Keep our faith. We have our identity. Don’t lose it.



Auzu billahi minash shaytanir rajim Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul itikaf Nawaitul khalwa, nawaitul uzla, Nawaitu riada, nawaitu suluk, Fi masjid lillahi ta’ala, Ya Rahmatan lil Alamin La hawla wa la quwwata illa billahil aliyyil. We are asking support from our Sheykh, insya’Allah, to send us something that is going to benefit us dunya and ahirat. Not just to collect knowledge, but to collect knowledge that is going to give benefit to us. Knowledge that has no benefit, it’s a curse. This is according to the hadiths of the Prophet (asws).

So many is also speaking about knowledge but it’s not knowledge that they experience. It’s knowledge that some other people they experience. You can open up the book, read about knowledge of the Prophet, you can open up the book and read about the experiences of the Evliyaullah or the Saints or the friends of Allah, It is not yours. You know, if  you write/copy, something that someone has written, there is a law for that. Plagiarism right? It’s against the law. There is such a thing called spiritual plagiarism too, that people they are just stealing but they are not manufacturing anymore. Those who are claiming, everything has to have a proof. There is a proof for Prophethood too. There is a proof if you are a friend of Allah. It’s not just, ‘I had this dream, I had this vision, and I can fly in the air.’ So what? You open the television, so many people can fly in the air too. What makes you different from them?

What are you carrying? What are you giving? It’s not what you are taking. It’s what you are giving. I was reading an article today, somebody said about cult. I say, this is interesting. So many people, they call us a cult. Let me see if we fit. And this man was talking about cult. He says not just religious cult but other kinds of cult also. There are other cults that does not have anything to do with Allah. He says, ‘two things: Power and money.’ I say Alhamdulillah, cos we are very poor. We don’t take, we give. Allah is the one who is going to provide. So you don’t take, you give. That is the sunnat of the Rasulullah (asws). Even when Allah gives him, before he takes, he says, ‘what about my nation?’ This is why they said that his love is more than the love of a  mother to her newborn child. He is preoccupied with us. He is in love with his Lord but he is preoccupied with us. He is caring for us. Just like that ayat is saying, ‘Laqad jaakum,’ that ayat that this reformist Muslims, they hate. These ones who are Quran alone people, that they say, ‘don’t take any hadiths, just take from the Quran.’ They love the number 19. They say, ‘oh very mystical this is.’ But we are saying, if you scratch a little bit, you go to the ilm  khurufiyah, that even that ilm of 19 is taken from earlier nation, from the Yahudis. It’s not taken from us.

So they say, ‘everything now, the Quran is lock to this code 19, you cannot break it.’ Allah is the Creator of Law. Is He obligated to follow the law that He has created? Subhana wa ta’ala?

So they found certain things, it doesn’t fit into this code 19, one of it is that ayat that we just spoke about, ‘Laqad jaakum.’ They say, ‘this ayat doesn’t belong to the Quran, throw it out.’ And in that ayat, Allah swt is saying, ‘your Prophet, he loves you,’ I’m paraphrasing, ‘he loves you. He’s very soft and compassionate, and forgiving to the believers, and he is very tough on the unbelievers. And in that ayat, Allah swt gave him from His Divine name. The name of Rauf and Rahim belongs to Allah swt, but Allah swt is not Rauf and Rahim, you understand? And He can give that to anyone that He wants to give. Because Allah is, ‘Wa lam yakun lahu kufuwan ahad.’ 

So Rauf and Rahim, that we said if you said that the Prophet is Rahim, oh so many people are going to say, ‘Rahim is for Allah only.’ But ayat is saying, Allah is saying, the Prophet (asws) is Rauf-the most soft hearted, and Rahim-the extremely compassionate. If we try to understand the Rahim, we cannot understand. If we try to understand Rahman, that we begin, everything with Bismillah, in Allah’s name, we begin with Rahman and Rahim. Rahman has ninety-nine parts, hundreds parts. Evliyaullah is saying, ‘if Rahman has hundred parts, one part of Rahman, the merciful, is divided for Paradises, for the earth, for everything that is in creation that gives everyone love to each other. 99 parts, Allah is not going to reveal, subahana wa ta’ala, until Judgement Day. Rahim, completely a mystery, completely beyond that. And the Prophet (asws) is given the name of Rauf and Rahim.

They  don’t like that, these people. These people who like different lifestyle, cos they say if there is Allah and there is me, what Prophet in between? In reality they are saying, ‘there is Allah and I am the Prophet. There is the Book right? I make interpretation of that Book as I like. What is syariat? It’s man made.’ Later they are going to say Quran is man made too. Why not? Because it’s the Prophet (asws) who spoke it and it is through his belief. It is our belief. If they are going to ask, ‘well, how do you know that Allah made it?’ Yeah, you can argue, you can say there’s no mistake, this and this, but they have put every kind of doubt into the study of the Quran now that even muslims ,their faith to the Quran is shaken. And twenty first century western scholars are standing up and applauding this kind of doubt, not yakin anymore in the faith. Doubt.

More doubt, more question, more intelligent you are. What we said before we started all this? We are not responsible to know every answer to every question, but this proud ones, they think that they know every questions and they know every answer, that thirteen hundred years of Islamic history, no one has ask before. Even the Sahaba e-kiram, ibn Abbas (ra), when they ask him about certain verses, what does it mean, when they ask Imam Malik, what does it mean when Allah is settling on His throne? He says, ‘just as it is, we don’t discuss it. To think about it, to even question it, it is bida’at. You are ahle bida’at. Get out from my majlis!’ They throw out a man because he ask this question. What is this showing? This is showing that there are limits. There are so many things we need to ask, so many things we need to learn, so many things that we need to better, why are we jumping into Allah’s knowledge? Do we know ourselves yet? Do we know our communities? Do we know this ummat? Do we know the dajjaliyat that is in this ummat now? Do we know how to stand up against that dajjaliyat and to be with Mahdi (as) in this ummat?


The ship is sinking. The ship is sinking. You have to hold on to anything that floats. You don’t know how to swim, it’s not the time to learn how to swim. This people, the ships are sinking and they are talking about stars. You’ll sink with them! They don’t like the ayat of Amana Rasul too, because Amana Rasul, I don’t want to open this right now, but Amana Rasul was the ayat, the last two ayat of surahtul Baqarah, that Allah swt Himself gave the Holy Prophet (asws) in the mi’raj that we just passed, without the intermediary of Jibreel (as). All other ayats, Allah gave to Jibreel (as) to give to the Prophet (asws), but not Amana Rasul. Describing who? Describing the faith of the Prophet, of all the Prophets, and describing the faith of who? Those who call themselves believers, what they ask from their Lord, what is their attitude towards their Lord. Then Allah swt is putting inspiration in the Prophet’s heart, to speak these ayats, and Allah is saying Amin to that. So they don’t like. New style. New style Islam. New style of Muslim.

So on the one hand, we have complete idiots who are following just their own ideas about Islam and destroying everything physically. On the other extreme, you have other bunch of idiots who is taking just their own interpretation, destroying everything spiritually, psychologically, morally, mentally, everything, destroying the identity. One outside, one inside. This is the time, our brothers, we have some guests I have to mention here, from Islamberg, they are here, Alhamdulillah, we should pray for them, we are praying for them, but I’m letting those now who are listening from other parts of the world, to pray for them too. They are not scared. Those idiots who are saying, ‘we want to come and we want to have a protest, we want to show this and that, bring our guns and everything.’ Because they have Allah on their sides. Because they have the Prophet (asws) on their side. Because they have their Sheykh on their side, their Khalifah on their side, and they are standing up, and because of that, people who are standing up for Haqq, regardless of their religion or their ethnicity, they are coming around too.

So they want to have a protest? They are saying, ‘we are going to have a counter protest.’ I don’t like the word counter protest. We are going to have a, I’m not going to use seventies American type where they say sit in, sleep in, everything. We are going to have a gathering of the hearts. A gathering, an association, of the hearts that are standing up for truth, standing up for what? Humanity. Just to be human. Don’t ever let them to lie to you, to say that Islam was not like this. For thirteen hundred years, Islam has always judge everyone according to their humanity, not according to their religion, not according to their beliefs. If it’s according to their belief, you think one thousand years is not enough to turn the whole of India, to destroy every temple, every idol, and to make everyone to become Muslim? You think one thousand three hundred years is not enough that there’s still churches and synagogues standing from Eastern Europe to Western China, from the Steppes of Russia, North Africa, all the way down to SouthEast Asia? Espeacially with the Ottomans that they gather hundreds of Kingdoms together, that the unbelievers, when they cannot find safety with their own unbelievers, they come under the umbrella of Islam. This has been the constant in our history. This now, it is an anomaly. This now it is a bida’at. This now, it is the worse time because we don’t have a Khalifah. You have a Khalifah (Sheykh speaks to the guest from Islamberg). We don’t have Khalifah. Now you cannot even speak about the Khalifah. ‘Oh, you speak about Khalifah? You must be ISIS.’ So easy they just change it. They take certain buzz words here and there, and they make certain people, wrong ones, to have this buzz word, now they poison the whole thing. But for thirteen hundred years, we had a Khalifah. That’s why there was a sword. There is protection.

Astaghfirullah al-Azim wa atubu ilaih. We are asking for protection. What are we doing here for? What are we trying to understand here? Keep our faith. We have our identity. Don’t lose it. Don’t be busy with outside. Be busy with ourselves. But we have to understand what is it that is outside that is affecting you. And you cannot just be, although we are at the top of a mountain, but we are looking everywhere. We are observing everything. Top of the mountain doesn’t mean that you sit in a cave and you don’t know what is happening. Holy Prophet (asws), when he went to the cave, the universes were exposed to him. That’s not an excuse now to say we are not interested in anything. We are. We watch. As much as it is our responsibility, we are going to stand up and we are going to do something.

In these days, the Evliyaullah are saying, ‘keep your faith simple. Following the advise of the Holy Prophet (asws) in the last days, go to the mountain. Have your sustenance from a sheep.’ The understanding of that is to live a simple life. Have whatever little knowledge that you have, don’t go around trying to learn too much. Because there’s confusion everywhere. Sit and wait for SahibulZaman to appear. Nothing is going to change in this world. Nothing can change for the better. Everyday it’s getting worse. The destiny of the ummat is going to be rewritten on the night of Bera’at, soon. Do you really have to be a scholar or a saint, to know what the next year’s Bera’at  is going to be? How our destiny is going to be? Madness Completely madness. Whole world lost their direction. Are we saying we are the only ones? We don’t have direction too if it’s nor for our guides and our Prophet (asws). We will be worse than them. We know. But hold on to those ones, your guides, and you’ll come to safety, insya’Allah ar-Rahman. May Allah forgive me and bless you. Wa minaAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha. SelamAleykum Warahmatullah.

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stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
6 Shaban 1437
May 13, 2016. 

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