Edep Ya Hu – Conduct yourself according to Proper Edep


edep ya hu

Tarikat it is based on Edep. You can be reading Quran 24 hours, but you don’t have edep, you are going to lose everything. Be comfortable, but when there is a sohbet that is happening, that much respect, that much manners we are going to show, that much is going to come down, that much benefit you are going to have, that much you are going to understand, you are going to make progress.

Sheykh Effendi has said so many times, and I said to him (Sheykh points to a murid) right before I began, there was a lesson for everyone, it was a lesson for me, what was the lesson? What did I say to that one? I said, just as we were about to begin, to start then you are going to get up slowly to interfere and to interrupt to everything. You’ve heard this hadiths so many times from Sheykh Effendi. Do you remember? If you are remembering, why are you not putting it in your life and you watch yourself? Because sheytan and your ego is not going to trick you with your strength. It’s going to trick you according to your weakness. Whichever side is weak, it’s going to attack you from there. You are reading Quran, it’s not going to tell you to stop reading Quran. That’s not how sheytan is going to trick you. It’s going to trick you to do other things so that the benefit and the blessings of the Quran is going to be zero. You are praying, he’s not going to tell you to stop praying. You are making a zikr, he’s not going to tell you to stop making a zikr. But he’s going to get you through other ways. And mostly, we have that sign ‘Edep Ya Hu.Edep, when you are in ghaflat, sheytan is going to attack you and you are going to lose your manners. This is the time you are going to lose all benefits. Because if you don’t have manners, you don’t have Islam.


What is manners? Manners is not just saying, ‘brother, how are you brother? I’m good brother, mashaAllah, mashaAllah,’ putting your hands over your heart, walking backwards. That’s not manners. Manners is understanding who is there, what is being said, how I should be conducting myself according to that.  What is happening now? Now, everyone is laughing. Suddenly it changed. Everyone became very quiet. You cannot continue laughing. You cannot say, ‘we were laughing one second ago, now, why are we quiet?’ That means you don’t know your manners, you are not being aware, you are being in ghaflat.

Sheykh Effendi said so many times, when the Holy Prophet (asws), when he was about to start the sohbet, the association, when they are making the connections to the Heavenly stations, when the Heavenly station is bringing something down, all those who are awake to get, that is the time when the Prophet began, ‘Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim,’ one munafiq, a hypocrite, is going to stand up, slowly  move from one side of the room to the other, to sit down. Prophet (asws) had to stop. He’s interrupted. Until the man sit, then he’ going to begin again.  Just as he was going to begin again, another stands up, slowly making his way to sit down. Interrupting. Murids, we are not going to say, ‘I am not that munafiq.’ Murids, you are going to find that hypocrisy that is inside of you, to get rid of it. First, in the sohbet. I was just going to begin. Suddenly, two, three people they were being very silent, very comfortable before sohbet. Suddenly, when the sohbet is going to begin, you start scratching, you start doing this (hand movements), you start checking (looking around). Why is this? Just as we are about to begin. That means you are in ghaflat of your ego. If you are in ghaflat, you are very dangerous. That means they are not going to give you so much, because you are still not trustworthy. One minute you are okay, one minute you can go this way. One minute you can go this way. Sheytan is hooking you through here, pulling you, suddenly you move. Dunya is pulling you, suddenly you move. Nafs is pulling you, suddenly you move. Your desire is pulling you, suddenly you move. And you don’t know why you move because you are not studying yourself, you are not understanding, you are not watching yourself, you are not knowing yourself.

The highest knowledge is self-knowledge. Self-knowledge is not to know your spiritual station. Self-knowledge is to understand your nafs and your ego, your sheytan and  your dunya and your desires. Self-knowledge is to understand what are the veils that is connecting you, from you and Allah. This is self-knowledge, not to say which station you are. If you are not understanding the ilahs that is inside of you, how are you going to say, ‘la ilaha ilallah,’? Then our La ilaha ilallah is just like a hypocrite saying La ilaha iallah. What are you saying ‘La’ to? You don’t know. Why we keep on saying it? If we say it one time, it should be enough. Why we keep on saying it? Why it is obligation for us to say it? That means the ilah keeps coming up. It’s never ending.

So when are we going to look to understand ourselves? Especially during the sohbet. Especially in the beginning of the sohbet. Especially during the sohbet, end of the sohbet, the zikr you are going to watch yourself. Then slowly, you are going to watch yourself in your prayers, understanding it and slowly you are going to watch yourself in your own lifestyle, your daily lives, how you are doing things for the sake of Allah, and how sheytan and your ego interfere and interrupt you. When you fight against it, that is Tarikat. When you fight against it, not to give in,  not to say, ‘I love it, I must embrace it, I must accept  it,’ but to fight against it, then you are in jihadul Akbar.

Self-knowledge is the highest knowledge. There is only one other knowledge that is higher than that. And self-knowledge is not just to know yourself, you know yourself to know Allah swt. You don’t know yourself, you cannot know Allah swt.  You can swallow all the four Books, you can swallow all the hundred and four Books, you can swallow all the Books of hadiths. You can swallow all the knowledge, but you don’t know yourself, you have no mirror, you don’t allow anyone to guide you, you are stubborn, you are arrogant, you are not bowing down to someone, the knower that is above you, to make you to know yourself, you are not submitting, you know nothing. Zero. Complete nothing. Because you don’t know yourself, impossible for you to know Allah swt. Impossible.

We are here for that reason. This is to know ourselves. So when are you going to know yourself? It used to be in the old days, you are going to watch yourself, you are going to watch others, with everything, but especially with the Sofra, when you are eating with each other. If you can watch yourself and understand how close you are, how far you are from Allah swt when you are busy with animal characteristics, then that time you are going to understand how close or how near you are to Allah swt, or how far, how disconnected you are to Allah swt. Eating, is an animal action. Other kinds, I don’t have to tell you.

We are here for that. You are going to watch, you are going to step on your ego a little bit in this Holy nights. Otherwise, you are doing so much, you come here, we are just going to test you with one thing, you don’t know how to sit. Finish. You move the wrong time, the wrong way. Finish. Zero. But you said, ‘I did so much. I’m so good person.’ But when you are here, you did not conduct yourself according to the proper Edep, you fail. This is what it means to be a dervish. You know how serious this is? People are running to go to see the Saints, people are running to go to see the Sultan of the Saints. What are you bringing with them? ‘Oh, just bringing love.’ What is your understanding of love? Western understanding, selfishness. ‘I do whatever I want to do, that means love.’ Prophet’s understanding is, ‘if you love me, prepare yourself for hardship.’ Is  there hardship? No.  If you have hardship, you are going to be very awake and aware. You are going to have Edep that time.


You are running to go to a Saint. Are you watching yourself? If you are not watching your movements, if you are not watching your tongue, definitely you are not watching your heart. How many times Sheykh Effendi is saying, in the presence of the eşkıya, watch your tongue. You say the wrong thing, they’ll cut off your head. And he says, in the presence of the Evliya, watch your heart. What, watch your heart? When we are watching our hearts? You are watching your heart when you pray? No. You watch your heart when you make a zikr? So many are not even making a zikr everyday. So at least now you are going to watch your heart, watch your tongue, watch your body, you are going to tell you once a week. Even that is so difficult. And when we tell people this is how it should be, they say we are being militaristic. Muslims are telling us we are being militaristic, with all the connotation that we are jihadist. Let me say it openly. Muslims are saying this. With friends like that, who needs enemies? Do you understand? Friends like that, with muslims like that, treating us like that, who needs enemies?

So at least now, holy days and nights, holy times, once a week, watch yourself. Be very careful. You will win that time. Whole semester you are not studying, you know the examination is going to come tomorrow, at least you are going to stay up to read something.  So many of us we are like that. So many of us we save ourselves just because we are doing that. A very big exam is coming in a couple of days. This is a zikr that is happening. Are we watching to say, if tonight is the Bera’at, they are going to judge me according to my intentions, according to my actions, according to my movements, how am I going to be? You don’t judge yourself, they will judge you. You start judging yourself, they will be easy on you. These words first for me, and for those who wants to listen. But we are going to be in very big trouble, because I’m watching, people are in ghaflat. Bera’at night comes, if you continue to be in ghaflat, sheytan can trick you just like that, you are going to lose, big time, in the past and for what is going to come. This is not a game.

May Allah forgive us. May Allah forgive me and bless you. We are weak creatures, so don’t act like arrogant and stubborn ones. We should be more humble, we should be more thankful. And we are waiting, we are asking Allah to bring the tyrants down and to bring the Sultan who is going to come to bring the adalat, the justice, into this world, Hazreti Mahdi (as) that is going to restore the balance in this world. And may we run to be those ones who are going to help Mahdi (as). He is going to bring the tyrants down. He’s not going to hug the tyrants. He’s going to bring the tyrants down. He’s not going to say, ‘you are tyrants, we love you. We love you, wallahi we love you. We are going to stand up in front of you to sacrifice our life for you.’ Mahdi (as) is not going to say that. Mahdi (as) is not going to say, ‘All that is batil, is okay. Don’t judge. Everything that is batil is okay. Don’t judge. Batil and Haqq same. All religion same. Truth and falsehood same.’ That is exactly what dajjal is going to say. Not Mahdi (as). He’s going to come to bring the Furqan, to separate. He’s not coming to bring things together, haqq and batil. He’s going to separate, Haqq from Batil, the way it should be, as Allah swt is saying, Haqq is separated from Batil.

Haqq is clear from Batil. And if we are not separating ourselves from the batil that is inside of us, and outside, we are going to fall in the same trick, fall into the same trap. So much black is  white and white is black in these days. Dajjal is completely taking over. Muslims are sleeping. Muslim leaders, oh, snoring, dreaming, not waking up. May Allah forgive me and bless you. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Fatiha.

way of Haqq

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
13 Shaban 1437
May 19, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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