May the Ramazan connects us closer to our Original Home


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Never forget that we are not meant to be here, meaning we are not meant to make this world into our home. We are not meant for this world. We are not for this world. If you are meant for this world, we’ll all in very big trouble. Then we will be nothing but like the animals. The animals are created for this world. They are not created for the eternal world. Most of us who wants to live in this world like animals, then we are going to be raised like animals and we will be sent to non-existence, just like the animals. Because we are thinking that we are meant for this world. It is not. We should not get too comfortable.

What is there in this world anyway that is left that they didn’t destroy and they didn’t poison anything? Finish. This world is not a Paradise. Don’t try to make this world to be a Paradise. This world is a place of exile, is a place of suffering, is a place where we are disconnected from our original home. Those who are connected to the original home, they never feel comfortable in this world. The Prophets they never felt comfortable, and their existence in this world is just full of hardships and sufferings, and those are the ones who are most beloved to Allah swt, and those of them that are following in their footsteps as well.

Allah swt is putting into the hearts of the Rasulullah (asws) to say, ‘A sign that Allah does not love that one is He is not even going to give him a toothache.’ You don’t have to read too much or to have too much Kashf or opening, to understand that when you have a toothache, you remember Allah. Correct or not? You never make zikr in your life, you are going to go, ‘Allah, Allah, Allah,’ and you are so close to your Lord, subhanaAllah, always praying, always speaking to your Lord, always asking, but when the pain is taken away, disconnected again. We are not asking that Allah test us. But the believer should know what is coming to him. Sheykh Effendi is saying what? Even if his finger is pierced by the thorn of a rose, he must know what is the reason. You don’t know the reason so much, all you know is something is happening to you, because you are not understanding yourself too much, you are not sitting yourself too much. And all they are teaching you is to ask yourself, ‘why?’ ever since you are young, ‘why?’, something happening, ‘why?’ Asking others instead of yourself. From young, they are teaching: you must ask why, don’t look to the answers from yourself, look outside and you must demand from outside. But the believers, they first ask themselves, ‘why.’ And to know that whatever comes to them, it is coming from their Lord. Then whatever that is coming from their Lord, like what Sheykh Effendi is saying, it doesn’t matter, the Evliyaullah, the friends of Allah is saying, ‘it doesn’t matter if it’s a thorn of the rose or the flower itself, it’s coming from You.’ To reach to that level, ohh, that time you have to be walking in the path of the Prophets.


So many can claim to be this or that. So many people can claim to be that. So many people can claim to be coming from the lineage of this one or that one. So many people can claim, but we see, the proof is there. You don’t know the proof, wait till the dust settles than you will know who is the head, whether it is a horse or a donkey. But why would you want to live in this world forever? If you are separated from your home, it doesn’t matter that time if you go to the best of the vacation, one day, two days, three days, you’ll start missing home. You never forget your home. And the journey back to home is the most beautiful journey. It’s better than the journey to discover. Because when you come back, you are bringing everything back. When you go to discover, you leave, you don’t bring anything. What are we going to bring back to our home? Are we going to bring snakes and scorpions and spiders, or are we going to bring the jewels?

The month of Ramazan, insya’Allah ar-Rahman, may Allah grant us a long life, to see it. Anything may happen. We are making that intention. This is the last, like this or like that, the last Thursday night, Friday night of the Shaban, and the Paradises they are preparing, the Heavens they are preparing, everywhere in the other alams, they are preparing to welcome the Sultan of the month. But we are seeing, Muslims are not preparing, believers are not preparing, those claiming that they are in Tarikat, sleeping, or just dancing everyday. Something to be dancing about, in this world?

How are you going to prepare? Oh, if you don’t know how to prepare, since the month of Rajab that we have been talking about preparation for the month of Ramazan, if you don’t know what we have been speaking about in the whole month of Shaban, then what we can say? But at least, everyone is going to understand that when the month of Ramazan is entering, when you are staying away from the food and the drink and another actions, another forbidden actions, another actions that it may not be forbidden but it is dislike, you are pulling yourself back, you are not giving this world and this world body so much importance during that month, we are making more closer connection to our original home. You are going to start understanding yourself a little bit more. Understanding the people around you a little bit more. Understanding the world now a little bit more. You are going to have more faith, you are going to have more intelligence, you are going to have less ghaflat. Why is that? because you will not be under the tyranny of your body. Why is that? because staying away from all those action will bring you closer to the Angels. And the Angels they are watching everything.

When you are passing the month of Ramazan, and you hope that every month it’s going to be the month of Ramazan. Before the month of Ramazan approaching, eh, so many is saying, ‘ahh, I’m dreading it. I have to fast.’ Look what happens now? Month of Ramazan enters, the month of Ramazan is about to leave, we feel very sorry, our guest, our honored guest, we did not treat him correctly. Ramazan is supposed to teach the believer. This is not our home. Our home is when we are not being pulled by the gravity of this world. That is our home. That is the Paradises. When we are pulled by the gravity of this world, of this dunya, of our nafs, by our ego, by sheytan, that not only disconnects us from our home, it makes us to live like animals, you don’t care about tomorrow, you don’t care about yesterday, you only care about today, how to fulfill your desires.  We are prisoners between two breaths, if we sit down to try to understand what that means, so many things will open up to us. We don’t have to memorize this principal and that principal. In the Ramazan time, try to become more aware of the breath. Don’t speak Malayani things. Everything that you are speaking is a breath that you take out. I don’t know any word that you speak is a breath taking in. Every word that you say, it is in the exhalation, correct? It’s a breath taken out. You don’t speak, it’s better. You are more aware of your breath. Your breath becomes more precious, more valuable, and when that breath and when you are watching it, you are watching it knowing that Allah swt is watching it, then that time, your breath becomes Holy, and what you are breathing it will clean you. What you are breathing out will take away the dirtiness.

The Evliyaullah, they breath in to take away our dirtiness, they breath out to take out their rose and their mist and their holiness to us. That is the difference. Because they are very aware. Insya’Allah, may Allah make us to become more aware, to be more sincere insya’Allah in their way. This month of Ramazan is going to be pretty heavy. May Allah make us to hold on tightly, to hold on strongly. Hold on strongly. How are you going to be holding on strongly? Don’t say you are holding on strongly now, you are holding on strongly, you say the rope must be strong. It’s not the rope that is strong. Rope is always strong. But are you strong enough to hold the rope? Do you understand? Then how you make yourself to be strong enough to hold the rope? Because in these days, yes, hold on together fast to the rope of Allah but the winds they are blowing left and right. You have to hold on. You cannot say, ‘ahh the rope is…’ The rope is always there, the rope is always strong. If you are following your ego, you are making yourself to be very weak. You are going to hold the rope very weakly, the wind push you one time, you are going to go. You are not fulfilling your obligations.

connect yourself to the friends of Allah

What is your obligations? Our obligations to our Lord. Right after saying the Shahadat, is the prayer. The prayer, it is to give witness to the Shahadat. You understand? The prayer is to show that you are witnessing the Shahadat. What’s after the prayer? Fasting. And the fasting is to give witness to the prayer that we are doing. Because the movements that you are making in the prayer, it is the movement of the Angels. Angels they don’t drink and they don’t eat. And they don’t have any relations. So everything is witnessing each other. And we have been created as also the nations that witnesses. Make sure we witness the good things. The things that are coming from Allah and His Prophet. Don’t witness from the dunya and from the Hawa, from the desires. But how, your shahadat now is going to become very weak if you don’t pray. Simple. Your prayer is going to be very weak if you don’t fast. It continues. Especially those ones who are responsible. Like what? If you are a father, if you are a husband, if you are the Imam, if you are the leader, you are responsible. You are not carrying the responsibility, that time don’t say why things are happening to my children? Why things are happening to my wife? Why things are happening to my family? Because, like what we are saying over and over again every week almost now, the Turks they have a saying, ‘the fish it stinks, it rots from the head.’ If the head is not working, the rest of the body is not going to work. So if you are carrying your responsibility properly, those ones who have responsibilities, those ones who are under you, they are weak, they are like this or like that, they cannot carry, it doesn’t matter too much. Because you are the one that’s holding the pillar up. They are just coming to shelter. But man is not understanding this. They become husbands without understanding what is the role of a husband. They want to become fathers without understanding, it’s going to be very heavy that time.

May Allah forgive me, insya’Allah this much is enough. May Allah open the month of Ramazan to us, for us to become more awake and more aware, for us to pull ourselves away from this dunya a little bit more, to make our connections to the ahirat a little bit more stronger for us to understand that to have more eyes and more clear vision of ourselves and this world to be able to walk in this way strongly, until the time comes for us to go, or until the time comes for Mahdi (as) to appear and our Sheykh SahibulSaif to appear. We are waiting for those days. May Allah forgive us and make us to be prepared for those days. WaminAllahu Taufiq, Al-Fatiha. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Shaban 1437
June 2 2016. 

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