Remembrance of Death is an endless Ocean



We are asking from our Sheykh to send us something that is going to give us benefit, here and hereafter, to guide us in our lives, to guide us in this very confusing lives, to guide us in this very confusing life of the ahir zaman. This is not the life right now that we are living that it is clear. This is not the life that we are living now in this world that it is easy, that to find the truth and to live according to that truth it is simple. Are we understanding that this is a time of confusion? This is a time of complete confusion. This is a time where dajjal is just waiting around the corner to declare himself. Because all the best ones they have left. Like I said in the khutba, we are remembering Sheykh Maulana (qs), may Allah raise his station higher and higher and may his medet reach to us. We are remembering our Sheykh Effendi, Sheykh Abdul Kerim al-Kibrisi al-Rabbani, may Allah raise his station, may his medet reach to us.

The best ones they have left. We are here. Don’t make no mistake, we are not looking at better days ahead. We are looking at worse days ahead, and you have to be living in a complete bubble to think that better days they are ahead. More people have information, not even knowledge, these days more ignorant they become, more heartless they become, more arrogant that they become and more rebellious they become. This is us. We are putting ourselves in it. We are not taking ourselves away from this. Use to be, we are watching the news, maybe once or twice a day, or you get the newspaper and you read. Now you get the news 24 hours, not only on the television, you have it in your hands. You are checking it every moment. But all of that is making us to become ignorant and more heartless. There is something very wrong there.

This is not the time of clarity. This is the time of confusion. And because we are living in this time of confusion, more we must hold on to something. So many they say, ‘hold on to your intelligence. Hold on to ideologies. Hold on to your nationality. Hold on to your family. Hold on to your friends.’ Some may even say, ‘hold on to your religion.’ Eh, we have more religious people these days then it was twenty years ago, isn’t it? Some may even say, ‘hold on to spirituality.’ The way we are looking, these days, almost everyone is a Sufi. But the situation is not getting better. It’s not getting better for the world, it’s not getting better that we are looking at it  for the believer’s conditions. Because we see now, there’s added confusion. With more religion, there’s added confusion. With more egoistic understanding of religion and egoistic understanding of spirituality, because spirituality without shariat, without the law, it becomes corrupt. And we are seeing that everywhere. And they say, ‘we have love. We don’t need the law.’ It becomes corrupt. None of the Sahaba e-Kiram say we are above the shariat because we have the love of the Prophet. None. The Evliyaullah, they were the ones who put more shariat to themselves. Because the shariat of love is even heavier than the shariat of law.  These are the days where there is confusion. Don’t make no mistake. So what are we holding on to?

The khutba is saying, there are guide posts. Hold on to your guides. If you try to hold on to yourself, it’s going to fail. Hold on to your guides. Make sure that your guides are leading you to the right direction, not the wrong direction. We look, there’s so many guides today too. Guides of Shariat, guides of Tarikat, guides of Hakikat, guides of Makrifat, whatever you want to put, there’s so many, but it’s not getting better. We are sinking more and more. Are they reminding us of the fear of Allah? Because what is coming with Mahdi (as), what is coming in the Malhamah al-Qubra, the big war, it is not the mercy of Allah. It is the revenge of Allah. The believer is going to be very scared. He is not going to be so arrogant and stubborn and saying, ‘no, I’m not going to be.’ Yeah, he has to be very scared. Because the one who polishes his heart, a little speck in his eyes, it’s as huge as the world. Those who are not polishing, everything can be dirty but they say, ‘it’s not dirty cos compare my heart to the heart of a murderer, it’s very clean. Compare my heart to the heart of the one who cheats and lie, it is very clean.’ But the believer compares his heart to the heart of the friends of Allah, to the heart of the Prophet (asws) and he becomes ashamed, and he works harder.

So the khutba is saying, to remember death. Who is saying? Allah is saying. Who is saying? His Prophet (asws) is saying. Who is saying? The Evliya they are saying and our Sheykh is repeating it over and over and over all his life. But we don’t hear that too much these days, from everywhere else. We are hearing other things. And this day of the urs of our Grandsheykh should make us to remember death, should make us to remember the reality of the death, should make us to remember the reality of that grave. Should make us to remember that this is the ahir zaman and this is confusion and we must be very careful and we must protect ourselves against ourselves and against others.
remember death

What is the remembrance of death? We just imagine we don’t have a life, we are going to leave everything, we are going to be in the grave? The remembrance of death it is an ocean that is never ending. The remembrance of death, to understand that everything is going to finish. How a man can remember death and not prepare for it? He has to prepare for it. How do you prepare for your death? To make sure that you are not putting fire in your grave.  How do you put fire in your grave? If you have the fire inside, that you didn’t finish the fire before you enter into your grave, you are going to bring it and your whole life, that fire that you have, you’ve been sending it and you are not taking, we are not taking this holy days and nights to put out that fire that  is inside of us, that sheytan and the ego that is inside of us, because we are too busy. We are too busy with this life. We are too busy with our families. We are too busy with this dunya. But when the angel of death comes to us, our families are not going to save us. Our work will not save us. This dunya is not going to do anything.

Some they say, ‘oh, my Sheykh is going to save us.’ Your Sheykh is going to save as much as you are submitting to him. You cannot be in a state where you are just going to be disobedient and arrogant and stubborn and later to say, ‘My Sheykh is going to save me.’ Our Sheykh, Sheykh Effendi, he is going to be the first one who is  going to smack us. We are doing, we are running, we are saying, ‘we are weak, help us, we are trying.’ That is different. That is not arrogance. That is sincerity. And the look of an arrogant person and a sincere person, it is open. And the action of the sincere person and the arrogant person, they are also open. Sheykh Effendi is saying over and over again, ‘watch what you are sending to the grave today.’ If we are not getting rid of the fire, then we are going to bring the fire. We must understand what that fire is. For each and everyone of us, we must understand what it is that is blocking the way between us and our original home in Paradise. What are the veils that is blocking us from our Sheykh, from being near. We cannot be stubborn. That is another veil. We understand all of this, what are you going to do if you don’t have a guide post? If you are not following, then you are going to end up making the same mistake again. It’s like the man admitting that he is sick and saying, ‘I am sick,’ finally, subhanaAllah,  understanding, ‘I’m sick from this disease, not that disease.’ MashaAllah. Very good to you. You make some progress. But he’s going to the wrong doctor for his medicine. But, he’s making his own medicine because he doesn’t like what the doctor is making. But, he doesn’t care for any medicine, he says, ‘Allah is going to cure me.’

The day of Beraat is coming very near. The day of accounting. They day that all our intentions and actions is going to be shown to Allah swt, it’s going to be sealed. We should be worried for that. You and me, we should be very worried. We should look at this days very heavily because it’s not going to come ever again. And we have no guarantee we are going to reach to the next Beraat or the next year  or the next day.

Sheykh, Hoja

It used to be in the old days, this is what the Sufi Sheykh they are going to be warning people about. Warning people, giving them hope about the mercy of Allah,  but being very heavy telling people to fear Allah. In these days we are seeing not only they are together with tyrants, sitting with them, hugging them, supporting them but we are seeing that they are saying things that are completely against to what the Holy Prophet (asws) is teaching. ‘Don’t worry about yesterday,’ some are saying, ‘it has already passed. Don’t worry about yesterday. Don’t worry about your future cos you never know what is going to happen.’ They are saying, ‘just be happy for today.’ Last I check, these are not the days of happiness. Yes we are thankful. Of course we are thankful to Allah swt. But these are not the days of happiness. Because nothing that is happening today is pleasing to Allah and His Prophet. Can you sincerely say what is happening today, individuals to group to nations to the whole world is pleasing to Allah and His prophet? No. They say, ‘then be happy for today.’ Didn’t we just heard what the Holy Prophet (asws) is saying or the Evliyaullah they are saying? InsyaAllah, think death often.  Think and work toward the death of our ego. You cannot kill it completely but you must not feed it. You must choke it. You must suffocate it. You cannot feed it, get rid of it. Otherwise, it’s going to be our companion in the grave.

May Allah forgive us, make us to wake up, make us to work, make us to become sincere, make us to be merciful to each other, and make us to be very hard on ourselves, to step on our ego, for the sake of the Holy Prophet (asws), for the sake of Sultanul Evliya and  SahibulSaif. Al Fateha. SelamAleykum.

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)  Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
20 Shaban 1437
May 27, 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)

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