the answer, when we want to find the answer. How many of us when we’ve done something wrong, we go to his presence and we already know what the answer is too? So this is not balancing. This is not, oh logical thinking, no. This is like what are talking about Hajj and Ramazan, everything is linked, everything is connected one to the other. Same thing to consultation with the Sheykh, everything is connected one to another.

Now if they are normal every day things that you need to consult, that is completely different now. But even those things now you know what the Sheykh is going to be, what are you going to do now? You are going to try to think. Your connection is tight, you are listening to the sohbets , but you have a situation. You sit and you think. Where is your heart now going to fall heavily on? You are saying medet, where is your heart now going to fall heavily on? You think and you consider so many different angles and you say, ‘I think I should do it, but I don’t know. Let me consult.’ New style murids, they pray istikhara. You can pray I’m not going to stop you. It’s like the person who says I want to find the answers in the Quran. Go find the answers in the Quran. Can you read the Quran? You think reading the Quran is just Aliflammeem, Zalikal kitabula…that is just reading the Quran? All the answers from pre-eternity to post eternity is in the Quran. Read now. That means what? You don’t know how to read.

So many they pray istikhara, they don’t know how to read the signs and they make the wrong decision. You have a representative of the Prophet (asws) there. You ask and you consult. Why can’t they be clear? So many times also if they are clear and they tell you, ‘do this like this,’ because they know you are going to disobey, if they say, ‘do this like this,’ they place a direct order, a command to you, and they know that you are going to disobey, when you disobey, you are going to get double smack. So they don’t give it to you as an order. They say, ‘as you like. Do whatever you want.’ Sometimes they say, ‘as you like. Its ok to do if you want.’ Because you intend to do something good, but if they give and order for you to do something good, you are going to get less blessings because you are just following an order, it is not coming from your heart completely, 100% just by yourself. So they don’t want to prevent that blessing reaching to you too. So they say, ‘Eh, inshallah. We keep it like that.’ But all of that is what? If you have connection to the Sheykh.

If you have connection to the Sheykh you will understand, you will think, you will understand. So many of you you’re not thinking, you are not understanding, you are not watching and you are not understanding. That’s why we say our Sheykh is our Qibla. Because we sit, we look and we try to understand then that time. Because if you are not going to understand from his tongue what he says. When you put your ego there, you are not going to understand from his tongue, how  are you going to understand from his heart? If you sit, you watch, you try to study, you try to understand, then that time it’ll be easier. Because he can just show a sign and we know exactly what it is. You are going to be quick, you are going to pick up.

We are humans, we are weak,  yes of course we are, you and me, but we are trying and we are not giving any excuse to ourself. Then that time, it’s easier for Rahmat now to reach to us, it’s easier for forgiveness. The one who is stubborn, you think forgiveness is going to reach to them? It’s coming from the ego. You are still stubborn, only the fire is going to remove that. May Allah forgive me inshallah and bless you.

So don’t be stubborn, and watch yourself. Think as much as you can. If you cannot think and you are still stuck somewhere then that time speak to your Sheykh. It depends on your connection, like I said, it depends on your station also. Some people the Sheykh says consult with me for everything. Some people they consult, the Sheykh says, ‘why you consult with me? Don’t you know this already? You are suppose to know this already. Don’t waste my time because there other things that I’m going to teach you.’ You understand? May Allah forgive me and bless you for the sake of our Sheykh. Al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAlyekum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
8 Rajab 1437
April  14, 2016. stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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