The Knowledge of Mi’raj, how much you want to know that much it’s going to give to you


laylatul miraj

The Mi’raj, it is an ocean. There is no difference, it should not be different from a person who is a Muslim, a person who is a Mukmin, person who is in Tarikat, person who is a Sheykh, person who is a murid, the Mi’raj is the same. The only difference is what you take from the Mi’raj. Do you understand? What is it that you take from it? And what you take from the Miraj, what you take from this Mi’raj, like the ocean, is how much you are going to swim and to take from the Ocean. Are you just going to take the fish? Or are you going to swim deeper to take the jewels?

InsyaAllah ar-Rahman, we are asking Allah for forgiveness, and it is our intention tonight to remember and to commemorate and to give high value to the ascension of the Prophet (asws), to the Isra’ and the Mi’raj of the Holy Prophet (asws), an honor that was only given to him, not to any other Prophet, that he made the journey, in the twelfth year of the hijra, in the time of when the oppression and the boycott was so heavy on the Muslims. And the Muslims, small, oppressed group, they were cut off from everything. And they were free, it was free for all the other tribes, all the other mushriks to attack the Muslims because the uncle of the Prophet (asws) who was protecting him, he passed that year. The beloved wife of the Prophet (asws), after twenty-five years, she passed, Hz Khadijah, that those who were weak, their faith was just shaking. It was a time when Holy Prophet (asws) was left almost alone and he was feeling very lonely. That was a time when they had finished oppressing them, now they want to destroy his spirit, and Abu Jahil came to him and insulted him, saying, ‘ you say you are a Prophet? If there’s going to be Prophet, it’s going to be me. Not you. Where are your followers? Where is your power? Where is your wealth? Nothing, you have nothing!’ And he asked seven of the highest born mushrik leaders to come and to insult the Prophet (asws) like that.

Muslims become open target. Sound familiar? And that was the time when Allah swt commanded His angel Jibreel (as), and He says, ‘Go down.’ He (asws) was in the house of Hz Ali’s sister, Ummu Hanni. After the Isya’ prayer, he lay down, and Allah swt is saying, ‘Go down to the world and take My Habib. He may be very lonely in this world amongst his own people. Nobody wants to know him and nobody cares for him. But amongst the universes, amongst all of creation, he is very well known and he is very well loved. Take him and show him all of Creation. And let all of creation see him and to praise him.’

They came, bringing water from the pond of Kauthar to the Holy Prophet (asws). He made wudhu. They came and they brought a Turban for him to wear, that the Archangels Jibreel and Israfil and Mikhail and Azrail, they were spending hundreds and thousands of years, winding that turban. And every fold, Evaliyaullah saying,  thousands of fold in the Turban, and each fold they are saying very special Salawat. That’s why, in our order, when you are winding the Turban, never forget to give the Salawat.  And they performed a surgery to him. This is real. Surgery, they cut his chest open. They clean everything from the inside and they took out one piece of blood clot. That is not what some say, it is a sin. No.There is no sin. The Prophet (asws), there is no dirtiness, there is no shadow. He is already form light. What they took out was the human fear that when that is taken, he is able now to see and to witness what no man has ever witness, and there’s not going to be a fear that comes to him to lock him up.

They brought a Buraq from the Paradise of the Buraq where there were millions of Buraqs, all waiting to become that one that the Prophet (asws) was going to ride. And there was just one Buraq that was just crying in the corner. He wasn’t the most beautiful. He wasn’t the biggest. When Jibreel (as) went to him and ask him, ‘why are you crying?’ He said, ‘because I have no chance. But I have been in love with that Prophet ever since I was created, when I see the name of Allah, and beside it the name of Muhammad (asws) and I hear a voice saying Ya Muhammad. From that time, I can’t stop crying because of my longing for him.’ He was selected because of that. The Prophet (asws), when he was going to ride him, the Buraq started moving, Hz Jibreel became little bit angry, saying, ‘how you are behaving like this? Don’t you know this is the Holy Prophet (asws)? He has been invited. How can you behave like this?’ And he said, ‘forgive me but I’m very nervous and I have a request to make.’ See how intelligent it is. ‘My request is that may I be the one that he is going to ride on the Day of Judgment.’ Prophet (asws) says, ‘yes. You will.’ But before the Prophet (asws) rode on him, he (asws) turned to Jibreel (as) and said, ‘Ya Jibreel, what about my ummat? What are they going  to ride on the Day of Judgement?’ Hz Jibreel saying, ‘say ya Rasulullah. As you say.’ And he says, ‘I want each and everyone of my ummat to have a Buraq like this.’ Jibreel (as) says, ‘It is as you wish. Tonight it is your night.’


He starts moving from Mecca Muqarammah going to Qudus, from Qudus to the Paradises to Divine station, passing through so many different places before going to Qudus. Stopping over at Medina, it’s called Tayyaba that time, praying two raka’ats. He stopover in the mountain of Tur where Musa (as) kalimullah spoke to the Holy Prophet (asws), praying two raka’ats, to the well where Hz Musa gave water to those ones who came. Stopping over to BaitulMuqaddis where Isa (as) was born. Going there and praying and taking the secrets from the earlier Prophets. And riding the Buraq  with the four Archangels surrounding him, each Archangels surrounded by hundreds and thousands of other angels, riding in that entourage, moving to Qudus where 124 000 Prophets they got up and they received him with Salawats. He came down, tied the Buraq, He asked the other Prophets to enter first, and Jibreel (as) says, ‘no, you are the Habib. You are the chosen one. You have to enter. It is an honor for us to follow behind.’ And he did. They call the azan. Qamats. Praying two raka’ats. All the Angels following, all the Prophets praying behind him. From there he gave a sohbet. From there, 124 000 Prophets they raise their hands asking Allah to bless the beloved Prophet(asws) and to bless the ummat. All of them saying Amin.

From Qudus, Mi’raj, the Heavenly stairs, don’t think it is this kind of stairs, our Pir, Holy Prophet (asws) stepped on the rock and that rock melted with the print of the Prophet (asws) on stone wanting to follow the Prophet (asws) to the Paradises. And the Prophet (asws) says, ‘stay there. Don’t come with me.’ He stayed and he is still there today. That Dome of the rock, that is the area, the rock there it is floating between this world. And they build everything on it. Prophet (asws) went. Evliayullah saying he had five different kinds of transportation that he rode: on the wing of Jibreel(as), on the Raf Raf, other ones too, other things that he was riding on. And the Holy Prophet (asws) he went to the different Heavens, different Paradises, where he met all the earlier Prophets. He met the earlier Prophets and also the angels that were there and he was seeing so many unusual things.

When he was riding the Buraq, he heard somebody calling him and saying, ‘selamAleykum.’ He didn’t even answer. He went. Another one giving him a selam. He did not answer. Another one saying, ‘ya Muhammad, stop and turn.’ He looked. It was an old woman wearing very beautiful clothes wearing make up and everything. Jibreel (as) saying, ‘it is known to you, Ya Rasulullah, if you had answered her, your nation would have fallen into the dunya. Because she was dunya.’ Two others that called to the Prophet (asw), it was sheytan as an old man and there was one representing the corruption of the Islam that came to the earlier Prophet, the teachings of Hz Musa and Hz Isa, that they have corrupted and they are calling. Jibreel (as) saying, ‘if you had listen, if you had heeded, if you had given selams to sheytan, your nations would have followed. If you had given selams to those corrupted ways, your nations would have entered into that corruption.’

Habibullah was tested by Allah swt. Do you think we are not going to be tested? Do you think it is so easy for us to say meded, just to do whatever we want to do.  Prophet (asws) went through a heart surgery. These days the Sheykh cannot even touch you a little bit. You’ll fail. Sheytan were waiting on every step to burn the Prophet (asws). He was tested. We are his nations. We are the ones saying that we want to follow in his foosteps. Our actions is not only going to be benefiting us alone or harming us alone, there will be so many who are going to be in that. Are you understanding? Especially in this way.

Education is for everyone. For those who wants to deepen their understanding, they are going to go to higher forms of academic institutions to learn. But the education is there. If you say Science, Science is there. Mathematics is there. But as much as you want to take from it, that much deeper you are going to be. It is not that education or that knowledge that is choosing you, you are the one who is choosing that knowledge. So the knowledge of the Miraj, how much you want to know? How do you want to know? How do you want it to affect your life? How you want it to affect your belief, that much it’s going to give to you. Majority are not even believing in what I’m saying, so many times, like this. Muslims, if they understand the importance of that day and how the Angels in all the Paradises they were being very busy  decorating the Paradises to welcome the Prophet (asws), if the Muslims are aware of that, on this night they are going to rush, not so much to decorate the masjid, they don’t do that anymore. Maybe they are going to start doing that for Christmas, eh believe me, we are all one right? It’s the same right? Now Habaibs are saying, ‘it is okay to celebrate Christmas. No, no. we are not celebrating. We are saying merry Christmas.’ From Merry Christmas, then one step, two step, you are going to become Santa Clause. Why not? It’s not a big jump, there. Fourteen hundred years they say, ‘they don’t know. Before, their iman was weak. So when they say merry Christmas, it’s going to change their iman. Now, mashaAllah, ahir Zaman, all our imans are very strong. So when we say merry Christmas it’s not going to change our belief or our aqidah.’ Huh, masha’Allah. They are going to do that. But for mi’raj, Imam standing up to say, ‘don’t take this day to be special. Don’t do any special prayers or any ibadat. Not necessary. Because Eid is only two. Holy days only two.’

Every night is Laylatul Qadr. And tonight it is a meeting between the lover and the beloved. And in the night of Miraj, the biggest gift that was given, it was the intercession of the Prophet (asws), the mercy that was promised to his nations. Why do you think the mercy is promised to his nations? We are not going to claim we are that great. We are not. You look at our nations and earlier nations, in terms of prayer, there were people from earlier nations, hundreds  of years, continuous prayer. They live long and they worship all their life. If you talk about civilization, what they made from this dunya, you think our technology is something? Earlier nations, they did more. They discovered more. What is making our nations to be very special? It’s only because of the Holy Prophet (asws). The mercy from that Rahmatilil Alamin, of the Prophet (asws), was given from Allah swt to us, Allah swt is showing the special quality of the mercy only to this nation. And because of the disobedience of this nations, especially in the ahir Zaman, that all the disobedience of the earlier Prophets, nations, we are doing that right now. Earlier nations, maybe they have one disobedience. But in this nation, in this ahir Zaman, we have collected all the disobedience of all the earlier nations and we are doing it at the same time.

Allah swt knew that.  Holy Prophet (asws) knew that, and the Prophet (asws) is asking for the intercession for his nation. Intercession is given for those who believe and is running to ask for forgiveness. Not for those who don’t believe and those ones who are arrogant and stubborn. When the Holy Prophet (asws) in Divine, we say Divine Presence, crying and understanding the disobedience of his nation, where so many of the visions were shown to him, how his nation is going to suffer in the Hell fire,  and this part so many times the imam and the Sheykh they cancel, they only talk about the mercy of Allah and the love Allah. Hell is Haqq and our disobedience is also very clear. And if we are not taking that as a lesson to stop us, then that mercy is not going to reach to us. That mercy was trying to reach to the mushriks. That mercy was knocking on the door of Abu Jahil and Abu Lahab hundreds of times. But because they did not open the door, the mercy cannot enter.

Prophet (asws), when he was given intercession, he was very happy. When Allah swt reassured him, saying, ‘I know My creatures and I know your nations. And all these is going to happen for Me to show off my mercy to them. If they didn’t disobey, I was going to create another ummat just so that they can disobey, so that I will forgive them.’ This is for us to take and to understand, what is it that we are doing that is any value in Divine Presence. I tell you one thing that we can do, that will have value, that is praising and honoring and giving value to the Holy Prophet (asws).


When the Prophet (asws) was going through every Paradise, all the Angels will get up and greet him and all these angels will be accompanied by thousands of other Angels. Their looks, the way they are, it is impossible for this mind to understand, to see. Some  of them with beauty, some of them with a terror, a holy terror. And Jibreel (as), saying to the Prophet (asws) when he went back to the Paradises he saw one angel, the feather was all pulled out from him. He was just lying down. Light was taken away from his face. There’s no beauty, there’s no heybet. And he asked him, ‘what happened to you, you who was great.’ And that angel said, ‘yes, I was great.  But that night when the  Prophet (asws) entered, and everyone stood up, I did not stand up. Because I was so busy worshiping to Allah. And Allah swt saying to me, ‘you are not standing up for My Habib? We take everything from you.’ When Prophet (asws) heard that, he prayed for that angel, saying, ‘tell him to recite ten Salawats for me.’ When the angel heard that, he recited ten Salawat, everything was given back to him. The value of the Salawat, the value of the Salawat in Divine Presence, we cannot speak about that openly.  And the prayer was also given to the Holy Prophet (asws) for his people, for his nation, the importance of the namaz. Why is the namaz important?

The namaz position it was collected from the positions and the postures of the angels, those angels that he sees in the first Paradises, they are all standing up and making the zikr of Allah. They were created like that. Until Judgment Day they are going to stand up, to praise Allah. There were Paradises filled with Angels in the ruku’, worshipping like that to Allah swt forever. Some in sejdah and sujud forever. And the Prophet (asws) liked all these movements and he took it and he’s giving it to us. The earlier nations were not given this postures. But understand now, why was the prayer given on this night? So many things were given, but why was the prayer given on this night of the mi’raj? There’s a very big sign there for a believer who believes. Because the Prophet (asws) said, ‘ the namaz, the salat, it is the Mi’raj for my nation.’

It is a Miraj. Especially if you start doing the namaz in the way that we are doing it in this order, the tasbih that you are doing, especially for the Fajr tasbih, you will see so many of it are the tasbih of the angels and the Prophet. We just don’t make such a big fuss about it. Just do it. You’ll get the benefits. You don’t have to read and read and read, and understand  and go to research the value of water, just drink it. You are going to get the value. There are other things for you to do. And Allah swt granting so much to this nation and the secrets are there in the last few ayats of surahtul Baqarah and amana Rasul, where the ayat of amana Rasul was given directly in Divine Presence to the Holy Prophet (asws). Where  the Prophet is praying for us and Allah is granting it.

So yes, it is a very heavy night. So many of you are already sleeping. Because this kind of sohbet we don’t make very often. Only those ones who are strong are able to hold on to this. Because it comes with a lot of heaviness. We are not just recounting. Maybe it is happening again. You cannot be sleeping. But you must build up to that strength. Miraj is sleeping. Don’t sleep during Miraj. Prophet (asws) did not sleep. Do you understand? Find ways to pull yourself out, to step on your ego. Find ways.  InsyaAllah, so many things happen in the Miraj. We are believers, nominees, trying to be. And we are asking Allah to make us  to become clean ones, to be able to be the dust under the feet of the Holy ones who are granted that Miraj. May Allah forgive me and bless you.  Those ones, the Holy ones, when they pray, they make the Miraj. Correct?  When they look down, they see everything. When we look down, we see the carpet. But at least, let us to be behind them. Let us to be dust under their feet. Then that’s the time, they are going, they’ll bring us along. If you say, I’m not going to follow no one, no Sheykh, no Imam, no nothing, make miraj on your own. Ahir Zaman. And the  Miraj was the event that separated the believers from the weak ones and the hypocrites. May Allah not make us to be hypocrites, insya’Allah. This much is enough, waminAllahu Taufiq. Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
27 Rajab 1437
May 3, 2016. stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)


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