Why are we supposed to be miserable when we are on the right path?



Medet Ya SahibulSaif. This is the first Jumma of Ramazan. Alhamdulillah, we are happy. We are thanking Allah for making us to experience the first jumma of Ramazan. Anyone has any question? Anything you want to say, to ask, ask. This Ramazan, I don’t feel like talking too much. We should not talk too much. We should sit down. Talk, talk, talk, nobody listens. Anyway. You ask very weird question. One question asking, just asking, what is the question ? (Sheykh ask a murid). Murid answers: BismillahirRahmanirRahim. Why are we supposed to be miserable when we are on the right path, especially since the right path to Allah is supposed to bring us peace and happiness?

Who is saying we are supposed to be miserable? Who is saying we are supposed to be miserable? And who is saying since the path to Allah is supposed to bring us peace and happiness, who is saying all this thing? If you are clear that this is coming from a Saint of from a Prophet, then we may speak from there. If you are just saying from the top of your head why we are supposed, when we are supposed to find peace and happiness, as if you cannot find peace and happiness and also not jumping up and down like a clown, not laughing 24 hours like an idiot. What is your understanding of miserable? What is your understanding of peace? What is your understanding of happiness?

In the first place, the one who is miserable, he is already separated from his Lord. The one who is miserable, he is separated from his Lord. The one who is miserable is not understanding  the peace that is coming from his Lord, not understanding the blessings, not understanding His favors. You are feeling miserable, then we ask you why are you feeling miserable? So many people, 99.99% they are miserable only because of their dunya. Because my eyes is crooked like this, because my face is like this, because I don’t have enough money, because I’m not married, because I married, because I married with the wrong one, because…it goes on and on and on. Just dunya.  They are not really feeling miserable because they are separated from Allah. They are not sitting down to say, ‘why are you looking so sad?’ ‘I’m very sad because today I got upset and I place one more veil between me and my Allah.’ You are not saying, ‘because today I got very angry, I got very stubborn, I let my ego to fool me, and now I’m upset.’ Are you miserable? ‘I’m not miserable. I’m upset.’

So you are upset, what are you supposed to do now? Just stay like that to be upset? Who is teaching you that that on the spiritual path you have to be miserable, you have to be so sour?

Number one, we have to know that the Prophets they had the most ‘miserable lives’. All the Prophets, especially the Holy Prophet (asws), compared to this world, what this world is offering, what the people of this world think is happiness, they had the most difficult lives. But they were not miserable. They never lost hope from Allah. Allah may test them so hard, like the khutba is saying, and they will ask. Allah is testing them then. But they are not miserable. Because to be miserable means to lose hope from Allah swt. You are just looking at your own self, what you call? Naval gazing. You only look at your belly button. You are not looking around. You are not understanding how much blessings that we are given. But the Holy Prophet (asws) and the companions, they were tested. It was very hard, yes. They were feeling very bad. But it was a test from Allah swt that Quran e-Kerim is saying, even the Prophet (asws) and his companions are saying, ‘when is the help of Allah swt going to come?’ Did they lose hope? No they didn’t. They are saying, ‘When?’ They didn’t say, ‘Allah is not going to send help.’ Because that is moving you away from faith.

Whose understanding is this that we have to be miserable all the time? In fact in Tarikat, if you look at our Sheykh, he’s smiling and he’s laughing. Not laughing Ha..Ha..Ha..Ha.. Ha..Ha …all the time like an idiot. You are not supposed to laugh like that anyway. Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘if you know what I know, you are going to laugh little and you are going to cry a lot.’ And the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying, ‘too much laughter, it deadens your heart. It makes your heart to be dead.’ Meaning you don’t feel anymore. We spoke about this a couple of weeks ago. Because now you are so use to just laughing, you want to find everything funny. You see a kid falling down, ‘ha..ha..ha..’ you are going to laugh. Correct? You are going to see someone being killed, ‘ha..ha..ha..’ you are going to find something funny in it. Because you are so used to it. Your heart is already dead.

To be miserable too is to deaden your heart. Because what are you feeling miserable, what are you feeling upset about? Is it about how far you are from Allah? You are going to do something about it. Is it about how your ego and your sheytan is tricking you? Then you are going to do something about it. And when you do something about it, you are going to find peace. You are going to find happiness. Again not the peace and happiness that people are thinking. They think peace and happiness, happiness you have to jump up and down 24 hours. No. when  you have peace and happiness, a very big sign when you have peace and when you  have happiness, is when you want to give peace to others and you want to give happiness. Because all the peace and happiness that comes to you, you never take it for yourself. So those ones who have the peace and have happiness but they are not sharing, they are also miserable. They just don’t know it. Because you are not sharing it. When you don’t share, it becomes stale, it becomes rotten. Then you are trying to hold on to it. You said, ‘ no I have to have this because  this brings me peace and happiness,’ but your peace and happiness is very fragile, very delicate. It’s only based on a couple of things. If somebody says a couple of nice words, you are going to be so peaceful, you are going to be so happy. Especially women. If you say, ‘you look beautiful today. Did you lose weight?’ Ohh, flying. So peaceful they become. So happy. But, if you tell them, ‘what happened? You look old today.’ Ohh, they are going to murder you. ‘What happened to you? You put on some weight?’ Ohh, they will kill you. So the peace and the happiness is just very fake. No.

What brings us peace and happiness anyway? If you are on the spiritual path, you are there because it brings you peace and happiness. Not because it brings you misery. We are serious. There are certain times you have to understand, there are certain times you have to cry. But you don’t make anything for a show. You don’t cry for a show. You don’t make happy movements or actions for a show either. Because like I said, if you are really sincere with your peace and your happiness, you don’t show it. You share it. You share it. Even if it’s with one smile. You share it. Prophet (asws) is saying, even with one date, you share it. So I don’t know which path. That’s why in Islam it’s always a middle way. You don’t go to extreme. It is not eh, you are going to hit yourself, saying, ‘ya qulba, ya qulba,’ you hit yourself saying, ‘ohhh…ya Ali…ya Ali..ya Hasan…ya Hussein..’ you hit yourself. Why are you hitting yourself like that? Number one, it’s forbidden. It doesn’t make you happy. You think they are asking you to hit yourself?  Hit on your ego. Don’t hit yourself.

Anyway, this is the kind of question we get for the month of Ramazan. So in this month of Ramazan, we are not eating and we are not drinking, we are supposed to be miserable? Because according to the definition of the world, if you don’t eat and you don’t drink, you are miserable, correct? And others will say, ‘don’t Allah want you to be happy? So you don’t have to fast. It’s better not to fast and to be happy with your Lord then to fast and to be miserable.’ They are twisting everything. Locking everything up so that you don’t understand properly.

Anyway, this is the month of Ramazan. And like what the khutba is saying, there is so many things that is happening in the month of Ramazan. Our history, muslims if you are not looking at the history, you are not going to understand where you are. You will not understand where you are going to go. You will not understand the vision that you have to have for the future. Because Islam is not just something that happened in the past, it’s not something that is just present, just like this, continuing. It has a future. And Islam has a glorious future. It has a beautiful future. Because Allah and His Prophet, they never break their promise. So they don’t really want us to understand our history, because they say, ‘don’t look to the future of Islam.’ But we are only looking to the future of Islam because the present situation now, it is so bad. But it is pointing everyday, more signs are opening up, for the appearances of Mahdi (as). Everyday we are seeing  more signs showing that dajjal is taking over everything. And how we are going to live today is going to determine how we are going to live tomorrow.

May Allah protect us in this month and keep us strong, insya’Allah and to give us a little bit more energy to run around to do good things in this month. This is the month of charity, so be charitable. Like what we talked before, charity is not just giving a money. Charity is having a generous spirit. There are some people, you just like to be with them because they are generous, spirit. They are very light. They are not heavy. They are not miserable, to make you to become miserable. Be generous. Have a generous spirit. Don’t fight. Don’t say fighting words. Don’t say things and do things that you know people will misunderstand although to you, your own intention, you are not intending for it to be misunderstood, but you know people are going to misunderstand it, don’t. Not necessary.


They are watching us in this month. Every good deed that we are doing is multiplied, but every bad deed that we are doing, they are saying it is also, chances are it’s going to be multiplied. So keep ourselves clean insya’Allah ar-Rahman. Wa minaAllahu Taufiq, Fatiha. Amin. SelamAleykum warahmatullahi wabarakatu.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
5 Ramazan 1437
June 10, 2016
stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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