After The Darkest Hour Comes The Dawn



One of our brother had a question, saying Sheykh Effendi used to say, ‘Mahdi (as) is not going to appear until there is complete darkness.’ So he is asking, does that mean that no one even making a zikr? Zikr means to remember Allah, and no one is going to be giving sohbet and listen to sohbet?

I say, No.It’s not like that. They used to ask Sheykh Maulana, may Allah raise his station higher and higher, in this time which is his urs,  our Sheykh’s urs. They say, ‘when is Mahdi going to come, ya Maulana?’ He says, ‘when I have forty murids. When I have forty followers, sincere ones, the forty first one is going to be Mahdi (as).’ Amanna wa sadaqna.

He has so many murids, masya’Allah. Thousands, tens of thousands. Some, if you look, subhanaAllah, they are collecting half the world. But, Sheykh Maulana is saying, ‘if I have forty murids.’ Were we counting ourselves as Sheykh Maulana’s murids? That’s a very high station.We have never been one who are running for stations, to be calling ourselves this or that. We are happy to be Sheykh Effendi’s murids, SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani. Just to be his murids, and he is going to bring us to Sheykh Maulana, according to protocol. Just as, you cannot just push everyone aside and just go to the presence of the Prophet (asws). You cannot just push everyone aside, the Prophet aside, and go to the presence of Allah swt.  So, there is a protocol.

We are happy just to be a murid, and we are trying to be sincere ones. Trying to be. We are very weak. We are very dirty ones. We fail, everyday. But we are asking for his mercy and we are asking for his guidance, and that he doesn’t let us go. And alhamudillah, he has not. Although he’s veiled from this world, he has not let us go. Otherwise, if he had let us go, it’s going to be very happy days. Correct? Everyone is going to be very happy. You know, especially in the days of his urs, everyone is going to be celebrating. We are not celebrating, nothing. Everyday, we are sad. Yes, we miss him. And every year, if we remember him, we get sad, but he’s giving us more boost, he’s giving us more energy to continue.

We are following the sunnat of the Sahaba e-Kiram. We are following the sunnat of Hz Umar, who said, ‘don’t say he’s dead. Anyone who says that the Prophet is dead, I’m going to cut your neck off.’ We are following the sunnat of Hz Bilal, that with one dream of the Prophet (asws), when he was in Damascus, when the Prophet said, ‘Ya Bilal, I don’t hear your azan anymore,’ and Bilal, he got up and he started walking to Medina. Walking.  Not caring for nothing. Because it is the love that is pulling him.  And when he reached to the Medina, he started calling azan. Everyone was happy because they thought that the Prophet came back. Sahaba e-kiram, they are Sahaba e-kiram, they are not regular people. If, when they heard Hz Bilal calling the azan, and they believe that the Prophet (asws) came back, what does that show? They were waiting. They were waiting. And they came crying, and Hz Bilal, when he reached to the part which says, ‘Ashadu’ana Muhammadan Rasulullah,’ he passed out. He fainted from that love.

So, in the days of his urs, we are not jumping up and down, celebrating, ‘ha ha, he he, hu hu…’ having big show. We are thinking how we miss him, how the world has become darker, since he’s gone, how we are more in need of him, thinking what we had lost because we were not awake enough when he was here physically, and more we are holding on to him, through his jamaat, through his teachings. Because Sheykh Effendi is not alone. He’s not an individual, alone, kind as someone says. Sheykh Effendi, he has his work, he has his jamaat. People like us, people don’t like us, who cares? Some people they like us, some people they don’t like us. Some people they like you, they hate me, some people they hate me, they like you. Some people they say, ‘oh, the people there they are good but the top people there they are corrupt, they are very bad.’ It’s okay. They used to say that of Sheykh Effendi too. But our forehead is open. Yeah, before we want to speak, you don’t want to listen. Now you are going to beg for us to speak. And we will not speak until the time is right. You are looking for answers, we are not going to give you those answers.

Sheykh Abdul Kerim Effendi

So, how it is, it’s going to be dark?  They say, ‘it’s darkest right before the dawn.’ It’s darkest right before the dawn. When it’s completely dark, then the sun is going to rise. How is it going to be now, the darkness? If you ask me, it cannot get any darker than this, but it’s going to be darker. Zikr, remembrance of Allah, what kind of zikr? Just someone saying ‘Allah’? Physically, so many are doing. Don’t you see, they have mega zikr majlis? Mega. They are collecting tens of thousands, they have a football stadium. It seems like there are more people making zikr than it was five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago. Maulid? Mega-maulids. Now they have football stadiums filled with people. So what was Holy Prophet (asws) saying? What was our Sheykh saying, that things are going to get very dark.

Duhan. What is duhan? Smoke. A hadiths of the Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘before Mahdi (as) comes in the ahir Zaman, there’s going to be smoke.’ And People are looking to the sky, to see whether it’s going to be a smoke or not. What does smoke mean? Huh! Like dust. Correct? And Sheykh Effendi saying what? You will see who is ahead, whether it is a donkey or a horse, when the dust settles. Now there’s dust everywhere. People are confused everywhere. It looks like there are more people studying Islam, more people memorizing Quran, more people doing more things. But things are getting worse and worse. If you are doing things for the sake of Allah, for the sake of the light of Allah, you should be carrying that light. And you should be giving light everywhere. So why we are seeing the world is getting darker? People’s heart are getting darker. They are not feeling anymore. The only time that they feel is when they are pleasing their ego. People are confused. They turn on the television, they see war happening, next second, they see people singing and they start laughing. Next second, they see cats. Next second, they see this…So people are very confused. They don’t know what to feel, so they say, ‘don’t feel anything. I must fill my stomach. That’s what I have to fill.’

Can it get any darker? It’s going to get darker.  What it means when there is no one that is going to say ‘Allah.’ It is not someone physically saying, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah…’ too. But that someone who has the love and the fear of Allah in their heart, that when they say ‘Allah,’ the mountains they can shake. They can bring faith to people and they can put fear in the hearts of those ones that they are cruel. Because those ones who say Allah, they have certainty, they have yakin. And they give people certainty. Now, there’s just nothing but confusion and fitnah, doubt. They are putting doubt. They say, ‘religion means doubt. No more religion or faith mean certainty. It means doubt. You have to put suspicion. You have to question. You have to have new movement that says, we are for truth and we are also for falsehood.  We are for right and we are also for wrong. Because we cannot judge. We don’t want our faith to rule us. We don’t want faith or religion to rule nothing. There’s no such thing. Anything that has to do with how you live your life, the law of living your life, that is made by man. It’s not made by God, it’s not made by Allah. So no need for anyone to follow anything.’ This is darkness.

Darkness is not knowing what is in front of you. Darkness is not just knowing that it is wrong, but you don’t know whether it is right or it is wrong. You understand? People they fear the dark. Correct? But really, they fear the dark? Or they are really excited about the dark? Then why we have nightlife? So there’s something there that is also pulling you. So it’s something pushing and it’s something pulling. So darkness, it’s confusion. You don’t know. How can you know?  Turn on the light. And if you turn on the light in the darkness, then the people who have light say, this time, this darkness, don’t interfere. Pull yourself back.Don’t go out too much night time. Pull yourself back. In the time of confusion, don’t jump. Pull yourself back.

The way that we are looking at it, everyone is saying Allah, but nothing is changing. Use  to be, just a handful of people they say ”Allah and the whole world turns another direction. It used to be, when the Evliyaullah, they say ‘Allah,’ Rahman rains. The Evliyaullah, they are all hidden now. They are hidden. And those who are in the ground, they are also hidden. They are no longer in the ground. Look, check. So they are somewhere else. They are getting ready. What are they getting ready for? They are getting ready to see that foolish mankind that they have lost their direction completely and they have turn to become animals, and they are just wanting to crush each other. Don’t look at religion, don’t look at nothing. Look at how this whole world is going, how this governments are going. Tell me they are spending billions of dollars to build bridges of understanding or love, or to help people. The majority of the budget that is spent in any government is what? Housing? Employment? It’s defense. It’s buying guns. For what? To put love in your heart? No, to kill you. You and me.

So this whole world is going towards that direction. Forget about whether you believe in God or spirituality, but you see this whole world is just moving, people are getting more and more..You see, we live here right? to understand the situation, you see your neighbor to your left, he’s buying ten guns. You see the neighbor on  your right, he’s buying twenty guns. You see everywhere, all your neighbors, they are buying, buying, buying more guns. Do you feel safe? You are supposed to feel safe, right?  Does more guns mean you feel safe? What does the person do? He says, ‘there’s something going on. I may as well get myself ready. I myself must buy  a gun.’ So where does that put the man’s mind now?  That is at peace, to trust, to love, to help, to care? This is the direction of the world. Did our Lord send us into this world, to behave like this? Did the Prophet come to teach us how to live like this? No. So everyone is finish. They’ve lost. And there used to be people who would stand up and they would speak against such tyranny and such evil, people who are very spiritual, that they don’t care for nothing, they cannot be bought. They used to stand up. Now, we see people who are supposed to have that station of being a warner to the nations, what are they doing? Allahu’alam. Allah knows. Maybe they are celebrating.

So we are thanking our Lord, Allah swt for everything that He has given us. We are thanking Him for our guides, for our Prophet, for keeping us on the road to understand, to try to be on this road, and not to deviate.

So yes, very few are really saying ‘Allah.’  Because to say ‘Allah,’  is not just to say ‘Allah.’ To say Allah, means you have to know Allah. Very few.  And those who are saying it, they are hiding themselves too. Because you think, with one word of Allah, the power from that, is not going to bring down the evil? Of course it does. Why do you think we make the zikr?  But the Evliyaullah, they are saying, ‘don’t. because you are protracting it. You are making it to drag on.’ Those who are going to wake up, they are going to wake up. Those who have an ounce of humanity in them, they are going to come together. This is not about religion. This is about, whether you are standing up for truth and humanity, or you are standing up for falsehood and only to benefit yourself.

May Allah keep us on the straight path, insya’Allah. But worse will come. That time, when  no one is even going to speak and say the name of Allah, that is going to happen.  InsyaAllah, may Allah take our life before that happens. That is going to happen in Qiyamat. That is completely. But this, if you are understanding, this is also a rehearsal, a practice of Qiyamat. Because of the events after this that happen, the time of Mahdi (as), the time of Isa (as) is going to be a Paradise here on earth. Then people are just going to forget, just like that, and they are going to fall much deeper and quicker, into disbelief. Until there will not be a single person who is going to say Allah. This is a dress rehearsal. May Allah forgive me and bless you, insya’Allah. May we always be together under the feet or our Sheykh. May all the good people they came together.  We are not against to anything, we are not going to fight against to anything. We are just going to fight against to our own ego and we are going to fight against our own sheytan and we just want to be able to live a simple live, clean and easy life, watching everything that is very dirty and beg and saying, ‘may we not be a part of it.’ And to wait until SahibulZaman appears.  WaminaAllahu Taufiq al-fatiha.

imam-mahdi si

 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)  Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Shaban 1437
May 12, 2016. stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)




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