In reality, man is never alone



We are asking our Sheykh for permission to speak. We are talking about the blessings that is right in front of us, that we are not opening our eyes to, so even if we have so much, it’s not going to give us too much benefit.

So we have our brother here who came to visit us, and he’s saying that he’s been spending some time with the little kid, watching them, learning from them little bit, and he feels more of a child now. He’s not meaning he’s becoming more childish. He’s meaning he’s becoming more life, more energy, more innocence. And we were speaking about what the Prophet (asws) said.  He said, ‘if it’s not for the little babies, and the baby lambs, and the old people, Allah will not send even one drop of rain to this world.’ So there’s great mercy to be surrounded by them. Big mercy.

I was talking to someone recently, and he had a meeting with a friend, out of the blue. He came from very good school, he did very good in life. Didn’t see each other for some time. That one is with us. Then he met the friend, Muslim person, traditional one way or another, and speak to him. He’s having a very good job. He graduated very well, very high paying job that you see especially through the fitna hypocrisy book, the Facebook, you see just from the picture you think that he must have the best life in the world. But he was speaking to our brother, saying, ‘I’m feeling very empty, and very depress. I have no friends. My family they are not my friend. Yes, I have a good job. I have all this money but it’s giving me a lot of stress and I don’t even have friends.’ He keep saying, ‘I was very popular…da..da…da..’ and that’s not just him in particular. So many people, majority of the people, more Facebook friends you have, less real friends you have in reality. Because your time is very limited. If you spend all your time with your fake friends, your true friends is not going to be around. You are not even going to have time for your real friends. Because all you want is for people to ‘like’ you. Like and ….oh you are nodding your head like you know so much huh (Sheykh speakes to a murid at the Dergah)? Oh, that one, both legs in the grave still he has a Facebook. He says he has Facebook friends and liking, putting like, like and he’s nodding his head. You see where we are? Murids!

You don’t have time now. Your time is very limited. Allah swears by time. In the Quran, Allah is swearing by time. Our time is very limited. But today’s understanding is, your time is limited so you must enjoy life as much as possible before you croak and you die. That is the approach of someone who live his life like an animal, very selfishly, not the one who has been created to know his Lord, and his Lord has promised to say that whatever you enjoy from this world, if you understand what I have prepared for you, you are going to think and understand that this world is a hell. So he’s saying, ‘I have no friends. I don’t know what to do. I grow up, I try to make friends,’ as you know as you get a little bit older, it’s harder to make friends. Because what is it that is making you to be friend with one person and another person, to like each other and to become good with each other? So many times, it’s not for the real reason too. So many times you are just buddy because you drink together, you joke around together, or you like the same movie, you like the same music. This is not friendship. Where is the taking care of each other? Where is the helping each other out? If you grow up in a culture where you are just supposed to have fun, you see your friend he is asking you for help, you are going to say, ‘this is not fun.’ Right? Parents say, ‘have fun. Whatever you do, have fun.’

So when a friend says, ‘I need your help…da..da..da..’

‘You know what, I really love to help you but  this is not fun. I’m going to go have fun. Why I have to be with you? When you are okay, come back to me. Then we’ll have fun okay? Isn’t it? This is real?’

And our brother said, ‘you know I’m following a sheykh and we have a jamaat. And I’m counting myself very lucky because I have been seeing and spending time and caring and being taken care of by the same people, every weekend, for the last ten years. What a big blessing it is. We don’t even meet our families every weekend for ten years. But to have a community that can do that.’ But that community has to be based on something. It cannot be based on desire or just enjoyment of this world, or have fun. Because after a while, the fun is going to go away. Then you are just going to go to another one who has fun.  What is this glue that is going to join people together to build a foundation for something bigger than yourself? If this glue, it’s not knowing and worshiping your Lord and not knowing yourself, then everything else is going to fail. It’s just dunya. It’s just your desire. Because we are here also, what Sheykh Effendi is saying, ‘Plant wheat.When harvest time comes, harvest the wheat, you’ll also get the straw.’ He says, ‘this dunya, it is like that straw. Don’t plant wheat and just harvest the straw and you throw away the wheat.’

What is the wheat? What is the thing that is of real value? That is your Lord. That is your Prophet. That is working for your Lord and for your Prophet (asws). That is working for your Hereafter. That is the real wheat. If you get the wheat, you’ll also get the straw. Meaning if you are running for the sake of your Lord, building a community together, following Evliyaullah, Sheykh, the dunya comes with it too.

Alhamdulillah, may Allah not test us. Because we cannot carry that. This is not the way, ohh, the more you throw away the dunya, the more irresponsible you are, the more you escape from the world just to live simply, the more holy you are. No. A person can have very little, but it’s what his heart is filled with that matters. There are so many poor people that they are happy because their desire is not awaken. But don’t be fooled, there are a lot of poor people also that their hearts are filled with desire. May Allah not test us with that. And there are a lot of people also, there are some, not a lot, some people who have from this world but it’s not occupying their heart. And the irony is, the funny thing about this is, people in the west they are discovering this more and more. They are discovering this world, ‘it’s not giving me, it’s not filling up my heart. I have to look for something. I have to look for more. I have to look for something that is going to fill my heart.’ That’s why they are looking, because they have everything already. They are not saying this is a spring, like the Arab saying this is spring. Eh, spring passed long time ago. We are saying, what? This is a winter. This is a winter of our what? Never mind (Sheykh smile).

remember Allah swt

So, people are discontented. What is going to make you content? What is going to make you satisfied? Oh, don’t go to philosophers. Don’t go to talk show host.  Don’t read newspaper or magazine to find the answer. Allah has already given the answer very clearly. He is saying, ‘if you want your hearts to be satisfied, say ‘Allah’. Be busy with Allah. That comes with everything. Be busy with Allah, be busy with the people of Allah. Be busy in the remembrance of your Lord. You have your life, live your life but remember your Lord actively, strongly in your life. That time, you are going to be satisfied. That time, whatever that you have in front of you, you are going to be very happy. Little, you are going to be very happy. You have a lot, you are going to share. You will not be happy until you share. Because, this is the meaning now, zakat. The meaning of zakat is not just to  say, because as you know, religion, the foundation, is to say the Shahadat, to say that there is only one Lord, only one God, Allah, and the Prophet Muhammad (asws) is His Prophet, to say that. You are saying that right? (Sheykh ask a murid). There’s only one Lord, right? There’s only one God, one Creator. And you are saying, you are believing in the Prophet Muhammad  right? (Sheykh ask the murid). He’s the Prophet. Yes, he’s coming to give people the way to lead and to be good people, the way to reach to their Lord. You believe that, you are already a Muslim. You don’t have to go in front of a panel of Judges, they give you books to study and they ask you why you want to be a Muslim. Believe me, this is the process of conversion in other traditions. They make you to study, they make you to go through courses, they make you to pay a money, then they sit in front of a panel of people and they say, ‘okay, so now, you want to be us? Tell me about yourself.’ They interview him. No. it is between your heart and your connection to your Lord.

So that is giving the shahadat. What’s the next one? It is prayer. Isn’t it? What’s after prayer? To fast, one month in the Ramazan. Prayer, five times a day, Ramazan. What is the fourth? It’s to give charity, zakat. And what is the fifth? It is to go to the Hajj. These are the things that are obligations for us to do.  Go to the Hajj one time in your life. Whatever property, one fortieth part of your halal earning, you should go and to give to charity. But a person now, when he is following with his heart, he is not going to wait for that order to come, to say, ‘okay if I earn one hundred dollars, now I have to give, how much, to charity?  Two and a half dollars, to charity. ‘I have to give two and a half dollars. No he’s not going to wait for that. He’s not even going to count because he understands the mercy and the generosity of his Lord, and he say, ‘how can I be stingy to my Lord who is so generous to me? That time he’s not just going to look at his money, he’s going to say, ‘I’m drinking this, why am I drinking this alone? I have a friend there. Here, have some.’ He’s going to share. Everything that he’s going to do by himself, he’s going to say, well, what about this one? What about this one?’ He’s eating something, he says, ‘ah, I must make for this one. I must…’ His thought is just not always for him but for other people that are around him.

So that is the meaning now of charity, you are being generous. You are not thinking what is owed to you. You are thinking, whatever that you have, whatever little that you have,  you have nothing, you have  a glass of water, you are going to share that water. And more charity that you have, more protection will come to you. In these days, where there’s heavy curses is coming from everywhere, charity is one of the ways, give charity, be generous, be kind. That is going to protect you.

Alhamdulillah, so now, we have the blessings that is in front of us, but if we don’t have time to sit down and to just to think, that blessing will turn into a curse. Because we are not thinking. So many things are in front of us, and if we are not thinking, instead of that being a sign for us to come closer to our Lord, it will become like a barricade. Because we are not thinking. But the person who thinks, and thinking has nothing to do with whether you are going to good school or higher education, no. It’s not that. Thinking is being sincere, and asking yourself the question ‘why.’ Why am I behaving like this? Why that one is behaving like this to me? Why I have so many wrong characteristics, I cannot seem to get rid of it. Why is it that I’m not being more thankful with what I have. When you start doing that, you will find the sweetness of faith entering. Because then that time, yes, everything that you see in front of you, it is a sign coming from your Lord, and it is a Mercy. You are going to be happy. Challenges come and go, they will come and go. You will still be happy. Difficulties come and go, you say, ‘what can I do?’ You are still happy. That is happiness.

These are holy days that are upon us. These are heavy days that are upon us. Because Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘be a jamaat.’ Allah swt is saying, ‘Be a jamaat.’ So many times I’m saying Prophet is saying, Allah is saying,  because in my mind, who is saying the words of Allah, the Prophet right? I’m not saying the Quran is by the Prophet (asws), but I’m saying it’s coming from his mouth. So everything that he’s speaking, that he’s saying, is coming from Divine inspiration anyway. The Quran is saying, ‘he does not speak from his own nafs.’ So the order is given, ‘Be a community. Be a jamaat.’ Because Allah, one of His name is  Ya Jami, the One who gathers people together. In reality, man is never alone. Because only Allah is alone. He always finds his own community. He always find someone who is like him. You don’t like to pray, you are going to find people who don’t like to pray. You like to pray but you are mixing around with people  who don’t like to pray, you are going to find someone who likes to pray. You are always in community anyway. But what is it giving you? ‘Oh I’m stuck. I am addicted to it. I cannot stop myself.’ What do you do so many times if you are addicted to something? What does the doctor make you go through? Cold turkey. So many times, isn’t it? Stop. That means you have to pull yourself away from all those wrong influences if you really want to change. If you don’t want to change, you are going to stay with your influences.

The man who says, ‘I want to give up smoking,’ but he’s not giving up hanging out with friends who smoke 24 hours, going to places where they smoke 24 hours, watching television always seeing people who smoke, they smoke in television sometimes? Yes, sometimes. I don’t know. I don’t watch television long time, then how is he going to get rid of it? Then he has to take a step. He has to change.  ‘Oh, I don’t like change.’ You don’t have to like it.  Nobody ask you whether you like it or to not like it. You are going to change. You have to change. You don’t like it? Everyone is going to die, Sheykh Effendi is saying, I swear, Alhamdulillah, at least that there is death. Whether you believe in Allah or you don’t believe in Allah, whether you are saying you are religious, you are Jewish, Muslim, Christians, or unbeliever, there is death. They are saying what? Death is the leveler. He levels everyone. No one can deny that, that change. Are we fixing ourselves for that change? That is important. And the trick is, people are saying, ‘no, no. don’t think about death. You are going to get depress, da..da..da..da..da..da…think about life.’ SubhanaAllah. 24 hours, this world, non stop is reminding us of life. But people are getting more and more depress. There’s no enjoyment with nothing anymore. Everything become tasteless.

Think of death. That time you have taste from this life. Think of death, that time you’ll have the taste of what the martyrs are going through. What did the martyrs go through? That the Prophet (asws) is saying,  if you think about death forty times a day, if you die that day, you’ll die the death of a martyr. Because you really understand what is important and what is not important. You have a fight with someone say, just stop to say, ‘what if this person, today he dies, or she dies?’ like that, you can never go to bed angry. Majority of us, we went through Sheykh Effendi’s passing. We should keep that alive. So you start giving value.

veiling of SahibulSaif

InsyaAllah, this words, first for me. Then it is for you. If you want to listen. Bera’at, tomorrow. The night of accounting. We should be more awake and aware. Because the khutba that is speaking about Allah asking, is there anyone who is asking, those who are spending their time understanding and asking, that time it is very easy for them to ask. They are not just going to sit and to pull a tasbih,  they are not just going to memorise some dua that they find on google or yahoo, they are really looking to themselves, I have this, this, this, this. I want this, this, this, this. Not from the dunya, but to fix their relationship with their Lord, they know all of that, then that night comes and they will ask from their heart. they will ask sincerely. Saying, ‘Ya Rabbi, I have this problem with this one. Help me to resolve this. I have this problem with myself, with this, I keep doing this things, help me. What am I supposed to do? I have fear from this stupid things. Help me to take away. I have addictions to this wrong thing. Help me to take it away. Please help me. Please.’ Yes, that time, sincerely you are asking. That time you are asking when Allah is saying, ‘is anyone asking?’ we are asking. And we are speaking from our heart. Say it over and over again. You don’t need anyone that time. You and your Lord.

InsyaAllah, we will keep this clean and we will keep this strong. You don’t need too much. Of course there’s so many other prayers that you can do. Of course there’s duas that you can make. Of course there are other things. But never forget, one hour of tafakkur, it is better than seventy years of worship. Tafakkur, it is thinking. It is meditation. We start with that, insya’Allah ar-Rahman. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
14 Shaban 1437
May 20, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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