Our bodies will return to the dust of the earth as it was before



SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu. SelamAleykum is not a Muslim greeting. It is a greeting of all faith. It is a greeting that Jesus was saying, it is a greeting that Moses were saying,  it is a greeting that 124 000 Prophets that they greet each other. It’s a greeting that our Lord greets us. It’s a greeting that we have to greet Allah. It’s the best greeting. So when you look inside, there are so many similarities. When you look inside, it’s not similar, it’s the same, coming from the same source. But sometimes, this one goes this way, and this one goes this way. So although the source maybe the same, but you see, it gives off weird fruits, or different flowers, or the tree grows differently.

Now you are saying a question earlier (Sheykh speaks to a murid at the Dergah), in other different faith, they regard the body as a temple, correct? What is the meaning of that now? The meaning of that, that the body now is to be used only for Holy things, that you use your body and you treat it as something that is Holy. You see, that is something very unusual little bit in Islam, because in Islam, you can make your body holy, you can make your body, if you  are not following your Lord in the right way, you can make your body to become unholy. You can turn something which is great to make it to be terrible. But it wasn’t the intention, when Allah has created our bodies, this world and everything, to be dirty. When we say this is the lowest of the world, the lowest of the low, we are not saying that this world now it is evil. Listen very carefully now. This world, it is not evil. When you look at this world, what does this world, take man out, when you look at this world, everything it runs perfectly. How can it be evil, correct? From the smallest atoms to the biggest galaxies, everything is whirling around in perfect order. And everything is showing the Greatness of our Lord, His Mercy, His Artistry, His Beauty, His Mystery, everything is there.

So this world, and this is only the lowest of the worlds, there are thousands of worlds. People are going crazy about UFO, UFO, we already say thousands of worlds but we are not saying it’s UFO now. We are saying there are thousands of other worlds that they are separated from us. And everything that Allah has created it is beautiful and it is perfect. So how can it be evil? But once you put man inside, and not man that Allah has created us to represent Him, but man decides to represent his own ego and evil and his own desires, then he can turn this beautiful great creation into something that is going to be terrible. Same thing with the body now.

You ask, what happens to those ones who are cremated? It’s a big problem now. It’s a very big problem. Because it is in the natural understanding, the easiest understanding of everyone that when you die, you bury. Because this body now, it comes from this earth. And it has to return to the earth. We don’t come from the fire. We have an element of that fire but we are not made from fire. Sheytan, he’s not an angel. I know in different tradition they say he’s a fallen angel. No. there are different classes and categories of Creations, there is the angels. And the angels, it is not what we see, oh, someone with wings, golden hair da..da..da.. You cannot imagine what an angel is. It is such beauty, it is such terrible beauty, that more you are trying to depict it like that, more you are just controlling and restricting what that reality is. And the angel, it’s not male, it’s not female. They don’t reproduce. They don’t have ego, they don’t have any desire. They are just full submission and they are made from light.

Now there are other categories of creations, other beings, and they are countless. We are just going to mention a few. And these are called the jins. And the jins, this is the race of beings, they are created from fire. And they are similar to man, angels are also similar to man, when man tries to reach to his spirit, it can become angelic. When man is pushing, just being concentrating on his ego, on his desire,  he can become like the jin. And sheytan, those race, they can do things, study, worship, they are like us, similar, that they can also raise their station. They can go up to the higher levels, they can even go up to the levels where they are at the same level as an angel but they are not angels. Because angels have no desire. But the jins they have desire. Now sheytan, satan, the devil, the big one, he is not an angel. He is from the jin. When he was sent down to this world to teach his people a lesson, before mankind was created, this whole world was filled with his people, and they disobeyed Allah, so Allah sent him, he was like some friends of Allah saying, he was like a Prophet to his people. And he destroyed everything and everyone. Saying, ‘you don’t  obey your Lord, this is what is going to happen.’ He was obeying, he was worshiping, he was doing so many good things. This was before mankind was created. And when Allah swt he created just the body, coming back to your ‘temple’, the body of Adam, and he was taken from different soils, different earth, different dirt from this world. It’s a long story. Allah sending Angels to come to take from the world, earth, the earth will not allow it. The earth started screaming and say, ‘don’t.’ And finally, Allah told Azrail,  the angel of death, to go down and to take the Earth, and the angel of death did not listen to the screaming of the world, the earth, and he took different colored earth he combines it.

Original man he was not white, like some people think that he is. He is not black, like some people think that they are. He’s made from clay. Our Sheykh is saying he’s what? Wheat colored. It contains all the colors now, taking so many different earth, different colors, mixing it up. So when sheytan at that time he was known as Azazil and he saw the creation, the Adam’s body, and he knew, ‘this is a new creation that is going to be the highest one that is created by our Lord, and we will have to obey him and he’s the one who is going to represent his Lord, not us. Angels don’t represent, the jins don’t represent.’ So he got jealous. Because now, all the worshiping, all his obedience, is not for the love of his Lord, to make his Lord happy. It is to get something from it. He’s saying, ‘I want that station.’

So now, as Muslims, as murids, as people following the Sufi way, we are doing things not because of what we can get  in return. We are doing things because it gives our Lord pleasure. Because it gives us pleasure to do it. This, everyone can understand. This is not something, such a high level. When you fall in love, when you love someone, all you want to do is to make that one happy. Correct? All you want to do, everything, ‘are you okay?’ you say, ‘what about this? What about…’ you are being very careful. So this love, this is in everything and everyone. Because that One God, they are saying, Christianity is saying God is love. God is not love. God is the Creator of love. He is higher than that. So, he (sheytan) did not do it out of love. He did it because he wanted that reward, the highest station. So you are treating you Lord, you are treating the Lord who gives you everything for free, just like a business partner, saying, ‘okay if I do this, I’m going to get this. I do this, I’m going to get this.’ Your relationship then to your Lord, it’s superstitious then. You understand?

What does superstition mean? Don’t do things, you are going to make the spirit upset with you, it’s going to curse you. You have to do things. You have to bribe it so that they are going to be happy with you. In the old days they bribe, what do they do? They cut one chicken, they give food, they even sacrifice their children for it. You understand? Now, they are doing things like what? Worship. You don’t do it to get something. You do it because your Lord deserves to be worship and He loves you. And whenever you call Him, He answers. When you are standing up in prayer, when you call Him, He says, ‘here I am.’ When you go down to the ruku’, the bowing,  and you call out to Him, He says, ‘Here I am.’ When you go down to the sejdah, He says, ‘O My beloved servant. You put your head down, I’m closer to you now than your jugular vein.’ So everything that we are doing now is to make us to become closer to our Lord. To bring us closer to our Lord. Our Lord is already close to us.

So the body now, it was created to carry this spirit. And the body, it comes from this earth and it has to return to this earth. And everything is going to disappear, except for a cell, one cell from your body. And that is from the tip of your tailbone, one cell. Everything else is going to decompose, except for the cell it’s going to stay there. It will be a seed. It’s going to stay in this world. And the end of time, and the Day of Judgment, when everything has been destroyed, it’s going to be a special rain that is going to come down and that rain is going to touch that cell and everything, you are going to grow again from the world, from the earth. And you are going to appear with a new body on Judgment Day. Those who have been incinerated, they are going to be in pretty big trouble, because you are not going to enter into someone else’s body. This is yours. But our Lord is Merciful. And there are always the Prophet, there are always good people, that although, this one has done wrong things and the consequence of that is this, it’s not you are doing this we are going to punish you. No. it’s not a punishment. It’s a consequence. Then there are Holy people who says, ‘Ya Rabbi, O my Lord. I love you, and please help that one. Give it something. Give it a new body.’ It is easy for our Lord to just give. It is so easy. Very easy. Very simple for Him. But what He wants to do, what He wants to see in that example, what does He wants to see? He wants to see His beloved servants loving each other for His sake. This is why we are here. We are making zikr, we  are listening to sohbet, we are trying to be good to step on our ego not only for ourselves.


But there are so many people, especially on the Day of Judgment, the consequence of all their actions is the fire. Because the fire cleans. Our Lord did not create us to go to hell. Our home is the Paradise. He created us to go to Paradise. But we put ourselves into hell. And there are certain things, there are certain diseases, there are certain dirt, that you cannot remove from anything except for with fire. You know sometimes it’s so rusty things are, you have to burn it off. You know sometime when you get a cancer or some disease, all they can do now, instead of taking medication, it’s just a laser treatment that is just going to cut it away. So the hell is a place for cleaning. But it’s heavy cleaning. And our Lord has said, don’t wait to clean yourself until you come to the last point. Clean yourself when you are still here. You are still here, you do one wrong action, you do a small action to clean it, everything is going to be cleared. Especially when you get the prayers of good people, close people, Holy people. People that Allah loves. They can help, everyone is praying for you, it’s very easy  to turn around now. But if you wait till you are in the ground, it’s very bad now. That time, yes, the cleaning starts there.

Those ones who are burning, they are in big trouble, those ones who did not clean themselves, their spirits. Now once you start cleaning yourself from your ego, your body will become clean now. you understand? Then that time, when you enter into the earth, the earth will be forbidden to touch you, you don’t decompose. There are so many who are like that. We think so many times  that there are, oh, only the Prophet and only the Saints of Allah. There are so many hidden Saints too. There are so many people who are just good people and when they pass, when they die, their bodies don’t decompose. They dig them up five years later, ten years later, a hundred years later, it is still intact. There was once, I remember reading, of course the Prophet is something else, the companions is something else, and when they dig, the earth smells of roses, the earth will smell of Jasmine. Because this body, instead of decomposing, smelling like the most disgusting smell, they smell really nice and it makes the surrounding smells nice too. Leave aside all the holy people that we know. I read an article recently in Malaysia, they dug up this cemetery because they are going to build the road, and this person he passed like two weeks and his father and his mother passed, maybe years  apart, they dug up his body after weeks and they say it’s still intact and there’s a nice smell to it. And Malaysia is tropical weather, everything just goes. And they dig his father and his mother too because they are in the same compound and everybody is intact. They look fresh and alive. They looked like they were sleeping. And everyone was shocked. This is open, and people knew them. They said, yes they were good people, they were humble people, they took care of each other’s rights but they weren’t crazy holy or anything. They weren’t doing anything crazy. They were just humble, good people, living in the village, minding their own business, doing their own things, not harming anyone. So now, the mercy of Allah, reaches to everyone. Not just because you are Jewish or because you are Christians, or you are a Muslims, or you are white, or you are black, or you are male or you are female. It touches everyone. Just as the sun touches everything.

So, it is easy then for those ones who are in trouble, on the Day of Judgment, for someone to intercede for them. Intercede to help them, to be their lawyer, to enter into a plea bargain. Do you understand? We understand that from this world. In there, it does, that plea bargain is not because the lawyer wants money. Over here the lawyer wants money. But our lawyers on the Day of Judgment, they don’t want anything. In fact, they say, ‘O my Lord, I have so much credit, and this one is going to the Hell fire. Let me give him my credit,’ until he’s finished. Now he has to enter. Will his Lord make him to enter for their sake? Of course not. His Lord is going to say, ‘you are so generous, you are going to compete with Me? I am the most generous. Everything that you’ve given, you are going to take back and I’m going to multiply it seventy thousand times. And that one who has received it, he is going to keep it too and it’s going to be multiplied seventy thousand times.’ So what does He want to see? That we starting to take care of each other, to love each other, to stand up for each other. To stick out for each other.

The body is comfortable when it’s return to the earth because it’s made from the earth. Right now, our spirit is inside and our five senses is outside. There are those ones that they are stepping on their egos and on their desires so much and their spirit gets bigger and bigger and more powerful, they will get more powerful, the spirit is more powerful than their body. What happens then? Instead of the spirit being inside and the body being outside, the spirit becomes the outside and the body is inside. Right now, all of us, we are locked in this five senses, correct? Five senses, we cannot go beyond that. but there are those ones, because of their love for their Lord, and they are stepping on their ego so much, their five senses are locked inside their spirit, and the spirit, it is boundless, it can go anywhere, any directions that it wants. And those are the holy ones that they can perform miracles. Not for show, not for money, not for anything, but to help. And those are those ones, there are those ones, and they can do unusual things. They may do it knowingly and they may do it unknowingly. The highest level ones will never claim anything. They never say, ‘oh yeah, I did it.’ Never. Those highest level ones, even if you say, ‘oh it’s because of your prayer.’ They’ll say, ‘huh, Astaghfirullah. Our prayer? What are we good for? Nothing.’ Understand? And they are always going to say, ‘no, it’s because of my Sheykh. It’s because of my Sheykh, because of the Prophet, because of Allah.’ They are never going to take credit.

Those ones who claim something, these days so many people claiming, they dream a little bit, they exaggerate so much and they make claims. Hmm, but we see, who are you bringing to the light?  We look at your face, it’s filled with darkness. It’s filled with fire because you are just dealing with fire. Because you are dealing with that kind of knowledge, the fire, jin, knowledge. Not the knowledge of the angels, not the knowledge of the spirit. The spirit is much higher than the angels. You  understand? But when they are so busy with that kind of forbidden knowledge, they think that it’s giving them something, but it’s not. Like a person who is so thirsty, he is so thirsty, he is dying from thirst, if we give him a dirty ditch water he’s going to think it is the sweetest drink. Because he is so thirsty. You give him something dirty from the toilet, because he’s dying from thirst, he’s going to drink it. We are taking things from the purest source, Alhamdulillah. We are not taking things from here and there, we are just taking things from our Sheykh, and that is enough for us.

So for those ones that they have gone through cremation, we are praying for them. We are not interfering to the business of Allah too. We say, ‘ya Rabbi, we are praying for them.’ Do you understand? Later I’m going to tell you certain things that you have to make, some zikr that will give them a new body. insya’Allah. That it’s going to be pretty easy to do. With our Lord, it’s very easy. With your ego, it’s the most difficult things to do. But these days people are going crazy. They do cremation because it’s cheaper not because of anything. And so many of the crematorium, it’s a big scam anyway. They don’t burn until, you know, it turn to ashes. They burn  a little bit and they throw it out. Ahh, find out. Discover this. Because our body right now we can feel everything, you know? When we die, we can still feel everything. We can still feel everything. We just cannot response. Right now if I pinch you, you are going to scream. But later if you pass, you going to pinch him, he cannot scream but he’s going to feel it.

The Prophet says, treating, now you have to treat the body with such respect because again it is a temple. It’s not a temple that you treat it with so much respect that it becomes an industry. So what happens when the body is dead? You are going to send it to an undertaker who’s going to put make up, who’s going to cut some tendons here, some nerves here so that the face relaxes and he smiles, because the face, when the angel of death appears it’s going to be stuck there. Some people they are so free because angel of death comes in the most beautiful form to them because they are the ones who are the most beloved by Allah and the Angels appears and they look so happy to see the angels, they can’t wait to go back to their Lord. Some because of their own lifestyle that is wrong that they are doing, some evil actions they are doing to others and to themselves, angels of death will come and they look very terrible and they will look horrified and their face get stuck like that and you have an undertaker industry, they are going to put make up, they are going to cut here, cut there, drain all the blood, put new clothes, sitting there, everyone looking, everyone fake crying, dressing up. It becomes like a ritual. It’s not like death anymore. In fact they don’t want it to look like death. They want it to look just like an event, wear nice black clothes. You don’t even see the earth that you are supposed to touch. You don’t see. Everything is carpeted, astro turf and everything. ‘Ohh, he’s just so sleeping. He’s sleeping. So beautiful. He’s done a great job.’ What is this? So you don’t wake up. That kind of thing it is forbidden in Islam to do that.

We are wearing white especially. Our turbans, white especially, this is our funeral shroud. Especially when we are travelling, we are carrying this, so that if I die on the way, I’m not asking nothing from no one. This, just wrap me up, put me in a hole somewhere. It’s easy.

white turban

Some people they go crazy. Not only they want to cremate, I heard in Taiwan and I’m sure it’s everywhere now, they cremate and they burn and they put such intense heat on the bones, you know it takes a very high degree to incinerate the whole bones and everything. Not enough, they put higher, higher, higher, until everything melts and crystallizes and it forms crystals and they take this crystals, they make to jewelry and they wear around the neck. They say, ‘it makes me close to my grandfather. I’m wearing him around my neck.’ That is a punishment. You can feel everything. Prophet says, when the person who has died, because in Islam you have to wash the body, he says don’t wash the body in water that is too hot or too cold. So it’s very simple but it’s very beautiful and it’s very personal. It is not impersonal. It is very personal. You understand?  It is just like when you have a baby and you wash the baby. It’s very personal. You don’t have all these rituals and ceremonies that sets you apart from your beloved one who has passed or the reality that that one is going to enter into. Because you are going to enter into that same reality too.

So, may Allah make our lives to be good and our deaths to be good and easy. And may Allah not test us with sudden death. Because for a believer, you know when you are going to die. You will know. At least, forty days before you passed, you will get signs. ‘I’m going to go.’ You start taking care of all your stuffs. You start wrapping things up. I’m not talking about worldly things. I’m talking about, this ones I’ve made enemies with, this ones I’ve said wrong things…because you are getting ready to meet your Lord now. Those ones who are close to their Lord, there are signs that have been given to them. You understand? What about those ones who are preparing death, every month they are thinking, ‘what if I die? What if I die right now? what’s going to happen to this this, this. What’s going to happen?’ what benefit is he going to get from it? So much. He’s going to take in life only what is important. He’s not going to let small things to affect him. And this is a reality. We don’t know when we are going to go. What if that one who thinks about death once a week? How much more benefit is he going to get? And in our way, you have to think death forty times a day. Just to think. Just to let it pass you. You are praying, Prophet made it easy for us, he says, pray your prayer as if it is the last prayer. Correct?

Everytime you pray, you imagine this is my last prayer. Then at least five times a day you are going to remember. These days, five times a day it’s already a miracle if you remember five times a day, or one time a day. Forget about forty times a day. Then that time you are going to balance so many things.  Problems that you are going to have, will not be so huge because you may go at anytime. Right now as we are speaking, there are hundreds, thousands that are going. They didn’t know. They make plans. They make plans. There are things that they wanted to do. But they left. These are teachings from the Holy Prophet (asws), from Sultanul Evliya, from our Sheykh. And if we are holding on to it, if we remember, if we put it in our lives, we will get benefit from it. WaminAllahu Taufiq. Al-Fatiha.


stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
20 Shaban 1437
May 27 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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