How do people who are trying to become better in this way, stay away from bad influences of people who have slowly become distant from the way without being harsh?


Question: How do people who are trying to become better in this way, stay away from bad influences of people who have slowly become distant from the way without being harsh? 


BismillahirRahmanirRahim. You don’t have to be harsh. You just have to be firm. There is a difference. You have to learn how to say no, ‘No thank you’.

People are becoming distance from this way, either they are saying, they never come in front of me to say, by the way. They know only how to make fitnah on fitnah Facebook. I dare them to come in front of me and to say. They never do that. But come to me and to say and I have couple of things to say to you too (Sheykh smiles). Either from people like that or they become distant because they are no longer too much wanting to be in this way, because they find themselves a little bit too weak. They’ve no problems with nothing. But later some way somehow sheytan and the ego trick them and to say “why you are following? Why you are torturing yourself in this way?”

I met one man onetime, years ago and he is looking at me, we started talking and turns out that he is a brother of one of our Murids who was staying here first days, first few years of the Dergah being opened. Sheykh Effendi, that time Dergah being opened and he knew that he was going to be a Sheykh now, he is not just going to be a weaken Sheykh, he is going to be a real Sheykh now, and everyone was looking forward to it and I was very scared because I know when he assumes the role of a Sheykh, now if we are living here we have to be a Murid. 

But anyway, it turns up like that. People who were saying “Oh, so nice, Sheykh Effendi is going to be with us every day. You can have tea. You can have Sohbet. You know, so nice”. They suddenly got very, very upset with Shaykh Effendi. Then anyway, Shaykh Effendi being a Sheykh, training people, training our ego you know. Then they left. So anyway that one left, long story. So people leaving the Dergah is not the first time. It didn’t only happen in our watch. It happened in Shaykh Effendi’s watch. Those who have stuck around long like Bilal, you know, you know how many came and how many left, correct? (Sheykh ask a murid ). Waves came and waves they left. Alhamdulilah Shaykh Effendi is keeping this wave constant. InshaAllah as he likes, if the wave gets bigger its better, for you, it’s not really better for me, hmmh. It’s better to have like 5, 10 people, small like Shaykh Effendi’s early days, easier (Shaykh laughing). As he likes.

Anyway, this brother was saying “I just have to say something”. I said you must say. People will say ‘I just have to say something,’ and there are so many things behind that word. I said “You must say”

“You know, I heard this this this happens and you have to do this and this and this in your way. You know, I don’t think Allah means for us to suffer for Him. Allah is Rahman and Rahim.” I said “MashaAllah. Which Prophet are you following?”

Prophet Muhammad (asws), he had so much hardship. Those who came to him and say “we love you, Ya Muhammad (asws)”. He says, “Prepare yourself for hardship” So people have different ideas. They go. Keep way open, of course. No one is given the permission of course. People who are finding a different way, finding themselves da da da, they going to curse at them and to do anything. No, that’s their decision to do it. Keep it open. But through that channel of opening if they are trying to pull you then we say it’s up to you. You want to be pulled you get pulled. You want to stay you stay. Welcome to those who come farewell to those who leave. Exactly I am saying to those ones,‘Welcome to those who come farewell to those who leave.’ If you think you know Shaykh Effendi then that’s another sheytan sitting on your shoulders. Because you think it’s only you and Sheykh Effendi. ‘Oh, everybody is wrong I am right’, he means to say this.

Huh, welcome to the tradition of those ones who have left the way. They’ll always say ‘I am the only one who is right, all these hundreds of people they are wrong. I am the only one who is right.’ Welcome to sheytan’s way. Sheytan is saying, you know? ‘Only I am right. All these ones, all these Angels including Hz. Jibreel, Mikael, Israfil, Israel, they all wrong. I am the one who is right because I didn’t bow down”.

We’re saying “how long you spent time with him?” You think there are not people before you? There might not be people before you, there might not be people there who actually might know a little bit more than you, who are knowing Shaykh Effendi, spending more time with him, that he may say certain things. Did he ever make you to be a vekil? No. Okay. But you want to think that way, you are free. Eh, anyone who wants to follow you are free also. You don’t want to follow, you want to stay but these ones they are pulling you, then say to them, simple, “I like you. You don’t want to follow it is up to you. But now if you are trying to pull me.” If you don’t like it. If you like it don’t say anything, if you like it say “Yeah, yeah I agree with you”. If you don’t like it then you are going to say “as long as you talk about other things we don’t touch on this subject, we can continue. But if you want to talk about this subject and you are going to talk, continuing about trying to make a fitna,” then that time you say “we have to draw a line”. You know you can do that. I am not going to tell you, you know exactly what.

Imam ul Rabbani said, “So if there is no compromise then you are just going to say, this is the line, To you your way, and to me my way.” That’s enough. This much we can do, InshaAllah. Because who knows those who left they may come back, those who are here they may leave. We don’t know that. And always we are saying “May Allah always keep us in this way”. (Murids say Amin). But, and those ones who were here they also said Amin to that too. But we are still in this way. Alhamdulillah and they are not. May Allah open their way for them to wake up. If not, as you like. Selam Aleykum waRahmathullah.

 stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2) Sheykh Lokman Efendi Hz,
Khalifah of SahibulSaif Shaykh Abdulkerim el Kibrisi (qs),
26 Shaban 1437
June 2 2016. 

stock-vector-vector-vintage-borders-54193183 (2)



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