Stay firm in the Sirat of those ones that Allah has favoured



 Auzu billahi min ash-sheytanir rajim BismillahirRahmanirRahim. We are running away from our sheytan and our ego to Allah, to His Prophet, to our Sheykh. Not to run to our ego and our understanding, to follow their sirat, to follow their understanding, and their understanding is not as we like, as we want.

Hold on together to the rope of Allah and do not separate. This is ayat. We are not going to say, ‘oh we are not separating.’ This ayat if it’s speaking to us, to a murid, he’s going to say, ‘what is it I’m doing to separate?’ We spoke a little bit earlier. So many descriptions of the murid, of the mukmin, of the dervish, let’s leave aside dervish. None of us here can qualified to be. The advice of Mevlana, I have said over and over again, no one is putting it up, no one is understanding, no one is reading. That is a dervish. In these days, the Sheykh or his vekil cannot say anything that is negative, without the person being upset, murids, without pushing the ego straight away. What happened? Why are we here for then? We are here to run after the dunya?

Everthing that we are doing here as a murid, whatever that you are doing out there, your work, however successful you are, that is just to make you to fill up your time until Mahdi (as) comes. To make yourself busy here and there. Yes, you are serving, but if you serve with your ego, how are you going to serve without your ego? Look and you follow. Don’t disconnect. That time you think you are serving but you have already gone off track. You think you are in Siratul Mustaqim but you have already gone off track. Those ones they think they are in Siratul Mustaqim but they are continuously doing things that is not from the firm Sirat, they make their own Sirat, like the nasrani, thinking you are still in the Siratul Mustaqim but you are doing, continuously doing things that are pulling Allah’s anger, like the Yahudi. This is ayat, Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘in the ahir zaman, my nation is going to be like that. Even if you enter into the whole of a lizard, my nation is going to be like them. Step by step.’ Don’t say wahabbis. Don’t say secularist is like this and that. look at yourself. This ayat is referring to us. So it comes back to us. This is our responsibility now. You think you are in the Siratul  Mustaqim, but if there is no connection to who? to the sirat of those ones that Allah has favor, then we are just going to make the mistakes of the earlier nations over and over again in our lives.

So yes, what we were saying earlier, we are saying earlier, and I’ve said this four years ago, I’ve anticipated this, we say, of course Sheykh Effendi is putting it in our hearts to say, that it is what? There will be people they are going to come later. They are going to be very attracted to Sheykh Effendi. And if they find out that we have been with Sheykh Effendi for one year, two years, ten years, they are going to run to us. Why is that? Because this is the protocol. Not just this is a protocol, this is a Divine Order. Because it works, everything else does not work. It’s not going to work if somebody comes to you and say what is Sheykh Effendi speaking, like this? And you say, just read the sohbet. Just look into the YouTube channel and  you are going to get it. No, they ask you. It is just like, you go to find honey, but you go to the bee and the bee tells you to collect honey from the flower. Sheykh Effendi has said, the honeybee it collects the nectar and there is also a poison in those flowers. And it gets rid of the poison and it just collects it and it actually digest it. That’s why honey it is one of the most miraculous food because the bee has already digested it and if you eat it, it enters straight into your system. Allah swt has bless that animal, because why? He does not leave his hive until it gives salawat to the Prophet (asws), and he does not enter until it gives salawat to the Prophet (asws). And every flower is there to show another beauty of the Prophet (asws). So now, if the murid is just going to say, when somebody is asking, and he says, ‘ah, just read the sohbet. Just go to this. Just go to that….’ What is that? That means you yourself, you have not digest it. You cannot give something.

So now, we should know our limits.  We should not pass our limits. Once we pass our limits, something that is good that we are doing, it will become bad. If you keep to your limits, maybe what you are doing is bad, is deficient, it will become good. One of the things that Musa (as) was so jealous with this ummat of the Prophet (asws), it’s because he said, ‘Ya Rabbi, I know that there is going to be a people that if they intend to do something wrong, but they stop it, they don’t do it, that You are going to reward him with an action as if he did a good action. Let it be from my ummat.’ Hz Musa is saying. And Allah swt jala wa’ala is saying, ‘No. that is reserve for the ummat of My Prophet, of My Habibullah.’You have something wrong, you maintain your limits. You don’t pass it. It will become right and you will be blessed and rewarded for that.

These are very heavy days for the world. For nations, these are very heavy days. Blessed days but a very heavy days. You are not opening your eyes to understand, or you become numb. How you become numb? You are seeing so many things and your heart is becoming numb. How does your heart become numb? How is the heart of a believer going to be numb? How is the heart of a believer not going to be soft? If the heart of a believer is soft then, yes, you ask me a question: what if someone gives you a poison? You are a murid, first you are going to know, especially if the situation, it’s a murid that are doing it. So many questions I’m getting: What if a murid is giving you a hard time? What if you cannot get along with a murid in the Dergah…da…da… goes on and on.. Yes, this is also part of it. You remove yourself away from it, you are not going to understand the teachings and the wisdom and the value of again the sohbet. The sohbet is going to have an effect on you, to give you benefit when you are with the other ones. That our Sheykh has train too.

What if somebody gives you  a posion? In this situation you are going to say, that thing, that poison is coming from my Sheykh. Don’t jump and say, ‘because this person is idiot.’ When you understand that, what is that for you, what is that for you. We are not saying that action now, if it’s wrong, openly it is wrong and you are going to say, no, it is right. It is wrong. But what is it for you? How is it for you? It’s not going to be open, unless there is something there that Allah wants you to learn from.  Somebody is giving you a poison, be like the honeybee, take away the poison and give him back honey. Don’t be like the wasps, it’s going to sting. Not making honey, just stinging.

Definitely in a Dergah, in a community, must have that kind of interaction between people. This is how we are going to be polished. This is how we are going to become more complete. Some things can be polished and shine only if it’s being rubbed over and over again by something that you are not going to like in particular. You are staying away, you say, ‘I don’t like that.’ You are going to stay away and say, ‘I’m going to escape from everything.’ Pretty soon you are going to be in situation where you don’t like anything, anything to do with that. Nothing. You are going to make your own dunya, your own world. And we did not come here, top of the mountain, to make our own worlds. Do you understand? Things go up and down. It has to. But what’s all the sohbet for if we are not putting into our lives, to digest, then that time to be able to give to someone, to show. And what is the use?

Ramazan is about to enter. Maybe Allah swt is teaching us, right now, what we must fast from, before we enter to the month of Ramazan. So many, very impatient. So many, heedless. So many, very stubborn and arrogant. Maybe we should fast from that. What does it mean to fast from your stubbornness? Don’t be too stubborn. What it means, to fast from your arrogance? Be more humble. Not just like this (Sheykh place his hand on his chest and smile). That when someone is saying something to you, that is not praising you, whether it’s true or it’s not, you are going to take that as a chance to fast from that wrong characteristics that you have.  Are we looking at it like this? This is for murids. Those who have authority, that they are supposed to teach, they say I rather sit there and learn. Because we didn’t finish from all our things, maybe. And it’s so much easier to sit and to listen than to speak. You are going to be responsible for yourself. Maybe those ones are going to be responsible for everything, for everyone.

So month of Ramazan is coming, yes. Like this or like that, it’s going to enter. May Allah give us strength and increase our faith, and increase our actions. Otherwise, this Ramazan may break us. InsyaAllah it will not happen. WaminAllahu Taufiq, al-Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)  Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
19 Shaban 1437
May 26, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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