Message from SahibulSaif: Haqq is coming to rule!



Selam Aleykum. Welcome to you. We are worshiping now. We are not missing anything, don’t worry. If you know what is happening now, you will want to…never mind. But you will see and the world will see what happens between now and 40 days time. Watch what is going to happen around.

Shukur. Holy Prophet is saying in His hadith e-serif. He is talking about Ahir Zaman. How it is going to be in Ahir Zaman. And what is going to be. And what, after the tyrants…Because Holy Prophet is saying, “After me the Khulafa will come, the Kings will come, Sultans will come, then one period will come where the tyrants will rule the world.” And now is the tyrant time. They are ruling the world. East, West, North, South. Muslims are living in it, but so many times they are helping the tyrants. And Holy Prophet is saying, “When that era is finished, then there will be One coming from my Ahlul Bayt to change everything in the world. That the world has never seen anything like that.” And that is what is going to happen that time. It is going to be things coming from Paradise down to Earth. And there will be people from the Earth who will rise back up too. The world, the worlds, anything that Allah has created, has never seen anything like that before. And it is not going to happen after that too.

And before that One is also coming, there is going to be a very small group of believers. Holy Prophet is using the word “small group.” Çete. One handful group. What is Çete? A rebel-type, rebellious to every system but they are not rebellious to Allah. So there is going to be only one handful, very little group that the big ones that time are not going to count them for nothing. They are not going to feel nothing for those ones. They will be. Those are the ones who will be conquering the house that is called a white house. Hadith Sherif. Open. The meaning is that the tyranny in the world will be controlling from there. First they will conquer that. That group that the big tyrants, big powers, they will know them but they will not count them for nothing. Impossible. They will never think that it is going to be a possibility that it is going to happen. It is going to happen in front of their eyes but they’re going to…Just like Prophet came right in front of their eyes to save the world and it happened right in front of their eyes and they go to Jahannum. This one will happen right in front of their eyes and they will become victorious. They are going to rule, they are going to take over, and the direction of the world is going to change after that. Then the world is entering to a bigger mess that time.

We entered to that tonight. What happened two years ago, that what happened in front of the White House two years ago. Something happened there. Someone who knows, who was with me, they saw certain things that happened there. Now tonight, another era entered. And I may tell you only this much, because you cannot carry the rest later. But if you have just a little bit of feeling in your heart, you have felt something happening around, everywhere now. And if you don’t feel anything, you are going to see. Things are going to happen. And they are not going to know what is happening. But it is going to happen. Selam Aleykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu. Fatiha. 

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SahibulSaif Sheykh Abdul Kerim Al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani Hz
Khalifah of Sultanul Awliya Sheykh Maulana Muhammad Nazim (qs)

Jamadul Thani 13, 1433
May 5, 2012
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